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Super School Student Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

Within the shop, Elder Shen said with some surprise.

“You guys are saying that it was that backwoods boy who just saved my life?”

Both of the two middle-aged men nodded, and one of them said.

“Yes, he also said that he could cure you, you might as well see if you are really well.”

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Shen Lao froze for a moment, then he quickly ran the true qi in his body, and he was surprised to find that his meridians had actually recovered and his true qi was running freely.

“This …… this …… this …… this ……”

He said the word “this” three times in a row, but he could not continue with the rest of his words.

He had gone astray in his cultivation and as a result, his meridians were greatly damaged and his heart chakra was injured, and he was at risk of death at any time. He had sought the help of Master Hua, who was known as a national doctor in the city, to treat the problem, but Master Hua could only control it but could not eradicate it.

“What is this teenager’s name and what is his identity, have you asked?”

Elder Shen asked with some urgency.

One of the middle-aged men said with his head bowed.

“I asked, but unfortunately he refused to say, so ……”

Hearing his words, Elder Shen said with a regret-filled sigh.

“Ai! Losing out with a high achiever, huh! In the future, if there is another chance to meet this youngster, no matter what, we must invite him to the house, this is a miracle talent that never comes along in a hundred years!”

“Right, didn’t he just swipe his credit card to spend money, quick, go check the information he left behind, quick!”

And at this moment, our Mr. Wizards is walking towards the Antique Night Market with Gu Shiqi.

“Gushiki, why don’t you seem too happy, is something bothering you?”

Ye Lu looked at Gushiqi and asked.

Gushiki shook her head and said.

“Not really, actually it’s just that grandpa said that the family business isn’t doing too well lately, anyway, it’s all their adults’ business, and there’s no need for me, a child, to worry about it.”

However, Ye Lu could tell that although Gu Shiqi said so with her mouth, she should still be quite worried in her heart.

“Let’s help her pluck a little more treasure later, maybe it can help her family.”

Ye Luo thought silently in his heart.

In Ye Lu’s heart he was grateful to Gushiki, although he had helped her a lot, but without Gushiki’s help, Ye Lu would not have been able to unlock the gla*ses so quickly, and even less able to get that random reward.

Now, Ye Lu fully understood how great the reward was, so if he had the chance, he still wanted to repay Gushiki, the nun.

However, just at this time, someone suddenly blocked their way.

“Who are you guys? What do you want?”

Seeing that someone was blocking the way, Gu Shiqi roared with a glare.

However, the man in black who blocked the way did not pay any attention to her, but said coldly.

“Little girl, hurry up and get lost, there’s nothing for you here.”

Hearing these words, Ye Lu basically understood in his heart that these people should be coming for himself, so he patted Gushiki’s shoulder and said.

“Gushiki, you go to the side first, don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Seeing Gushiki’s somewhat worried look, Ye Lu gave her an encouraging look, while Gushiki was looking left and right while muttering in her heart, where have all the bodyguards she had found gone now? Why were they so unreliable at critical moments?

However, Gu Shiqi eventually obeyed and walked to the side, then took out her mobile phone to make a call.

Those few people didn’t stop them, obviously not worried about Gushiki calling the police.

“Kid, I don’t know what kind of virtue or ability you have that makes you worthy of our Flying Eagle Gang’s five experts, but I advise you to be more honest.”

Ye Lu was not sure what his opponent’s true level was, so he used his mind to watch this guy’s brief introduction, and it showed that this guy’s level was “Ming Jin practitioner”.

Ye Lu didn’t know what kind of level “Ming Jin” was, but since the other party was looking for trouble, of course, he had to dislike him back, so Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Are you guys invited by Brother Long, or by Zhang Yang?”

These were the only two guys Ye Lu had offended recently that were currently alive and well, and he felt that he should have been sent by one of them.

At this time, a cold voice said.

“What’s the point of talking so much nonsense, just hurry up and make him break his son and be done with it.”

Following that, Ye Luo saw a middle-aged man with a scar on his face and a cold expression walk over without a sound, it was obvious that this man was very proficient in the way of a*sa*sination, even in his daily actions he did not even slacken off a bit.


The four guys surrounding Ye Luo promised, followed by rushing up without even drawing their swords, because the four of them had noticed that although Ye Luo’s body looked strong and well-proportioned, it did not have large muscles, so it was obvious that he was not a practitioner, not to mention that all four of them were from fighting backgrounds and had their own self-confidence.

But just as they did, they realised they were wrong.

The four men’s target was obvious, it was Ye Lu’s vitals, and each of them used their feet, but the ending was that Ye Lu’s vitals were not kicked, instead, each of them received a kick on their vitals.

“Holy f*ck!”


“It hurts like hell ……”


The four guys all fell to the ground in an instant, and now the scar face froze, along with Gushiki who was preparing to argue with her father at the side.

She had just heard from the bodyguards that her father had called them back.

At this moment, Gu Shiqi felt that her head was a little bit inadequate, the scene of Ye Lu saving people just now had already surprised her, she didn’t expect Ye Lu to be so capable of fighting at all.

“How many extracurricular tuition cla*ses has this Ye Lu attended, not only is he proficient in treasure appreciation and able to heal and save people, he has also learned martial arts ……”

Gu Shiqi muttered with a confused head.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, looked at the four guys on the ground with some disappointment and said.

“You guys just said you were some kind of expert, causing me to concentrate for half a day, but the result is so unforgiving, you guys are considered experts like this?”

This was the truth, just now Ye Lu looked at the other party as some kind of “Ming Jin cultivator” so he still took them seriously, but after the real fight, he found that these people were only a little more powerful than Tiger and Dragon, but they were still a long way from the so-called experts.

Scarface also hesitated a little, and he said with a gloomy face.

“A dark jin powerhouse?”

This was of course said to the four guys who had been knocked down.

One of the four guys shook his head with a pained expression, he found that although Ye Lu’s attack was as fast as lightning and his force was frighteningly strong, he did not feel a trace of true qi.

Hearing this guy’s words, Scarface was secretly a little more relieved.

“I guess it’s a master at the peak of Ming Jin like me, but it’s possible that he’s gifted and somewhat overpowered, but as long as he’s not a Dark Jin powerhouse, I’ll have a chance.”

With his mind made up, he pulled a black knife from his waist.

The knife was so poisoned that even a Dark Power practitioner would have to spend a lot of time to remove the toxin if he was stabbed.

Although what Young Master Zhang Yang had ordered was to scrap the boy’s vital organs, the situation had changed and he had no choice but to strike hard.

“You say that our Flying Eagle Gang has no experts, right? Then I’ll show you what an expert is.”

As Scarface said that, he approached Ye Lu without a sound, and then the knife in his hand slashed over.

Ye Lu thought nothing of it and punched him, but what he didn’t expect was that the other party’s punch was a false move, as Scarface’s original intention was not to attack Ye Lu, but to lure him into striking.

After Ye Lu struck out, he quickly changed the movement of his knife and sliced at Ye Lu’s wrist. Compared to his combat experience, there was a big difference between a man like Ye Lu, who was not even a street gangster, and Scarface, who had spent many years in a gunfight.

However, Ye Lu was fast enough to see that it was his opponent’s trap, so he closed his grip, but he still got a cut on his arm.

This time, Scarface had a good idea, this kind of toxin is very fast, it only takes a few seconds to take effect, so he looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“You little doll may be gifted with such strength at such a young age, it’s a pity to die young, but as a master, I never like to leave myself open to future problems, so you’d better go to hell!”

Seeing Ye Lu’s potential, Scarface was already determined to get rid of him.

However, what he didn’t expect was that he had just rushed over and was sent flying by Ye Lu’s “Boom!” s punch of dislike sent him flying out.

“Hey! How can you be considered an expert like that?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.


Chapter 42

Scarface, who flew far away and fell to the ground, looked at Ye Lu who was shaking his head and sighing with disbelief, his heart filled with shock and disbelief.

Indeed, he did not feel the presence of true qi in the other party’s body, but he felt as if there was something else more terrifying in the other party’s body, in short, something that could not be under-rated at all.

Moreover, how could he not figure out why his own severe poison had no effect on the other party? Even for an internal energy expert, it would take some time to run his true qi to eliminate the poison, but this Ye Lu seemed to be unaffected, could it be that he was a body that was invulnerable to all poisons?

In fact, Ye Lu did not have the physique he was talking about, except that first of all, Ye Lu’s body had already broken away from the fleshly mortal body, so it was extremely resistant to severe poisons, and it would have been very difficult to be poisoned, and then Ye Lu’s spiritual qi flowed in his body, which would naturally eliminate the toxins of severe poisons, which was much more powerful than the so-called true qi.

“To actually strike so black, it’s really poisonous.”

Ye Luo did not notice the other party’s small movements, however, the other party’s final intention to kill him was obvious to him, so he did not spare the other party, just now when he gave the other party a punch, he had already used his dark energy and punched the spiritual qi in his body into the other party’s body, spiritual qi could save people, of course, it could also harm people, Ye Luo used his spiritual qi to quietly give him a fatal blow to his vitals.

This Scarface didn’t know now that he would never have the chance to play with women again.

“Woah Sh*t!”

Gu Shiqi, who was watching this scene from the side, couldn’t help but burst out in surprise, and following that, she ran over and said in an exaggerated manner.

“No way, Ye Lu, you’re so powerful, if I had known I wouldn’t have transferred so many bodyguards from my dad, you’re so much more awesome than them.”

Hearing from Gushiki, Ye Lu realized that Gushiki had actually transferred bodyguards from her dad to protect herself, he couldn’t help but be a little touched as he looked at Gushiki and asked.

“Thank you for caring so much about me, where is your bodyguard?”

This time it was Gu Shiqi’s turn to be embarra*sed, she said with a heated smile.

“Bodyguards! They’ve all been called back by my dad.”

Seeing Gushiki’s embarra*sed look, Ye Lu couldn’t help but laugh, but still said gratefully.

“Thanks a lot, I’ll help you pluck some more good treasures as a thank you gift later.”

Hearing that she was going to pluck treasures, of course Gu Shiqi wouldn’t refuse, she also just knew that her family was actually very short of money right now, so she nodded and looked at Ye Lu and said sincerely.

“Good, then I’ll cheekily accept it, thanks a lot, Ye Lu.”

Ye Lu didn’t take it seriously, and with a smile he led Gu Shiqi back towards the antique night market.

Zhang Yang, who was hiding not far away, waited for Ye Luo to walk away before he ran over.

“Brother Blade, what’s all this?”

Zhang Yang asked in some disbelief as he looked at Scarface who was still down on the ground, and the other four guys who were covering their vitals.

For his part, Scarface said helplessly.

“Sir Zhang, this time my Flying Eagle Gang is considered to have fallen, we will not take the remaining half of the money, our skills are not as good as others, our Flying Eagle Gang always treats every business with honesty.”

At this moment, Zhang Yang’s heart was shocked beyond words, at the same time, he also took a breath of cold air backwards, he was really a bit scared, Ye Luo easily and happily scrapped these five guys from the Flying Eagle Gang, if he had been a bit more ruthless to himself at that time on the rooftop, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t have lifted in this life.

“That, Brother Scar, how powerful is Ye Lu, is he a dark jin powerhouse?”

Scarface thought about it then still shook his head and said with a sigh.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so, however, his physique is extremely special, not only is he extremely strong, but he is also invulnerable to all poisons, but I really can’t feel true qi in my body, my flesh and blood has almost reached the limit of my body, it’s easy for a dark jin strong person to hurt me with dark jin, but I’m generally not afraid of a bright jin strong person, but this person is very special.”

Hearing Scarface’s words, Zhang Yang finally let out a sigh of relief.

“As long as it’s not a Dark Power strong person, I can clean him up when my brother comes out.”

Zhang Yang thought to himself in his heart.

At this moment, Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi had already walked into the Antique Night Market, this time Ye Lu picked things exactly as he had planned, he started from one side of the Antique Night Market, not touching or looking at anything else, only touching things that looked like furnaces or pots, because the knowledge he knew from the novels he read was that a pot or furnace was needed for alchemy.

This made Gu Shiqi feel very strange, before Ye Lu came to the antique market did not have such a strong purpose, basically just all the way regardless of the category regardless of three or seven twenty all touched, this time seems to be in search of something.

“Ye Lu, what are you looking for? Maybe there’s something in our Gu family’s collection.”

When asked by Gu Shiqi, Ye Lu remembered that the Gu Family was also a big antique merchant, so he told Gu Shiqi about his need for a cooker or a tripod.

On the spot, Gu Shiqi promised to ask each branch to help him check out the goods.

Ye Luo then poked around from one to the other.

“Gu Shiqi, this furnace is good, it’s from the year of Da Ming Xuande, you should take her.”

As a result, the furnace for alchemy was not found, after half an hour of effort, Ye Lu did find a Da Ming Xuan De furnace.

“No way, so lucky, a Xuan De stove of the Xuan De era ah, another few million to come in.”

Of course Gu Shiqi was overjoyed, as this cooker had appeared at a ground stall and the owner was asking for just a few thousand dollars, so without saying a word, she paid and took this treasure straight away.

At this time, the figures of Elder Shen and two other middle-aged men suddenly appeared not far away.

“Elder Shen, look, isn’t that the young man from just now?”

A middle-aged man pointed at Ye Lu, who was not far away, and said.

Elder Shen turned his head and saw that Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi were busy at the antique stall.

“Elder Shen, should we go over and ask him to come over.”

Another middle-aged man asked.

Elder Shen shook his head and said.

“No need, you guys have just seen his attitude and ability, for someone with such means, ordinary money and power will definitely not enter their eyes, so, you guys get someone to secretly go and check it out, see what they are looking for, we are not short of antiques, if we can throw in a good deal, then we will be sure of turning him into one of our own.”

“We’ve just found out his details anyway, there’s no need to rush.”

Elder Shen’s connections were extremely wide, so in that moment just now, he had already known through the bank’s information that Ye Lu was the special guest that Principal Liu Qingyun had recommended.

Hearing Elder Shen’s words, a middle-aged man immediately started dialing up the phone.

Ye Luo had no time to care about this, he wanted to hurry up and finish touching all this street.

“This tripod is not bad either, from the Warring States period.”

After another while, Ye Lu found another ancient-looking treasure, and of course Gu Shiqi was overjoyed, after all, it was another one of those millions.

Just like that, the two touched it for another close to half an hour.

On the other side, Elder Shen had also received the news long ago.

“They’re looking for tripod and furnace-type items, and it seems like there’s still a huge demand for them.”

The one who had been sent to investigate secretly came back and said.

“Good, immediately arrange for people to quickly search for all antiques regarding tripods and furnaces, at all costs ……”

Hearing Elder Shen’s words, one of the middle-aged men immediately nodded and walked out, obviously because the matter was so important that he had to personally supervise it.

Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, continued to keep fumbling around, and finally, when Ye Lu touched a furnace, in addition to seeing a brief description, a hint was displayed on the left side of his gla*ses.

“Name: abandoned elixir furnace, material: green gold, date of production: 50,000 years ago, origin: Haotian continent, profile: although abandoned, it has been tainted with the aura of alchemy and is helpful to ordinary cultivators ……”

“Hint: Goods that fall within the activation requirements, but the quality is too poor and badly damaged to activate the corresponding ability.”

In other words, Ye Lu did find the right item, but helplessly this item was of too low a grade.

However, just as Ye Luo was fiddling with this tripod-like object, he noticed that a pair of eyes were looking at him next to him like a hungry wolf seeing meat.

Although it was hidden, with Ye Lu’s current super eyesight he couldn’t escape Ye Lu’s eyes.

“Could it be that this person also knows the goods?”

Ye Lu’s mind flew around twice before he said to the boss.

“I’ll buy this thing.”

After paying the money, Ye Luo took the dan furnace and walked towards the next stall, but before he could walk past, the man who was staring at him finally sulked and came over.

“Little friend, can you give such a thing to old me?”

This old man looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I can pay five times the price you just paid.”

As a result, Ye Luo didn’t even blink his eyelids and said.

“No way!”