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Super School Student Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

At this moment, it was just about the final stage of the treatment, so Ye Luo said without raising his head.

“Huh! Isn’t the hotel not allowed to bring pets in? Why do I hear a dog barking.”

Originally, Ye Yan was still a little embarra*sed, but when she heard Ye Lu’s words, she also quickly regained her composure, and anyway, there was a million dollars on the table, she had nothing to fear now, so she also smiled and said.

“That’s right, it doesn’t sound like a good dog.”

Hearing Ye Lu and Ye Yan’s words, Ye Qiu Die was instantly furious and her face turned red as she took a step forward and glared and said.

“Ye Yan, you B*tch, you owe people money and you’re still so arrogant, believe it or not I’ll make you eat your words?”

At this time, Ye Lu’s treatment was also over, he pulled his hand out, then looked at the tall Ye Qiu Die and said with a smile.

“You look very arrogant, how about this, how about we make a deal? Don’t worry, you definitely won’t lose out on this deal.”

Hearing that Ye Lu wanted to make a deal with Ye Qiu Die, not only Ye Qiu Die, but also Ye Yan was taken aback.

Because she knew that Ye Lu and Ye Qiu Die were meeting for the first time, what was there to trade between the two of them, she couldn’t think of anything, and of course, Ye Qiu Die couldn’t think of anything either, she said with a disdainful glance at Ye Lu.

“Sorry, how old are you, I’ve never seen you before, what can you, a yakuza, trade with me?”

Although she did not know Ye Lu, but she had seen the intimate relationship between Ye Lu and Ye Yan, being so close to Ye Yan was undoubtedly working against her in her opinion.

Ye Lu wasn’t angry either, he just smiled and said.

“Your name is Ye Qiu Die, age 28, unmarried, but aborted three times, respectively when you were nineteen, twenty-two, and twenty-six, your three circumferences are 86A, 68 and 88, however, the upper circumference is quite spectacular …… by the pads you use to hold up.”

Ye Lu began to talk about various things about Ye Qiu Die like a family treasure.

This time Ye Qiu Die but was stunned, she stood there looking at Ye Lu open mouth wide, for a moment actually do not know what should say to good.

“You’re still in debt because of your good gambling, and you don’t have long to go before the deadline for your bad debt, so you’re actually broken inside because of your beautiful appearance, right?”

Ye Lu said a bunch of final concluding remarks.

“You …… you …… who the hell are you? How do you know these things? You ……”

Ye Qiu Die said while taking a step back in horror, because so many secrets she had not spoken to anyone, but this person she had never met actually knew everything, this is inevitably some too appalling.

She looked at Ye Yan with wide gla*ses as if she was looking at a stranger, because she couldn’t figure out how Ye Lu knew these secrets.

“To be able to come up with a million and know such things, this little brother doesn’t seem to be that simple!”

Ye Yan muttered in her heart with an astonished look on her face.

And Ye Lu continued.

“Ye Qiu Die, how about it? Are you interested in trading with me now?”

This time, Ye Qiu Die was really a little scared, after all, what Ye Lu said was beyond her imagination.

So, she nodded and said.

“Alright, tell me, what do you want to trade and how do you want to trade it?”

Ye Luo looked at Ye Qiu Die and said with a smile.

“Let’s trade the seven hundred thousand that Sister Ye Yan owes you, I promise not to reveal your secret, then you write a note that the money Sister Ye Yan owes you is written off, how about that? Anyway, this money is also owed to you by Sister Ye Yan through your tricks, so you won’t really lose anything, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Qiu Die’s one reaction was no, so she glared and said.

“There’s no such a cheap thing, you’re joking when you say that keeping a secret is worth seven hundred thousand.”

Ye Luo laughed again and said.

“Is it worth it, let’s talk about it over there where there are less people, there are some things that you don’t want all these people to know.”

Ye Luo said then looked at the bunch of bodyguards that Ye Qiu Die had led, and what seemed like a handsome guy who was like a boyfriend.

Ye Qiu Die nodded, because what Ye Lu had just said made her heart very unsure, so soon the two went to a corner of the hotel.

“Tell me, what do you know?”

Ye Qiu Die asked as she looked into Ye Lu’s eyes.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m really not joking with you, I think if Third Uncle knew that you embezzled tens of millions of his money to gamble in Macau, he wouldn’t think it was a joke, and the six million that Third Aunt’s company lost, the money that you stole from your sister-in-law’s last project, of course, it’s not all about money, the matter between you and your aunt’s husband I feel that your sister-in-law must also be very interested, and that USB flash drive with the video footage of the flash drive …… how I feel as if my appetite is a bit small ah!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Qiu Die’s face instantly turned white.

She has a good gambling problem, these years because of this problem but not a lot of unseemly things, she does not know how Ye Lu knows, but, without a doubt, what Ye Lu said is right.

Moreover, there was no doubt that if Ye Lu shook this out, no matter those elders believed it or not, her loss would not be small, so she immediately changed into a smiling face and said.

“Brother Ye Lu, I think your proposal is simply too reasonable, Ye Yan and I are originally sisters, and we can’t write two Ye characters in one stroke, so why make such a fuss over such a little money, okay, I’ll write her a note here, and this money will be written off.”

Ye Yan had been watching Ye Lu and Ye Qiu Die talking in the corner, and to be honest, she was a bit unsure because she knew how unreasonable and cunning Ye Qiu Die was, but soon she saw Ye Lu and Ye Qiu Die walking over, and Ye Lu smiled and made an “OK” gesture to her.

And, indeed, Ye Qiu Die came over and wrote down the note without saying a word, so that all the previous accounts were immediately written off.

She couldn’t understand why Ye Qiu Die had let her go so easily. This matter had depressed her for a long time, but she didn’t expect Ye Lu to settle it so quickly and easily.

She felt like she was dreaming, she had never thought of counting on Ye Lu before.

On the other hand, Ye Luo looked at Ye Qiu Dui and said with a smile.

“Well, the deal with you was really pleasant, there is one last thing to ask you, where is Ye Yan’s grandfather now?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, Ye Qiu Die let out a sigh of relief, she thought Ye Luo was going to take the opportunity to make things difficult for her to knock her off again, if he did knock her off, she would have to meekly take the slaughter.

“It’s in the People’s Hospital’s intensive care ward, it’s easy to find.”

Hearing Ye Qiu Die’s words, Ye Yan was taken aback as she asked in surprise.

“How come, how did grandpa come here? Shouldn’t he be in the capital?”

Ye Qiu Die then replied.

“It’s Third Uncle, he thinks that Grandpa doesn’t have a few days left, so he decided to let Grandpa come here, saying that this is Grandpa’s hometown after all, so it’s a kind of returning to his roots after his leaves fall.”

Ye Yan then said with a glare.

“Third uncle would be so kind?”

However, Ye Qiu Die did not answer this question, but looked at Ye Luo and said.

“That, Brother Ye Lu, can we go now?”

Ye Lu nodded with a smile, and Ye Qiu Die fled as if to leave this hotel, however, she was depressed beyond words in her heart, she had originally come to get the money, but as a result, she didn’t get the money and was even scared enough by Ye Lu, and her own plan to make that ninny Ye Yan unlucky for so long had also gone down the drain, which made her extremely unhappy.

“Do you want me to find someone to clean him up?”

The boyfriend of hers who hadn’t said anything suddenly asked at this time.

Ye Qiu Die thought for a moment and said.

“That’s fine, but do it cleanly and don’t leave any leverage, especially not to involve me.”

There were too many thunderbolts on her body to mess up which one would blow up, while her boyfriend nodded thoughtfully.

In the hotel, Ye Yan looked at Ye Lu with a shocked face and said.

“Ye Lu, what just happened, how do you know so much about Ye Qiu Die, isn’t this the first time you’ve met her, and I’ve never mentioned her before?”

She didn’t understand as she should, but Ye Luo didn’t answer but said with a mysterious smile.

“The reason is simple, because your brother me is a deep hidden expert, not only a divine doctor, but also a divine detective, about to become a divine student, and will probably eventually become a god ……”

As a result, Ye Yan said with a disdainful bristle.

“Becoming a neurotic is more like it.”

Followed by Ye Yan then dragged the box over and said.

“Well, since the account is gone, you hurry up and take this money away to ransom the ancestral ancient jade back.”

Seeing Ye Yan’s action, Ye Lu smiled a bit touched and said.

“What else to redeem ah, not a pawnshop, double the price they will not give me again, this money will be at your disposal, it is considered our family property, you are now a parent, I go to school also have no time to manage family matters, you have those drinking part-time job to quit it, for a formal job, not I can help you introduce one also.”

Ye Yan knew that this was Ye Lu’s heartache for her working late at midnight, so she thought about it and said.

“I can promise you, but you also have to promise me a request.”


Chapter 26

In fact, Ye Yan didn’t say anything, Ye Lu also guessed a rough idea, but he still didn’t move and asked.

“Tell me, Sister Ye Yan, what do you want me to do?”

Ye Yan took a deep breath and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Ye Lu, you just said that you are a divine doctor, and the fact that you treated me proves it, so can you help me treat grandpa, maybe you can bring him back to life.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“I did think the same thing before, but now that your account is cleared and we have money, we will never be threatened by them again, wouldn’t it be better to stay away from them? And I have to remind you.”

Ye Lu said solemnly.

“I just heard that Ye Qiu Die say that your third uncle got your grandfather here, right?”

Ye Yan nodded while Ye Lu continued.

“Then do you know why?”

Ye Yan froze for a moment and said.

“This is grandpa’s home, so I guess it’s so he can see his hometown one last time.”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No, you are too kind, they are doing this so that grandpa can’t receive better treatment, or rather, can’t give your grandpa any chance to live again, think about it, the medical conditions in the capital, and all kinds of experts aren’t the best and the most, and our city, although not small, is nothing compared to the capital that is. ”

“If we really strike, that is undoubtedly against your third uncle and their forces, have you considered the consequences of this?”

As a result, Ye Yan said without any hesitation.

“No matter what the consequences are, I have to save grandpa.”

Seeing Ye Yan’s attitude, Ye Lu nodded helplessly and said.

“Alright, I also probably guessed that you would do this, that’s why I asked Ye Qiu Die for the location of your grandfather’s ward, let’s do it tomorrow night, I have things to do during the day, I will accompany you tomorrow night to save him.”

In fact, from the bottom of his heart, Ye Luo had no interest in saving this old man, this old man had left his grandmother alone for so many years and didn’t care, as a result, his grandmother had been living on a fruit stall and a pancake stall, Ye Luo had no good feeling towards him at all.

Hearing that Ye Luo had agreed, Ye Yan immediately thanked him profusely.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Okay, don’t thank me, by the way, I have to explain to, I didn’t take off your that thing that day, you should have fallen off in your own sleep.”

Hearing Ye Luo say that, Ye Yan immediately remembered that she still hadn’t settled the score with Ye Luo on this matter.

So, she immediately glared and said.

“Fine, I was just about to look for you, so tell me, did you see it?”

This time Ye Luo was a little unsure how to answer, he did see it, but it was from his gla*ses, not directly.

However, with this hesitation, Ye Yan’s chopsticks had already knocked him on the head.

“Good for you, man-child, you really did see it ……”

Ye Yan’s face suddenly turned red, and Ye Lu hurriedly picked up the menu and said with a smile.

“Sister, don’t be angry, tonight I treat, you can eat whatever you want, it all counts on the body, besides, I also helped you cure the old stomach disease, right?”

Ye Yan, of course, was not really angry, and after making a scene, she called it quits, and the two of them ordered a table of dishes and had a big meal.

After going back, Ye Lu continued to cultivate at night with his knees crossed, in fact, the operation of the meridians could be done without sitting cross-legged, but this was undoubtedly more efficient.

The next day, of course, it was make-up again, and then helping Gu Shiqi to appraise treasures for free. This girl didn’t know what the reason was, she seemed to be very hardworking about making money, she was trying to drain Ye Lu’s rhythm.

However, it was after ten in the morning when Ye Lu finally saw an item he wanted.

“Name: flawed spirit stone, Material: spirit stone, Date of production: conceived in heaven and earth, Source: Haotian continent, Description: the most precious treasure for cultivators, can replenish spiritual energy, refine the body and improve cultivation, extremely rare in this world ……”

Seeing what was on this pendant, Ye Lu was a little nonplussed, because the moment he got it in his hand, without reading the description, he knew that this thing could be absorbed by himself, and it would help him a lot in gathering his spiritual energy and refining his cultivation.

“There’s actually this thing in this world?”

The other thing that surprised Ye Lu was the word “Haotian Continent”, this was also the second time he saw this word, the first time was when he saw the “Ghost Gu Zi consecrated statue”, this meant that this world might have some kind of connection with this “Haotian Continent”.

“Where did you get this from?”

Ye Lu looked at the ordinary-looking old man opposite him and asked.

“This, I found it by accident, I forgot exactly where it was, I saw that this stone looked like jade, so I didn’t throw it away, but I asked some friends who played with antiques, they said it wasn’t jade, it was just an ordinary stone, so I brought it for identification.”

Ye Luo nodded, this old man had actually brought quite a few things, but they were all the kind of very cheap ground stall goods, and I don’t know where they were plucked from, there were quite a lot of them, nothing of value.

So, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Actually, this thing is indeed jade, but it’s not the common Hetian jade, Qinghai jade or Russian jade or whatever, it belongs to the local miscellaneous jade, which is just a decorative item, right?”

The old man didn’t think anything of it, and threw this item into the pile of messy things as well.

Ye Lu gave a wink to Gu Shiqi who was at the side, this was the agreement between the two, if there was something that Ye Lu wanted to collect, Gu Shiqi would help to keep it, Gu Shiqi immediately explained to the attendant, and in no more than a moment an attendant smiled and took the old man to the side and collected all his pile of things.

The old man was obviously very happy to see that someone had collected his things and made some money, so he left with a smile on his face.

Now Ye Luo was in high spirits, he had not even hoped for anything, but it turned out that there was really an unexpected receipt.

However, it was a pity that nothing so magical appeared again until the evening, it looked like it was really hard to find treasures here.

These two days down, Ye Lu received thousands of people, seeing Ye Lu finally stretching his back, Gu Shiqi immediately came over and said.

“These two days have been hard on you, that one million will be counted as your labor fee, I’ll treat you tonight, say what you want to eat, what you want to play, bathing, sauna, singing, big treasure sword, I’ll accompany you.”

Hearing Gushiki say something about a “big sword”, Ye Lu almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood, but he still waved his hand and said.

“Okay, okay, there’s no need for all this, in the future, if there’s something like this, just tell me in advance and don’t leave me in the dark, I have things to do, I have to go now.”

After saying that, Ye Luo quickly left to go to the bathroom to remove his makeup, changed his clothes and went to find Ye Yan.

At this time, Gushiki’s third uncle suddenly appeared in that shop, saw that the shop had turned cold, then called the people guarding the surrounding area and said.

“Is the person still inside?”

The man in charge said.

“It hasn’t come out yet.”

At that moment, Ye Lu then happened to walk past him.

Third Uncle hung up the phone and walked into the shop with a smile, but the shopkeeper told him that both Grandmaster Ye and Gu Shiqi had already left.

“Grandmaster Ye Lu didn’t leave any contact details, he said that no matter what happens, just ask for Gushiki.”

The shopkeeper explained as Uncle Sam enquired.

For his part, Third Uncle lit a cigarette and fell into deep thought, he couldn’t figure out why people just disappeared like that. And how such a powerful appraisal expert listened to Gushiki, and only Gushiki could be contacted, just as if he was Gushiki was the personal appraiser, and what was even more depressing was that Niki, Gushiki, refused to reveal anything.

“What the hell is this nee-san up to?”

Third Uncle shook his head helplessly, then dialed Gushiki’s grandfather’s number and reported the general situation.

Ye Lu contacted Ye Yan first, then the two rushed together to the People’s Hospital’s intensive care ward, and only after arriving did the two find that there were actually two heavily armed security guards guarding the outside of the ward, obviously a special case, which also reflected how strong Ye Yan’s grandfather’s power was.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

The guard reached out to stop Ye Yan and Ye Lu.

“I am the patient’s granddaughter, my name is Ye Yan and this is my boyfriend, please let us visit.”

Ye Yan said as she looked at the security guard.

The reason she said that Ye Lu was her boyfriend and not the patient’s grandson was because she was worried that the Ye family didn’t even know about Ye Lu’s existence, and if there was suddenly such an additional person, it would inevitably create a problem, which, in fact, was true, Ye Lu was an outsider, not even an illegitimate child, and they definitely wouldn’t know about it.

“No, we haven’t seen you.”

The security guard flatly then rejected Ye Yan, who quickly took out her ID card and also her account book and said.

“Don’t believe me, look, I’m really the patient’s granddaughter.”

At this time, a cold voice came from the door of the ward and said.

“That won’t do either, you are persona non grata, please leave.”

Following that, a guy with triangular eyes appeared at the door, and according to his looks, Ye Luo judged that this guy should be what Ye Yan had said, the son of the third uncle, and a guy Ye Yan hated very much.

Seeing him appear, Ye Yan was a little anxious, if she couldn’t see anyone, how could Ye Lu cure her illness?

So, she said anxiously.

“Ye Bi Fan, who are you to stop me, I have the right to visit my grandfather.”

As a result, the triangle-eyed man said with a very cheap smile.

“I won’t let you in, what’s the matter, you have the ability to come and beat me up, you beat me up, beat me up ……”

The two security guards at the door were from special forces, physically tough and experienced in many battles, he did not think Ye Lu and Ye Yan had the ability to do this.

However, as soon as their words fell, Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Great! It’s you who made me fight.”