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Super School Student Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

“Prince Zhang, sorry, we missed, we didn’t expect the other party to have a strong hand at the peak of dark jin, this matter is beyond the help of our Wild Wolf Gang.”

Hearing this man in black’s report, Zhang Tian was also taken aback.

“What? A peak Dark Strength powerhouse!”

Although a peak dark jin practitioner was not considered powerful among cultivators, it was different in this small place, as the so-called “people go to higher places”, powerful cultivators almost all gathered in the capital and its surroundings, as well as some larger provincial capitals, in such a small place, there were almost few “strong Huajin practitioners”, so a peak dark jin practitioner was already quite powerful.

Of course, more of the real powerhouses are in the various cultivation sects and clans, but these people are usually far away from the world.

Therefore, the sudden appearance of a strong person at the peak of dark jin to help the Gu family had caught Zhang Tian a little off guard.

“Alright, I understand, you all go and recuperate first.”

Zhang Tian hung up the phone somewhat depressed, and then thought about countermeasures.

It was obvious that a strong attack would not work now, so he could only rely on wisdom, so he thought about it and dialed the number of the man from before.

“Immediately go and find out who the one helping the Gu family is and what relationship he has with the Gu family, and also help me find out where Gu Yanqiu is.”

Zhang Tian knew very well that this guy, Gu Yanqiu, was a minefield full of flowers and was the perfect candidate to strike.

On the other hand, in the other side of the surveillance room, Mo Wen stared at Ye Lu’s eyes and asked.

“How do you know these things?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“You don’t have to worry about this, I naturally have my own methods, I guess it’s not illegal for me to know this, right?”

Mo Wen looked at Ye Lu with a frown, then thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, I’ll trust you for once, but you better not lie to me, or there will be no good consequences for you.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled indifferently and then said.

“So which case do we start with, how about starting with this case that you have just interrogated, what do you think?”

Mo Wen also didn’t talk nonsense as she looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Do you know what case I just interrogated?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course I know, the person just now is the perverted murderer you suspect of killing people continuously for thirteen years, right, with sixteen lives on his hands, but no direct evidence, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen stood up with a huo, and the two peaks on her chest trembled along with her.

Because, she had no idea how Ye Lu knew all these things, the only people who could know this much about the case were these people from the team, those who had handled the secret before and the criminal himself, Ye Lu was obviously an outsider, a brawling thief, how did he know all this?

“You, why do you know this? Say.”

Mo Wen asked as he looked at Ye Luo with glazed eyes.

Ye Luo ignored Mo Wen but smiled and said.

“I haven’t eaten at night and I suddenly feel a bit hungry, so about the evidence, I don’t have much energy to talk about it now.”

Seeing Ye Luo’s attitude, Mo Wen’s frown tightened, however, she had a vague feeling in her heart that Ye Luo might really know how to find the evidence.

“F*ck, you kid is arrogant, do you know what place this is? This is the Interpol brigade, not a place where you can be arrogant.”

The policeman next to Mo Wen said as he looked at Ye Luo and glared.

For his part, Ye Luo said indifferently.

“Yeah, it’s because of the Interpol brigade that I’m arrogant, it’s not like the law says you can’t be arrogant, what, you want to beat me up?”

Of course this policeman didn’t dare to hit people indiscriminately, not to mention that there was Mo Wen on the side.

Mo Wen thought for a moment, then said.

“You go, help him buy something to eat and drink back.”

Following that, she looked at the other policeman and said.

“You, go and get the files of those cases, know which ones they are, and find them all.”

The two policemen heard Mo Wen’s words then looked at Ye Lu and quickly left.

The room was left with Mo Wen and Ye Luo both, Ye Luo looked at Mo Wen and said with a smile.

“You often eat irregularly as a detective, and there are times when you don’t eat, so, you have a serious stomach problem, right? Actually, I’m still a doctor, why don’t I help you treat it.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen shook his head and said.

“You can’t cure it, my daughter went to a medicine university, the professor at her school helped me and said that I need to take care of my illness before I can do so, but, we in the Serious Crime Unit, every day is a murder and arson case, how dare I have time to take care of it?”

Ye Lu had just read Mo Wen’s information, she was indeed a good police officer, but her experience was very difficult, because she grew up pretty, at the age of seventeen by a roving prisoner, the result was pregnant, when she knew the baby was already very big, the doctor said abortion would be more dangerous, her parents died early, it was her grandmother and grandfather who brought her up, the two old people suggested that she give birth, and as a result, she had a daughter who is now studying medicine, after that Mo Wen also never married, in fact, she is actually thirty-seven years old now, only that she looks relatively young.

For such a police officer with a difficult and dedicated life, in fact, Ye Luo wanted to help her from the bottom of his heart, so Ye Luo looked at her and said very solemnly.

“Captain Mo Wen, don’t worry, if I say I can cure it, I can definitely cure it, it won’t take much time.”

Mo Wen looked at Ye Luo’s sincere look and was also a bit moved, she looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“How can I cure it?”

Ye Luo then said.

“You untie your clothes, yes the belt is also untied, I will help ma*sage ……”

As a result, before he could finish his words, Mo Wen “Boom!” s slapped the table.

“Bunny, you dare to tune me out?”

What she hated most in life was being touched by men, since that time when she was seventeen, no man had ever touched a finger on her body, Ye Lu actually said he wanted to touch her, how could this not make her angry.

Seeing that her words seemed to have ignited a powder keg, Ye Luo had to helplessly spread her hands and said.

“What I said is all true.”

At this time, suddenly two other middle-aged policemen pushed the door in, these two guys had a serious face, and after seeing Mo Wen, one of them said in an unhappy manner.

“Captain Mo Wen, I just heard that you are going to show our files to a prisoner and ask a prisoner to help us solve the case, what were you thinking, are you out of your mind?”

Another policeman chimed in.

“Yes, it’s true that we three departments together formed a working group for difficult and big cases, and we haven’t solved the case so far, but you can’t be sick and desperate and find a prisoner to help, are we old policemen who eat dry rice?”

He found out that both of them had chased after Mo Wen, but Mo Wen had rejected them mercilessly, so he had a grudge against Mo Wen.

As he was in a working group, Mo Wen also said with strong anger.

“Firstly, he is not a criminal, secondly, we are indeed not a dry-runner, but you know why this working group was set up, it is because these cases are the most difficult to solve and at the same time these criminals are the most dangerous, so every day of delay could be one more innocent victim, so as long as there is a ray of hope, I can’t miss it, if you guys have opinions, you can go and talk to the leadership, this is something I am determined to do.”

She spoke with an aura of righteousness and determination, and the two policemen were clearly subdued by Mo Wen’s aura.

However, one of the policemen thought for a moment and said.

“Captain Mo Wen, it’s not that we don’t want to solve the case, it’s just that we think you’re wasting your time, and it’s not in line with the rules.”

However, Mo Wen didn’t show any sign of backing down at all.

This made the other policeman a little annoyed as well, and he looked at Ye Lu and then at Mo Wen and said.

“Good, then I’d like to see how this kid can solve the case, and if I can’t, I’ll report you guys under the crime of leaking state secrets.”

Mo Wen, on the other hand, said without budging.

“Good, I’ll take this risk in order to bring these criminals to justice.”

As she said that, she looked at Ye Luo, she was counting on Ye Luo next.

For his part, Ye Luo smiled and gave her a thumbs up, this policewoman was really taking charge.

By this time, the food and drinks and the dossier had also arrived.

Ye Luo grabbed a burger and coke from KFC, then smiled as he ate and drank.

“Put the dossier aside for now, I’ll read it later, let’s start by convicting the suspect who just killed sixteen people in a row, we’ll start with the first person he killed ……”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, several policemen’s ears perked up.


Chapter 80

“Thirteen years ago, he killed his first man, the technique wasn’t very good back then, but, by a fluke, he escaped tracking and the body is under a mulberry tree in ‘Shang Shui Village’ where he was born, but it’s been too long and I guess it’s not worth much to find.”

Leaffall took a bite of his burger and continued.

“When he killed the second one, he was prepared, so his methods were much cleaner, and the second body was in an abandoned clearing next to their ‘Shuangduiji Town’.”


Ye Luo told all the things that this criminal had done like a family treasure.

In fact, these were all things that he saw when he brushed against that criminal, and then used the “auxiliary function” to take pictures and save them.

The five policemen in the room were dumbfounded.

There were no witnesses to the crime, and even the cameras were cleverly avoided, but Ye Lu seemed to know all the details as if he was there.

“Actually, sixteen people is just what you know, he killed far more women than that, so I won’t go into them one by one.”

Ye Lu looked at the few policemen and said.

“Now let me talk about his hard evidence, you go to the north of the city on Lotus Mountain, there is a big ginkgo tree on the mountain, use the ginkgo tree as coordinates, go two hundred meters east and you will see a ravine, look carefully there, you will find traces of buried corpses, that woman’s corpse has his bodily fluids in it, he can’t deny it.”

Hearing Ye Lu finish, Mo Wen then quickly said.

“You take the men and hurry to find the body, quick!”

One of the policemen heard the order and flew off with his men, while Mo Wen pushed bags and bags of dossiers next to Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, why don’t you help look at these cases too?”

This time the other two policemen didn’t stop because the various details of the wash that Ye Lu had just said matched with what they had found out, which meant that Ye Lu was indeed not talking nonsense.

Ye Luo then took a sip of his cola and said.

“It’s not impossible, however, just now these two seemed to say that if I read these I am revealing state secrets, I’m really quite scared, so I’d better forget it.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, those two policemen’s faces immediately changed, however, Mo Wen said.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll cover anything, I’ll hire you as our consultant now, I’ll have someone draw up the relevant documents, from now on you’ll be the special consultant of our criminal police brigade.”

Ye Luo was fond of this brigade leader’s thunderous style, he said with a smile.

“Good, but don’t worry, I have a rough idea of the case without reading the contents, if you need to you can call the person you suspect, I’ll help you with the interrogation, in addition I need to look at the victim’s body.”

The ability of query is what Ye Lu now relies on, under this ability, the important things a person has done before can basically be accessed, so the suspect can’t hide if he wants to, of course, more important is the body, through the access to the body Ye Lu will be able to know how this victim died, who killed him, when and where he died, and this information is extremely important to solve the case.

“No …… it’s okay not to look at the rolls?”

Hearing Ye Lu say that it was actually possible to solve the case without going through the files, Mo Wen also showed an incredulous expression.

The other policeman couldn’t help but say.

“Young man, there is a limit to pretending, isn’t this pretending a bit too much?”

“That’s right, just blow it off.”

Ye Lu had almost finished eating, he put down his cup and looked at the dossier and said.

“This dossier is for the Liao River body shredding case, right? There was a body found from the river by a fishing man, the body was shredded and unidentifiable, so the case has been at a stalemate, right?”

As Ye Lu finished speaking, Mo Wen reached out and picked up the dossier.

Immediately afterwards, the four people who remained in the room all froze, the dossier Ye Lu had just mentioned was not the top one, so it was impossible for him to see the words on the cover of the dossier, and even if he could see the cover, it was only simple information, details about how the body was found and so on could not have been written on the cover.

Yet, Ye Lu was right on all counts.

One of the policemen couldn’t help but swallow, he suddenly felt that Ye Lu was not human, he was either a god or a demon.

And at this moment Zhang Tian had also planned a new plan, he was currently waiting for Gu Yanqiu in the intensive care ward of the hospital, he could not leave the ward for the time being until he had taken care of Gu Shiqi, he still needed to pretend to be sick so that he could have a chance to stall Ye Lu for twenty four hours and give himself more time.

Soon, Gu Yanqiu arrived.

He gave Zhang Tian a very polite salute and said.

“Is there something you want from me, Sir Zhang? If it’s about Shiqi, I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it, I’ve been expelled from the Gu Family now.”

Although being kicked out of the Gu family made Gu Yanqiu a little depressed, but Shen Lao had already given him the money, so he at least didn’t have to worry about the loan sharks, which made him really relieved.

Zhang Tian then looked at Gu Yanqiu and asked.

“Mr. Gu, let me ask you, do you think it’s appropriate for me to be your son-in-law or that Ye Lu to be your son-in-law?”

In front of Zhang Tian, of course Gu Yanqiu had to say good things about Zhang Tian as he said with a smile.

“Of course I prefer you to be my sage nephew, Ye Lu is just a wild boy.”

Zhang Tian then said with a smile.

“I don’t know if you mean what you say, however, I can analyse this matter with you, first of all, look at how Ye Lu treats you, would you give you money to gamble? No way, will he give you a portion of the Gu family’s estate? No way, but, I can give you all of these.”

To be honest, Zhang Tian’s words made Gu Yanqiu somewhat moved, however, immediately afterwards, Zhang Tian continued.

“Also I heard something, you seem to have an affair with Chief Liu’s wife, don’t you? There’s also the wife of that gang leader of the ‘Army Thorn’ that you also slept with, right? You also slept with Chairman Sun’s daughter, and ……”

Hearing Zhang Tian’s words, the sweat on Gu Yanqiu’s face immediately came down.

Indeed, he owed so many debts from affairs that any one of them blowing up would be enough for him to suffer, and he certainly understood Zhang Tian’s purpose in saying these things, so he looked at Zhang Tian and asked.

“Sir Zhang, whatever you need me to do, just give me an order and I will do it.”

Zhang Tian then said with a smile.

“Actually, what I want you to do is very simple, just find a way to get your daughter out of my hands and deliver her to me, right now she has a woman around her from nowhere who is too difficult to deal with.”

Thinking about Long Feixue gave Zhang Tian a bit of a headache, as he had already seen those few people she had beaten, several of them had their lifeblood ruined, they would never be able to play with women again in this life, this tactic made even Zhang Tian feel vaguely egg-headed.

When Zhang Tian finished speaking, Gu Yanqiu pondered. To be honest, he also knew very well what kind of goods Zhang Tian was, and understood what he wanted to do to Gu Shiqi, but he also knew the consequences if he did not cooperate.

After thinking about it, he finally nodded and said.

“Fine, I promise you, but you must not do anything too much to Shiqi, our Gu family only has this one child.”

Zhang Tian Zai said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I can’t wait to love her, how could I possibly do anything else.”

After saying that, Zhang Tian waved his hand, while Gu Yanqiu exited the ward and rushed towards his family’s villa.

At the criminal police brigade, Ye Lu had already arrived at the evidence room, where the salvaged scattered corpse was, but it was soaking in medicinal water.

Ye Luo looked at the scattered corpse, and then began to look through the brief.

“The deceased’s name is Xia Juan, female, twenty-five years old, height one meter six-two, weight fifty-three kilograms, occupation is a teacher of the city’s experimental primary school, home is on Yongan Road ……”

Ye Lu gave out the information of the deceased one by one.

And the three captains standing beside him all revealed an incredulous expression, with such a simple glance, the deceased’s identity, age, height, weight and everything was clear, which was completely unimaginable.

However, what was even more unimaginable was still to come.

Ye Lu circled around the corpse and then continued.

“The deceased died in the evening thirteen days ago, the place of death was Room 101, Unit 1, Block 1, ‘Binhe District’, 246 Democracy Road, at 9:23 p.m. The murder weapon was an iron sculpture, later don’t hacksaw splitting the body, cooking ……”

Hearing Ye Lu say the place, time, and murder weapon of the deceased’s death, everyone has no longer doubted Ye Lu’s words at all, and the three people looked at Ye Lu with somewhat straightened eyes, while Ye Lu continued.

“The murderer is the tenant of this room, the name is Qin Shihong, male ……”