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Super School Student Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

As soon as he saw that someone had come to gamble on the stones, the owner immediately smiled with his eyebrows.

“Yes, there are, come in and have a look, we have all the original stones of jadeite, southern red, and turquoise.”

As a result, Gu Shiqi smiled and said.

“We’ll only bet on jadeite, the others for now.”

Jadeite gambling, which is also one of the most traditional and most likely to pick up a big leak in stone gambling, is to bet on whether a good jadeite can be opened in the original jadeite stone.

Of course, the boss also had the most jadeite raw stones here, a large batch of which had been accumulated over the past few years.

“These are all raw jadeite stones, there are small and large materials, of course there are price differences, this very small small material is just a few tens of dollars, we play casually, you can produce some small pendants, small decoration or something.”

The boss began to point at the raw materials and introduce them.

“These larger ones cost a few hundred dollars, the price of the hooded material will be a bit lower, and these materials with open windows will be a bit more expensive, depending on what you like.”

On the way here, Gu Shiqi had explained the basic knowledge of gambling to Ye Lu, the “hooded” material refers to the raw stone that is completely wrapped up, from the outside you can’t see the inside, so you can only rely on “hooding”, the gambling component is the biggest, so the chance of success is also small, the material is cheaper.

This means that the stone has been cut and you can see the flesh inside, so the risk is relatively small and the material is more expensive.

Following this, the owner introduced.

“This side of these is the original stone from that side of Myanmar, the volume is relatively large also after all expensive, a few thousand ranging, there are old pit material oh.”

However, just now Gu Shiqi has given Ye Lu introduced, these small material is also called “kilogram material”, in fact, to put it bluntly is the waste of the jade mine in Myanmar, from the jade mine out of these stones is basically no cost, so, want to open from this material to good material is too difficult.

The main reason why Gu Shiqi asked Ye Lu to come here was to let Ye Lu get familiar with the internal structure of the original jadeite stone, after all, Ye Lu knew what the inside of the stone looked like, but did not know what kind was good, what was bad, and what was extremely fine, Gu Shiqi had to let him understand these things first before he could.

Following that, Gushiki then said to the boss.

“Boss, don’t worry, the two of us are definitely going to play around here, so this two thousand dollars is first shot at you here, even if the stones we play with are not enough for this price, this two thousand dollars is still for you, but you let us play by ourselves, okay?”

Seeing that two thousand dollars came so easily, the boss immediately became happy as he stepped aside then said with a smile.

“Sure, pick yourselves well, I’ll be at the front desk, I’ll cut it for you when you’re done.”

Ye Lu nodded, then walked over and picked up a piece of the so-called kilo material, Ye Lu used the see-through video function of his gla*ses to scan the piece from head to tail you.

“There’s no green, there’s no colour, there’s no ice or anything like you said, that’s about it.”

Many of these raw jadeite stones were open windows, so Ye Lu didn’t need much description, just find a similar stone and talk to Gu Shiqi about it.

However, the boss not far away became a little strange when he heard this.

“How dare you say what the inside of a stone is like, thinking you are a god? As the saying goes, ‘it’s hard for a god to break an inch of jade’, even the gods don’t know what the inside of this stone is like, this kid is actually talking about it, he’s an expert in picking up girls!”

In the boss’s opinion, Ye Lu was just bragging, the purpose of course was to please Gushiki and make Gushiki feel like a bully.

Therefore, the boss shook his head disdainfully and then went on to look at his circle of friends.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, continued to pick up another piece of stone and said.

“This one doesn’t work either, it’s basically grey inside, similar to this one.”

“This one doesn’t work either, there are a lot of flowers.”

“This one is similar to this one, there are a lot of lines.”


Ye Luo was fast and did not pick and choose, not letting go of a single stone starting from a corner to study and observe it piece by piece.

Sure enough, just like Gushiki said, these were really basically all scraps, soon hundreds of stones were put aside, none of them were similar, which made even Gushiki feel bored.

“Ye Lu, why don’t you feel around here, I’ll go to the rest of the shop and see if there’s anything interesting.”

Gu Shiqi spoke to Ye Lu then went to wander around.

Ye Lu continued to keep touching one stone after another, however, as he touched more stones, his observation speed did become a lot faster, because after more than a hundred stones, he had accumulated some experience in judging.

To be honest, the antique business is also a profession that relies on experience, and when you see more real and good things, of course your judgement becomes stronger, and Ye Lu obviously felt this.

“Gushiki, come on, this piece feels good, it’s coloured and it’s pure and transparent.”

After touching the stone for another half an hour or so, Ye Lu finally found a raw stone that felt about right to him, he shook the stone and said with a smile to Gushiqi.

“Sure, let’s open the stone.”

Gu Shiqi didn’t ask any detailed questions, but directly let Ye Lu take the stone to the boss.

“Finally you’ve chosen, ah, good, seeing as you guys are so sincere, I’ll open this one for you for free.”

The boss said with a smile, followed by taking the stone and walking to the side of the cutting machine, he had seen many people like Ye Lu, everyone said how good the stone they had chosen was when they had chosen it, it was ice and glutinous, but when it was opened they were all dumbfounded.

Soon the machine was turning and Gu Shiqi was looking at it with excitement, even Ye Lu was infected by her look.

The stone was not very big and soon the machine stopped.

The owner smiled and opened the lid of the machine, then took the stone out from inside.

However, just as he got his hands on it, a shocked look appeared on his face because the stone was just like what Ye Lu had said, it had a green colour while being very transparent and basically of ice quality.

Ice is a way of describing jadeite, meaning that it looks as transparent and translucent as ice, better than ice is gla*s, just like gla*s not only transparent but also without a single impurity inside, it is also the very best of jadeite.

“Ice seed with green, good stuff!”

Gu Shiqi also giggled.

Ye Lu then looked at her and asked.

“How much can it be worth?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“It’s not too valuable lah, looking at this it should be worth two bracelets, plus a little something else, it’s estimated to be a few hundred thousand.”

Hearing this price, Ye Lu’s first feeling was that it was too little, what he needed was more than a billion, this was not even a drop in the bucket I guess.

So, he said with some disappointment.

“It’s so cheap.”

Hearing the conversation between the two men, the boss was instantly in a black line.

“Who the hell are these two guys, they have such a big mouth, getting hundreds of thousands for a hundred dollars and still not being satisfied, this is too exaggerated.”

At this time, Gu Shiqi once again took out a pile of banknotes and threw them to the boss and said.

“Thanks to the boss for bringing good luck, let’s continue touching.”

Following that, she had turned her head to look at Ye Lu and said.

“See this cut, just touch something better than this, no need to refer to those finished bangles, those are polished and can’t look that good initially.”

Hearing Gushiki’s words, the boss looked at Ye Lu somewhat strangely with his money, to be honest, he didn’t expect the inside of the stone to actually be the same as what Ye Lu said.

“Maybe this guy is really a god or maybe not.”

He muttered in his heart before retracing his steps.

Ye Lu then proceeded to touch up, this moulding took about two hours, most of the stones, including those with and without open windows, were almost touched, just when Gushiki thought that was it, Ye Lu suddenly held up a stone and said.

“This one, as fine as just now, is full of green inside.”

When he heard Ye Luo’s words, the gla*s of water in the boss’s hand fell to the ground with a “dang!” Because Ye Lu might not know what he was talking about, but he did.

If the stone was really ice green, it could have bought his whole shop and his house for a lot more.

Gu Shiqi also ran over and said with a smile.

“Then let the boss open it, if it’s real we’ll be able to do a big job tomorrow.”


Chapter 72

The boss had of course been completely speechless by Gushiki’s words.

“Is this not even a big one, what the hell do you guys want to do?”

He muttered in his heart before lifting the stone and walking towards the machine, this quick stone would definitely be tens of millions if it was really a full green ice variety.

He suddenly felt his heart dripping blood at the thought of his shop actually hiding a treasure of tens of millions of dollars, and then this treasure was picked by Ye Lu.

“Absolutely not, this kid must be talking nonsense, how can I have such a treasure in my shop, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible ……”

He kept muttering in his mind as he turned on the machine.

Without much more than a moment, the machine stopped and he opened the lid of the machine with some shivers, followed by a vivid green color he saw.

After seeing the green cross-section, he understood that Ye Lu was right, although it was not very uniform, it was indeed ice-grown full green and absolutely fine.

Gu Shiqi was also satisfied, and she smiled and said.

“Looking at the size it should be able to produce several bangles, and also some egg and ring faces, not bad, not bad, this collection is quite a lot, it is estimated to be small tens of millions.”

Hearing the small tens of millions, Ye Lu nodded in satisfaction, to be honest, he didn’t expect these things to be so valuable, in his opinion it was just some broken stones.

“Well, we’ve been busy for more than half a day too, let’s go, boss give you another ten thousand as a lottery prize, let’s go.”

Gu Shiqi once again took out 10,000 and handed it to the boss, there was no need to touch the rest, to be honest, today’s luck had been very explosive, moreover, it looked like after these thousand stones, Ye Lu should also know the raw jadeite stones very well.


Seeing that the two men were leaving with the stones, the boss then hurriedly stopped Ye Lu and said.

“This immortal, can you point me in the right direction and tell me which ones are of better quality in this pile, it’s fine to tell me one or two pieces.”

Seeing how sincere the boss looked, Ye Lu smiled and pointed at a black stone.

“That one is similar to the one I found the first time, but the others are not.”

After saying that, Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi left the shop.

After searching for hours, Ye Lu wasn’t tired, but he did get a bit hungry, so he suggested that the two of them go and eat something beforehand.

As they were eating, Ye Lu looked at Gushiqi and asked.

“Gushiqi, when you say do a big job, what do you mean by that?”

Gu Shiqi smiled and said.

“Of course it’s the ‘public auction’ of jadeite stones, because what you just saw were basically scraps from the jadeite mines, so they were sold by the kilo, you were lucky to get a stone like the one you just got, I guess that boss’s best stock in the past few years caught up with you. ”

“But the ‘public market’ is different, it only happens once a year, the stuff on it is all real jadeite stones officially mined from the mines, but of course these stones are all auctioned back from the ‘public market’ in Burma by the merchants. So, they must have raised the prices, so this time we’re not buying hundreds or thousands, but millions or tens of millions.”

“Of course, a lot of the stones in the ‘Open Market’ have had their windows opened, so the risk is relatively small.”

“Tomorrow is the official bidding day of the ‘public market’, whether or not we can get rich depends on this one.”

After Gu Shiqi’s explanation, Ye Lu probably understood the concept of “public auction”, which was basically an exchange of the best jadeite stones from the mine.

Thinking about his own debts and the money he needed to keep the Gu family running, Ye Lu was in a bit of a hurry and could not wait to get to the “public auction” site.

Then, Ye Lu remembered another thing, so he looked at Gu Shiqi and said.

“By the way, Gu Shiqi, I’ve asked around, the university I’m going to take is in the capital, the name is ‘Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’, it doesn’t seem to match your family’s specialty, are you sure you want to go?”

Gu Shiqi then nodded indifferently and said.

“It doesn’t matter, those experts in archaeology aren’t as good as you anyway, so I’ll just follow you in whatever I want to learn, and no matter what I study, I’ll end up inheriting the Gu family business because I’m the only child in the Gu family.”

To be honest, Ye Lu didn’t know at first that Liu Mei was studying at Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, he only knew that Liu Mei was majoring in English and at first thought that she was studying at a language university.

No wonder Liu Mei showed a hesitant expression at that time, it turned out that she was worried at that time that Ye Lu did not want to go to a university with such a major.

When he heard Gushiki’s answer, Ye Lu was relieved, although the score line of this school was not low, but with Gushiki’s performance at the front of the first cla*s, he should be able to get into it.

Thus, after eating, Ye Lu went home to continue his research on the functions of the elixir, while Gushiqi took the stone back to the Gu family’s head shop.

“Grandpa, and Third Uncle, you guys hurry over and see what I’ve brought back for you.”

Just after walking up to the third floor, Gu Shiqi couldn’t help but shout out.

Hearing her shout, Gu Mingyue and Third Uncle both smiled, and the two of them thought to themselves that since it was something Ye Lu had helped to pluck, they thought than it should be a fine product.

However, when Gu Shiqi pulled out a few large stones, the two men were still taken aback.

“Ice seed full green stones, this …… where did you find this from?”

Gu Mingyue was also shocked by the stone.

“Hey hey, the stone shop down the road gambled on it ah, awesome right?”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“I told you there was no need to worry about those outstanding debts, Ye Lu’s got a lot of skills, so I’ll apply for a sum of money, and tomorrow Ye Lu and I will represent the Gu family in the ‘public auction’ bidding, you guys have no problem with that, right?”

It turned out that Gu Shiqi was playing this idea, of course Gu Mingyue had no problem with it, he said with a smile.

“Good, I’ll allocate funds for you here, and all the rest of the Gu family’s money can be at your disposal.”

Hearing Grandpa Gu’s words, Gu Shiqi also smiled as she looked at her grandfather and said.

“Don’t worry, we don’t need the family’s money, it’s just that there’s no way for this item to be realised immediately today, so, grandpa, just give me the price of this stone, this full green stone will be yours, and the other one counts as a gift from me and Ye Lu.”

After saying that, Gu Shiqi giggled.

Of course Gu Mingyue had no hesitation and immediately sent Gu Shiqi to the finance side to withdraw the money.

After Gu Shiqi left, Gu Mingyue picked up the full green stone and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Lao-san, do you think you have the vision for this?”

Lao San said with a decisive shake of his head.

“No, unless one is a god, no one can have such judgement, this Ye Lu is definitely not a mere mortal, however, what I see most is that he seems to be of good character.”

Gu Mingyue also nodded and said.

“Yes! Such a youngster will one day turn into a dragon and stir up heaven and earth.”

Lao San followed then smiled and said.

“However, it looks like he’s really good to Shiqi.”

Gu Mingyue said as she sipped her tea.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m glad about.”

In the evening, Ye Yan returned home in a blaze of glory, and just as she entered the house, she shouted for Ye Lu to continue refining the “Breast Enhancement Pill”.

“I say, old sister, you’ve run out of all those pills so quickly?”

Ye Lu said, somewhat speechlessly.

Ye Yan smiled and said.

“Yes, but your old sister is now a multi-millionaire woman too oh! Don’t talk so much nonsense, hurry up and help old sister refine the pills, and yes, that pill that makes men bigger also hurry up and refine it for me.”

However, Ye Yan had other pills in his hand, so he quickly took out a few “Beauty Pills” and said with a smile.

“Older sister, I have a new elixir for you to try, you can take it internally or apply it externally, but you have to crush it externally, I haven’t bought the tool yet, it can improve the condition of the skin, get rid of spots, tighten the skin, make the skin more hydrated, in short, I feel that women definitely need this.”

Ye Yan said with a crooked head as she took the elixir.

“It’s so divine, I’ll try it then, by the way, do you have much in stock?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is very good to refine, so, don’t worry, there is a lot of stock.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ye Yan then walked to the bathroom and pounded away, while Ye Luo continued to study the techniques of alchemy, what he mainly studied was how he could rely on his own body to emit fire, however, this looked quite difficult.

The other thing that gave Ye Luo a headache was that he didn’t have any of the items that he had used to exchange at the “puja”, although he had the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in his hand, but Ye Luo didn’t want to exchange it.

“Forget it, let’s take one step at a time, anyway, the puja will be after the entrance exams, let’s take care of the bidding for the ‘public market’ tomorrow first.”

Just as Ye Luo was thinking this, Ye Yan’s alarming voice suddenly came from the bathroom.