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Super School Student Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

Seeing Gushiki in a blaze of glory, the middle-aged man and the white-haired old man both laughed.

“Qiqi, it looks like you’ve got a big catch this time.”

The white-haired, Tang-suited old man said with a smile as he looked at Gu Shiqi, who was the current generation of the Gu family’s head of household, named Gu Mingyue, and Gu Shiqi’s own grandfather.

Gu Shiqi said with a smile as she put the parcel on the table.

“Of course grandpa, there is official porcelain this time!”

Seeing the joyful look on Gu Shiqi’s face, the middle-aged man smiled and said.

“Shiqi ah, you do not rejoice too early, a few times before you also said so, how about the results, by high imitation fooled it.”

For the middle-aged man splashed cold water, Gu Shiqi does not think, she smiled and took out a porcelain vase said.

“Third uncle, don’t keep hitting me, let’s see the treasure I plucked.”

The middle-aged man laughed gently, then picked up the porcelain vase without thinking, it was the same Guanghuang official kiln porcelain vase that Ye Lu had first selected earlier.

He quickly turned the vase over, and after taking a closer look at it, he solemnly placed it in front of the white-haired old man.

The old man had been leisurely drinking his tea, and when he saw that the middle-aged man had actually handed him the bottle, he too was a little surprised and put his cup of tea down, then picked up the porcelain and looked at it.

At this time, the middle-aged man had already picked up another piece and looked at it. After looking at it, he put the second piece in front of the white-haired old man as well.

Then came the third and the fourth piece.

After looking at the four pieces of porcelain, the middle-aged man sat there without saying a word. Seeing that the middle-aged man did not speak, Gu Shiqi did not dare to speak either, but looked at the white-haired old man together with him.

Only after a long time did the white-haired old man put down the last piece of porcelain and slowly said.

“Not bad, all four pieces are genuine, and indeed two of them are official kiln porcelain, although they are only official kiln porcelain from the Guangxu year, they are still very valuable.”

As he spoke, he then pointed to the first porcelain vase selected and said.

“Just this one piece can already make up for your losses in these four tests and quite a bit of profit.”

Hearing the old man’s words, Gu Shiqi was obviously also taken aback, what the old man meant was that this one official kiln porcelain vase alone cost more than 200,000, which meant that this porcelain was considered okay in official kiln porcelain, of course, what surprised her was not this price, but the fact that these four pieces Ye Lu had chosen were really all genuine.

“He’s actually really not blind!”

She couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice.

“Shiqi, what are you muttering about?”

Hearing Gu Shiqi’s muttering, the middle-aged man immediately inquired.

Gu Shiqi hurriedly smiled and said.

“Hehehe! I was muttering about how my luck is so good today, I actually picked all four pieces correctly, I must have pa*sed my test this time, can I work at the counter on the weekend?”

When Gu Shiqi finished speaking, the middle-aged man said with a smile.

“Of course, Third Uncle is true to his word, you can go this weekend, I’ll help you arrange a branch closer to your school.”

Seeing that the middle-aged man agreed, Gu Shiqi happily jumped to the middle-aged man’s side and said with a smile.

“But, Third Uncle, I have another request, I want to bring a close cla*smate along as a cla*smate, do you think it’s okay? Just say yes, say yes ……”

Under Gu Shiqi’s pampering attack, the middle-aged man smiled and said.

“Good! Good! I promise you, go ahead, your grandfather and I still have things to talk about.”

Hearing that the middle-aged man agreed, Gu Shiqi gave him a hug, before she bounced and left the room.

After Gu Shiqi left, the old man, Gu Mingyue, then looked at the middle-aged man and said.

“Old Third, what do you think about this matter?”

That middle-aged man picked up a fan and tapped it on his hand, then only then did he slowly say.

“It is certain that this is definitely not something Shiqi plucked herself, she only has 50,000 cash without a card on her, so it is also impossible that she bought the real thing directly, moreover, in this mixed market, even with her level of money it is impossible to buy all the real things, I think the biggest possibility is that there is a high level person who has secretly helped her.”

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, that old man also nodded and said.

“I’m thinking the same as you, but what I can’t figure out is that none of the four pieces hit the mark and they were taken for 50,000, this person is perhaps even above you and I. Can you imagine who he is? And why would he want to help a little girl like Shiki?”

The middle-aged man shook his head, as he really couldn’t understand this matter either.

“Dad, just now Shiki said she was taking a cla*smate to be a cla*smate, do you think it could be one of her cla*smates helping out?”

The middle-aged man said after frowning and thinking for half a day.

As a result, the old man stared and knocked him on the head with his cane and said.

“Old man, is your head squeezed by the door, how old is Shiqi’s cla*smate, do you think her cla*smate is a goblin?”

Having been reprimanded by the old man, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but rub his head and laugh awkwardly, realising that his thoughts were indeed a bit ridiculous.

At this time, Gu Shiqi had already run to Ye Lu’s side with a parcel on her shoulder.

“Master Ye, please accept a bow from the little woman.”

Gu Shiqi gave Ye Lu a bow after running over, causing Ye Lu to be somewhat flattered, while Gu Shiqi continued to smile and said.

“Master Ye, I am simply too impressed with you, those four items are really all genuine, I pa*sed my test, by the way, this is the payment promised to you.”

With those words, Gu Shiqi put a large stack of red-coloured banknotes into Ye Lu’s hand.

Seeing this stack of hundred yuan bills, Ye Luo’s heart was already bursting with joy, to be honest, it was the first time he held so much money in his hand.

However, before he could finish being happy, Gu Shiqi took out another mobile phone case and put it into his hand.

“Take it, the latest iPhone X. I see that you’ve never seen a mobile phone before, so I guess it’s time for you to change yours.”

Seeing this phone, Ye Lu was really not calm, although he was poor, but was a man of principle, no credit, sleep and food, he hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“No …… no, I can’t take this, this money is enough.”

As a result, Gushiki “pop!” put the phone into his hand and said.

“Don’t push it around, I’ll give it to you when I say so, besides, the bottle you initially chose alone is worth over 200,000, to put it mildly it’s our family that’s taking advantage of you.”

Ye Lu also didn’t expect the money from antiques to be so good, he looked at Gushiki’s determined eyes before nodding his head.

“Here, bring me the card and I’ll load it for you, then store my number in it, I pa*sed the test and I can go on duty this weekend, you’ll have to come with me too.”

Gushiki self-consciously reached out and took out Ye Lu’s antique mobile phone from his pocket.

At the sight of Ye Lu’s phone, Gushiki froze for a moment as she hadn’t expected Ye Lu’s phone to be backward to the days of Nokia at all.

“I guess this is the style of the masters, who are said to be abnormal.”

Gushiki mused as she took out her phone card from her long dead phone.

“That, I won’t be going on the weekend.”

At this time, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

He actually really wasn’t very interested in antiques per se, and he couldn’t see the artistic value of those bottles and jars, and if he didn’t want to make some money with them, he really never wanted to go over and touch them.

Hearing that Ye Lu actually refused her, Gu Shiqi was almost frantic, as a rich white lady, a big school girl, she usually did everything at the beck and call of a large number of followers following her, but she did not expect Ye Lu to simply refuse.

This made Gushiki a little unacceptable, so she loaded Ye Lu’s mobile phone card and saved her mobile phone number while thinking about it and said with a smile again.

“Master Ye, I know that you are very good at looking at authentic items, but have you thought about where you will go to sell them after you find them?”

To be honest, this question really hadn’t occurred to Ye Lu.

However, without waiting for Ye Lu to answer, Gu Shiqi went on to say.

“An antique, picking faults is easy, you just need to find a little something wrong, but making sure there are no faults is difficult, so even if you know something is genuine, very often, it’s hard to convince the buyer to buy it, so realising an antique is a very troublesome thing.”

“But, with me, everything is different, I am the thousandaire of almost the biggest antique house in this city, as long as I say the word, everything you find in the future, our antique house can immediately pay cash for it, you say, is this not a good reason?”

After listening to Gu Shiqi, Ye Lu felt that it was quite reasonable, so he nodded and said.

“Alright, I’ll think about it then.”

Ye Lu’s words made Gushiki furious, she muttered in a depressed voice, “My school girl gave you money, gave you a mobile phone, took the initiative to leave you contact information and gave you benefits, but you still want to think about it, what the hell are you thinking about? Do you want me to sleep with you?

The fact is, she didn’t dare to get angry when she thought this in her heart, after all, Ye Lu’s appraisal skills are there, and she still wants to worship Ye Lu as her teacher.

After all, even her teacher, Uncle San, had to look at an object carefully and repeatedly, but Ye Lu just had to reach out and touch it, which took only a few seconds, which seemed completely unbelievable to Gu Shiqi.

At this time, Ye Lu’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

“Ye Luo, you’re finally on, hurry up and go back to school, cla*s teacher Li is fuming, saying that if you don’t come back this afternoon, you’ll have to talk to the school about expelling you.”

On the phone, Ren Xue Ying said somewhat anxiously.

Hearing Ren Xueying’s words, Ye Lu quickly turned around and said to Ren Xueying.

“Well, there’s something going on at school, mine will be back soon.”

In fact, Ye Luo was not very interested in going to school, and he did not care if he was expelled or not, however, he still had ties at school and people who cared about him, so he had to go back, he could not let the school expel him and he could not let those people down.

So, Ye Lu immediately said goodbye to Gu Shiqi and went back to school.

And at this moment, the cla*s teacher, Mr. Li, was keeping an eye on the time, he was ready to give Ye Lu some credit, but not because Ye Lu took a leave of absence, but because Ye Lu actually dared to chase Ren Xue Ying, the girl who belonged to him.

“Ding bell!”

The bell rang, and Ye Luo stepped into the cla*sroom with a panting breath.


Chapter 4

“Ye Lu, you’re late.”

Teacher Li looked at Ye Lu and said with an unkind face.

Ye Lu smiled as you pointed to your feet and said.

“I already have one foot in the cla*sroom oh, I should count it as catching up, although it’s a bit hanging.”

Although Ye Lu looked relaxed on the surface, however, he had actually started to drum in his heart, looking at teacher Li’s meaning today was definitely going to fix himself.

“That, Teacher Li, can I go back to my seat now?”

Ye Lu looked at Teacher Li and asked.

“No, you missed cla*s this morning for no reason, you’d better have a reasonable explanation for this, you know the school is now strictly monitoring the school discipline.”

As expected, Teacher Li was not prepared to let Ye Lu off easily.

At this time, the students in the cla*sroom also started to mutter and talk in whispers.

“This kid Ye Lu is going to be unlucky, Teacher Li seems to be in a very bad mood today.”

“Well then, I was scolded by him this morning.”

“I guess he was scolded by his wife at home.”

“No, I think it’s his wife who didn’t let him get laid last night.”


While everyone was talking, Ye Lu suddenly noticed something, that is, he felt as if his hearing was much better than usual, usually this kind of small muttering, he could not hear it clearly, because he was standing on the side of the podium table, if he could hear it clearly, wouldn’t the teacher be able to hear it, everyone would not dare to mutter so loudly.

“Sister, wearing these gla*ses seems to make everything abnormal.”

Ye Luo muttered depressedly, then looked at Ren Xue Ying who was watching from her seat, followed by then pretending to shake her phone inadvertently and said.

“Teacher Li, I asked for leave this morning, it was Ren Xueying who asked for leave for me, I was in a hurry to go to the hospital because my stomach was hurting so badly, so I must not have missed cla*s.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, teacher Li smiled and looked at Ren Xue Ying and said.

“Ren Xueying, is there such a thing?”

Teacher Li decided that he must convict Ye Lu for missing cla*s, although Ren Xue Ying did help Ye Lu to ask for leave, but Teacher Li felt that Ren Xue Ying must not stand on Ye Lu’s side, so he looked quite emboldened, however, following that his smile froze.

Because he clearly heard Ren Xueying say.

“Yes, Teacher Li, I talked to you before my morning study, did you forget that you said that he could only be granted half a day off.”

For Ren Xue Ying, it was obviously not as cost-effective to help Teacher Li, Ye Lu gave her an Apple X yesterday, and today she brought an Apple X herself, in her opinion, Ye Lu must have gotten lucky, and since Ye Lu was a good liar, it was a good time to knock this foolish man hard.

When Ren Xueying finished speaking, Ye Luo stretched out his hand to Teacher Li with an innocent look on his face.

Teacher Li’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and he snorted coldly and said.

“Go back to your seat.”

Ye Lu clenched his fist silently, but he didn’t get angry, Mr. Li had targeted him like this not once or twice, especially after he started to chase after Ren Xue Ying, Ye Lu could only put up with it before, but now it was different, Ye Lu knew very well that there was no need to hurry, with these gla*ses, he would have a chance to cure Mr. Li sooner or later.

After returning to his seat at the end of the cla*sroom, Ye Lu began to use his gla*ses to observe his cla*smates.

Seeing the cla*sroom full of undressed boys and girls, Ye Lu suddenly had the illusion of being in a bathhouse.

“It’s a pity that my position is at the end, so I can only see the back, otherwise I would have something to see.”

Ye Luo looked back and forth as he began to click on each cla*smate’s profile to observe them.

“Wang Yong turns out to like the cla*s flower, the bored gourd.”

“Hu Ying is chasing the school bully backwards.”

“Li Mei stole something again yesterday.”

“He Yang didn’t hold back again, himself ……”


Ye Lu found that it was really a shock not to look! This incredibly boring looking cla*s actually hid so many fun things, and, he also found that as he kept reading one by one, the content displayed in the profile started to get more and more interesting.

“Could this also be related to proficiency?”

This made Ye Lu’s interest increase, because the more content in the profile, the more detailed he could understand, but, just as he was enjoying himself, Zhao Yang, his tablemate and his only nemesis, suddenly poked him and then pointed to the podium table.

Ye Lu hurriedly looked up, and as a result, he saw that Teacher Li was looking at him with an angry expression on his face, while everyone in the cla*s was also looking at him in unison.

He hadn’t been listening to the cla*s at all just now, so he could only look in the direction of the podium table with uncertainty.

“Teacher Li wants you to go to the blackboard to solve the problem.”

Zhao Yang said in a small voice.

Hearing Zhao Yang’s words, Ye Lu immediately understood in his heart, it looked like Teacher Li was definitely going to have a go at him today, he knew full well that he didn’t know Sh*t, his aim was obvious, he wanted to get himself to the front and then humiliate him severely in front of everyone.

Having no choice, Ye Luo had to walk stiffly to the front of the blackboard and pick up the chalk.

Teacher Li, on the other hand, looked at him with his arms wrapped around his chest with an impish expression.


He was ready to threaten Mr. Li, because he had just seen a lot of secrets when he was watching him.

However, just as he “bang!” When he slapped the blackboard, a clickable sign appeared on the question.

“Holy Sh*t, that’s okay!”

Without hesitation, Ye Lu quickly tapped the icon, and as a result, a message appeared.

“Name: senior year maths question, difficulty: medium to high, answer: XXXX ……”

Seeing this message Ye Lu’s heart instantly burst into joy.

“Sh*t! This is okay!”

The teacher Li who was standing beside Ye Lu was startled by Ye Lu’s action of slapping the blackboard, he subconsciously took a step backwards, then looked at Ye Lu with some concern and asked.

“What, do you want to rebel?”

Seeing Mr. Li’s reaction, Ye Lu laughed heatedly, thinking to himself that I did originally want to rebel, but now I have changed my mind.

So, he smiled and said.

“Hey, hey, how could I rebel, I was just inspired and couldn’t help but get a little excited.”

As a result, Mr Li said without good grace.

“You’re staying here with nothing to be blindly excited about! You’re scaring me to death, you can’t have any inspiration at all, stop pretending in front of me.”

Ye Lu knew that was all this guy would say, and he also knew that Mr. Li had a problem with betting, so he looked at Mr. Li and smiled and said.

“Teacher Li, I’m not saying you, don’t ask me to do such an easy topic in the future, this thing is not worth mentioning in front of me.”

As expected, hearing Ye Lu’s words, Teacher Li burst out in anger as he glared and said.

“Just you? If you can answer it, I’ll eat this chalk, but if you can’t, you’ll strip naked and run three laps around the playground for me.”

Again, eating chalk, this was Teacher Li’s favourite mantra, so Ye Lu laughed.

“Good, if you have the guts you can eat all the chalk in this box.”

Obviously teacher Li did not expect the always low-profile Ye Lu to say such words, his face suddenly turned ugly, however, he did not believe that Ye Lu, who could not do mathematics farts, could answer such a difficult question, of course, more importantly, could not admit weakness in front of the students, so, he said coldly.

“Good, I’d like to see how you do it.”

As a result, Ye Lu picked up the chalk and wrote out the answer lightly.

“How about it, Mr. Li, eat it.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

Teacher Li’s face immediately turned green, while the students who were watching from below started talking again.

“Is that the right answer?”

“How do I know, I haven’t done it yet?”

“Go and ask Chu Wenxuan, see if it’s right or not?”

Chu Wenxuan was the cla*s bully, but he hadn’t worked out the answer at the moment either, because Teacher Li had called Ye Lu after writing the question, and Ye Lu went up and tapped the blackboard and wrote the answer, and the time spent in the meantime was very short.

When he saw someone asking, he said impatiently.

“Wait a minute, I haven’t finished yet.”

At this moment, his heart was also full of confusion, he was completely confused as to why Ye Lu could know the answer so quickly, it was not scientific.

Also confused was Mr Li, his face was red for a while and white for a while, of course, he certainly wouldn’t eat that box of chalk, he thought for a while and said.

“You’re totally blind, try doing a mock paper if you dare, if you can get a pa*sing mark before the end of cla*s, no! Just get half the marks and I’ll eat this box of chalk.”

Now there was less than half an hour before the end of cla*s, and to get half a mark in half an hour for a mock test paper for the college entrance exam that took two hours to complete, even the academic bully Zhao Wenxuan found it unlikely.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“That’s what you said, a gentleman’s word is a promise, get the paper!”

Hearing Ye Luo’s domineering words, the whole cla*s let out a “Huh!” as everyone was stunned by Ye Lu’s action, followed of course by excited chatter, it was never too much to watch anyway, and besides, it was a good look!

Only cla*s leader Qin Siyu and his nemesis Zhao Yang looked at Ye Lu with some concern.

“Chu Wenxuan, give him that set of mock exam questions for the college entrance exam.”

Teacher Li looked at the school bully Chu Wenxuan and said, while giving him a faintly unnoticeable wink, Chu Wenxuan understood and immediately took out a set of Huanggang Gaokao maths mock test questions which were known for their difficulty and handed them to Ye Lu.

As a result, Ye Lu didn’t even seem to look at the questions, and began to write the answers quickly while pointing at them with his hands.

And Chu Wenxuan and everyone in the cla*s looked at this scene with a shocked expression.