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Super School Student Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

“Look, how there’s still a taxi coming.”

“That’s right, when did Shen Lao have such friends?”

“Probably here to hang out, take some photos here and post a circle of friends, enough to pretend for a year.”


When they saw that Ye Lu and Qin Siyu had actually taken a taxi to come, the few people near the entrance became a little unsettled, this was a dinner party of what level, the people who came were either rich or noble, how could there be such people.

The clothes that Gushiki bought for Ye Lu, to be honest, he was really not used to wearing, and it was completely to buy something to force him to use, so he usually did not wear much, the so-called “clothes are better than old”, in fact, in terms of comfort or the clothes you always wear, so Ye Lu is still wearing the same clothes as before.

With Ye Lu’s ears, of course he heard what these people said, but as an orphan, he had long been used to the warmth of people’s hearts and the coldness of the world, so he didn’t care at all and followed Qin Shiyu towards the door of the villa.

Qin Shiyu handed over the invitation.

However, before the person receiving the invitation could say anything, an eerie voice suddenly rang out.

“Such a loser is also here for the banquet, the invitation can’t be a fake, right?”

He had been waiting here for half a day, and was worried that Ye Lu would not come, but he had actually waited, so he couldn’t wait and led his people out.

Qin Siyu did not know the reason for the incident, so she froze.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, looked at a few people and said with a smile.

“Ouch! Who did I think it was, it turned out to be the ‘Naked Six’! What, wearing clothes tonight.”

Being reminded by Ye Luo like this, sure enough, many of the people gathered around remembered.

“Oh! I said why do I look familiar, it’s them!”

“Yes, yes, the video went viral yesterday, it was so funny to see them shaking around.”

“Haha, yes, the funniest part was later on when six naked men were crammed into a car, that image was unbearable to watch.”


Everyone was talking and laughing at the same time.

There was no pressure to make a headline on a story this big, so many people knew about it.

Seeing everyone pointing and laughing, Delta Eye’s eyes turned green and he quickly drew a knife before saying viciously.

“Brothers, never mind that, let’s fix him first.”

The people behind him certainly had nothing to say, and everyone flashed their guys.

“Don’t make a scene, don’t make a scene, all of you, stand still.”

Seeing this scene, the security guards at the entrance panicked, this is the use of knives and guns, if there is a human death, it is estimated that they also have a joint responsibility, at least the master will not let it go, this is the master invited people.

The owner of the house had invited them.

“It’s no big deal, it’ll be done soon.”

After saying that, he quickly moved his hands, to put it bluntly these few guys were actually not even small punks, Ye Luo did not put it in his eyes at all, although there were about ten of them, one person gave a kick, in less than a minute’s time all of them flew out far away and lay on the ground.

“Pop, pop, pop!”

Ye Lu clapped his hands then looked at the security guard and the woman who was reviewing the invitations and said with a smile.

“There, it’s clear now.”

Indeed, it was clear now because the security guards at the entrance and the ones who rushed over were shocked, not just because Ye Lu could fight, but because, heck, the people who were beaten were all VIPs holding invitations! Did they just get beaten up for nothing?

But the guy who beat them up seemed to be a VIP too, and the security guards knew very well that these people were not to be messed with!

The security guards knew very well that these people were not to be trifled with!

He shouted loudly with a twinkle in his eye.

“Brother Sen don’t be afraid of him, he’s not a guest, he’s just here to make up the numbers, if you don’t believe me check his invitation, he doesn’t have one.”

Hearing the words of the triangle eyes, that security chief Brother Sen had a better idea in his mind, moreover, it was obvious that there were ten or so VIPs being beaten up, while Ye Luo was only one person.

So, he looked at Ye Luo and said with a stern face.

“Excuse me, please show me your invitation.”

Of course Ye Luo didn’t have an invitation, so he spread his hands and said.

“I’m here with a friend, I don’t have an invitation.”

As a result, Brother Sen’s voice turned cold and said.

“You are not allowed to enter without an invitation.”

When he said this, Qin Siyu was reluctant and she looked at Brother Sen and said.

“I just saw several people who only showed their invitations and then brought people in!”

Sen said flatly.

“They’re them, you’re you, I’m in charge here.”

Qin Shiyu was also a little angry with him, she turned around and said.

“Ye Lu, let’s go, this what a messy banquet, we won’t attend it.”

Ye Luo didn’t have any interest in this banquet either, so he also turned around and was ready to leave.

However, Brother Sen waved his hand and a whole bunch of security guards stopped Ye Lu and the two of them.

“It’s not that easy to leave.”

Brother Sen looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

“Making trouble in our place and injuring so many of our VIPs, you think you can leave just because you want to? What kind of place do you think we are here?”

Just now it was obvious that it was the triangle-eyed guys who had prepared to pull out the guys first, he himself was just defending himself, but as a result, this Brother Sen said that he was causing trouble, Ye Lu’s temper also came up, he looked at Brother Sen’s group of people and said.

“I want to leave, no one can stop me!”

With these words, he lifted his legs and walked forward.

One of Brother Sen’s men had long been impatient, and when he saw Ye Luo lift his leg to leave, he kicked Ye Luo violently in the stomach.

Ye Lu also raised his leg and kicked him at the same time. The security guards around him also rushed up at the same time, throwing batons, fists and kicks at Ye Lu’s body.

“This kid is finished this time.”

“The security guards here are all retired special forces soldiers!”

“It’s a pity, young and vigorous, young and vigorous!”


Seeing the crowd’s discussion, the triangle eyes also smiled, this bad breath finally counted out.

However, his smile was just halfway up when a succession of “bang bang bang” sounds rang out, one by one the security guards began to fly out, just like a fancy football, in a flash, the ground was full of security guards.

In fact, if he didn’t have to help Qin Shiyu, Ye Lu wouldn’t have to spend so much time at all.

Looking at the security guards all over the ground, Qin Siyu’s mouth opened wide in surprise, she never thought Ye Lu would be so capable of fighting, no wonder when she told Ye Lu to hurry up and run last time, Ye Lu was so relaxed, this guy was hiding too deep, right?

Qin Siyu found herself unable to understand Ye Lu more and more, not only could he divine and get so much money at once, he was also so capable of fighting, what was this all about?

At the side, the triangle-eyed man and his partners were shocked at first, but then they were happy, he looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“You’re really bold, you dare to beat up the security guards here, let’s see how you die later.”

“That’s right, you give you a cannonball and you light it on fire, just like a fatalist.”

“What can he know, a poor B*****d?”


A few other people joined the gloating team, in their opinion, Ye Lu even dared to offend the master here, he was obviously dead.

Because Shen Lao’s status was very special, although he didn’t run any business or shop, he had more money than he could count, and was very resourceful in both black and white, even on the cultivator side, those who dared to mess with him were said to have mysteriously disappeared, which was the reason why so many people would come to the venue.

The other people around him also basically held the same view.

Sure enough, at this point a pretty woman with an unpleasant face “click click click!” It was the same woman who had given Ye Lu an invitation during the day.

When she saw this woman appear, the smile on the triangular eyes became even bigger, because Miss Shen’s temper was the hottest, and she was probably going to tear Ye Lu apart this time.

Everyone stopped talking and watched the scene intently.

Eldest Miss Shen had already walked up to Ye Lu, but, to everyone’s surprise, she actually bowed and then said.

“I’m sorry for neglecting the distinguished guests, Lord Ye and Miss Qin, please don’t take it personally, don’t bother with the subordinates, just please go to the cold house for the banquet.”

Seeing Miss Shen’s lowly appearance, everyone suspected that they had heard wrong.

“Is this Missy’s head squeezed by the door? How much does it mean to apologise to someone when the security guard of her own house has been beaten up?”

Triangle Eyes also didn’t understand the situation at hand for a moment.

Ye Lu did not answer, but looked at Qin Siyu, who was a little confused for a moment, she was a little confused by what was happening in front of her, but in the end she shook her head.

Seeing her shake her head, Miss Shen’s face immediately changed along with her.


Chapter 48

After shaking her head, Qin Siyu turned around and prepared to leave, and Ye Lu of course smiled and followed.

However, just when everyone thought that this was the end of the matter, the eldest lady of the Shen family gritted her teeth, then suddenly walked up to Ye Lu and Qin Siyu and bowed and gave a salute once again, saying.

“Miss Qin, Ye Lu, we are really very sorry, I apologise to you once again, please do come and sit in the cold house for a while, even if it is just to help me once.”

Qin Siyu had the thinnest of skins, and seeing that the eldest Miss of the Shen family was once again sincerely pleading with her, she nodded her head and agreed.

Following that, the group of people walked into the courtyard of the villa, and after walking into the courtyard that Eldest Miss of the Shen Family suddenly walked up to Ye Lu’s side and whispered.

“Ye Lu, no matter what tricks you have used, I will not marry you.”

After saying that, this big-breasted woman huffed and puffed, “Click, click, click!” and walked deeper into the villa.

“Holy Sh*t! What’s going on here again?”

Ye Lu was really confused this time, what the hell won’t marry me, you think you can marry whoever you want with big breasts, besides it’s not as big as Liu Mei’s breasts.

The first time I saw it, I was curious and turned on the “primitive mode” to take a look, and it was indeed a little less than Liu Mei’s in terms of size and firmness.

Qin Shiyu, who was beside him, was curious and looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Who was that just now, did you get married, why did she say she wanted to marry you as soon as she arrived?”

Ye Lu had been outside during the day looking for the dan furnace and the dan censer, so he hadn’t returned to school for a day, while Qin Siyu hadn’t shown up at school for a day either because she was out for a surprise tutorial, so both of them didn’t know that this woman had actually gone to look for Ye Lu in the morning.

Her grandfather didn’t know what was wrong with her and wanted her to seduce Ye Lu and turn him into his granddaughter’s son-in-law, but Miss Shen doesn’t like men younger than herself, so she strongly disagreed.

This made Miss Shen very depressed, because in her opinion, do men still need to seduce, they are all charmed by the sight of her, so she thought it must be because Ye Lu salivated at her beauty, that’s why there was so much going on.

“We must find a way to make him know what to do later.”

Miss Shen said as she clenched her fist.

And at the front door of the villa, Zhang Yang walked out from the side and met the naked six who were complaining.

“Zhang Yang, where did you hide just now, why didn’t you say earlier that that rascal could still do martial arts, if we knew he was so bullish, we wouldn’t have tossed it with him, oops, mama, my back, it hurts.”

The triangle-eyed old monkey said with a depressed look on his face.

Zhang Yang, on the other hand, laughed and said.

“Sorry, how did I know he was such a good fighter, but making a fool out of him doesn’t always have to be by hitting, there are other ways.”

Once they heard that there were other ways to make a fool out of Ye Lu, several people came over.

“Zhang Yang, what’s your solution, can you make him run naked too?”

“Hehehe, if he runs naked at this party, that would really be something to see.”

“Yeah, that would be cool for me.”


Hearing what they were talking about, Zhang Yang then smiled, it looked like his plan was halfway successful as he looked at a few people and said.

“My plan is actually very simple, when do you guys think a person will run around naked?”

Everyone took a guess.

“When crazy.”

“When under duress.”

“When fuming.”


Zhang Yang then smiled and said.

“It’s actually very simple, it’s when you’re drunk, think about it isn’t it, do you guys also act crazy when you’re drunk, so all we have to do is get Ye Lu drunk and things will be fine, make him make a fool of himself or even make him run naked.”

Once Zhang Yang’s words were out, everyone felt so reasonable one after another.

“But I’m a poor drinker, I’ll hang up in one beer, how can I spell it?”

“Yeah, I’m not a good drinker either.”

“I’m okay, but it’s not always possible to spell, right?”

At the crowd’s query, Zhang Yang once again smiled and said.

“Of course I have the medicine that allows everyone to win in a spell of drinking.”

With those words, he then took out a bottle of medicine and said.

“This is the medicine I plucked back from foreign countries, if you take one pill before drinking, you can increase your drinking capacity by two or three times, of course the more the better the effect, however, too much will be too much for your body to bear, when you drink later, you will first take this and still be afraid of not winning him, really still worried, later find a few more alcoholics you know can drink, pull them over together, don’t believe that you can’t beat that kid. ”

Hearing Zhang Yang say this, the crowd laughed, with such a divine weapon, there was indeed nothing to fear.

“By the way, will that kid spar with us?”

Another person questioned.

Zhang Yang smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll go and provoke him later, the two of us have long had our differences, I’ll put him in his place.”

At the moment, Gu Shiqi was depressed and listening to her dad’s lecture at home, she actually got the invitation in the morning, however, before she could leave, she was taken back by his dad’s men.

“Shiqi, did you skip school yesterday?”

Gu Yanqiu asked with a serious face.

Gu Shiqi nodded and said.

“Yes, anyway, it’s about to be the college entrance exam, it’s not much use to study more or less, besides, what kind of college am I going to study, won’t you guys still let me manage the family business in the end.”

Gu Shiqi finished her speech and showed an indifferent expression.

Gu Yanqiu frowned, but he didn’t get angry, instead he continued.

“That’s not what I’m asking, what I’m asking is, did you go out with a boy?”

This time, Gu Shiqi froze for a moment, and then followed with a rhetorical question.

“What? You followed me.”

Gu Yanqiu did not answer her words but continued.

“Shiqi, listen, no matter who that man is or what he looks like, I will not agree to you marrying him, understand, because I have other arrangements for this matter.”

And Gu Shiqi said with a glare.

“What do you mean you have other arrangements, this is my lifelong matter, okay, you better not interfere.”

Gu Yanqiu knew that he hadn’t brought up this child when she was small, so she wasn’t very close to him, and since she divorced her mother and married her stepmother, the two of them had more conflicts, so he didn’t expect Gu Shiqi to listen, he just said indifferently.

“Shiqi, you have to know that this is a time of life and death for our Gu family, your grandfather is already old, you don’t want him to see his family broken, and your third uncle he is already very sad, so you can bear to make it worse for him?”

As soon as these two words were spoken by Gu Yanqiu, the words that Gu Shiqi was about to contradict him were swallowed back, she knew very well how difficult it was for her grandfather and her third uncle.

Seeing Gu Shiqi’s expression, Gu Yanqiu was very satisfied, he then asked.

“One more question, who was the Master Ye you brought to the shop that day?”

Hearing Gu Yanqiu raise this question, Gu Shiqi suddenly wanted to say that Ye Lu was Grandmaster Ye, and then use this as a reason not to let Gu Yanqiu restrict her from dating Ye Lu, but the words did not come out because she suddenly thought of the rumours about her, her father, and if the rumours were all true, I was afraid that not only would she not be able to get what she wanted, but she might also put Ye Lu in danger.

So she thought for a moment and said.

“Master Ye is a worldly man, why do you want to find him?”

Gu Yanqiu smiled and said.

“Yes, if we can find him, I think we might be able to get through this independently, so Shiqi, can you tell me where he is?”

Again, Shiki hesitated, but in the end she shook her head.

And in the huge courtyard of the villa, Zhang Yang and a large group of men had stopped Ye Lu and Qin Shiyu in the area where the drinks were kept.

“Ye Lu, what a coincidence that we meet here again.”

Zhang Yang looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

Ye Luo felt that the other party should be holding something back by stopping him, so, without moving, he said.

“What, do you have something to teach me?”

Zhang Yang said with a smile.

“There is no enlightenment, but, as men, we would like to spar with you, do you dare?”

Ye Luo looked at Zhang Yang and then at the Naked Six behind him, as well as the full thirty or so people around them and said with a smile.

“Sure, how do you want to compete? Are you guys going to go one by one, or all together?”

Seeing such a large group of people all standing in front of Ye Lu and Qin Siyu carrying wine, the others in the courtyard were also drawn over and they all watched quietly to see how things would unfold.