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Winner Takes All Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

As Kunlun rushed into the mudroom hall.

The five men outside, also rushed in.

When they saw Kunlun, the five men were startled at the same time.

The one in the lead was a bald man with a face full of flesh and a belly.

He scolded sternly, “Who the hell are you?”

“Huang Tianba, these few scumbags want to cut you off!”

The man who had been stepped on by Chen Dong said in a shrill, stern whine.

Chen Dong leaned down, his gaze straight at the man, “You beast!”


A powerful slap.

It instantly made half of the man’s face swell up.

And from the beginning to the end, Fan Lu sat woodenly on the edge of the bed, washing her face with tears.

“Heh! Interception?”

The bald man, full of lust, sneered and said to Kunlun, “Big guy, you don’t even ask around about my name Huang Tianba, Old Fan, this dead B*****d owes me half a million dollars in gambling debts, I brought a few brothers to sleep with his daughter for one night to pay off the debt, it’s simply a bargain for their family.”

With that, he was full of disdain and raised his hand to shove Kunlun away.

“Get the hell out of here or stay and watch a few of us brothers put on a show for you!”

Just the moment the bald man’s hand landed on Kun Lun’s shoulder.

Kun Lun’s expression was stern.

A fierce light suddenly burst out of his eyes.

In a flash of lightning.

He brazenly raised his right elbow and slammed down viciously.


There was a muffled sound.

It was accompanied by the sound of bones breaking.


Huang Tianba’s face turned pale as he let out a pig-like scream and staggered back, staring straight at his right arm with round eyes.

The arm took on a bizarre curvature, with the dreary white scraps of bone piercing through the flesh and exposing it to the air, dripping with blood in a hideous manner.

The ruthless and decisive strike instantly left all four of Huang Tianba’s minions dumbfounded.

The room echoed with Huang Tianba’s pig-killing screams.

Kunlun stepped forward with killing intent: ”Fan Lu, is my woman! Insult my woman, you all deserve to die!”

“Hit me, hit me to F**king death!”

Huang Tianba roared like a madman under the severe pain.


He didn’t wait for his four little brothers to come forward.

Kunlun’s lofty tower-like body had already launched itself brazenly, destroying and pouncing directly in front of them.


A punch that resembled the impact of an iron hammer directly blew the broken-armed Huang Tianba away.

Immediately afterwards, Kun Lun’s body pranced and his hands swung, like a bloodthirsty tiger, pouncing into the flock of sheep.

The four young men reacted quickly and swung their fists at Kunlun.





In just two seconds, four sounds of bones cracking rang out simultaneously.

All four young men turned pale as they retreated, screaming in terror.

Without exception, each of their arms were twisted, bones shattered, flesh pierced and blood dripping.

Pig-like screams echoed through the room in an instant.

The wailing was unbearable.

Inside the inner room.

Chen Dong smiled disdainfully and shook his head gently.

Five rogue gangsters who dared to be rude to ordinary people, but in front of Kunlun who had crawled out from the pile of the dead, they were not even qualified to strike!

The man on the ground was completely dumbfounded, his eyes filled with horror.

This, where the hell did these people come from?

They were simply fierce gods!

In fact, Kun Lun was indeed a fierce god.

He had fought through the mercenary battlefield, climbed out of the dead countless times and forged the title of King of Soldiers, what else was he if not a fierce god?

“B*****d, where the hell did you come from? What the F**k is it to do with you?”

Huang Tianba’s features twisted up in pain, but Kunlun instantly struck out and broke the arms of his four junior brothers, leaving him terrified and helpless: “Half a million, this is half a F**king million Old Fan owes me! We all discussed it in advance, none of your business!”


The corners of Kunlun’s mouth curled into a bloodthirsty sneer as his lofty body slowly moved his feet, “Negotiated? Using my woman to pay off his debt, you …… have a lot of nerve!”

The tremendous oppression caused Huang Tianba’s breath to stop like a lump in his throat.

Almost simultaneously.

Kunlun’s bushel-sized hand fell down brazenly.

Huang Tianba’s pupils tightened and it felt like the sky had darkened.


The sound of a slap exploded like thunder.

Huang Tianba’s head lurched, half of his face instantly swelled up, and he even spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Under the huge force, he felt like he had been blasted in the face with a hammer, and his whole body was about to fly out sideways.

But Kunlun raised his left hand and directly yanked him by the collar.

His right hand then backhanded another slap at Huang Tianba’s face, “A nameless junior, how dare you covet my woman!”


“You beasts, you are worse than pigs and dogs!”


“My woman, are you not to have her at your disposal?”


Accompanied by Kunlun’s one sentence of cold words.

A powerful slap fell down brazenly.

Huang Tianba’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, spurting blood continuously, unable to even let out a miserable scream.

This scene was incomparably seeping to watch.

Bloody, brutal!

The four brothers of Huang Tianba were silenced, and they were even forced to endure the huge pain of their broken arms, not daring to be born.

Inside the inner room.

Listening to the sound of the thunderous slaps.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Elder Long, have you ever seen such a thunderous blast of anger from Kunlun?”

Elder Long shook his head, “Never seen it before, Kunlun is moved!”

The man on the ground, on the other hand, had long since been scared out of his wits.

In his eyes, Chen Dong’s trio had long since become fierce gods.

The sound of the slap shook his five organs.

Fan Lu, who was sitting woodenly on the bed, washed in tears, but a little glint came into her tear-stained eyes.

Kunlun was not just hitting, but slapping with each word.

Each word fell on her ears as if it were a heavy hammer, striking her heartstrings hard.

Over the years, she had given up so much.

She had carried everything on her shoulders at an age when it should not have been her responsibility.

What girl would want to stand up for herself and live like a man if she had something to fall back on?

Who wouldn’t want a gentle voice and red fingers.


Finally, there was a loud bang outside.

Kunlun threw Huang Tianba out.

The four young men awoke instantly and hurried forward, only to find that Huang Tianba had pa*sed out and was covered in blood.

“You, you’re F**king dead, you’re finished, you’ve walked into the door of the ghost today!” A young man shouted loudly, but he and his companion carried Huang Tianba away quickly.

The man who was stepped on by Chen Dong finally came back to his senses and suddenly cried out with an “ow”.

“It’s over …… it’s over …… that Huang Tianba’s big brother is a notoriously ruthless man, you B*****ds, even if you want to die, why do you want to drag me to the back?”

“Pad your back?”

Chen Dong snickered, “I don’t need animals to pad my back.”

At this moment.

Kunlun walked into the room, his fierce and bloodthirsty expression became softer when he saw Fan Lu’s killing that.

He turned his back and crouched down in front of Fan Lu, saying softly, “Little Lu, I’ll take you home.”

Fan Lu was in tears, her teary eyes hazy as she looked at the broad back in front of her.

At this moment, her tears flowed even more fiercely.

Tightly biting her lips, she slumped onto Kunlun’s back.

“Fan Lu, you B*tchy hoof can’t leave, you can’t leave me behind, if you leave, what will you let me do to pay my debt? They’ll kill me! You can’t be so heartless, you can’t kill me!”

Listening to the man’s roaring and wailing.

With a pained face, Fan Lu buried her head tightly in Kunlun’s back and cried, “Brother Kunlun, go, go quickly ……”


Chapter 148

The Rolls-Royce was driving on the road.

Chen Dong drove the car silently, with Elder Long sitting in the pa*senger seat.

Kunlun sat in the back row with Fan Lu in his arms, softly soothing.

The soft voice made it hard to imagine the bloodthirsty look of thunderous fury that Kunlun had displayed just now.

Fan Lu curled up in Kunlun’s arms, tears streaming down her face.

Perhaps she was tired of crying and had no voice, just a silent flow of tears.

Her hands, however, were clutching Kunlun’s sleeves tightly.

Long Lao saw this scene in the rear-view mirror, the corners of his mouth smiling.

“Old and unashamed.”

Chen Dong snickered and snapped the rear-view mirror shut.

With that, he pressed the front and rear flaps, completely separating the car into two worlds.

Elder Long raised an eyebrow, “It’s not okay to look?”

“You’re snooping on people’s privacy.” Chen Dong rolled his eyes, “If you find an old lady who is seventy or eighty years old and I am looking at her, will you feel bad?”

Long Lao laughed disdainfully, “Old slaves will always prefer eighteen year olds.”

A few jokes calmed the two men’s suppressed anger.

Long Lao collected his smile, but turned to Chen Dong, gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and pointed to the back.

Obviously, it was a question about how to follow up on the matter of Fan Lu?

Chen Dong understood and smiled faintly, “She is my mother’s goddaughter.”

Elder Long nodded his head and stopped asking.

Back in town.

It was already three o’clock in the morning.

Chen Dong did not return to Tianmen Mountain Villa immediately.

Instead, he found a late night coffee shop close by.

It was true that he would not compartmentalise Fan Lu, but there were some things that he had to ask thoroughly now after all.

He did, however, call his mother to report his safety.

On the phone, when he heard that Fan Lu had been found, Leland’s tone was noticeably relaxed and he urged to return home as soon as possible.

Inside the coffee shop, it was quiet.

The few lights that were on made the shop a little dim.

It was already early in the morning, but there were still one or two people seated in the corner, enjoying the quiet of the late night and working silently with their headphones on.

Fan Lu’s mood had calmed down considerably.

Holding a steaming cup of coffee, she leaned against the corner.

At this moment, her eyes were very red and swollen, and her pretty face was also a little white.

This scene made Chen Dong’s three people feel a pang of pain.

To be honest, Fan Lu’s appearance was not bad, although it was not as elegant as Gu Qingying’s, her appearance was unparalleled, but it was still considered beautiful and sunny.

When they lived together, Fan Lu always had a sunny smile on her face.

But now, it was like a frosted aubergine, with obscure eyes.

“Hoo …… thank you Mr. Chen, Elder Long and Brother Kunlun.”

Finally, Fan Lu broke the silence on the table as she squeezed out a smile, “If it wasn’t for you guys, I would have died today.”

This death was not really a death.

Yet it was more terrifying than death.

“You’re one of us, why do you need thanks?” Chen Dong smiled faintly.

Fan Lu lowered her head, and then slowly recounted.

The three of them, Chen Dong, also listened quietly.

It turned out that when Fan Lu was very young, because her father was a lousy gambler and alcoholic, he would beat her mother whenever he lost money and got drunk, so her mother could not bear it and abandoned Fan Lu and ran away.

After her mother left, her father blamed Fan Lu for all her sins.

Ever since she was a child, Fan Lu has lived in her father’s shadow, but she has never given up her desire for tomorrow, believing that if she works hard enough, she will eventually see the sun.

Her father was a gambling and drinking addict, but some kind-hearted people in the village sponsored her to go to school, and when she was ten years old, the school selected athletes for training.

Fan Lu was lucky enough to be selected as a sparring athlete, and she worked hard step by step, like a snail, climbing slowly but tenaciously up the ladder.

When she became a municipal sparring athlete, she won the championship in several competitions.

She believed that by working hard, she would have a better future.

But her father gambled more and more after she became an athlete, and a debt that he did not pay was so big that it affected her and completely killed her career as an athlete, so she had no choice but to retire.

Fan Lu still didn’t give up. She had no skills, but she knew she had a strength, so she entered the construction site and worked hard to earn money to pay her father’s debts.

She had also been longing for a change of job, hence the high-priced nanny CVs from the agency.

Fortunately, she was picked by Chen Dong and finally left the construction site.

But the happy days didn’t last more than a few days before word came from her father’s side that he had once again run up a huge gambling debt, and then came tonight’s scene.

After saying this, Fan Lu’s head lowered even more, her delicate body trembling as a teardrop fell towards the ground.

Chen Dong, along with Kunlun and Elder Long, were all frozen in their tracks.

Fan Lu had spoken briefly, deliberately trying to hide the misery and pain, but they could still feel it in just a few words.

Helplessness, pain, despair, and even a return to darkness every time there was a desperate chance of survival, only to be implicated by their father.

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted, and in a trance, he thought of the way he had seen Fan Lu’s calloused hands when he first met her.

Fan Lu was about the same age as him, a girl, yet she had hardened herself into a man!

How tough should this …… be?

“Mr. Chen ……” Fan Lu suddenly raised her head and looked at Chen Dong with teary eyes, her eyes filled with fear.

Chen Dong smiled gently: “Come on, let’s go home, our mother has stewed soup at home waiting for us to go back.”

Fan Lu’s expression froze and her mind went “boom” as she hurriedly got up and bowed, “Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen ……”

But Chen Dong ignored it, gestured to Kun Lun to help Fan Lu, and then he and Long Lao took the lead to walk out of the cafe.

Late night cool breeze.

The empty road.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, exhaled heavily and smiled bitterly.

“Both in the dark, I realised that I am much happier than Fan Lu, at least I can live with my mother and run towards the light without any fear, while Fan Lu suffers from her father, who is about to see the light again and again, only to be dragged into the darkness.”

“Life is a hundred things.” Elder Long also let out a long, long sigh.

When he returned home.

It was already four o’clock in the morning.

What Chen Dong did not expect was that his mother had not gone to bed yet.

Instead, she was sitting in the living room, quietly waiting.

Seeing Chen Dong and the others return, Li Lan, with red eyes, got up and swept past Chen Dong and ran to Fan Lu, saying with worry, “Aiya, my daughter, you really scared aunty to death today, are you alright, did you hurt anywhere?”

Seeing the injuries on Fan Lu’s face and her red and swollen eyes, Li Lan looked up and down worriedly.

“It’s alright aunty, Mr. Chen and the others came just in time to save me.” Although Fan Lu was smiling, she still couldn’t help the tears in her eyes from slipping down.

“Don’t cry, the child doesn’t cry.”

Li Lan wiped away Fan Lu’s tears and gave her a hug, then took Fan Lu’s hand and walked towards the dining room, “Auntie has made soup, it’s still hot, drink it to calm down, daughter, auntie was really scared today, if something happens to you, how can auntie live?”

Chen Dong froze in place and murmured, “Elder Long and Kunlun, why do I feel like an outsider now?”

Kunlun and Elder Long looked at each other with a smile.

Not waiting for a response.

“Whatever, let’s have a sip of soup, let me tell you, my mother’s stew is the best.”

Chen Dong stretched out and smiled as he walked towards the dining room, “Mom, serve me a bowl too.”