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Super School Student Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

According to Gu Shiqi, this antique night market was only opened this year, however, because of the good location and the work done in the early stages, business was brisk as soon as it opened, and they, the Gu family, of course, have shops here.

Gu Shiqi said that this place was new, so when it was first opened, the manager said that there was no need to fake too much in the early stages, after all, there had to be a little bit of word of mouth to attract more people to come, and if it was branded as a fake market at the beginning, it would not be good for the development of the market.

In short, Ye Lu couldn’t understand these business matters, and he didn’t want to understand them either, as he could earn money and get good treasures anyway.

Moreover, he vaguely felt that most of the things Ye Yan’s sister was worried about were also related to money.

There was a saying that there was no problem in this world that could not be solved by money, if there was then there was not enough money, although Ye Lu did not fully agree with this saying, but the truth was still there.

However, after arriving at the antique night market, Gu Shiqi did not let Ye Lu enter the market right away, but went to the mall next to it and got Ye Lu a full outfit, all designer brands, and a watch.

“Well, I didn’t expect that, you’re really quite handsome when you dress up like this.”

Gu Shiqi looked at a newly dressed Ye Lu and said with a smile.

In fact, Ye Lu also noticed that since he had gla*ses, he also felt as if he had become handsome, but although this outfit was simple but it cost several tens of thousands of dollars, especially the watch, if it was the previous Ye Lu, it would have been so expensive that it would have caused him heartache.

However, it was not the same as before, the current Ye Lu was not that petty.

“In a moment, you’ll pose as an expert, no, you were originally an expert, anyway, in a moment if I ask you, you’ll have to tell the age of the thing and the material and so on, of course if it’s real, or the same as last time, you can don’t say anything about it first, then clutch my hand and we’ll discuss it before you do it.”

Following that, the two men studied it carefully, which led them into the antique night market.

According to Ye Lu’s thinking, the ground stalls he wanted to sweep, especially when he saw that there were Buddha statues and other things on the ground, he was a bit itchy, however, Gushiki was afraid of delay, so there was no choice but to follow her to the shops first.

However, before a shop could be entered, the two were first attracted by a very loud voice.

“The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the market. ……”

When he heard this voice, Gu Shiqi laughed.

“The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Let’s go, let’s go over and have a look.”

Girls in heaven love to watch the fun, and when they heard this alternative yell, Gu Shiqi’s interest was immediately piqued.

However, when they arrived, they saw that it was a shop that hadn’t been completely renovated.

“What a set up this is!”

Gu Shiqi couldn’t help but go over and look at the boss and inquire.

“I had a relative estimate a price for all kinds of things, you see, they are all posted, and then I called a few of my guys to come over and help hawk it. The shop also belongs to my aunt’s best friend, so I’ll use it for a while.”

When she heard the owner’s explanation, Gushiki came to her senses, but she didn’t fully believe it, because the water in this business was too deep, there were mines everywhere and traps all over the place, of course, she wasn’t worried at all today, because there were experts around.

“Little girl, at a glance you are a rich person, take a look, see what’s good, just pick a few pieces, they are all at a cabbage price, it’s good to play casually.”

The boss was quite enthusiastic, and Gushiki immediately dragged Ye Lu to stroll around.

“What kind of material is this?”

Gu Shiqi asked, pointing at a blue gemstone ring.

Ye Lu touched it and said.

“Tanzanite, but it’s been treated with heat.”

Gushiki said with some disappointment as she put it down.

“It’s not worth much then, it doesn’t look like a sapphire to me either, but I don’t see that it’s heat treated, you’re really good.”

At Gushiki’s comment, Ye Lu could only laugh and not say anything, he actually didn’t even know what the hell a tanzanite was, but, looking at what Gushiki said, it was probably something that wasn’t too valuable.

With that, soon, Ye Lu saw something interesting, he grabbed Gushiki’s little hand and clenched it hard, then pointed to the corner.

There were many people in the shop and everyone was busy rummaging through things in a chaotic manner, so no one noticed them.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Shiqi asked in a small voice by Ye Lu’s ear.

Being so close, Ye Lu even felt Gushiki’s breath and the smell of her body, which made his heart swell, but he still said in a small voice.

“I saw a sapphire ring that wasn’t blue, the ring was white gold, it would be worth more.”

In fact, Gu Shiqi had long since seen Ye Lu’s oddity, he seemed to be well versed in identification but completely ignorant of prices, the explanation she gave herself was that Ye Lu should have been dedicated to appreciation since childhood but had never been to the market, that’s why he knew the authenticity but not the prices of these things.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Gu Shiqi’s eyes lit up and she clutched Ye Lu’s hand hard and said.

“Quick, where is it, buy it.”

Following that, she dragged Ye Lu back again, as a result, the ring that Ye Lu saw had been picked up by another person, he did not move his voice but watched quietly, fortunately, that person took a look, then shook his head and put it down again.

When she saw the man let go, Gushiki couldn’t wait to reach out and take the ring.

The more she looked at it, the more her eyes lit up, then she whispered in Ye Lu’s ear.

“Ye Lu, are you sure this is a sapphire and not a tourmaline or something like that?”

Ye Luo nodded very definitely and said.

“Pure natural sapphire, origin Sri Lanka, weight twelve point five carats.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Gu Shiqi then tightly clutched the ring in her hand.

Because, she knew very well the price of this thing, this pink-orange sapphire was the noble of sapphires, the name was Paparacha, especially from Sri Lanka this kind of sapphire was the rarest, so this insignificant little thing was at least a million or more, however, the boss only marked less than two thousand, presumably according to the price marked by tourmaline or something like that.

Of course more importantly this kind of thing had a price and was hard to get, and at the same time was one of Gushiki’s favourite varieties of gemstones.

“Quick, look for more!”

After getting a taste of it, Gushiki pushed even more. Luckily, the shop here was relatively large and crowded, and not too many people noticed the conversation between the two of them, so Ye Lu let go and had a whispered discussion with Gushiki.

However, they didn’t have any big hauls in the jewellery area next, but of course this had to do with Gushiki’s vision and handwriting, the ring had just made Gushiki’s heart go wild, like an item that could make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, or even a few tens of thousands of dollars, she no longer looked at it, she had been aiming to pick up something big.

After touching the jewellery, the two went back to the area of porcelain, which is always a big category in antique shops.

This time, Ye Lu quickly had a haul.

“This bottle is porcelain from the Yongzheng period, a product made by the palace’s manufacturing office.”

Ye Luo pointed to a bottle with a somewhat odd shape and colour and said.

Gu Shiqi looked at the bottle, the bottle colour is green and white spotted shape is very similar to eat “water chestnut”, she picked up the bottle to look at the bottom is really written “the Yongzheng year of the Qing Dynasty”, but the mouth of the bottle is slightly a little “small openings”, although small, but looks a little white jade flaw.

However, the price of the bottle is really high, with a price of 100,000, and it is estimated that the bidder identified the bottle as something from the Yongzheng dynasty, but did not dare to designate it as an official kiln, and set it according to the fine line of a private kiln.

However, since Ye Lu said it was real, of course Gu Shiqi had nothing to hesitate about and immediately accepted it, paying the money first along with the ring she just had.

“Yongzheng official kiln, ah, another million, today is too good!”

Gu Shiqi’s heart burst with joy.

Seeing that Gu Shiqi had made a bid of more than 100,000, the boss also smiled with his eyebrows and couldn’t wait for her to take more turns.

Of course, Gu Shiqi thought so too, and after paying the money, she ran to Ye Lu’s back like a bolt out of the blue.

However, the other porcelain bids were not as big a leak, and it was clear that the expert who had helped with the bids was still quite good at identifying porcelain, or at least the dating had not been too wrong.

“Come on, let’s have another look at the paintings and calligraphy.”

This time when she came to the night market, Gu Shiqi asked this and that to learn a lot of things, and Ye Lu basically answered all the questions without thinking, which made her happy.

The painting and calligraphy collection is another disaster area for counterfeiting, but of course it is also a good place for picking up a leak.

As she watched Ye Lu start to caress the paintings, Gu Shiqi also became a little more excited.


Chapter 14

Just when Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi were in the antique night market, Zhang Yang had already started to move around the campus, he asked Tiger’s minions, and his own men to start letting the word out in the school, firstly, no one could tell anyone about today’s scandal, if he knew about it, he would make him regret it.

Secondly, from now on, Ye Luo was his enemy, anyone who dared to be with Ye Luo was his Zhang Yang’s enemy.

“I will let this kid know that there is no good day for offending me.”

Zhang Yang said as he looked at a group of his juniors.

“Brother Tiger will be back soon, there will be good consequences for that brat when the time comes, however, that teacher Li is actually not very cooperative, which is a bit surprising, he doesn’t seem to be a decent person either, so you guys go and check it out properly.”

Zhang Yang had approached Mr. Li through his connections before, wanting him to put some eye candy on Ye Lu, but it turned out that Mr. Li actually politely declined, which made Zhang Yang very puzzled.

After this fuss, the whole school was rumouring about it, after all, it had been a long time since there was such a big buzz in the school to watch.

“Ye Luo didn’t come to the late study session, is he afraid!”

“It’s not just that he didn’t come to study at night, he ran away after the fight, I feel like he’s in big trouble this time.”

“That’s right, to offend anyone but Zhang Yang is a rhythm of death!”


Looking at everyone’s discussion, Ren Xueying began to make calculations.

“It looks like there’s going to be trouble if I continue to tangle with Ye Lu, but it should be okay to be careful, just cheat one more iPad, and when I get it, I’ll call it quits, but on the surface, I’m going to keep a little distance from him.”

However, something soon made her change her mind, because just as she was secretly thinking about it, a few students from other cla*ses walked in.

These few guys came in and walked straight towards where the fat Zhao Yang was.

“Your name is Zhao Yang right, here’s a chance for you, if you stop being friends with Ye Lu, we’ll let you go, otherwise don’t blame us for being ungracious.”

Seeing how aggressive these guys were, the others in the cla*s didn’t dare to speak, everyone held their breath and waited for Zhao Yang’s reply.

Zhao Yang looked at these guys and smiled and said.

“Although I, Zhao Yang, am not considered to be a good man, however, I can still afford to make friends, so my answer is ‘no’, Ye Lu will always be my friend.”

Just as he finished his words, the guy at the head of the other party kicked over.

“You’ve got some balls, haven’t you, let you have some balls,”


Zhao Yang’s fat body suddenly fell to the ground, even the table and the chair fell together, but the other party still didn’t stop, kicked Zhao Yang’s body again and then grabbed him away.

It was obvious that this was a demonstration to the whole cla*s.

“Listen up, all of you, anyone who still dares to hook up with that Ye Luo again, this is what will happen, regardless of gender, remember this.”

After saying that, the guys turned around and left the cla*sroom.

“How about I change my plan.”

Seeing this scene, Ren Xue Ying covered her chest and muttered with some worry.

While at the antique night market, Ye Lu was having a great time looking at them, although he couldn’t appreciate the calligraphy and paintings either, he thought they were much better looking than things like porcelain.

“It’s just a shame, how come they’re all fakes, is it because it’s easier to fake them? But the good thing is that none of the bids are very high.”

I guess the appraiser who helped with the price tag was well aware of the standard of these paintings.

However, Ye Lu’s level of appraisal still amazed Gu Shiqi, because Ye Lu could not only say that a certain painting was a forgery, but also the year and who painted the forgery. It was easy to judge the authenticity, but to name the year and the author, the difficulty of which Gu Shiqi could not imagine.

“This Master Ye feels too strange, in some very common sense and simple places will not understand, but in some high difficult places powerful to unbelievable, too profound.”

To Gu Shiqi, Ye Lu’s body was full of mysteries that fascinated her somewhat.

“Finally a painting is real.”

Ye Luo said in a somewhat excited whisper as he held a painting.

He had already touched many paintings, basically all of them were forgeries, and some of the ones that were genuine were also the works of contemporary calligraphers or painters, which according to Gushiki’s words, were all small money and not worth the price.

Ye Lu also found out that this girl Gushiqi’s appetite was getting bigger and bigger.

In fact, he did not know that although Gu Shiqi had not bought and sold many antiques herself, she had seen her family buy and sell antiques, the Gu family had even bought and sold collections worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so it could be said that she had seen all kinds of big scenes.

However, this time, Gu Shiqi’s eyes widened once again.

“Are you sure that this painting is genuine? You’re not mistaken, are you?”

Seeing such a big reaction from Gushiki, Ye Luo then confirmed it again, as the author of this painting was also one of the few painters whose name Ye Luo knew.

However, Ye Lu only knew that this painter was very famous, and as for the market of his paintings, Ye Lu was not sure.

“Yes, it is indeed a genuine painting indeed.”

Ye Luo said with certainty once again.

This time Gushiki’s hand also shook a little as she looked at the price marked on the painting then whispered.

“We’re going to make a fortune this time, this painting is only marked at a few hundred, obviously it’s also the same as those just now, as a high imitation on sale, but if it really is the real thing, this painting could easily be several million large and very easy to sell, because it’s the handwriting of Master Qi Baishi, one of the most valuable of all calligraphy and painting.”

Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Xu Beihong, these were the few people Ye Lu knew who painted, however, he did not expect the paintings of these people to be so valuable.

Thus, the thousand words in Ye Lu’s mind finally turned into one word.


Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Gu Shiqi couldn’t help but smile as well, and then happily went to pay the money.

“Hey, hey, third uncle, grandpa, just wait and see how I’ll keep you all awake tonight, I’ll definitely scare your jaws off.”

Gu Shiqi couldn’t help but clench her fist as she secretly laughed.

After paying the money and handing over the stuff to the owner for safekeeping, Gu Shiqi walked back again, this time she pulled Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, this time you don’t need to pick something big, just pick something you can wear on your body, because this time it’s for you to give to me, it counts as a gift, okay?”

“Then, we’ll leave here, because this night market closes quite early still, and if we don’t leave early, it will be too late to cash in on what we have.”

Ye Lu did not expect Gushiki to have such a request, however, it was obvious that without Gushiki things would never have gone so smoothly, and it was not so easy to realise the antiques, for reason, Ye Lu felt that he should show it, so he nodded solemnly and said.

“Good, I will definitely pick a good item for you.”

With those words, Ye Luo began to look around.

This time, Gu Shiqi did not make any enquiries, nor did she follow Ye Luo closely, but watched Ye Luo from a short distance away, as she wanted to see what kind of item Ye Luo could pick out for her.

I don’t know why, but when she thought that Ye Lu was going to buy her a present, Gushiki suddenly felt a little excited inside.

Ye Luo fumbled around for a long time this time, because without Gushiqi’s guidance, he was indeed a little confused, the various materials looked dazzling to him, and he had no idea of the prices of those materials.

“Without this Nee-san Gushiki, it’s really not possible!”

Ye Luo also fully understood the importance of Gushiki at this time, the two were currently in a relationship where no one could live without the other, Gushiki needed Ye Luo to authenticate the authenticity, while Ye Luo needed Gushiki to inform the value of these things, and of course the eventual turning of these antiques into money.

“Huh! What does the brief description of this item mean?”

Following that, Ye Luo touched a white jade pendant, but the brief description of this white jade was completely inexplicable.

“Name: Ice Hime’s Tears, Material: the tears of sadness left by Ice Hime, Production Date: 100,000 years ago, Origin: Haotian Continent, Introduction: a foreign treasure not from this world, wear it to avoid evil spirits and keep you safe.”

“Haotian continent, one hundred thousand years ago.”

Ye Luo muttered in a low voice, he had no idea what this profile said, but it was certain that this should be a real treasure, just like the “Ghost Gu Zi consecrated statue”.

“That’s it.”

Ye Lu took the pendant, which was even cold in his hand, and brought it to Gu Shiqi.

Gu Shiqi instantly smiled, as she loved jade the most.

“Ye Lu, did you see me wearing a piece of jade, so you chose jade for me, let me see what material it is.”

She smiled and took it over, but after looking at it left and right, she couldn’t study it for half a day, she just felt that this piece of jade looked whiter and more delicate than the sheep’s fat white jade of Hetian seed material, and at the same time it had a translucent and crystalline feeling, and when it was in her hand that cold feeling was even more than the old pit jadeite, her first feeling was that it didn’t look like something normal.

However, since it was carefully chosen by Ye Lu and she liked it very much, she simply did not ask about the material, but simply took off her own piece of jade and put on this one.

As soon as the jade stone made contact with the skin on her chest, she felt her body and even her spirit refreshed by it.

“What a magical thing.”

She chanted silently in her mind, then smiled and said.

“Ye Lu, take the goods, we’re off to make a fortune, you’re going to be a big spender before you go to bed tonight.”