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Super School Student Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51

After saying that, Elder Shen then looked in the direction where Ye Luo was and said with a smile.

“This time, I have survived thanks to Master Ye Lu, therefore, I have specially prepared some gifts for Master Ye Lu, Master Ye Lu, do you see anything that can enter your eyes?”

When he heard that there was a gift, Ye Lu smiled, he did not know what kind of gift this Elder Shen wanted to give with such a big show, if it was money, then it would be unnecessary, after all, Ye Lu was not short of money now.

However, when Elder Shen opened the cover, Ye Lu’s eyes lit up.

Now he had no reason to refuse, so he had to stand up and say with a smile.

“It’s just a handful, you’re too polite, Elder Shen.”

Seeing that Ye Lu really admitted it, everyone’s mouths opened wide not knowing what they should say, because this was too incredible.

Especially the guys who were beside Ye Lu, Old Monkey felt like he was going crazy, he was just scared of Ye Lu, but from the bottom of his heart he still kind of didn’t see Ye Lu, or rather still hated him, after all, Ye Lu had made a fool of them twice, but now he had put all these little thoughts away.

He had fully understood that this boy opposite him was not someone he could mess with, and that this man was scary beyond imagination.

Qin Shiyu, on the other hand, looked at the guys with a different look, as if to say again.

“How about this, you guys were just sending things outwards, now it’s someone else sending things to Ye Lu, and a whole lot of them at once.”

At Qin Shiyu’s provocative look, several people lowered their heads.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, walked towards those things of Teacher Shen’s, because he wanted to find a dan furnace so badly, the more he couldn’t find one in the past two days, the more anxious he became in his heart, and he had just taken a cursory look at two of them, they all seemed to be real, or at least genuine antiques.

Finding what he needed in such a large pile of genuine items obviously had a better chance than finding something from a large pile of fakes.

When he saw Ye Lu stare at him like a rogue at a pretty girl, Shen Lao realised that he had thrown his hat in the ring this time.

And all these people around him were talking about it.

“What the hell is going on here, Master Hua didn’t even cure Elder Shen’s illness, but this guy actually did?”

“It looks like it, look at Elder Shen’s physique, isn’t it quite good.”

“That’s true, but could it be a blindfold? The blind cat has met the dead rat.”

“Mung, go and try munging one, how do you think you can mung it? It’s not like you’re guessing right or wrong.”

“It’s also true, but it could be that he occasionally got an immortal pill and then gave it to Elder Shen to eat, didn’t that child from the Zhang family just eat an immortal pill and is now a bull by leaps and bounds.”


Seeing that everyone was talking, Hua Lao and their cadre of divine doctors’ faces turned unsightly, because this was somewhat a slap in their faces, how old these people had all lived, and it wasn’t the first time they had treated Elder Shen, but no one had been able to cure Elder Shen’s illness, but they had been cured by this hairy child, which made many people feel that they had lived in vain at such an old age, and of course, many people started talking about these doctors being useless.

Ye Luo didn’t have time to pay attention to this, he started to study the cauldrons one by one, but this kind of concentrated study once again brought him hatred, in the opinion of those old men, he was too uncaring and told everyone to just wait and then went to see the treasure himself.

However, there were really too many furnaces provided by Elder Shen, so it still took Ye Lu a lot of time to study them all.

However, these furnace pots did give Ye Lu a huge surprise.

This time, he had finally found what he needed, and it was from the “Haotian Continent”, and it was not a defective product, but a real working pottery furnace.

“Name: Burning Heaven, Material: Heavenly Divine Iron, Date of Production: a million years ago, Maker: ominous, Description: the most precious treasure for making pills, after dripping blood to recognise it, it can be stored in the ‘Sea of Consciousness’, which is of great help to the fusion of potions ……”

In short, this time this thing was finally no longer a defective item, a defective item or something like that, and it was the first time that Ye Luo had seen something described so well on the profile.

Ye Lu reached out and picked up the ancient looking and at the same time overbearing dan furnace that was buried with various odd patterns, then looked at Elder Shen and said with a smile.

“I’ll take this item.”

Seeing that Ye Lu had found what he needed among these treasures, Elder Shen immediately said with a smile on his face.

“It won’t be a ‘pearl in the dust’ if it can enter Master Ye’s eyes, so I congratulate Master Ye.”

Seeing Elder Shen being so polite, Ye Lu also got a little uncomfortable, so he looked at Elder Shen and said with a smile.

“Elder Shen, I’m not quite used to this kind of environment, so I can go back first, I wish you good health.”

The gla*ses on his left side had prompted Ye Lu when he got the potion furnace “Burning Heaven”, and Ye Lu had been itching to go and study it carefully.

When Elder Shen saw Ye Lu’s eager look, he said with a smile.

“Master Ye, be my guest, I will talk to you alone later.”

Ye Lu quickly nodded before he was ready to walk back to his seat, however, before he could move, a divine doctor with a slightly pale face looked at him and said coldly.

“Wait Master Ye, old man has something to say.”

This fellow did not stand up even as he spoke, showing a very arrogant look.

Ye Luo turned to look at him with some confusion, not knowing what this guy wanted to say.

As a result, this guy looked at Ye Luo and said.

“How can you call yourself a master at such a young age, old man is not convinced, so on behalf of your peers, you want to talk to and discuss about medical knowledge.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Well, since you think I don’t deserve the title of ‘master’, I won’t call myself that. As for the advice, I don’t think it’s necessary, I’m quite busy and don’t have time to play these games.

After saying that, Ye Lu carried the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and walked towards his seat.

As a result, several old men slapped the table and stood up at the same time, saying.

“Stop, what kind of attitude is that? You are so disrespectful to our ancient Chinese medicine, you must teach him a lesson.”

“That’s right, it’s too abominable.”

“Elder Shen, is it true that he cured your illness?”


Seeing the group’s anger, Elder Shen hurriedly said with a smile.

“Everyone, calm down, calm down, the old man’s illness was indeed cured by Grandmaster Ye Lu, and he did not use medicine, nor did he apply needles, just using his hands just eradicated the old man’s illness, so it is well deserved to be called Grandmaster.”

Of course, Elder Shen wanted to do justice to Ye Lu’s name, and to do justice to Ye Lu’s name was also to do justice to his own name, because the title “Master” was not said by Ye Lu himself, but was given to Ye Lu by him, and he wanted to prove to everyone that Ye Lu deserved the word “Master”.

Ye Lu was not interested in the word “Master”, in his opinion, it was useless, it was not edible, so he gave it to whoever liked it.

So, he looked at everyone and waved his hand and said.

“Then I’ll go back if there’s nothing else.”

However, he had only just taken one step away when the divine doctors shouted out again.

“Stop, did you really use nothing and cured Elder Shen’s illness in one go without even giving him the medicine? I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it either.”

“Yes, it’s impossible, I don’t believe the same.”


Seeing these guys shaking their heads one by one, Ye Luo was furious in his heart, however, seeing that these people were not young, he finally nodded his head and said.

“Fine, just don’t believe me, then I’ll go back first if there’s nothing else.”

With those words, Ye Luo once again walked towards his seat.

“Stop, you can’t go back ……”

As a result, those old men once again looked at Ye Luo and shouted.

This time, Ye Lu was really P*ssed off, he carried the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and walked in front of those masters, then looked at this group of people and said.

“Stand still, stand still, I want to say, “Stand still your sister!”

When these divine doctors heard Ye Lu’s words, they all looked at him with wide eyes, for no one had ever dared to be so unreasonable to them.

After Ye Lu finished speaking, he took a few steps forward again and walked in front of the divine doctor who had been shouting “stand still” at him, then he swung the potion furnace in his hand and slammed it down with a “bang!” It smashed onto the table in front of him with a loud bang.


The table shattered with a crash, and the divine doctor took a step backwards in fear, knocking his chair over.

Ye Lu then looked at him and said coldly.

“One on the left stands still, one on the right stands still, I’m standing still now, what the hell do you guys want, draw the line.”


Chapter 52

This fury stunned everyone in the room, but when they thought about it, Ye Lu did have a reason to be furious, he was treating his own patients, and he could treat whoever he wanted.

However, after being shocked, these divine doctors immediately calmed down.

One of them looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Excuse me, whose disciple are you?”

Ye Luo said without even thinking.

“I am Grandmaster Yun’s disciple, what’s the problem?”

Hearing Ye Lu say Grandmaster Yun, all these divine doctors frowned, including Elder Hua, because no one could remember who the so-called “Grandmaster Yun” was.

At this time, Elder Shen said with a smile.

“Grandmaster Yun is Granny Yun who is good at divination at the Eastern Suburbs Underworld Shop.”

When they heard Elder Shen’s explanation, the crowd became even more abuzz, because no one had ever heard that Granny Yun also knew how to do medicine, so could it be that Ye Lu’s medical skills were taught by Granny Yun?

Then someone else asked.

“Then what does your family do?”

This time, without waiting for Ye Lu to answer, Zhang Yang said with a smile from the side.

“His family is a pancake vendor.”

Ye Luo said with a smile and a nod.

“Yes, a pancake family, what’s wrong with that?”

This time everyone exploded even more.

“It’s actually not a family of Chinese medicine but a family of pancakes, that’s too unreliable.”

“Yeah, I see that savage look of his, not like a doctor but more like a rogue, do you guys think so?”

“It’s true, but I heard that that Granny Yun is really quite divine and is very good at telling fortunes.”

“Does fortune-telling have anything to do with healing?”



Seeing the crowd start to talk in a chaotic manner, Ye Lu turned around with some impatience and said.

“Hey! Masters, have you guys thought about what you want to do or not, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the Grandmaster opposite him opened his mouth once again and said.

“Stand ……”

However, he did not say the word “live”, but quickly changed his mouth and said.

“That, we want to have a match with you, if you can win us, you can go back.”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Good, then we’ll have a match, but don’t compare yourself to me with something like memorizing medical books, I’ve hated memorizing books since I was a kid, and that Sh*t is useless.”

The divine doctor opposite Ye Lu said after a moment’s thought.

“Well, I won’t compete with you on these book dropping, we’ll just compete on seeing diseases, Chinese medicine is all about ‘looking, smelling, asking and cutting’, so I’ll compete with you on this most basic thing, on finding out which one of these people present has a disease, how about that?”

Hearing that this was to be compared, Ye Lu did not speak, Qin Siyu spoke first, she looked at the divine doctor and said.

“This comparison is not fair, we don’t know any of these people, but it is likely that they are familiar with you, what if we choose someone and he doesn’t admit that he has a disease?”

Hearing Qin Siyu’s words, many people nodded, because logically it was indeed like that, a person with a fight if it was not an obvious disease, like a broken leg or something like that but a dark disease, then it was crucial that the person with the dark disease had told the truth.

However, Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu and smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, Siyu, just follow his rules, I can win them all the same and see what they say then.”

After saying that, Ye Luo then looked at the grandmaster opposite and said.

“Come on, which one of us will go first?”

The Grandmaster seemed to have a good idea in his mind as he nodded and said.

“I’ll go first.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look around, there were many people present, however, the whole area where the divine doctor and the doctor were located was definitely not in his consideration, as Qin Shiyu had already questioned it, he then used his own people that obviously did not make sense.

Soon, his eyes locked onto a beautiful looking woman, and following that, he pointed to this woman and said.

“She is the person I have chosen, her problem is breast cancer, the evidence of which you can go and feel on her breast, there is a very obvious hard lump, isn’t there?”

This last question was directed at the woman.

The woman’s face changed instantly.

She looked at the divine doctor with a somewhat pale face and said.

“Great …… Master, my chest has indeed been hurting a bit recently and I have felt a lump, but I was too busy at work and I didn’t care, is it really cancer?”

At this time, suddenly another person raised his hand and said.

“I’m the director of ‘Maria Hospital’, I can confirm this for you, there is an ultrasound room in the infirmary at Shen Lao’s home, I’ll take you there to have a look and you’ll know.”

As this old woman spoke, the divine doctor also smiled and nodded, obviously he had also chosen this woman considering the medical condition of Elder Shen’s family.

In a short while, the two women returned, along with the sound of whimpering and crying, and the pretty, strong-looking woman with her face full of tears, who looked at the divine doctor as she cried and said.

“Master, since you can see my illness, can I still be saved? Master you can save me, I regret it, if I had known that, why did I earn so much money, oooh ……”

However, the master said with a sigh.

“Ai! There’s nothing I can do to help, because it’s at an advanced stage, you can go to the hospital for chemotherapy, but there’s no cure, you can only see how much more time you can live.”

Hearing the master’s words, the woman “flopped!” She collapsed to the ground with a thud.

She did not doubt the doctor’s words, because that was what the dean of women had just said, and that was why she had completely collapsed.

“This lady, you’re crying too early, he’s right, you do have advanced cancer, but don’t worry, I can cure it.”

Ye Luo looked at the broken woman and said with a smile.

As soon as Ye Luo’s words fell, the whole courtyard erupted.

“What, this can be cured? That’s nonsense.”

“Definitely, the cancer has spread, how can it be cured?”

“Maybe people can really be cured.”

“Even advanced stage can be cured, cure the hell.”


After all, this was not something that ordinary people could do, so most people were voices of doubt, and those divine doctors certainly didn’t believe it either, thinking that Ye Lu was bragging.

However, that beautiful woman was like grabbing the straw that saved her life, she rushed to Ye Lu’s side and said eagerly.

“This little brother, can you really cure my illness?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I’ve saved dead people, not to mention tiny advanced stages.”

When Ye Luo finished speaking, the divine doctor opposite him said disdainfully.

“Go ahead and blow it off, at your young age, you blurt out big words from your mouth every day, hey! The young people nowadays are really, increasingly unreliable!”

Ye Lu turned to look at him and said seriously.

“You’ve lived for so many years, haven’t you heard of the saying ‘There are people outside of people, and there is a heaven outside of heaven’? What you can’t do doesn’t necessarily mean that others can’t do it either. Besides, I have to ask you, since you can’t cure someone’s illness, what is your intention in telling her that it’s late? Do you want her to live the rest of her life in fear?”

After being asked by Ye Lu, that divine doctor was suddenly a bit speechless, he opened his mouth several times, but finally chose to shut up.

In fact, he hadn’t thought about it that much at first, just when things had stalled there, he wanted to quickly find a patient who could both have a way to prove it and at the same time was hard to tell from the outside, and this woman’s illness just happened to fit the bill, so he thought nothing of using the woman as an example, and really hadn’t considered what Ye Lu had said.

“Yeah, that’s too unethical of a doctor, isn’t it?”

“No, he didn’t even think about having to treat the matter in his mind, did he?”

“That should be the case.”


Hearing the words of the crowd, he felt more and more embarra*sed, and even his old face turned red.

Ye Lu then looked at the woman in front of him and said.

“Don’t worry, don’t cry, since I said so, I will definitely save you, it won’t take too long, stretch out both hands.”

Ye Luo made a gesture of reaching out, the woman obediently did as she was told, while Ye Luo placed his two hands and the palms of the woman’s two hands opposite each other and followed, saying.

“Close your eyes, don’t resist, just leave everything to me.”

Seeing this scene, everyone stopped talking, instead they all watched the scene with curiosity, everyone wanted to see if Ye Lu could perform a miracle or not.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, controlled the aura within his body to flow out from his left palm, then slowly pa*sed through the woman’s entire body, and then flowed back from the right palm.

In other words, the two formed a connected circuit, and the cancerous cells were killed bit by bit as the aura travelled through the woman’s limbs and bones.

This was not a cure taught by the gla*ses, but something Ye Lu came up with on his own, and the source of the idea was the wine sparring activity he had just done.

When sparring, this was how he expelled the alcohol that had penetrated his body.

One lap …… two laps …… three laps ……

Three minutes later, Ye Lu withdrew his hand, looked at the woman and said with a smile.

“Feel yourself again and see if there is still a lump in your chest?”

The woman couldn’t care less about having so many people watching, she quickly reached in through the collar and grabbed and felt it, followed by ecstasy.

“It’s gone, it’s really gone, and it doesn’t hurt anymore, you’re so god, a god doctor!”

At this time, Ye Luo then turned his head to look at the godly doctor from before with a not-so-bad smile on his face and said.

“It’s my turn next, isn’t it, who do you think I would point to as having a disease?”