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Winner Takes All Chapter 131-133

Chapter 131

After returning to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong received two more phone calls one after another, from Dean Liu and Lord Meng respectively.

Both of them were old friends with Old Zheng and knew that once Chen Dong wanted to pursue the matter tonight, it would definitely ruin Old Zheng’s half-life achievement, so they wanted to plead for Old Zheng’s mercy.

After Chen Dong made it clear that he would not pursue the matter, the two of them felt a little more at ease.

After hanging up the phone, it was finally clear.

As he lay in bed, Chen Dong felt a little melancholy.

If it were not for his status as the young master of the Chen family, perhaps the genuine calligraphy and painting of Tang Yin tonight would have been called a forgery by Zheng Guote, and he would have been unable to defend himself.

The word “birth” is annoying, but helpless.

If Zheng Guote had known who he was at the beginning, he would have been able to say that even if he had taken a forgery, he would have said that it was genuine, right?

The following two days were calm and quiet.

The sales of Dingtai’s three pre-sale properties were as Chen Dong had expected, although not enough to fire up the city, it was not difficult to sell out in a week’s time.

This was what he wanted to see the most, Dingtai’s volume today was ultimately too small.

Leaving aside the shares of Zun Long Real Estate, Din Tai was at most in the top ten in the city.

There is still a long way to go before it is number one in the city.

The shantytown renovation project in the west of the city was originally a big hole, and it was he who took advantage of the Chen family’s east wind to turn it around.

If the sale of the property is repeatedly on the cusp of the storm, it is bound to attract the eyes of the rest of the peers.

If someone really wanted a piece of the pie, it would be a problem.

He could rely on the Chen family’s energy to smooth things over, but he was clear that it was all an appearance, and that only when he truly grew up and walked through the doors of the Chen family in a dignified manner, would he bestow on his mother the glory that originally belonged to her.

That moment would be when the Chen family energy was truly in his hands.

Before that, with the Chen family’s intricate factions and secret infighting, he really couldn’t be sure that the Chen family would help every time something went wrong.

If, in the middle of all this, something went wrong with the Chen family and there were peers with hot eyes, it would be big trouble for him.

Working quietly and then wowing the crowd was what he would most like to see and do right now.

In two days’ time, Gu Qingying had also approached him many times, and he had replied patiently, afraid that this silly girl would still think he was angry about that night at the Four Seals Club.

In fact, that was what Gu Qingying thought, and no matter how much Chen Dong explained, that silly girl did not believe him.

She even wanted to come to Dingtai in person, but was refused by Chen Dong.

All his focus these days was on the pre-sale of the three properties, and he was really distracted.

Luckily, after some persuasion, he finally managed to get Gu Qingying to drop the idea of coming to the company.

It was early this morning.

It was just after dawn.

Chen Dong was having a physical training session with Kunlun when a phone call came in.

“Brother Dong, watch the news, there’s a big trouble!” On the phone, Xiao Ma’s voice was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

“The sky is falling?” Chen Dong joked.

Xiao Ma pondered for a second and said in a trembling voice, “Mmm!”

Chen Dong’s expression froze and his mind exploded.

He hurriedly asked Pony what had happened.

Pony said, “Yike Group has announced that it will temporarily shelve its plans to enter our city.”


A bolt from the blue.

Chen Dong’s body shook and his mind instantly went blank.

It was even as if he had disconnected from the world for a few seconds, so much so that he had completely missed what else Xiao Ma had said on the phone.

“Young master, what’s wrong?”

Kun Lun’s anxious and worried voice rang in his ears, bringing Chen Dong back to reality instantly.

“Good, I know.”

Desperately suppressing his anger, he ended the call with Xiao Ma.

Chen Dong’s right hand, however, clutched the phone, hesitantly refusing to put it down, his hand clicking, the veins on the back of his hand protruding.

And his eyes were churning with monstrous anger.

A calm anger that made Kunlun’s heart wince as he watched.

“A final revenge? What a good move to take revenge from the bottom of the kettle!” Chen Dong spat out a sentence from between his teeth, smiling back in anger.

After a brief moment of shock and anger, he quickly figured it out.

Yike was the Chen family’s enterprise, and it was Elder Long who had helped arrange for the news to be released in the first place, which had turned the tide of the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, and with the huge volume of Yike, had pushed up the property prices in the west of the city.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as Yike does not take the initiative to overturn that news, the city’s west of the city house prices will never be able to fall.

And now, with Yike suddenly announcing that it was temporarily shelving its project to enter the city, there was only one person Chen Dong could think of, and who had the energy to do this!

The old lady of the Chen family!

In the entire Chen family, only the old lady would dare to go against her father’s wishes and order Yike to overturn the news.

The previous Chen Tianyang and Chen Tiansheng must have also known about this one-strike method, and the reason why they didn’t use it was that they were not qualified to order Yike.

This is a vicious way to take the bottom out of the kettle and hit Chen Dong straight in the throat with a single knife.

Once the news came out, the entire shantytown West project, would be turned upside down, even leading to an avalanche for Din Tai!

For Din Tai, the sky is indeed falling!

“Young Master, what exactly has happened?” Kunlun saw Chen Dong’s shocked look and became a little anxious.

“Nothing, let’s stop practicing today and go home.”

Chen Dong took a deep breath and quickly ran towards home.

In the living room, the morning news was playing.

Long Lao was sitting on the sofa with a gloomy face, and Li Lan’s face beside him was also extremely ugly.

Fan Lu was still in the kitchen making breakfast. Normally, at this time of the day, everyone in the family was extremely eager for Fan Lu’s breakfast.

But now, no one had lost their appetite.

Even Li Lan, who regarded Fan Lu as her daughter, was the same.

“Elder Long, Dong’er this time, can he pull through?” Li Lan’s voice was a little low.

The morning news on the television was showing the news that Yike had announced that the project to enter the city was on hold.

Knowing that Chen Dong was the boss of Dingtai, Li Lan naturally knew how fatal a blow this news would deal to Dingtai!

It would not be an overstatement to say that it was a one-hit kill.

Elder Long shook his head, even he had a sense of powerlessness at the moment, “It’s too toxic, this one news is enough to cause an earthquake in the city’s real estate, a reshuffle in the west of the city, this time Dingtai is in danger!”

The two successive pre-sales in the west of the city were all hot.

But it was clear to everyone that whether it was the pre-sale explosion or the rise in property prices in the west of the city, it was all because Yike had announced its move in before.

Without the giant that is Yike, City West is bound to be quickly stripped of its trappings and reverted to its former self in no time.

“Elder Long, let him make his move.” Li Lan’s eyes steeped in determination, “Dao Lin will never stand by and watch Dong’er fall into the abyss of ten thousand feet!”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “Madam, Master knows this, and old slave is certain that Master is racking his brains to help young master at this time, this killing blow is fatal to young master, enough to wipe out all of young master’s previous achievements, Master will not stand by and watch.”

“If even he can’t help, does that mean ……”

Li Lan was anxious, her hands clenched together, “Does it mean that Dong’er will have to fall into hell this time?”


Chapter 132

Looking at the silent Elder Long.

Even though there was no answer, the look on Elder Long’s face gave Leland the answer.

Li Lan’s eyes were a little red.

Over the years, she had always seen her son’s efforts in her eyes.

In three years, from a graduate, he had fought his way up to the position of Vice President, which was proof enough of her son’s ability.

If he had seen the light of day, he would have returned to darkness again.

Even if she was Chen Dong’s mother, she did not dare to imagine how much it would hurt him.

As a mother, how could one not feel for her son?

In her anxiety, a bold thought suddenly popped into Li Lan’s mind.

She said in a deep voice, “Elder Long, I want to go back to the Chen family!”

“Madam, no!” Elder Long’s face changed dramatically.

Letting Li Lan go back to the Chen family at this moment would undoubtedly add fuel to this incident again.

Long Lao hurriedly explained, “Madam is forgetting what happened back then?”

Li Lan looked stunned, then she raised her hand and patted her head, “I, too, am in a hurry, that old lady wants me and Dong’er to die, so it won’t help if I go back.”

The more she spoke, the more anxious she became, and with tears in her eyes, she said, “But what should I do now? What should I do for Dong’er?”

“Mum ……”

A gentle voice suddenly came from behind her.

Li Lan was startled and turned around to see Chen Dong and Kunlun standing outside the living room.

“Dong’er ……”

Chen Dong walked into the living room and hugged Leland, gently patting Leland’s back.

It was like, when he was scared as a child, his mother soothed him.

He smiled and said, “It’s alright, I’ll take care of it, don’t worry, the only thing you have to do now is to get well.”

“But ……” Leland’s mind calmed down slightly.

“Get well, you’re still waiting to hold your grandchildren.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, his gaze firm: “You were able to hold up a sky for me to grow up, now I can hold up this sky above my head!”

Li Lan was stunned and looked at Chen Dong with a complicated gaze.

For a long time.

Only then did she lower her head and smile bitterly, “Yes, Dong’er has grown up.”

“Dinner’s ready.”

At this time, Fan Lu walked out from the kitchen.

“Mom, let’s eat breakfast first.”

Chen Dong was in a hurry, more so than anyone else, but now that his mother was like this, he had to act calm and collected.

After forcing himself to insist on eating with his family, Chen Dong took Kunlun and left home.

As soon as he got into the car, Chen Dong’s face sank and he said to Kunlun, “Get to the office as soon as possible!”


At Din Tai Company, it was right at work time.

All the employees were gathered together, looking terrified.

A piece of news that contained so much energy that it blew all the Dingtai employees out of the water.

No one could have imagined that yesterday everyone was still working feverishly on the pre-sale and discussing how to celebrate the sold-out properties.

Early this morning, when they opened their eyes, the sky had collapsed!

“Brother Xiao Ma, when is Chen Dong coming? After such a big incident, what the hell should we do?”

“I’m also going crazy, I got up after a good night’s sleep, and how come Yike suddenly announced that the project was put on hold? When will the project continue if it is shelved?”

“Think too much! The big companies’ rhetoric, shelving usually means it’s gone, it’s just a euphemism, what we should consider now is the emotions of those home buying customers of the pre-sale properties in the west of the city, and whether the house prices in the west of the city are stable or collapsing!”


The “collapse” of an employee instantly made everyone freeze.

The price of the west of the city was pushed up by the news that Yike had moved in.

Now that the project is on hold, the prices of the west side of the city are bound to be in an uproar.

After all, the west side of the city has never been liked by the people of the city.

At the time, the news of Yike moving in had everyone’s blood pumping.

And now, after everyone had calmed down, what would be the attitude towards the west of the city?

Just at that moment.

Two figures appeared at the entrance of the company.

At the same time, a calm voice rang out.

“It’s early in the morning, have you finished all the work in hand?”

In an instant, all eyes looked towards Chen Dong.

“Brother Dong, you’re finally here!”

Xiao Ma hurriedly greeted him.

Chen Dong glared at Xiao Ma: “All gathered here early in the morning, the three property presales in the west of the city are not yet finished, take the big guys to work!”

His voice was cold and stern, and his attitude was not as warm as usual.

This made Xiao Ma freeze, but he turned around and called everyone to work.

As each employee returned to their posts, they all peeked at Chen Dong.

When they saw Chen Dong walking calmly into the office, they were all puzzled.

The sky was falling, and the boss could still be so calm?

“Brother Xiao Ma, didn’t Chen always know about this long ago and had already prepared his backhand?” An employee who was close to Xiao Ma asked.

Since Chen Dong had taken over the company, two crises in a row had been solved by Chen Dong in a light manner.

In the hearts of the employees, Chen Dong’s image rose to a very high level.

Every time they saw Chen Dong calm and collected, it was as if they had found their backbone and instinctively felt that things were not that bad.

Xiao Ma was also puzzled in his mind and scratched his head, “I guess so?”

The uncertain tone of voice, however, acted as an affirmation in the employee’s mind, and he was soon engaged in his work.

Inside the office.

Chen Dong sat in his chair, frazzled, scratching his hair over and over again.

He knew that as the boss, he was the backbone of the company.

If he acted panicked in front of the staff, instead of solving the problem, it would affect the whole company.

That’s why when he came in just now, he forced himself to be calm.

The indifference towards Xiao Ma was also to reduce the time spent explaining to everyone and increase the risk of exposure.

Now that it was just him and Kunlun in the office, the anxiety naturally came out.

Rubbing his face, Chen Dong said in a deep voice, “Kunlun, what do you do when you have a sword pointed at your throat?”

Kunlun said, “Get him killed!”

Chen Dong froze, and then laughed bitterly.

With Kunlun’s fighting prowess, he could easily kill back even if he was being pointed at the throat with a sword.

But he couldn’t do it!

This time, he was facing the Chen family’s old lady!

A killing blow that directly caused the sky to collapse on Din Tai, dismantling him from the roots up.

How was he supposed to counter-kill?

It was also at a time when Chen Dong was heavily anxious and at his wit’s end.

Throughout the city, an even bigger storm was brewing.

The calm before the storm was the most apt description.

For, when the news was broadcast, everyone failed to react and froze.

Within a very short time, Dingtai was thrust into the limelight, along with the shantytown project in the west of the city.

The focus of almost all the talk in the population was on this.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Yike was going to move in, house prices in the west of the city would not have risen, let alone the fact that so many home buyers flocked to the west of the city to grab houses.

Now that Yike has shelved the project, people who have calmed down have instantly returned to their former state of disdain for the west of the city.


In front of Longting Garden and the three properties being pre-sold, a large group of people had already gathered.

These people were full of anger and rage, rushing into the sales centres of the four properties ……


Chapter 133


The office door was roughly pushed open.

Chen Dong, who was in the middle of a frenzy, instantly wrinkled his brows and looked furious.

Xiao Ma rushed in and said in a deep voice, “Brother Dong, it’s a big deal, the four sales centres have been smashed by home buyers!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

The extermination …… has begun!

“I go deal with it?” Kunlun, who was on the side, said with a frown.

“This has nothing to do with them, the herd is in a frenzy, if the house prices in the west of the city fall, they are also victims.”

Chen Dong rubbed his swollen temples tiredly.

In the beginning, he had pushed up the house prices in the west of the city, and if the house prices in the west of the city had remained the same, he would still have a clear conscience.

But if house prices fall, in the end, not only is the sky collapsing for Dingtai, but those home buyers are also victims.

Raising his eyes, he looked at Xiao Ma: “You first bring people over to stabilize the mood of the home buyers, those three pre-sale properties, also temporarily stop pre-sale.”

“Dong ……” Xiao Ma was anxious, “The impact of Yike shelving the move in is too great, if we don’t set things right soon, the west side of the city will collapse.”

“I will think of a way.” Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

Kunlun, who was at the side, waved his hand, “Go out first, Chen always has a solution.”

After the pony left.

Only then did Kun Lun say, “Young master, should we have Elder Long return to the Chen family immediately to check the situation? It’s such a big deal, Master won’t just sit back and do nothing.”

Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

Of course he knew that his father would not sit back and do nothing.

Otherwise, back in the bamboo courtyard of the Four Seals Club, his father would not have dared to ask Old Lady Chen to die for him.

What was crucial now was that Old Lady Chen had put her sword to his throat with one hand.

Even if his father had wanted to help, Old Lady Chen would have dragged his father into a tangle and stalled for time.

It just so happened that Din Tai could not afford to stall now!

Rubbing his face fiercely, Chen Dong suddenly felt a sense of hopeless despair.

This feeling of being held and left to be pinched and rubbed round was annoying to him.

“Or, let Zun Long Real Estate help?” Kunlun suggested.

“It’s useless.” Chen Dong shook his head, his tone waning, “Zun Long Real Estate’s volume can’t do what Yike did, it can’t stabilise property prices.”

It was also at the same time as the four property sales centres were smashed.

A video news of the smashing of the sales centres flew onto the internet.

With the momentum of today’s advanced entertainment, there were no secrets that could be concealed.

The whole city was talking about Dingtai.

And amidst this wave of public opinion, property prices in the west of the city were rocking.

When everyone’s dreams were shattered, the anger naturally implicated Din Tai, the biggest gainer.


In the spacious office.

Zhou Yanqiu watched the news with furrowed brows and a deep gaze.


After turning off the news, he slowly lit up his cigar.

“What’s going on with the Chen family?”

While enjoying the rich fragrance of the cigar smoke, Zhou Yanqiu quietly pondered, “First, he used Yike to help Chen Dong raise the property prices in the west of the city, and now he’s pulling the trigger with another move, could it be that …… Chen Tiansheng has the old lady of the Chen family and the head of the Chen family pinching each other?”

What ordinary people outside do not know, as the city’s leading real estate industry, Zhou Yanqiu knows by heart how the city’s west house prices actually rose.

It was even clear that the property ripples in the eyes of the outside world were nothing more than an internal fight in the Chen family.

This made Zhou Yanqiu, who was already planning to ride the wall, wavered once again.

Help? Or not?

Or rather, to whose side?

This made Zhou Yanqiu’s head spin.

If he chose the right one, he would be a dragon, but if he chose the wrong one, it would not be like the last time when he could step back and choose to ride the wall.

Zun Long Real Estate.

Zhou Zun Long looked at a news article with a hostile face, and his heart was indescribably happy.

He had built Zun Long Real Estate to be the second largest real estate company in the city.

But Chen Dong’s appearance, taking away most of his shares at the drop of a hat, simply made him more resentful than killing his cousin.

“Yike announced that it was shelving the project, and without the giant Yike in the city’s west, even if it was shanty, it would still be the same old city’s west.”

Zhou Zunlong murmured, “A phoenix that has lost its feathers is worse than a chicken, the property prices in the west of the city are bound to collapse, Chen Dong your Dingtai is going to be finished!”

The words had just fallen.

The office door was pushed open.

Zhou Zunlong raised his eyebrows and looked furious.

Who dared to barge into his office without his consent?

He was about to raise his head in anger when he saw the person who came in, and he instantly suppressed his anger.

“Sorry, I came in directly without notice.” Elder Long sat down.

Chen Dong had accepted the shares of Zun Long Real Estate, even if he did not control Zun Long Real Estate, he was still the largest shareholder, no one dared to stop Elder Long if he wanted to come in.

“Oh …… where are the words, this old man Long can come in whenever he wants, I sweep the couch and welcome him.” Zhou Zun Long smiled awkwardly.

Elder Long glanced at the computer screen and smiled faintly, “Are you happy that something happened to Dingtai?”

Zhou Zun Long’s expression stalled.

Elder Long shook his head with a smile, “I don’t care if you’re happy or not, I’ve come to find you today to ask you to do one thing!”

“What is it?” Zhou Zun Long asked.

“In the name of Zun Long Real Estate, go and get two pieces of land in the west of the city!” Elder Long said.

“Does Elder Long want me to help Dingtai stabilise first-hand property prices?” Zhou Zun Long instantly reacted and said with difficulty, “With the volume of Zun Long Real Estate, it can’t be stabilised.”

“It’s better than nothing.” Elder Long got up and walked out, “Since the young master accepted the shares of your company, you and the young master are on the same boat, Dingtai has suffered a setback, look at the stock market of your Zun Long Real Estate!”

“I know you are reluctant, if the stock market can’t get you out, then I ……”

When he reached the door, Elder Long paused and his voice was steeply cold: “Then I will give you a spiritual hall!”

The killing intent was thick and unconcealed.

It was calmly as if it was telling a trivial matter.

But when it fell on Zhou Zunlong’s ears, it was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, chilling the cicadas.

He had no doubt that Elder Long really had the power to do so!

Therefore, Zhou Zun Long nodded, “Understood.”

Four Seals Clubhouse.

“Dad, please help Chen Dong, will you, he’s really in big trouble this time.”

Gu Qingying was full of anxiety as she took Gu Guohua’s arm and pleaded, “This should be easy for you, right?”


Gu Guohua raised an eyebrow, “Baby girl, if I help Chen Dong, then I will have to erect a city commercial complex almost on the same scale as Yike in the west of the city, and this is called easy?”

Yike is the undeserved leader in real estate!

The sheer volume of the city’s commercial complexes has allowed property prices to soar wherever they are located.

But every time one was built, the cost was also absolutely huge, far from what a mere 100 or 200 million could achieve.

What’s more, Gu Guohua’s current commercial focus has also long since ceased to be in the city.

“But now you’re the only one who can save him.”

Gu Qingying’s eyes turned red and she suddenly knelt down on the ground with tears in her eyes, begging, “If you don’t save him, Dingtai will be completely ruined this time!”

The sudden scene startled Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing.

“You child, why are you suddenly like this? Get up quickly!” Gu Guohua hurriedly a*sisted.

“I won’t get up until you help him!” Gu Qingying said stubbornly.

Li Wanqing became anxious and said to Gu Guohua, “Guohua, please help him, a few billion dollars is nothing to you. Also, don’t forget what Lao Meng and the others said to you!”


Gu Guohua’s tiger body shook, as if struck by lightning.

He took a deep breath and said to Gu Qingying with a complicated gaze, “Xiao Ying, get up first, I have to discuss this matter with your Uncle Meng.”