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Super School Student Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

The head teacher paused for a moment before continuing.

“Senior cla*s 8 student Ye Lu, bad conduct, during the school period, did not listen carefully in cla*s, a*saulted the cla*s teacher, fought with delinquents outside the school at KFC, and falsified the results of the mock exam, he is hereby given the punishment of expulsion from the school and cancellation of his school registration.”

It had to be said that Liu Junlin and his team had been very harsh, expulsion from school was serious enough, but the cancellation of school registration also meant that Ye Lu would not be able to get his high school diploma, and without it he would not be able to take the college entrance examination, which was a very poisonous move.

The head teacher wanted to say something else, but Ye Lu already shouted loudly.

“I am Ye Luo, and I am not convinced by this disciplinary action.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked towards the podium.

When the crowd heard Ye Luo’s words, they were all taken aback when they saw Ye Luo’s movements, was this a rhythm to call out to the head teacher? He walked straight up like that.

Sure enough, the teaching master’s face sank as well.

However, Liu Junlin’s face on the podium showed a smile, in his opinion, the more Ye Lu made such a high profile fuss, the more things would work in his favour, the school leader would not let Ye Lu have his way even for the sake of saving face.

Following that, he sent a message to Zhang Yang.

“Young master Zhang, have you all laid the padding down, don’t let that kid Ye Lu flip, he’s quite rich, there won’t be a problem, right?”

Zhang Yang who was in the student team then smiled and sent a message.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Liu, my family is not just rich, otherwise how come so many people are afraid of me, because we have a backstage, so just rest a*sured a hundred times, even if it is pressed, they will also press this matter down, there will be no problem.”

Liu Junlin, who received the message, smiled and put away his phone.

This was the plan he had made together with Zhang Yang, Teacher Li, and those few teachers who had helped Liu Junlin revise his grades after he left Liu Mei’s place yesterday.

Zhang Yang had actually wanted to do it for a long time, but he alone had no good solution for a while, this time with Liu Junlin leading the way, the timing was just right, so they wove three major crimes for Ye Lu and planned to give him a disciplinary action of expulsion from school and revocation of school registration, so that Ye Lu’s college entrance examination this year might be ruined.

To Zhang Yang, if he couldn’t get Ye Lu openly, it would be quite cool to make him suffer secretly. Therefore, he also put in a lot of money this time, uniting with his friends and foxes to raise a lot of money, and then used bribes and threats to make the head teacher make the decision just now.

For the head teacher, he was actually not under too much pressure, after all, the new head teacher made him feel very carefree. This head teacher did not seem to like to take care of too many things and rarely appeared, giving people the impression that he was an old leader who was completely trivial and came here to retire.

At least the head teacher had not seen him a few times since he took office, and when he asked about things, the head teacher basically just said, “You can decide for yourself”.

So, this time, he made his own decision, and the fact that the headmaster had not come by now also confirmed his thoughts.

In fact, at this moment, Liu Qingshan is busy with another matter, one that he thinks is more important, that is, the matter of attending the “puja”.

“Is there nothing you can do on your end? I can’t even get a single ticket.”

Liu Qingshan said to his mobile phone in a somewhat depressed manner.

In fact, he had been busy with this matter in the past few days, and he had begged many people, but whether it was spending money or using his connections, he had not been able to get an entrance ticket.

That said, he actually knew very well that for these cultivators, worldly money was no longer very important, so how much money was given these people didn’t care, which was why Liu Qingshan had offered 300,000 at Ye Lu’s place before, and worldly power was often times the same as floating clouds to cultivators, powerful cultivators would not leave any evidence at all when they killed, so often times, they would not be swayed by worldly power either.

This was where Liu Qingshan had the biggest headache, although he was also a cultivator, his Dao was only an entry level among cultivators, so he simply could not find anyone with a strong background to help with this.

Of course, if he wanted to get the tickets, there was another way, which was to exchange them for something that could impress these cultivators, but a cultivator like Liu Qingshan did not have such a thing in his hands that was enough to impress them either.

Therefore, this was too difficult for Liu Qingshan, and as a practitioner he wanted to visit the puja because there were many legends about the puja, and many practitioners had soared in their cultivation because they had found a treasure at the puja, and some could even cross a big realm, so this kind of temptation was too much for practitioners.

“Okay, if you have any methods or channels, just let me know, I can do whatever it takes.”

Liu Qingshan was still making an effort, however, the other party said apologetically.

“Principal Liu, you should also know this, this opportunity doesn’t come every year, so for every cultivator, this is a rare opportunity, how are they willing to give it up so easily, and those antique families are not short of money, and they usually have deep relationships with cultivators, so it’s hard to get the token from them!”

“So, Principal Liu, that’s all I can do to help you.”

After saying that, the other party hung up the phone.

Liu Qingshan sighed, he also knew very well that most of them were this kind of result, however, he still picked up his mobile phone again in disbelief and started to dial the phone.

And in the playground, the head teacher was already looking at Ye Lu with an unpleasant face and said.

“Ye Lu, is this the attitude you have when talking to the school leader?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“And what kind of attitude do you want me to have, Mr. Director? I’ve been charged with a trumped up crime and expelled from school, do I have to act like a P***y and wait for disciplinary action? Shouldn’t I have made a defence to clarify things for myself?”

As he spoke, Ye Lu had already walked to the bottom of the podium.

The head teacher then waved his hand and said coldly.

“I think there is no need for that, this is a decision made by our school, we don’t need to ask for your consent, whether you are willing or not, this matter is so settled.”

Ye Lu’s footsteps didn’t stop as he continued while walking.

“Then do you have evidence for all the charges you have laid on me? Why are you disciplining me like this?”

Seeing Ye Luo’s attitude, the head teacher said with a cold face.

“What evidence do I need to give you disciplinary action, just because I am the school’s teaching director, why, do you still want to rebel, kick out this idle person who is obstructing the meeting.”

As his words fell, the two security guards who came over immediately shot at Ye Luo, they wanted to drag him outside in uniform.

However, they thought too simply as Ye Luo also struck out at the same time.



With two clean kicks, each of these two guys flew a few metres away and landed on the ground in a beautiful arc in the air.

On the other hand, Ye Lu continued to walk unhurriedly up the steps leading to the podium.

“Sh*t! Cool!”

“Ohhh! Awesome my Ye Luo.”

“F**k them over!”


Seeing this scene got the students high, going against the school was something that many people wanted to do and didn’t dare to do, now someone actually did it, cool!

Seeing the two big and burly security guards being easily kicked out, while Ye Lu walked straight towards him, the head teacher couldn’t help but shiver a little, as he had never encountered such a situation before in history.

At this time, Liu Junlin suddenly stood up and said loudly.

“Ye Lu, this is a school, not a place for you to spill your guts, moreover, this is a decision already made by the school administration, you will never change it even if you make a scene.”

After saying that he looked at the head teacher.

The head teacher thought about the money Zhang Yang had given him, and then thought about Liu Junlin’s background, finally, he gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Yes, this matter has been settled, even if you beat me to death, this matter will not be changed, in this school I have the say.”

However, just as his words left his mouth, a voice with a strong middle voice suddenly came over.

“Who do you think is in charge in this school?”

He was extremely depressed at the moment, he had just worked hard for half a day, but he still had no hope for the token of the “puja”, and at this juncture he actually heard the head teacher arrogantly saying that he had the say.

When he heard Liu Qingshan’s voice, Ye Lu turned around and looked at him with a smile.

“Principal Liu long time no see ah!”

Seeing that it was actually Ye Luo standing on the podium, Liu Qingshan was taken aback as he said with wide gla*ses.

“Master Ye, how come it’s you?”

After that, he was overjoyed, he knew Ye Lu’s level of divination, maybe Ye Lu could tell him the direction to get the tickets for the “puja”.


Chapter 36

Hearing Principal Liu Qingshan call Ye Lu “Master”, not only was the head teacher standing on the podium dumbfounded, everyone was dumbfounded.

Especially Liu Junlin and Zhang Yang, they had never dreamed that such a scene would occur.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Liu Junlin looked at Liu Qingshan who was walking towards the podium with a smile on his face, he was a bit baffled, this new headmaster had always looked frowning since he came to the school, just a moment ago he was still like this, how come he suddenly smiled with joy after seeing Ye Lu.

“I guess something bad is going to happen!”

Liu Junlin began to beat a drum in his heart.

In the line of students, Gu Shiqi also looked at the scene in surprise.

“Master Ye? Could it be that this headmaster is also an antique fan and was also attracted by Ye Lu’s divine appraisal level, which is why he called him ‘Master’?”

Among these people, only Qin Shiyu knew what was going on, and she let out a long breath.

“So this Liu Qingshan is really our new headmaster, this is a good thing.”

Qin Siyu muttered darkly.

“Master Ye, what’s going on here? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Liu Qingshan looked at Ye Lu and then frowned at the head teacher.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“It’s like this Principal Liu, just now the head teacher gave me a list of three major sins, I have some doubts about this and wanted to explain myself, but it turned out that the head teacher did not give me this opportunity, in fact, my request is very simple, that is, I hope I can be given a chance to explain.”

After hearing Ye Lu finish, Liu Qingshan then turned his head to look at the teaching director and said in a stern voice.

“Director Zhao, what exactly do you mean? Why don’t you give the students a chance to defend themselves? Is that how you are a leader?”

Hearing Liu Qingshan’s words, the teaching director immediately understood what was going on.

Liu Qingshan had no doubt at all about what Ye Luo had said, but he was chopping at himself with a question and a rebuke, this attitude was already very obvious, he was trying to protect Ye Luo.

So, he glanced at Liu Junlin before saying.

“Sorry, Principal Liu, it’s my fault, just now I was too impulsive, so I made the mistake of being ‘subjective and arbitrary’, Ye Lu, tell me, if you have any grievances, you can just say, the school will do it for you.”

Seeing the teaching director’s face change faster than a book, Ye Lu also smiled.

“Good, then let’s talk about it line by line.”

Seeing that Ye Luo was ready to start talking, Liu Qingshan then quickly glared and said.

“Quickly, why don’t you find a chair for Master Ye, so that he can sit and speak slowly.”

Hearing this order, everyone was dumbfounded, what kind of treatment was this, instead of giving the head teacher a chair, they gave Ye Lu a chair.

Sure enough, right after he finished speaking someone brought a chair and put it next to Ye Luo.

“Come, Master Ye, sit down and talk.”

Liu Qingshan said with a smile.

Ye Lu also smiled and thought to himself, “This headmaster is really something!

The students under the stage, and the teachers sitting at the back, were not so calm, and everyone was talking about it.

“What the hell is going on here? Ye Lu is too much of a drag, isn’t he?”

“But why is the headmaster so polite, like a grandson meeting his grandfather, that’s not scientific!”

“Yeah, I feel like the head teacher is going to be unlucky this time.”

“Just watch, there’s a good show coming.”


And Liu Junlin was already a little fidgety, he hadn’t expected things to change like this at all, any fool could see that this new headmaster was trying his best to butter up Ye Lu.

So, he quickly sent a message to Zhang Yang.

“Young Master Zhang, have you really checked it out, what exactly does this Ye Lu’s family do?”

Zhang Yang then quickly replied.

“Of course I checked it out, his family is a pancake vendor.”

“A pancake vendor has so much power?”

“Probably a master pancake staller.”


While everyone was talking, Ye Lu had already taken the microphone and cleared his throat and said.

“First of all, regarding the a*sault on Teacher Li, we in Senior 8 can testify that this is purely a blatant false accusation, what do you say, students of Senior 8?”

Ye Lu said in a loud voice towards the bottom.

The students of Senior 8 had all been given money by Ye Lu earlier, the same money Ye Lu had borrowed from Gushiki in the morning, so of course they shouted with one voice.

“Ye Luo didn’t hit anyone!”

Hearing everyone’s voice, Ye Luo said with a smile.

“You see, this matter doesn’t exist at all.”

At this time, Liu Junlin suddenly said.

“These students’ words don’t count, there’s HD surveillance in the cla*sroom, pull that out and see it’s all clear, Ye Lu you dare to pull the surveillance.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, I am also going to use the surveillance to prove my innocence, by the way, pull out the surveillance from the day before yesterday and yesterday’s exams as well, I need it later.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Qingshan said loudly.

“Where is the teacher in charge of the surveillance? Quickly go and transfer the surveillance.”

After he finished speaking, a teacher stood up quickly and gave a salute before leaving.

Ye Luo then continued to say.

“The second thing, saying that I fought with someone from outside the school at KFC, that happened for a reason, at that time they were molesting a waitress who worked at KFC, as a righteous person, of course I had to stand up for myself, should I let her be molested.”

However, Liu Junlin and the others obviously did not want to admit defeat so easily as he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“This is all just your side of the story, what evidence do you have to prove this matter?”

Hearing that Liu Junlin was interjecting again, Liu Qingshan then looked at it and said coldly.

“I say, who are you, when is it your turn to speak?”

However, before Liu Junlin could answer, a woman’s voice suddenly said.

“I can prove this matter, because I am the part-time waitress.”

Hearing this voice, everyone turned their heads to look over, and as a result, they saw a front and back teacher standing there at the side of the playground, none other than the trainee teacher of the school’s computer cla*sroom.

When she saw everyone looking at her, she then said.

“Ye Lu, I’m sorry, I’ve only just got here, I’ve put you through the wringer.”

“I was the one in charge of cleaning up the tables that day, when a few social youths tried to molest me, if it wasn’t for Ye Luo I might not have been able to live without their insults, this matter was known to all the waiters in the shop at that time, if you don’t believe me, I can call them all over to testify in person.”

After saying that, she then looked at Liu Junlin.

Liu Junlin also had no way to refute, and was silent afterwards.

He cursed Liu Junlin and Zhang Yang a hundred times in his heart. These two kids had said so much before, but the charges turned out to be false.

At this time, news came from the surveillance room.

“The video surveillance from that day is missing, okay, I got it.”

Liu Qingshan put down his phone then looked at the teaching director and said.

“Director Zhao, the surveillance room just said that the video surveillance from that day is missing.”

Liu Junlin immediately pointed at Ye Luo when he heard this news and said.

“It must be his doing, he deleted the video.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence that you said so? You said that I beat up Teacher Li, where is your evidence? Without evidence, what the hell are you talking about! However, I have proof, I can prove that I didn’t cheat during the exam, but my exam results were tampered with.”

After saying that, Ye Luo then looked at Principal Liu Qingshan and said.

“Principal Liu, in order to prove my innocence, you ask the monitoring room to bring out the video of our cla*sroom’s answers on those two days of the exam, I was in the last row, the monitoring should have captured the most clearly, bring the monitor so that everyone can see clearly how I actually answered the questions at that time.”

“Also, you can then ask them to bring the papers for each subject except English, and see if the final paper is the same as the one I handed in at that time.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, on the side of the podium, a teacher “flopped!” He was the head of the physics team, who was responsible for the results of Ye Lu’s science paper.

“Teacher Qian, what happened to you? Are you alright?”

“Why are you so careless?”

“You didn’t fall, did you?”


The crowd all looked at Teacher Qian and inquired, while at the bottom of the podium, the language teacher’s face also changed, changing the grades was something that he also had a part in, now he had to carry a big heel before he could reap the benefits.

Look at Principal Liu Qingshan’s meaning, he is definitely going to curry favor with Ye Lu to the end, even if nothing is estimated to find something out, let alone they really did.

Soon, the teacher from the monitoring room who had left earlier arrived at the podium with the equipment.