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Super School Student Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

When she heard that she had to be cured, Liu Mei’s face turned red again, and she coyly did not say anything.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What? If you don’t want to be cured, then I’ll leave, so you can keep on hurting.”

With those words, he was about to turn around and leave, and Liu Mei had no choice but to shout in a small voice.

“Wait …… wait …… cure it …….”

Only then did Ye Lu smile and plug the door behind him, then pointed to the bed and said.

“Go on, lie on the bed and take off all your clothes underneath.”

This time Liu Mei was confused, she shivered a little and said.

“Do you have to take off all …… the bottom ones?”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Leave one also okay, but, I state in advance, this one I will probably still move it later, because this time is different from before, this time I want to completely eradicate your disease, to find the right acupuncture point can not have any mistakes, so, my watching the acupuncture point operation to do.”

Liu Mei clenched her fist and said.

“Can’t you rely on touching?”

Ye Lu shook his head.

“No, because that is your heavy ground, once you get it wrong the consequences are unthinkable, you don’t want to end up with an infertility aftermath in the future.”

Hearing that she would be infertile, Liu Mei had to grit her teeth and nodded, then lay down on the bed and took off her trousers.

Two white and slender thighs appeared in front of Ye Lu’s eyes.

“These thighs are really enough to play with for a year.”

Seeing this pair of superb thighs, Ye Luo couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, following which he went over and studied Liu Mei’s flat little stomach, belly button, and also her waist.

Shyly, Liu Mei hurriedly covered her face, but she felt Ye Lu’s warm palm had pressed on a certain part of her belly, followed by something entering her body, like a warm stream, this feeling was completely different from the last ma*sage, followed by the next place, still a warm stream slowly flowed into her body.

As the warmth flowed and moved, she felt the entire small part of her belly begin to glow.

At this moment, Ye Lu was extremely serious in pointing and pressing, each time he pressed down or pointed up, he had to instill a trace of spiritual energy into Liu Mei’s body, which was an extremely delicate process due to the complex structure of this part of a woman ……

The first thing that happened to her was that she felt her panties being moved downwards, almost to the root of her thighs. Thinking of what Ye Lu might see at this moment, Liu Mei felt her heart suddenly beating as fast as a wild horse, followed by Ye Lu’s finger pointing at the curved bone point on the upper edge of her pubic bone ……

Liu Mei suddenly regretted not shaving off the hair ……

After another moment, Ye Lu then turned Liu Mei over and pressed down on the most prominent cytoplasmic point of her a*s ……

Liu Mei felt that she had lost her face, all that she should and should not see on her body had been seen by Ye Lu, and all that she should and should not touch had been touched by Ye Lu, but the pain had indeed all completely disappeared, and with it came coziness and comfort, and she could not help moaning a bit again, but this time she held back.


After pressing the last acupuncture point, Ye Lu finally let out a sigh of relief, he felt that it was more effort than treating Master Ye.


Seeing that Liu Mei was still lying on the bed, Ye Luo slapped her on the buttocks and said.

“Alright, it’s time to call it a day.”

Being suddenly slapped Liu Mei then subconsciously jerked around and looked at Ye Luo and shouted.

“Ye Lu, you take advantage of me, eh, you ……”

Liu Mei saw Ye Lu’s eyes go straight and blood flowed out of her nose once again.


Following that, she realised that due to her turning movement, her panties had faded down and hung on her thighs, no wonder Ye Luo’s nose was bleeding, she hurriedly yanked it up violently.

But before she could have a fit, there was a knock at the door.

“It’s probably my sister coming back, so hide.”

Liu Mei was scared and hurriedly put on her trousers while whispering to Ye Lu.

Ye Lu looked around, but finally darted under the bed.

“Sister, you’re back so early, I’m coming.”

Liu Mei said as she quickly put on her slippers and ran towards the door, but after opening them, she froze, it wasn’t her sister Liu Xin who was outside the door, but Liu Junlin.

In Liu Junlin’s hand was a piece of paper.

Seeing Liu Mei open the door, Liu Junlin waved the paper in his hand and said with a smile.

“Liu Mei, I’ve come to honour your promise, this is Ye Lu’s result, total score of 390, failing, what else do you have to say?”

Liu Mei frowned and took the piece of paper, on which she wrote Ye Luo’s grades for the four subjects.

“Language: 100, Maths: 32, English: 145, Science General: 113.”

When she saw this report card, Liu Mei’s eyes narrowed, because the grades on this report card looked obviously weird, especially English, a grade she knew very well that Ye Lu should not be able to reach, but maths, Ye Lu should also be more than 32 so little, before Ye Lu did have such a grade, but after her supervision, Ye Lu was still poor, but 60 or 70 points could still be obtained.

“What else do you have to say?”

Liu Junlin spoke while actually darting into the room while Liu Mei was dazed.

“Liu Junlin, hurry up and get out, I’m alone at home now, it’s not convenient for you to come in.”

Liu Mei was obviously very dissatisfied with this impolite move of his.

Liu Junlin, on the other hand, said with a heated smile.

“What? It’s inconvenient? Is there a little white boy hiding in your house, where is he? Where is the person? Is it hidden behind the door.”

As he said that he looked behind the door, but of course there was nothing there.

“Then it’s behind the curtains.”

Seeing that Liu Mei was actually a bit nervous, Liu Junlin’s playfulness got the best of him and he “brushed!” He pulled the curtain open, and of course there was nothing.

Then he looked at the bed again and said.

“Then it must be under the bed.”

With these words, he lifted up the bed sheet and stuck his head under the bed, only to see Ye Lu lying there quietly staring at him.

After seeing Liu Junlin, Ye Lu raised his right hand and greeted him.

He was instantly confused and froze there for a full half minute before he muttered to himself.

“What’s all this about?”

“Yeah, Ye Lu you cuckolded me.”

He said with an exaggerated expression as he looked at Ye Lu.

“Green your head!”

Ye Lu kicked him over onto the floor and then darted out from under the bed and said.

“I’m helping Teacher Liu to find something, other Teacher Liu has already said you are not welcome, what are you still doing here, you are really thick-skinned!”

Ye Lu said as he handed a pair of purple lace panties to Liu Mei.

Liu Mei took it with a little blush, she then remembered that she couldn’t find her panties in the morning, she had changed into a new pair as she was in a hurry to leave, she didn’t expect that it had fallen under the bed.

Seeing that Ye Luo was actually holding Liu Mei’s panties and the shy expression on Liu Mei’s face, Liu Junlin became furious and he pointed at Ye Luo’s nose and said.

“Good! Ye Luo, you wait, we’ll see.”

After saying that, he left without good grace, anyway, Ye Lu was here, he didn’t have much chance to take advantage of him even if he wanted to, however, in his heart, he had already cursed Ye Lu a million times, his teeth were itching with hatred.

“Good, spoiling my good deed right, then you wait, tomorrow I’ll throw you out of the school.”

Liu Junlin gritted his teeth and said, at the same time began to calculate, this matter will definitely need the help of teacher Li, and then also the school leadership side to cooperate.

“The school’s discipline is under scrutiny, so it’s a good time to do something about it. Tomorrow’s school a*sembly is the best opportunity.

Before he even walked out of the district, Liu Junlin had already basically thought of a plan.

Following that, he dialed Mr. Li’s phone number.

In Teacher Liu Xin’s house, Liu Mei was looking at Ye Lu and persuaded.

“Ye Lu, don’t get stressed, I know you tried your best, but what’s up with your score, how come your English score is so high?”

145 points, already very close to a perfect score, Liu Mei felt a bit incredulous.

Ye Luo was indifferent and said with a smile.

“Actually, my other subjects should also be this score, I think Liu Junlin and also Teacher Li they must have moved something, but don’t worry, I have expected them to do so, tomorrow, I will make them regret it.”

“Well, your illness has also completely gone to the root, then I’ll leave first.”

However, just as Ye Luo was about to leave, Liu Mei stopped her and said something that surprised Ye Luo a little.


Chapter 34

Liu Mei was thinking for a moment this before she asked.

“Ye Luo you said that your grades can be like this in every subject and English, is that true?”

Ye Lu nodded, he didn’t know what Liu Mei meant by asking again, while Liu Mei took a deep breath and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“So have you thought about which university you want to go to, how about coming to my school?”

After saying that, her face “brushed!” She then lowered her head and started to grab the corners of her clothes.

Ye Lu said without thinking.

“Fine! I’ll go to your school then.”

Hearing that Ye Luo had agreed without hesitation, Liu Mei instead froze for a moment and raised her head and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t you think about it anymore? You didn’t even ask me what kind of school I went to, if you can really get that score, you can choose any good university at will!”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Actually, I don’t think it matters which university I go to, and I feel that since you’re the one going to the university, it should be a good one too? Besides, with you around, why can’t I go, so it’s settled then.”

After saying that, Ye Lu turned around and left Teacher Liu Xin’s house, if he didn’t leave I guess Teacher Liu Xin would be back, to be honest, although Ye Lu was already very powerful now, he was still in awe of Teacher Liu Xin.

“Is it settled like that?”

After Ye Lu left, Liu Mei was still a little dazed as she stroked her white chin and muttered to herself.

“It’s so easy to say that, I guess it’s true that you can pa*s the exam, but what’s up with the exam results this time?”

He was currently sitting on his bed with his knees crossed studying the body’s acupuncture points, the knowledge of its structure, through this time treating Liu Mei, he felt that if he wanted to become a good doctor, it was still very necessary to understand these knowledge clearly.

At this time, Ye Yan suddenly walked in.

“Yell! Is this you meditating and preparing to become a monk?”

Seeing Ye Lu actually sitting cross-legged on the bed, Ye Yan smiled.

It was only then that Ye Lu realized that Ye Yan actually looked so good when she smiled, as she had hardly ever smiled this happily and easily once before, either drinking or throwing a tantrum, so Ye Lu actually looked a little dumbfounded.

Ye Yan’s face immediately turned red, but, immediately afterwards, she said as she poked Ye Lu’s head violently with her finger.

“Staring at your old sister so lustfully, say, what’s on your mind?”

Realising that he had lost his temper, Ye Lu hurriedly laughed awkwardly and said.

“Nothing, I just want to ask what you are going to do after the debt is gone too?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, Ye Yan then sat down on the edge of the bed and said.

“I came over just to talk to you about this matter, I was thinking, see which school you go to, which city you go to, I will follow you to, and then find a way to open a small shop near your school, what do you think?”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Good, so we don’t have to separate, when the time comes, I’ll help you fund it, even if it’s a share, but you have to give me a dividend every year!”

Hearing Ye Lu say that she wanted to fund the business, Ye Yan smiled and asked.

“What, you’re still hiding private money?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Do I still need to hide my private money? Just go earn it now if you want money.”

As a result, to Ye Lu’s surprise, Ye Yan actually nodded her head solemnly and said.

“Yes, how did I forget about you being a miracle doctor, I heard from Uncle Lei that after that night, many bigwigs in the city wanted to see you, if not for Grandpa closing the news, I guess our family’s threshold would have been stepped on.”

Ye Lu did not expect there to be such a thing.

However, it was true when one imagined it carefully, that time it was a case of snatching someone back from the ghost’s gate, to say that it was a case of raising the dead was about right, and with the identity of Ye Yan’s grandfather, it was no wonder that it had caused a stir in the city’s top echelons.

“Then it’s settled, when the time comes I’ll look for you if I’m short of money.”

Ye Yan patted Ye Lu’s head with the look of a black boss, then left with a smile.

“Is it settled like that?”

After Ye Yan left, it was Ye Lu’s turn to freeze, then he laughed, patting his head and settling, this was in line with his old sister’s style of doing things.

The night flew by in cultivation, the next day early in the morning Ye Lu arrived at the school, he had just entered the school gate and had not gone far when Gu Shiqi ran out of the school building in a blaze of glory and ran in front of Ye Lu.

“Hey! Ye Lu, the last mock is also over, tell me, which school do you want to take?”

Hearing Gushiki’s question, Ye Lu smiled.

“What, do you want to chase me and are you going to take the same school as me?”

As a result, Gushiki immediately gave him a white look and said.

“Don’t joke around, I’m talking to you seriously, which school are you going to? I’ll go with you.”

Ye Lu scratched his hair and said.

“Well, the school has indeed been decided, but I haven’t asked for the name of the school yet, don’t worry, I will tell you when I ask for clarification, we still have to rely on you to make money then.”

Hearing Ye Lu say that, Gu Shiqi then said with a heated smile.

“Hehehe! Good, the two of us are strong together, when the time comes, we will eat and drink together, if there is anything you need from me, just say so.”

Ye Lu knew that was what Gu Shiqi would say, so he said with a smile.

“That’s what you said, I really have something to ask for help, can you give me 700,000 to 800,000 in my internet bank first now, I have an urgent need.”

Hearing that Ye Lu really opened his mouth and asked for money, Gu Shiqi suddenly had a black line.

In the cla*sroom of Senior 8, Qin Shiyu was watching this scene from behind the window while muttering silently in her heart.

“Ye Lu, what the hell is wrong with you lately, you’ve changed so much, I hope I don’t get left too far behind by you, I have to keep up with you to do so.”

Also watching this scene was Ren Xue Ying, at this moment her heart was like a tipped over bottle of five flavours, a mixture of flavours, she didn’t expect that in just a few days time the world had actually changed upside down.

“Don’t worry, with Mr Li’s help this time, Ye Lu will definitely lose, when I get that half a million I’ll have everything, even if I give Brother Long 100,000, I still have 400,000.”

She looked out of the window as she gave herself a pep talk.

Soon, the morning study began, and towards the end of the morning study, Teacher Li brought a few sheets of paper and stuck them in a corner of the cla*sroom, then said.

“These are the results and rankings of this mock exam, come and take a look at them, all of you, those who did not do well should work harder, and if you have any questions about the results, as is customary, you can ask the teacher in charge of each subject.”

After saying that he turned around and left.

Ye Luo did not go to the front to look, because with his current eyesight, even if it was the last table, he could see it clearly, and as Liu Junlin said yesterday, his grades were 390 in the school belonged to the bottom of the group.

Ye Lu is not yet anything, but the others in the cla*s, including Qin Shiyu are a little unsettled.

Given Ye Lu’s recent horrible performance, everyone didn’t dare to say it out loud, but they whispered about it.

“How did Ye Lu lose this bet? It doesn’t feel right!”

“But how come the English score is so high, it’s almost a perfect score, that’s too high.”

“Didn’t Ye Lu easily score eighty points in Maths last time, how come he only scored over thirty points this time?”

“I guess he really cheated with Chu Wenxuan last time.”


Hearing the crowd’s discussion, Qin Siyu then quickly sent a message to Ye Lu.

In turn, Ye Lu replied.

“Don’t worry, I have it in my heart.”

At this time, there was another commotion at the entrance as Zheng Min Yi walked up to the door with someone.

“Ye Lu, now you’re convinced, fighting with our first cla*s, your scum cla*s is still a million years short, is the money ready? You won’t go back on your word, will you.”

Ye Luo then looked at the door and smiled and said.

“Of course I won’t go back on my word, but now is not the time, don’t worry, I’ll do what I say, after the last cla*s in the afternoon, you will get what you want, everyone present can be a witness.”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, the students of Cla*s 8 all rose up, after all, Zheng Min Yi was so arrogant to come to Cla*s 8 and make trouble and defy Cla*s 8, which made everyone very upset.

“Good, then I’ll be waiting for you.”

After saying that, Zheng Min Yi left with her people in an aggressive manner, and Ren Xue Ying who was in the cla*s was finally relieved that half a million was finally about to arrive.

Just like that, the day pa*sed very peacefully and before the last cla*s had even started, the school organised for everyone to go to the playground, for Ye Lu and their senior students, this should be the last high school all-school a*sembly in their lives.

“Why is there a whole school a*sembly today?”

Someone asked up in confusion.

“You don’t even know this, our school has a new headmaster, the new official has three fires, so of course we have to have an a*sembly.”

“What about the previous headmaster?”

“It is said that he made a mistake and was transferred away, that’s why we need to catch the school discipline.”


Amidst all the chatter, the whole school had arrived at the playground.

However, the crowd did not see the new headmaster, and after a short speech, the head teacher first walked to the front of the podium and said very solemnly.

“Before the a*sembly begins, I would like to announce a school disciplinary decision as a demonstration of our school’s determination to take a hard look at school discipline.”