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Winner Takes All Chapter 127-128

Chapter 127

The small bamboo courtyard.

The sound of laughter broke its secluded and elegant silence.

Sitting on a chair, Gu Qingying watched with some apprehension as her father talked and laughed with several of his old friends.

Apart from a party official, there was also a master of Chinese painting and a medical titan.

These people were not only famous in China, but also in the international arena.

And these people are all close friends of my father.

When Chen Dong came later, what kind of light would it be?

“Old Liu, I haven’t seen you for so many years, you, the director of Lijin Hospital, have become internationally famous!”

The middle-aged man was full of smiles as he looked at a middle-aged man with white hair and couldn’t help but marvel, “Those medical magazines abroad, they often report on you.”

“Hahahaha …… Don’t compliment me, I’ve boiled my head white in a desperate attempt.”

Dean Liu said with a smile, “When it comes to international fame, Zheng Guodian is truly qualified to be internationally famous.”

Another middle-aged man with gla*ses smiled and responded, “I’m just a stinky painting basket, how can I be internationally famous?

“Don’t be silly. Old Gu has asked us to come here this time, but there is something serious.”

Lord Meng said seriously, “To help him keep an eye on his future son-in-law.”

Hearing this, Dean Liu and Zheng Guote simultaneously became interested and inquired who Gu Guohua’s future son-in-law would be.

Gu Guohua smiled but did not say anything, and kept saying that he would be introduced later.

Dean Liu couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t expect that, old Gu made his fortune in this city back then, and now the son-in-law he’s looking for is also in this city, and I wonder which young talent will be able to make his eldest niece dream of him.”

“We’ll find out when we come down.” Gu Guohua smiled faintly, but his gaze was directed at Gu Qingying, “It’s just as well to lend a few brothers to help me refine whether that boy is a piece of real gold or not!”

Gu Qingying’s hands were clenched together, and she became even more nervous.

The uncles were all big shots and had great status.

They also had a very high regard for the word honour.

The “second marriage” Chen Dong, in front of these people, was definitely a big discount.

“Don’t worry, your father knows what’s going on in his heart.”

The beautiful woman saw through Gu Qingying’s thoughts and raised her hand to the back of Gu Qingying’s hand, gently comforting her.

Gu Qingying nodded: “Thank you mum.”


Outside the Four Seals Clubhouse.

The Rolls Royce drove up, and after handing over the invitation to pay respects at the main gate, it drove into the clubhouse unhindered.

After parking, Chen Dong got out of the car with the gift and told Elder Long and Kunlun to wait in the car.

After all, it was Lord Meng who had invited them and their status was special, so a one-on-one contact was best.

Led by the security personnel, they arrived at the small bamboo courtyard.

A burst of laughter came.

Not just Lord Meng?

Chen Dong frowned in confusion.

But didn’t care and followed the security officer in with his gift.

“Boss, Mr. Chen Dong has arrived.”

When he entered the courtyard, the security personnel walked quickly to the front of the hall and stopped to report.

In the hall room, there was an abrupt silence.

“Quickly let him in!”

An excited voice rang out.

Little Shadow?!

Chen Dong was instantly shocked.

He would never mishear Gu Qing Ying’s voice.

But hadn’t Lord Meng invited him tonight?

He was in a state of shock.

In his vision, a beautiful figure appeared at the door of the hall, looking at him with a smile on her face.

If not Gu Qingying, who else?

“Big fool! Hee hee …… didn’t expect it, did you?”

Gu Qingying’s words brought Chen Dong back to reality from his shocked disorientation.

Chen Dong instantly became a little alarmed.

Gu Qingying was here, so her parents ……

Looking down at the gift in his hand, Chen Dong was instantly embarra*sed.

He thought it was Lord Meng’s invitation, so he had specially prepared a gift for Lord Meng.

What the hell did he know that it would suddenly turn out to be a meeting with his parents ah?

For their first meeting, they actually didn’t even have a gift for Gu Qingying’s parents!

“What are you still dumbfounded for?”

Seeing Chen Dong frozen in place, Gu Qingying’s willow brows slightly knitted as she leapt over and took Chen Dong’s arm.

“You, you came back, why didn’t you inform me in advance?” Chen Dong said awkwardly.

“My parents told not to inform you first, ah, now don’t you know about it?” Gu Qingying smiled sweetly.

“But I thought it was Lord Meng’s invitation, so I only prepared this one gift, it’s too rude for me to come empty-handed when I’m meeting your parents for the first time!”

Chen Dong’s voice stumbled a little as he was nervous.

“It’s alright, my parents just want to meet you along with a few uncles, they won’t mind.” Gu Qingying smiled as she tugged Chen Dong towards the hall.

Chen Dong had no choice but to meet his parents with a stiff upper lip.


The few Gu Guohua’s who were seated in the hall room were looking at each other.

“Don’t worry, old dog Gu, we will help you refine this piece of real gold later.” Lord Meng was in a high and powerful position, and his eyebrows were not angry.

On the side, Dean Liu and Zheng Guodian also nodded in agreement.

“Old Gu, don’t worry, we’ve been friends for so many years, since we’ve been invited here, the gate will definitely be well guarded for you.”

“I’d like to see which of the city’s young talents can capture the heart of your daughter, Old Gu.”

Gu Guohua smiled faintly and gave an arching fist to the three.

Just then, Gu Qingying walked in with an embarra*sed looking Chen Dong on her arm.

As soon as he saw Chen Dong.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu’s faces simultaneously revealed a look of shock, their pupils tightened and the corners of their eyes jumped wildly.

There was even a loud “boom” in their minds!

This …… was Old Gu’s future son-in-law?

Oh my God!

Even though the two of them were in high and powerful positions, their hearts were still in a huge wave.

This is a big piece of real gold, who is refining who tonight?

Lord Meng was aware of Chen Dong’s identity.

And Dean Liu was the director of Lijin Hospital, although he had not been present when Chen Dong was treating his mother at the hospital.

But through Dr. Zhang’s feedback, he knows all about Chen Dong!

“Old Gu …… this is the one you said you wanted us to keep an eye on?” Dean Liu blurted out.

Lord Meng, who was on the side, looked at Dean Liu in surprise as his expression froze.

He instantly understood that Dean Liu should also be aware of Chen Dong’s identity!

In fact, Chen Dong was also a little baffled when he entered the room.

He had not expected that there would be so many big names present when he met his parents tonight.

Not only was Lord Meng present, but also Dean Liu of Lijin Hospital.

When he had first taken care of his mother at the hospital, he had seen a picture of Dean Liu.

The only person he didn’t know was the svelte looking man, but someone who could share a table with Lord Meng and Dean Liu would be a small person?

When he heard Dean Liu exclaim, Chen Dong was startled and hurriedly pa*sed a wink towards Lord Meng and Dean Liu.

Tonight was his night to meet Gu Qingying’s parents, and it was already awkward enough without a gift, he did not want to make the situation even more awkward because of his status.

Lord Meng was the first to react and said to Gu Guohua without a trace, “Old Gu, why don’t you hurry up and introduce yourself?”

Dean Liu instantly reacted as well and hurriedly said in a calm manner, “Yes, introduce.”

This scene, which lasted for only a fleeting moment, did not feel wrong to Gu Guohua.

Being sidetracked by Lord Meng, it was natural for Gu Guohua to smile and introduce himself.

“Come, come, let me introduce to you all, this is my daughter’s boyfriend, Chen Dong.”

“Hello, uncles.”

Chen Dong smiled and nodded in greeting before handing the gift to Gu Guohua and the beautiful woman, saying awkwardly and nervously, “That uncle and aunt, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know that I was meeting you tonight, so I didn’t prepare in advance, this antique painting and calligraphy painting is considered a token of appreciation, I will definitely make it up next time.”

The gift that was originally prepared for Lord Meng could only be given to Gu Qingying’s parents by the way.

“Hahahaha …… you big fool, this kind of thing still has to be made up na?”

Gu Qingying laughed and joked: “Usually all kinds of scenes can not be calm and easy? Why did you panic when you saw my mum and dad?”

A word that made Gu Guohua and the others all laugh.

“This is also the fault of uncle and aunt, when they sent you the invitation, there was no signature, so you were not mentally prepared, you don’t need to be nervous, tonight is just a casual meal.”

Gu Guohua smiled bashfully and pointed at Lord Meng and the three of them again, introducing them to Chen Dong one by one.

Both Lord Meng and Dean Liu smiled at Chen Dong and saluted him.

Since Chen Dong did not want them to reveal their identities, they could only pretend to be meeting for the first time.

It was Zheng Guote who was immediately interested in the “antique paintings and calligraphy” Chen Dong had given him.

He rubbed his hands together and said to Chen Dong, “Nephew, I am a stinky painter, I get itchy when I hear about paintings and calligraphy, can I take the liberty to look at this painting?”

“Yes, uncle.” Chen Dong said with a smile.

Zheng Guote immediately looked at Gu Guohua with blearily eyes.

Gu Guohua didn’t care and smiled as he handed the microphone to Zheng Guote.

Zheng Guote hurriedly unwrapped the microphone and took out the calligraphy and painting.

“Tang Bohu’s ‘Traveling in Qiantang’?!”

As soon as he saw the calligraphy and painting, Zheng Guote first froze in shock, and then his expression suddenly went cold.

“Xian nephew, it’s not good to deceive people at a young age!”

The sudden scene instantly chilled the atmosphere.

Gu Guohua looked bewildered, “Old Zheng, what’s wrong with you?”

Zheng Guohan handed the Qian Tang Traveling Picture to Gu Guohua and said coldly, “What does this kid mean when he brings a fake painting to give away?”


Chapter 128


A stunning statement.

It instantly froze the atmosphere in the hall room.

Gu Guohua’s expression was somewhat cold.

Gu Qingying’s mother’s face was also a little unnatural.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu were also filled with dismay.

“Uncle Zheng, Chen Dong wouldn’t bring a fake painting as a gift.” Gu Qingying hurriedly defended Chen Dong.

This was the first time Chen Dong had met her parents.

Given her family background, her parents would never count on the preciousness of the gift Chen Dong had given them, but if the gift was fake, then the implication would be different again!

Wouldn’t that be a big disrespect to false feelings?

“Yes, Old Zheng, take a closer look and don’t make any nonsense.” Dean Liu also echoed Gu Qingying.

He was aware of Chen Dong’s identity, such an existence, how could he give a gift and still give a fake one?

It was definitely Zheng’s clumsy eyes!

Lord Meng also said, “Old Zheng, you just swept it, you must have misread it, are you also a donkey, do you kick back when your brain is hot?”

“Who said that?”

Zheng Guote glared at Lord Meng.

He was a master of Chinese painting, internationally renowned, and a pair of paintings could fetch at least seven figures.

Having been immersed in the painting path for decades, he had also dabbled in countless antique paintings and calligraphy.

He might have misidentified ordinary antique paintings and calligraphy with a glance.

But this painting of Tang Bohu’s “Traveling in Qiantang”, he could tell the difference between real and fake with just one glance!

“You ……”

The corners of Lord Meng’s eyes jumped wildly, subconsciously giving Chen Dong a sidelong glance and saying to Zheng Guote, “Tell me about you wild a*s, today is the day when Xiao Ying is bringing her boyfriend to meet her parents, what are you spilling your guts for?”

The Chen family head’s own son would give away a fake painting?

What an international joke!

If this made Chen Dong angry, at the word of the Chen family, even if Old Zheng was a master of Chinese painting, he would have to go to bed!

“Old Meng, why are you still blaming me?”

Zheng Guote was stern, “Do you think I, Zheng Guote, am given to you for nothing? I despise this kid for giving Old Gu and his wife a fake painting on their first meeting! As the saying goes, if you can’t afford to give something nice, then you can give something cheap and real!”

Lord Meng and Dean Liu were as anxious as ants on a hot pot, their hearts beating wildly.

The two men looked at each other, full of helplessness.

Old Zheng was clearly dancing on the tip of a knife, making a death wish!

But the two of them were well aware of Old Zheng’s donkey temper, once it came to the painting, there was no room for sand in his eyes!


“Uncle Zheng, please enlighten me.” Chen Dong looked calm and smiled.

The painting had been prepared for him by Elder Long, and after getting the tube, he had never opened it to look at it.

But he believed that what Elder Long had given him would never be fake!

Lord Meng and Dean Liu’s hearts sank at the same time.

“Heh! The ability to handle changes without being surprised is quite strong.”

Zheng Guote sneered and said with a face full of arrogance, “Well then, I’ll let you die with a clearer understanding, you’re playing with a fake painting in front of me, simply playing with a big sword in front of Lord Guan’s gate!”

After saying that, he directly clasped his fist at Gu Guohua and his family.

“Old Gu, you guys take it easy.”

Gu Guohua squeezed out a small smile and nodded his head.

With that, he looked at Chen Dong with a few cold intent in his gaze.

In itself, Chen Dong’s status had greatly reduced his impression score.

Even though Chen Dong had made a name for himself with Dingtai today, that little heritage was not enough to enter Gu Guohua’s eyes.

Only Chen Dong’s heart makes Gu Guohua appreciate him a little.

However, a fake painting has made him lose all his goodwill towards Chen Dong.

Gu Qingying was frightened, holding Chen Dong’s hand tightly, but her palms were already full of sweat.

She wanted to explain, but now that things had come to this point, it was simply out of her hands!

Old Zheng once again picked up the Qian Tang Traveling Picture and no longer looked at it at all, instead he said with an arrogant face and a confident chest, “The Qian Tang Traveling Picture is by Tang Yin, and with Tang Yin’s reputation in the painting and calligraphy world, the market price of this painting three years ago was twenty-four million six hundred and forty thousand!”


With a single word, several people in the room were all stunned.

Although they were not poor in terms of money, they were not very familiar with collecting.

In terms of calligraphy and painting, they were even less proficient than Old Zheng, a master of Chinese painting.

If a pair of paintings cost more than twenty million, if it was real, then the gift was too expensive!

Even Chen Dong was shocked for a moment, Old Long was too generous, giving him a gift of more than twenty million dollars to give away!

Immediately afterwards, he smiled, “Uncle Zheng, although I am not as successful as my uncles here now, I can still afford to give away twenty million dollars.”

“Not young, but you have quite a big mouth!”

Old Zheng’s eyebrows were raised, and his civilized appearance was a bit fierce and angry at this time.

Gu Qingying’s eyes flashed, thinking of Chen Dong’s wealth, 20 million or so was really nothing.

She was about to open her mouth to defend Chen Dong.

Old Zheng suddenly sneered and scolded Chen Dong, “Did you not hear what I just said about the price of this painting three years ago?”

“I heard you clearly.” Chen Dong nodded calmly.

“The exact price of two thousand four hundred and sixty four million, how do you think I know that?”

Old Zheng’s eyes flickered with essence as he smiled coldly and said in a stern voice, “That is because I was present when this painting was auctioned back then, and the two thousand four hundred and sixty four million fell into the hammer, having long since been pocketed by a mysterious buyer!”

“Moreover, this painting has never been seen again after the hammer fell three years ago, you are a young man, are you going to tell me that you auctioned this painting back then?”


Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, her eyes full of dismay.

Three years ago …… was exactly the year that Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan got married.

At that time, how could Chen Dong have more than twenty million to buy a painting?

Could …… really be a fake painting?

In a flash, Gu Qingying felt black in front of her eyes, as if her heart had been taken out, indescribably empty.

Gu Guohua’s expression was completely cold.

He had no doubt about Old Zheng’s words.

Old Zheng was a master of Chinese painting, an expert in this field, and his words had come to this point, could there still be any lies?

“Chen Dong, uncle really didn’t expect you to be so vain now!”

Gu Guohua said in a deep voice, “Back then when uncle met you, you were still an honest and smart kid!”

“Uncle Gu ……” Chen Dong looked a little flustered.

“What else do you have to say?”

Gu Guohua waved his hand angrily, “Xiao Ying likes you, I only agreed to meet you with her mother, with my Gu Guohua family, I will never care about the lightness or the preciousness of the gift you give, but I am looking for a word of truth, what are you trying to do by bringing something like this? Are you trying to tell me that you also have false feelings for my Xiao Ying?”

“Old Gu, cut the crap, what if Chen Dong is careless and clumsy?” Dean Liu hurriedly discouraged.

Lord Meng even nudged Old Zheng, pa*sing his eyes one after another, “Old Zheng, you’ve only taken a look, how can you be so accurate, look again, look carefully, what if you’re clumsy and have wronged Chen Dong?”

He knew Chen Dong’s identity, and had even witnessed the scene where the Chen family head had vowed to offer the Chen family’s old lady into the ancestral shrine for Chen Dong.

If it was someone else who had sent this painting, Lord Meng would definitely choose to believe Old Zheng.

But if it was Chen Dong who sent the painting, could the painting be fake?

Was there a painting under the heavens that the Chen family could not get their hands on?

“Old Meng, if you question me again, don’t blame me for turning against you!” Old Zheng was furious and looked angrily at Lord Meng: “Fake! If I say the painting is a fake, then it is a fake! It’s not real!”

Lord Meng’s expression was choked, and he could not bear to beat his chest.

It was at this moment.

Gu Guohua said angrily.

“Chen Dong, please leave this place!”