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Winner Takes All Chapter 134-136

Chapter 134

Inside the room, the sandalwood fragrance lingers.

Gu Guohua sits and waits quietly.

The eyes are a little deep.

Creak ……

The door opened.

“Old Meng, you’re finally here.” Gu Guohua got up and said.

Lord Meng looked grave, with a weary look between his eyebrows, sat down on his chair and poured a cup of tea and drank it all.

Now he slowly said, “Don’t mention it, Yike has announced that it is shelving its move in, the west side of the city is in an uproar today, all four of your son-in-law’s sales centres have been smashed! I’m rushing to put out the fire!”

“I’m looking for you for the same thing.” Gu Guohua said.

Lord Meng raised his eyebrows, “Tell me about it.”

Gu Guohua hesitated for a moment and said, “This matter of Chen Dong being the Dragon’s son-in-law, what is it all about?”

“Can’t say.” Lord Meng shook his head and balked.

Gu Guohua was anxious: “You and Old Liu are talking about a dragon son-in-law, and now that such a thing has happened, Xiao Ying is anxious, and so am I.”

At these words.

Lord Meng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He smiled meaningfully and looked at Gu Guohua, “Old Gu, don’t blame me for not reminding you, you have to help with Chen Dong’s matter!”

Lord Meng deliberately paused for a moment and changed to a more comfortable sitting position before continuing.

“With your financial power, investing in a commercial complex in this city is just a wave of your hand, once you’ve made your move, the property prices in the west of the city will be stabilised and Chen Dong’s company will be saved, this is considered your investment in Chen Dong!”

“Moreover, I’ll give you my word that you’ll make a solid profit on this investment, and it depends on where the growth limit of this dragon son-in-law of yours is as to how much you’ll make!”

“Growth limit?”

Gu Guohua’s gaze flashed as he caught a very crucial word.

Lord Meng’s utterance of the words “growth limit” struck him as abrupt and odd.

From what he had seen of Chen Dong, he was indeed considered a young talent, young and talented.

But this was far from enough to match the “dragon son-in-law” that Lord Meng had described. Obviously, the part that Lord Meng had hidden from him was the true depth of Chen Dong’s talent.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Guohua’s eyes steeped in determination, “Okay, let’s vote.”

“Hahahaha ……”

Lord Meng suddenly laughed and cupped his fist at Gu Guohua, “Thanks for your help, old friend, the west of the city is now stable, and I, a man of great power, can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Gu Guohua froze for a moment, then reacted and cursed with a smile, “You old fox, you entered the door and prepared for me to invest, didn’t you?”

Once the west of the city collapsed, the powerful Lord Meng was also anxious.

If he couldn’t stabilise the property prices, it would be a failure for Lord Meng as well.

Lord Meng laughed and said, “Alas …… is not useful anymore, after decades of friendship, it really is not as useful as your future son-in-law.”

Gu Guohua smiled spontaneously, but did not say anything further.

Since the decision has been made, whether for the sake of his daughter or for the sake of his decades-old friend, this investment will have to be smashed out.


The situation intensified over the next two days.

The tide of public opinion grew more and more ferocious.

The trend is to point the sword at Din Tai.

And the property prices in the west of the city have also slumped by a full 20% in just two days!

Such a horrific plunge has caused those who previously purchased homes in the west of the city to become enraged and angry.

This, coupled with the deliberate smearing by peers and internet hacks, has caused this ma*sive earthquake to develop towards an unstoppable point.

Dingtai Company.

People are on tenterhooks, and everyone is trembling with fear.

Everyone knew that if house prices continued to plummet, the shantytown west project in Dingtai’s hands would completely crush Dingtai.

It would be even more tragic than if the company had simply closed down with a blood loss!

Risk and reward are always directly proportional to each other. When property prices are rising, Din Tai is full of oil, but once the risk is exposed, Din Tai will be doomed.

Inside the office, Chen Dong looked out of the window in silence.

He had already learned from Elder Long that Zhou Zunlong would be buying two sites in the west of the city, and although he knew it shouldn’t do much good, he would delay for as long as he could now.

All he could do was to delay the “explosion of lightning” in the west of the city by any means possible.

In the end, it was up to the Chen family to decide whether their father had won or the old lady!

This battle is an internal struggle within the Chen family.

It was no longer something he could control single-handedly.

Even Chen Dong, when he looked up, the Chen family was the sky.

And now, the sky has changed!

The only thing he could do was to linger and wait for the heavens above his head to divide and conquer!

If his father had been able to suppress the old lady, then with a wave of his hand, peace would have reigned in the west of the city.

But if his father could not, or if the old lady delayed him too long, then he would have lost the battle!

WeChat rang on his mobile phone.

It was from Elder Long.

Chen Dong clicked on it and frowned.

The content was simple: Young Master, a letter has arrived from the Chen family!

A letter?

Even Chen Dong was puzzled.

Was this a split decision on the part of the Chen family, or did it mean something else?

Before he could reply to Elder Long, the door to his office was suddenly pushed open by Lone Wolf.

“Mr. Chen, it’s not good.”

Lone Wolf looked panicked and his clothes were unkempt, “The home buyers have blocked the company’s floor, they want to barge in and ask you for an explanation, they can’t stop them.”


Chen Dong smiled, “Then I’ll go down to meet them.”

“What?” Lone Wolf was instantly frozen.

The downstairs was already swarming with people and water.

There was even a security brother who had already had his head broken by the angry homebuyers, and Mr. Chen still wanted to go down to meet those people?

“What’s coming will always come, running, will only make the situation collapse faster!”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, all he had to do now was to stall, even if he had to linger, he had to endure the humiliation and stall.

“I… I understand.”

Lone Wolf nodded his head and hurriedly followed.

The downstairs of the Din Tai Company.

By now, it was already waterlogged and crowded.

The sounds of abuse and denunciation were deafening.

There were even people holding signs and frantically rushing towards the inside of the building.

Both the building security guards and Din Tai’s security guards were desperately blocking the doors, and there was no shortage of those with injuries and blood on their bodies.

And further out, there were quite a few onlookers holding up their mobile phones to film, and even more media coverage!

As Chen Dong and Lone Wolf walked downstairs.

A shout suddenly rang out from the wildly surging crowd.

“Chen Dong is here!”

In an instant, the homebuyers who were already desperately rushing towards the building suddenly became even more ferocious.

“Mr. Chen, you, you go first ……”

A Din Tai security guard shouted.


As soon as the words left his mouth, a slap was slapped on this security guard’s face in the crowd, directly hitting his face full of nose blood.

Chen Dong looked despondent as he looked at the security guards who were desperately trying to stop him.

He spoke loudly, “Let them in, I will give them a reasonable explanation.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, a beer bottle flew straight over from the crowd.


The bottle smashed into Chen Dong’s head, splitting in pieces and scattering to the ground.

And Chen Dong’s forehead flowed down with crimson blood, dripping down his face and onto the ground.

“Slot nima! I don’t want your explanation, I want your money back!”


Chapter 135

Lone Wolf’s face changed dramatically.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes in an instant, and he took big strides towards the entrance.

“Stand still!”

Chen Dong bellowed angrily.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Lone Wolf turned around and was about to explain, but when he met Chen Dong’s eyes, he instantly swallowed the words that were coming out of his mouth back into his stomach.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s face was covered in blood.

But he did not show the slightest bit of pain, his expression was cold and his eyes were unusually deep and calm.

Such a look was so cold that even the Lone Wolf’s back was chilled.

The sudden scene also made the group of excited home buyers at the gate quiet at the same time.

“Gentlemen, Yike’s plan to shelve its move-in is also something I did not expect, and admittedly this matter will make waves in the city, and will also make you worry about whether your hard-earned money will be damaged.”

Chen Dong’s voice was calm, but he was trying to shout, trying to get every word to fall clearly into everyone’s ears.

“For this matter, as the owner of Din Tai, I am also very sorry, and here, on behalf of all Din Tai staff, I bow and apologise to all of you!”

With that, Chen Dong bent down ninety degrees.

This scene made Lone Wolf and a group of security guards look complicated.

How bitter must it be for a company boss to be forced to bow and apologise in public?

What’s more, at least in the eyes of ordinary people, what happened to Yike had nothing to do with Din Tai at all, and Din Tai was a victim.

Now it’s one victim, apologising to other victims and seeking understanding from other victims for this one!

But, a hundred different kinds of rice feed a hundred different kinds of people.

In the midst of a silence, an angry rebuke suddenly rang out.

“What’s the use of just apologising? If you are really sincere, then give us back our hard-earned money, we won’t buy the house!”

A thunderous word.

In an instant, the crowd was abuzz with voices.

“Right! We all bought our houses because we saw that the property prices in the west of the city were going up, but now that the houses are not going up, why should we still stay in that Sh*tty place in the west of the city?”

“Yike isn’t even moving in anymore, why should we lose money along with that poor countryside in the west of the city?”

“That’s right! Since you’re sincere, why don’t you check out?”


The words were harsh.

Listening to them, Lone Wolf and the security guards couldn’t help but frown tightly.

And further down the hallway, Xiao Ma and a group of company employees, frowned even more.

Clearly no shortage of people were shocked by what those people were saying!

“Okay, I promise you guys!”

To everyone’s surprise, Chen Dong incomparably and dryly responded.


Everyone in the room froze on the spot.

The commotion of the scene was abruptly dead silent.

Some even drilled their ears in disbelief, thinking they had heard wrong.

Chen Dong straightened his back, his voice calm, without sadness or joy: “Since everyone wants to return the room, Dingtai will definitely satisfy everyone!”

Really, really give a refund?

The homebuyers at the door were all confused.

They had made such a big fuss and blocked the door because they wanted to force Din Tai to withdraw their properties and keep their money.

But to their surprise, the owner of Din Tai had agreed to do it so simply!

In the past, those news about the purchase and withdrawal of properties had never been so crisp!

At the entrance of the building, a group of Din Tai employees were all shocked.

“Brother Xiao Ma, go and persuade him, Brother Dong has agreed to a ma*s withdrawal so categorically, our cash flow will not be able to survive!”

“Yes, this is the first time this has happened, one buys and one sells, how can there be any backtracking afterwards?”

“Isn’t this forcing Mr Chen to carry it all alone?”


Xiao Ma looked gloomy and smiled helplessly.

He knew that he couldn’t persuade Chen Dong!

Chen Dong swept his gaze over the dumbfounded crowd and squeezed out a smile.

“Dingtai will give the same number of refunds to those purchasers who wish to return their homes, please give me three days, I will repair and restore the sales centres of the four properties, at that time you can bring your contracts and go to the sales centres.”

After saying that, Chen Dong turned around and left.

Even this step, he had backed out.

The aftermath would be well handled by Lone Wolf and the others.

When Chen Dong walked to the lift entrance, Xiao Ma and the others at the entrance of the building all rushed out.

“Brother Dong, have you really decided to do this?” Xiao Ma was the person closest to Chen Dong in the company and was the first to ask at this time.

As he asked, he also took out a tissue to wipe the blood from Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong took the tissue and covered the wound on top of his head, smiling helplessly, “What I need now is time!”


All the employees were frozen in place.

The lift door opened.

Chen Dong stepped into the lift.

Without waiting for Xiao Ma and the others to enter, he directly pressed the floor and close button.

Inside the closed and narrow lift room, Chen Dong leaned against the wall, incomparably exhausted.

“Three days, is that enough time to divide the results?”

The Chen family’s infighting was no longer a matter of his ability.

Even Chen Tiansheng Chen Tianyang, who was also the heir apparent, could definitely not interfere!

It was a matter of position!

If three days were not enough for his father to suppress Old Lady Chen, then he could only go as far as the last step.

Taking out his mobile phone, Chen Dong dialed Zhou Zun Long.

“Tonight, announce the news of you taking the land and announce it out!”


Hanging up the phone, Chen Dong exhaled a breath, “Let’s hope that Zun Long Land’s capacity will make those returnees hesitate to consider.”

With the volume of Zun Long Real Estate, it was by no means possible to reverse the situation in the west of the city today.

However, what Chen Dong hoped was that he could even make those resolute returnees waver a little and think about it, delaying their retreat.

That way, he would still have more time to wait!

In the afternoon, a news story about Dingtai’s promise to withdraw swept through the city like a storm.

Everyone’s jaw dropped in shock.

What made everyone even more dumbfounded was that within the live video, Chen Dong promised to be as crisp as could be.

There was no fudging, and even less emotion and reasoning.

It was like, “If you want to return it, I’ll return it to you in a big way!

Such an operation, not to mention ordinary people, even the industry was stunned!

However, this made the hearts of those buyers who wanted to return their homes happy.

They all made up their minds that they would be the first to rush into the sales centre early in the morning three days later to withdraw from their homes!

In the evening, a news item was broadcasted on the evening news.

[Zun Long Real Estate has successfully acquired two plots of land in the west of the city, and it is reported that Zun Long Real Estate will increase its development in the west of the city!

A news item that once again floated the minds of the whole city.

When Zun Long Real Estate transferred Chen Dong’s equity, it was in the news.

Could this be Chen Dong saving himself?

Is he hoping to use Zun Long Real Estate to stabilise property prices in the west of the city?

Some people speculated, some hesitated, while others remained firm in their intention to withdraw.

Chen Dong returned home, already exhausted and with gauze wrapped around his head.

His mother, Li Lan, painfully carried the soup and handed it to him without asking much, just saying gently, “Go and rest after eating, don’t be too tired.”

“Mum, I’ll go back inside first.”

After finishing the soup, Chen Dong did not have the thought of eating and went straight back to his room.

Physically and mentally exhausted, he was lying on the bed when Gu Qingying’s WeChat came.

“You big fool, why did you stand out and let those people fight? Have you ever considered my feelings?”

Chen Dong’s heart warmed, and a gentle smile surfaced on his tired face.

“It’s alright, it’s just a little broken.”

“What do you mean it’s alright? There was so much blood in the video, and you’re still telling me it’s fine? If I hadn’t been afraid it would affect you this afternoon, I would have gone straight to you!”

“It’s really fine.”

Chen Dong took a selfie with a heartbeat and sent it to Gu Qingying, before sending another sentence, “Xiaoying, I’m going to rest first.”

Four Seals Clubhouse.

After Gu Qingying confirmed that Chen Dong was not seriously injured, the stone hanging in her heart finally fell to the ground.

She looked at her father beside her.

But Gu Guohua smiled helplessly, “Little Ying, Daddy is also anxious to help Chen Dong, but you know, this project is not something that can be completed immediately if Daddy stands in front of the media and says a word, it has to be done step by step!”


Chapter 136

Chen Dong, who was physically and mentally exhausted, slept very deeply and deeply.

It was only when his mother brought breakfast to his bedside the next morning that he was woken up.

Looking at the breakfast in front of him, Chen Dong smiled, “Mum, I’m not a child anymore, why do I still bring it to my hand?”

Li Lan smiled and said, “In Mom’s eyes, you will always be a child.”

Chen Dong laughed heatedly and took his breakfast and ate it.

After finishing breakfast, he got up and washed up, before going downstairs.

In the living room, Elder Long was watching the morning news with Kunlun.

Seeing Chen Dong, Elder Long waved his hand and smiled oddly, “Young master, come and take a look at this news, it’s a bit interesting.”

Chen Dong walked over curiously, took a look at the news and was stunned for a moment, “Zhou Yanqiu has also taken a piece of land in the west of the city?”

“Isn’t that interesting?” Elder Long smiled oddly.

Chen Dong shook his head, “Old fox, keep your hand in.”

Kunlun was puzzled, “Young Master, Elder Long, what does this mean?”

Elder Long patiently explained, “Last time, Zhou Yanqiu turned against Chen Tiansheng and sort of stood against the Young Master, and later took the initiative to withdraw the material to resist and ride up the wall himself.”

Saying that, Long Lao pointed to the TV news: “This time, immediately after Zun Long Real Estate took land in the west of the city, it is clear that he wants to lift the young master’s Dingtai by one hand, now he should be unable to catch the Chen family’s situation, so he deliberately took such a piece of land.”

“One, to show the young master willing to lift the young master’s hand, two, just such a piece of land is not able to dominate the big picture, if Chen Tiansheng’s side pursues, it can’t pursue anything.”

Kunlun frowned, a little displeased: “This old fox, the calculation is really smart.”

“Let’s go, I’m going to the company.”

Chen Dong dropped a sentence and headed out.

Kunlun hurriedly followed, after what happened yesterday, he had to stay close to Chen Dong’s side for this recent period.

Long Lao watched the TV news and squinted his eyes as he sneered, “Grabbing with both hands, just in case you can’t grab with both hands, the heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant!”

With Zhou Yanqiu’s land acquisition in the west of the city, the news swept the city once again.

Originally, the land acquisition by Zun Long Real Estate last night had caused quite a stir.

Now, the number one and number two real estate companies in the city are making their bids one after another.

Smart people could see at a glance that they were all trying to lift Chen Dong’s Dingtai at the tip of the storm.

Those who originally planned to withdraw from the property, there was no shortage of people who hesitated.

The fact that the first and second real estate properties were acquired at the same time means that there is still the possibility of development in the west of the city, and the price of housing may not collapse, so if you don’t withdraw your house, in the future, if the west of the city develops, your house will also be able to earn.

Of course, more people still haven’t changed their minds about withdrawing from their homes.

You’re kidding!

Even the first and second largest real estate companies in the city combined are not as good as Yike.

Yike is the leader of the whole industry!

With Yike shelving its project, in the minds of these determined retreaters, property prices in the west of the city are bound to plummet, even back to the original average price.

None of the city’s real estate companies could save the city.

Nor could they lift up Din Tai!

Even in this avalanche, Din Tai will go bankrupt and collapse, and their houses will rot, so what’s the point of not retreating now?

A public opinion has been building up over the past two days, as if it were a wave, one wave over another.

Some people even suspected that Din Tai’s promise to withdraw was just a delaying tactic to take advantage of the opportunity to run away!

This made people on tenterhooks, and once again there was a siege of the Din Tai building.

This time, however, Chen Dong did not equivocate and directly notified a special person to persuade the good people to leave.

He was able to simply agree to check out.

But it didn’t mean he was a soft touch, able to be bullied and squeezed at will in times of distress and distress!

In the blink of an eye, it was the day Chen Dong and the home buyers had agreed upon.

The sales centres of the four pre-sale properties were repaired in three days’ time, in a flurry of fire.

Early in the morning, there were already long queues in front of each of the sales centres.

It was an unprecedented event!

It was even hotter than the previous situation when three properties were pre-sold at the same time!

Such a grand situation naturally led to media coverage.

“This gentleman, do you really want to opt out of the property?”

A female reporter with a camera randomly interviewed a person in the queue for a refund.

“No refund to stay for the New Year?”

The female reporter smiled and continued to ask, “What prompted your firm withdrawal? It is reported that the city’s two properties have been successively acquired in the west of the city, the price of housing ……”

Not waiting for the female reporter to finish, the man being interviewed said excitedly, “Those two properties can be compared to Yike? Are you kidding me? Without Yike, the house prices in the west of the city are bound to collapse, the owner of Din Tai is willing to back out, why wouldn’t we?”

The female reporter was a bit embarra*sed and asked, “This is the first time in the city that such a large number of properties have been withdrawn, and this may lead to the bankruptcy and collapse of Dingtai.

The man sneered, “What does it matter to me if Din Tai closes down? He dies, I live, as long as I still have my money!”

At that very moment.

At the front of the line, someone shouted, “The sales centre is open!”

In an instant, the originally well-organised queue was instantly scattered, a swarm of birds and beasts pressing towards the sales centre.

The female reporter grabbed the man and tried to interview him, but the man brutally shook the female reporter off.

“Are you guys annoyed? I’m still in a hurry to check out, get out of my way!”

The female reporter stumbled and fell to the ground, her arm rubbing off a piece of skin and dripping with blood.

And the retreaters around her, while crowding towards the sales centre, accused the female reporter.

“I say, you’re a girl doll, why are you so in the way? Get out of the way, get out of the way!”

“Interviews are interviews, and you’re holding things up, you deserve to fall.”


Early in the morning, all the media in the city had their guns set up in front of the four pre-sale properties of Dingtai.

The scale was even bigger than when Longting Garden was pre-sold!

The contrast between before and after gave people the impression that the river was going down and the building was about to collapse.

All of a sudden, everyone was talking about Dingtai.

Ridicule, ridicule, abuse and slander abounded.

In the midst of such a tsunami, property prices in the western part of the city plummeted by another 20% on that day alone!

At the behest of Chen Dong, Din Tai returned the original purchase price to all buyers, and even paid the taxes on the purchase!

Such a move, in the eyes of everyone, was extremely stupid!

Even Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu were shocked and dumbfounded when they found out about all this.

Had Chen Dong …… really gone mad?

Dingtai Company.

Xiao Ma looked at the data sent from the four major properties, his heart was dripping blood, his hands were trembling and his face was white: “Brother Dong, the funds on our company’s books are flying out the door.”

“Oh, it’s fine, I’ll transfer the money to the company.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and despondent as he took out his mobile phone and transferred one billion from his Bauhinia bank card to the company’s account.

Even if he lost money, he had to endure it!

One billion, he could afford to lose!

Time, that was the key that mattered to him now!

The retreat, which lasted until 8pm.

Din Tai Company, was in a state of desolation.

All the employees were listless and downcast.

At this moment, the sky was really falling!

With the previous advances and this ma*sive withdrawal, if Chen Dong hadn’t poured a billion into the company, Dingtai wouldn’t have been able to hold on!

In the office.

With tears in his eyes, Xiao Ma said, “Dong, Brother Dong, in one day, the houses that were pre-sold out, refunded …… seventy percent!”

“It’s okay!”

Chen Dong stretched: “Tomorrow if someone wants to refund, continue to refund, anyway I still have a few hundred million.”

Xiao Ma wanted to say something but stopped, forcing the tears in his eyes not to fall.

Was this just a refund?

This was pushing Din Tai to its death fast!

And at a price that was even worse than when Din Tai chose to go bankrupt when it signed the sky-high contract!

“Everyone has been busy all day, let’s all go home and rest first.”

Chen Dong was exhausted and his eyes were bloodshot, “Xiao Ma help me tell everyone that Ding Tai may collapse, but I, Chen Dong, will never be negative to everyone.”


Four Seals Clubhouse.

Gu Qingying hung her head and swiped through the videos, all about the tidal wave of Din Tai check-outs.

The whole internet was talking about it and sneering all over the place.

Her eyes were red with anger, and she wanted to contact Chen Dong.

But in the past few days, she knew that Chen Dong was more anxious and anxious than she was, and at this time, silently paying attention was the greatest comfort to Chen Dong, and asking one more question herself was adding to Chen Dong’s stress.

The video of a female journalist being pushed down was among the various videos that were watched, and at the bottom of the video there were comments about Dingtai checking out of more than 70% of its rooms in just one day.

The company’s main focus is on the development of a new product, which is a new product.

He’s been thinking about these home buyers for a long time, but have they ever thought about him?

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded on the door.

“Little Ying, can Daddy come in?” Gu Guohua’s voice rang out.

“Mm.” Gu Qingying forced herself to resist the urge to cry and answered.

The door opened and Gu Guohua walked in with a smile on his face, “Little Ying, do you want to hear a good news?”