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Winner Takes All Chapter 121-123

Chapter 121

An icy voice echoed through the hall.

It instantly made the air seem to freeze.

The middle-aged man with graying temples had his pupils tightened, his face full of shock.

Elder Long and Kunlun were even more frightened, their faces turning white.

Elder Long hurriedly said to Chen Dong, “Young master, do not be rude!”

After saying that, he hurriedly explained to Old Madam Chen, “Old Madam, Old Slave apologises on behalf of Young Master, please forgive me.”


Old Madam Chen laughed coldly, not even looking at Elder Long on the ground, instead she locked eyes with Chen Dong and gradually narrowed her gaze.

From beginning to end, Chen Dong’s face was devoid of the slightest ripple, except for the endless coldness.

There was not even the slightest flinch when he locked eyes with Old Mrs. Chen.

From the moment he entered the hall, he could hear Old Lady Chen reciting the orthodox Buddhist transcendental sutra, the Earth Store Bodhisattva Benevolent Sutra.

But he boasted that he was wearing a sin and had come to beg for forgiveness so that Old Lady Chen would take a step back, so he held back his anger.

But Old Lady Chen kept chanting the sutra and left him hanging. If Old Man Long had not stopped him, Old Lady Chen might have really had to recite the Earth Store Bodhisattva’s Benevolent Vow Sutra a hundred times.

One hundred times of the sutra would be enough time for him to bleed to death.

He had indeed come to beg for mercy.

But he was no soft touch, nor was he a rash man.

Old Mrs. Chen had come running to overtake him, so what else could he bear?

Long Lao was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and his eyes were red as he looked at Old Lady Chen.

When he entered the house, he had heard the old lady reciting the scriptures for the supernatural?

But he didn’t dare to stop it!

If he hadn’t seen Chen Dong’s condition getting worse and worse, as a household slave, how would he dare to open this mouth?

But to his surprise, Chen Dong had actually heard the transcendental scripture too, and he had even poked it out directly in front of Old Lady Chen.

This was a great disrespect!

At this point, Old Mrs. Chen slowly got up, walked over to the computer, turned off the chanting and stopped to pause.

In the hall, there was a solemn dead silence.

Both Old Man Long and Kunlun, as well as the middle-aged man with graying temples, looked at Old Lady Chen apprehensively, and even choked a little.

A long time later.

Old Mrs. Chen suddenly laughed: “Good, good, worthy of being Dao Lin’s seed, you have city spirit and guts, my old body is indeed not useful anymore, I can’t believe you are contradicting me.”

Although she was laughing, everyone could feel the endless coldness in her words.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Old Mrs. Chen turned around, her eyes glowing with a sharp aura, and she was directly facing Chen Dong.

“If you know that you have opened your wounds and are seeking a step back from the old body, then why can’t the old body overtake you on the spot?”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened.

At this moment, facing Old Lady Chen, he suddenly had a feeling of being seen through.

Was it because she had guessed that I would open my wounds that she had deliberately recited the transcendental scriptures?

It was like an old fox!

“Kneel down!”

Old Mrs. Chen shouted fiercely, her brow imposing.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together, hesitating.

His eyes were incomparably torn, and his right hand could not help but press tightly against the wound, his fingers wanting to plunge into the wound.

There was gold under a man’s knees, kneeling to the heavens and the earth, kneeling to his parents.

With this kneeling, that was his complete bowing down to the Chen family’s might!

And Old Mrs. Chen, but she had come to ask him to raise her voice!

“Young master …… quickly kneel down.”

Long Lao said to Chen Dong with red eyes and a trembling voice.

Even the normally amiable and calm Old Man Long could not hide his fear at this moment.

In the Chen family, the old lady had a supreme position.

At this moment, in the absence of the old master, if the situation were to become completely deadlocked, even if the old master were to come in person, it would be impossible to undo the situation.

By then, Chen Dong would be cut off from his heirship and everything would be in vain!

“Young master ……”

Kun Lun wanted to say something but stopped, his gaze flickering.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled heavily, a smile appeared on his frost-covered face, “Fine, I’ll kneel!”

With that, he slowly knelt down as he forced himself to endure the sharp pain of his abdominal wound tearing.

At this moment, it was as if time was slowing down.

Chen Dong’s pale face was filled with a smile, but in his eyes, there was a glittering lustre.

His hands, unconsciously, clenched tightly, veins protruding.

Even, his teeth were clenched and creaked.

This was humiliation!

It was the humiliation brought about by his birth being inferior to Chen Tiansheng.

Even though he was unwilling to bow his head and kneel, he had to do so.

If he knelt, he would still have a chance to be the victor.

If he didn’t kneel, he would only fall to the gra*s and become a bandit, or even worse.


His knees hit the ground, causing Chen Dong’s heart to tremble fiercely.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s consciousness was in a bit of a trance and his mind went blank for a moment.

“The old body thought that you were an iron bone and a cross breed, but it turns out that your knees can also bend, huh?”

Old Madam Chen looked down on Chen Dong from a height, her eyes full of disdain and disgust, “What crime should you be guilty of hurting my good grandson Born?”

Long Lao looked flustered, “Old Madam, hasn’t this matter already been decided at home?”


Old Madam Chen waved her hand violently, and her brow was intimidating: “You think that my grandson, who is a good listener, is trying to muddy the waters? My grandson’s body is fine, but he was beaten up like that, how could he just stab him?”



Chen Dong laughed coldly, his eyes filled with raging anger.

Such favouritism, what a way to ask for punishment!

“Old Madam, Young Master Chen Dong has already received a stab, can’t you see this wound?”

Long Lao’s eyes were red and he trembled as he voiced his displeasure for Chen Dong.

“How dare you! A mere household slave, do you have the right to speak?”

Old Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows and gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance with a glare, “He’s a wild B*****d, what qualifications does he have to be compared to my good grandson Tiansheng? Last time it was Tian Yang, this time it’s Tiansheng, you B*****d, you’re so powerful!”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face grew even stronger.

A B*****d?

Indeed, he was a wild child!

“Old Madam, Young Master Chen Dong is after all the bloodline of the Master, he is just as much a direct descendant of the Chen family!” Elder Long no longer cared about his status at this point.

Old Madam Chen’s words were no longer favoritism towards anyone, much less raising an accusation.

Rather, she wanted to directly slap Chen Dong to death!

As a household slave, if he could not protect his master, what kind of household slave was he?

“What is the status of the Chen family? What kind of a thing is he?”

Old Madam Chen glared at Elder Long, her long, dry finger pointing at Chen Dong: “He’s just a wild child born to a B*tch, what kind of Chen family is he?”

“But ……”

Elder Long still wanted to argue.

Kun Lun, who was kneeling on the ground, was also seething with anger and wanted to argue.

In the hall room, the smell of gunpowder was strong.

The killing intent was steaming.

The middle-aged man with graying temples, however, frowned and looked at Chen Dong with a sullen expression.

“Well said!”

Chen Dong bellowed.

In an instant, Old Mrs. Chen was confused, and Elder Long and Kunlun were confused.

Then, under the gazes of several people.

Chen Dong covered his wound and slowly stood up, “You’re right, the bones of a wild B*****d, they are made of iron and cannot be bent!”

“You …… kneel down for me!” Old Mrs. Chen was instantly furious.

In the Chen family, no one had ever dared to treat her with such disrespect!

Outside, even more so, no one had dared to provoke her in such a manner!

“Since you have disowned me, since you have treated me as a wild child, and since you have insulted my mother B*tch, then why should old me …… kneel to you?”

Chen Dong’s anger raged, his gaze sharp as a knife.

At this moment, the prevailing anger is overwhelming.


Chapter 122


Elder Long and Kunlun were struck by lightning and were terrified to the core.

Elder Long was even filled with hot tears, his face full of despair.

Now …… was completely finished!

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen was furious to the extreme.

A wild seed, how dare you treat her like this?

It was absurd!

In the Chen family, which had all the wealth in the world, her position was so superior that even the head of the family had to respect her.

In her mind, Chen Dong was even the family head’s own son.

But if she was happy, she could still call Chen Dong a wild child.

If she was not happy, what was Chen Dong?

He was not even a wild child!


Chen Dong took a step forward, and at this moment, his aura was majestic and his gaze was compelling.

“I respect you, you are the old lady of the Chen family, if I don’t respect you, what kind of a thing are you?”

A shocking thunderstorm of words caused Old Mrs. Chen’s face to turn blue and red.

Even with her cultivation, at this moment, her heart and soul were stirred and her anger was raging, her face was red and her teeth were clenched.

However, Chen Dong still did not retreat.

Once again, he took a step forward.

“You’ve come to raise an accusation, I’ll give you face, break my own wound and exchange blood for you to give up a step.”

“I am hoping for you to give up a step, not for you to step forward and use the Earth Store Bodhisattva Benediction to overtake me on the spot!”

The voice was like thunder, deafening.

Chen Dong was not a coward, much less a fool.

As soon as they met, Mrs Chen’s words and mannerisms clearly indicated that she intended to bypa*s his father and “slap him to death”!

He could back down, he could hold back, he could even bend his knees and kneel down.

But he could not wait for death!

In the hall, the air was frozen to the point of suffocation.

The middle-aged man with graying temples frowned deeper and deeper, and his gaze at Chen Dong became increasingly harsh.

Long Lao and Kun Lun, on the other hand, had faces ashen and tears in their eyes.

Everyone knew that the powder keg had exploded!

It had exploded completely!

Old Madam Chen’s face was blue and blue, and she was breathing heavily, looking at Chen Dong with a look that made her want to eat him alive.

The status and power of the Chen family had made her high above the clouds ever since she had entered the Chen family.

When she looked at anyone, she was like a god overlooking all the ants.

Accustomed to being on top, she now encountered a frog who dared to pull her down from the clouds, making it difficult for her to calm down.

Suddenly, Old Lady Chen sat back in her chair.

Her humane gaze was fixed on Chen Dong as she gritted her teeth and said, “Young man, don’t get too angry!”

A threat, undisguised!

But Chen Dong let out a cold laugh.

Once again, he took a step forward, his gaze cold, and chided wildly, “What do you call a young man if you’re not too proud?”


Old Mrs. Chen was struck by lightning.

Her chest rose and fell violently, almost spurting out a mouthful of old blood.

“You, you wild B*****d …… old body will make you die without a burial place today! Even if your father is the head of the family, he will never be able to keep you!”

The killing intent was soaring.

Old Madam Chen had never had such strong thoughts of killing before.

When she saw Chen Dong today, his words and actions had stripped away all the dignity she had accumulated for decades.

“You try?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, his gaze deep, and smiled oddly, “I am now three steps away from you!”

The same killing intent was in full force.

The same undisguised threat.

Giving up his death, he dared to pull the emperor off his horse!

Since he was a child, he had walked step by step from the darkness to this day, bearing the name of a wild child.

Counting himself alone, he was certain that he had earned it!

So, even the old ladies of the Chen family would have to give his corpse a cushion!

As for his mother and the others, they would be fine with his father sheltering them.

Sure enough.

The Chen family’s old lady’s face froze and her pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

Her might was all created by her power.

She had reached the twilight of her life after all, three steps away, and Chen Dong could really step forward and crush her to death with one hand.

Both Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang are family elites who have received systematic training in fighting techniques. Even if they were no match for Chen Dong, Old Lady Chen did not have the luxury of expecting the middle-aged man beside her to protect her.

Moreover, she really did not doubt Chen Dong’s words.

What couldn’t a froggy man do?

In the hall, it was as if time was frozen.

There was a complete and utter stalemate.

Long Lao and Kun Lun had long since blanked out their minds, feeling like the sky had collapsed.

The middle-aged man with white temples, from beginning to end, showed no attitude, merely watching from the sidelines.

Chen Dong and Old Lady Chen, tit for tat, did not give an inch.

If this scene were to get out, it would definitely shock the world.

The Chen family, that was a hidden supreme super clan!

Even the God of War, the rich and powerful, would have to bow down before the Chen Family.

But now, a young man wanted to make the Chen family’s old lady, within three steps, splash three feet of blood!

Time pa*sed slowly.

Outside the hall, the gurgling sound of a trickling stream came from outside.


A mellow voice, containing endless coldness, came from behind the bamboo railing behind Old Mrs. Chen and the middle-aged man.

“Sanniang, he is my son!”

A simple word, but it was like a big thunderbolt.

Everyone was startled by it.

“Old, old master …… is old master!”

A glow bloomed in Elder Long’s eyes, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

Kunlun was also excited and ecstatic, clenching his fists.

The middle-aged man sitting at the end of his chair hurriedly got up, respectfully turned around and cupped his fist in obeisance.

“Greetings to the Chen family head!”

“Lord Meng is very polite.”

Behind the bamboo rail, a thick, low voice responded to the middle-aged man in a cloudy manner.


Old Mrs. Chen, who was sitting in her chair, let out a cold snort and smiled back in anger, “Dao Lin, you came quite quickly!”

“How can you be as quick as Sanniang?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s smile grew even wider as she raised her hand and pointed at Chen Dong, “Then you should see how such a disobedient and rampant B*****d is qualified to be compared to the elite of the Chen family? What qualifications does he have to become the heir to the Chen family?”

Chen Dong was frozen.

In an instant, his mind was complicated to the extreme.

His eyes stared straight back at the bamboo fence.

Faintly, he could see a blurred black shadow standing there.

It had been over twenty years, and this was the first time he had seen him since he was born!

Chen Dong couldn’t help but squint his eyes, desperately squeezing his eyeballs to see the true appearance of the man behind the bamboo fence.

But the place was too dark, so dark that it was impossible to see!

With that, Chen Daolin’s voice slowly rang out.

“Sanniang, what’s wrong with what he did?”

A rhetorical question caused Old Lady Chen to freeze completely, followed closely by Chen Daolin continuing, “He’s not some wild child, he’s my Chen Daolin’s own flesh and blood!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his body shook violently.

The words “flesh and blood” were like a heavy hammer that struck his heart hard.

Chen Daolin’s voice did not stop there, he continued, his words resounding.

Just like Chen Dong just now, he was overbearing and domineering!

“He is not disobedient and rampant, he will fight to the death even if anyone is pushed on the chopping block, he will take revenge even if his mother is humiliated, his bloodlust is worthy of being my Chen Daolin’s seed!”

“If he is my son, why is he not qualified to compete with the Chen family elite for the heirship? The elite of the Chen Heavenly Breed are still at home raising their legs, the elite of the Chen Natural Born would be in the ground by now if not for the family rules, and you say my son is no match for these elites?”

“Sanniang, I am the Chen family head, the Chen family, I am the one in charge!”


Chapter 123

Within the hall, Chen Daolin’s voice echoed.

It was an unusually calm voice, but it carried a look of overbearing aura that one could not refute.

Such an aura was unique to the Chen family head!

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was blue, her thin body trembling vaguely as she gritted her teeth.

Chen Daoling was the head of the family, but was her junior.

What kind of filial piety was it for a junior to contradict her as an elder in public?

This completely embarra*sed her and rubbed her face in the dirt even more.

Elder Long and Kunlun were ecstatic, their red eyes looking at the figure behind the bamboo fence.

Chen Daolin’s words clearly meant that he was going to die to protect Chen Dong!

Even the middle-aged man with graying temples revealed a look of surprise at this moment.

Chen Dong was frozen.

Inexplicably, his nose was a little sore.

Is this father of mine …… whom I have never met so fierce?

“Chen Daoling, is this the tone you take as the head of the family when you speak to your elders?”

Old Mrs. Chen squeezed her voice out from between her teeth, “Where do you place the filial piety of the Chen family?”

“What does Third Mother have to say?” Chen Daolin’s voice was suddenly dripping with a touch of teasing.

“This wild child, contradicting the old body, disobedient and unfilial, how can you, as the head of the family, convince the public if you do not follow the family rules and instead protect your shortcomings?”

Old Mrs. Chen fiercely pointed at Chen Dong, her aura once again soaring.

In the Chen family, the family rules were strict and filial piety was an inerasable part of the family.

This was also the reason why the Chen family had existed in seclusion for so many years, yet it still stood tall and looked down on all living beings from high up in the clouds.

“Where is the disobedience? If you had not been so aggressive, would my son have contradicted you? He has broken his own wounds to beg your forgiveness, what have you done as an elder?”

Chen Daoling’s voice sank sharply.

Old Mrs. Chen’s pupils flashed with a strange light, and she glared at the middle-aged man with graying temples with disgust.

The middle-aged man’s expression froze and he hurriedly bowed his head.

Inside the room, the air seemed to freeze.

The smell of gunpowder was strong.

Chen Dong also stopped interrupting, he was clear that this rise to power was already a confrontation between his father and Old Mrs. Chen.

However, in the next second, Old Mrs. Chen’s words caused Chen Dong’s heart to seize fiercely.

Old Madam Chen gritted her teeth and said, “What if the old body has to dispose of this wild seed today?”

Murderous intent steamed up.

Her voice sounded like the cold wind blowing out of the nine ghosts.

As soon as the words were spoken, the temperature in the hall room seemed to plummet a few degrees.


Chen Daolin snorted, “Does Sanniang still think that Daolin will be forced to abandon his family and return to the Chen family, as he did back then? Sanniang, I am the one in charge of the Chen family …… nowadays!”

“Since I have become the head of the Chen family, will you allow me to harm my wife and son?”

The words were domineering, not giving an inch.


Old Mrs. Chen became furious to the extreme and angrily slapped her palm on the table.

“Chen Daoling, today I will let you watch this B*****d die in front of you with your own eyes!”

After saying this, Old Madam Chen shouted angrily at the door, “Someone, kill this wild B*****d Chen Dong for me!”

In an instant.

Three of Old Madam Chen’s trusted household slaves waiting in the small courtyard rushed into the hall.


Chen Daoling let out a stern shout.

In fact, before Chen Daolin spoke, Kun Lun’s lofty iron tower-like body was already standing loftily at the entrance of the hall house.

The enormous figure pressed down, instantly causing the three close family slaves of Old Madam Chen to give a start.

“Chen Daoling!”

Old Madam Chen’s body trembled with anger, and her eyes glared angrily, no longer half as dignified and elegant as she usually was.

“The old body, it’s not dead yet!”

The angry voice echoed, incomparably piercing.

“Sanniang, Chen Dong is my son!”

Chen Daolin spoke slowly, “If you insist on doing so, I don’t mind having another ancestral shrine in the ancestral hall of the Chen family today!”

The words came out shockingly, like a thunderclap.

Chen Dong’s face was filled with shock, and his heart was set in motion by a huge wave.

Ruthless man!

My dad was really fierce!

With these words, he was directly killing Old Mrs. Chen!

He had completely ignored the so-called Chen family rules!

In an instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

No one expected Chen Daoling to say such overbearing words.

“The old body ……” Old Mrs Chen fought back the urge to spit out blood, her chest heaving violently.

But not waiting for her to finish.

Chen Daolin’s voice rang out, “Sanniang, you and I are not that close! If you follow the outcome of the judgment made at home, I, Chen Daolin, will respect you as a third mother. If you persist, I will personally lead the Chen family to burn incense for you at your grave next year!”


Old Mrs. Chen’s anger surged and her jealousy was raging as she angrily slapped the table and cursed.

“Good, Chen Daolin, you are worthy of being the head of the Chen family!”

“The arrogance and brutality of this wild B*****d is simply succeeding you!”

“The old body was blind back then to make you the head of the family!”


A series of shrill and harsh scoldings made Old Madam Chen look like a shrew scolding the street.

Everyone was dumbfounded and did not dare to believe it.

A long time later.

Old Mrs. Chen angrily flung her hand, “Let’s go!”

Glaring fiercely at Chen Dong, she angrily walked out of the hall and left with her three close family slaves.

“Old woman …… really think I, Chen Daoling, am a vegetarian?” Chen Daolin behind the bamboo railing snorted a laugh.

With that.

The hall room returned to calm.

The middle-aged man with graying temples smiled slightly and cupped his fist at Chen Daoling behind the bamboo rail.

“Master Chen Clan, I will leave first.”

“Thank you, Lord Meng, for your convenience today.”

“Nowhere, nowhere, it is an honour for me to serve the family lord.”

The middle-aged man with graying temples smiled and shook his head. In fact, Chen Daolin had already arrived at the Four Seals Club, and he knew it, but he still followed Chen Daolin’s instructions and did not inform Old Lady Chen.

This was the result of Chen Daolin living behind the bamboo fence and seeing the original story clearly.

The middle-aged man turned to leave, and as he brushed past Chen Dong, his eyes were deep and he smiled as he gave Chen Dong a hug.

“Thank you.” Chen Dong’s pale face revealed a smile as he nodded his head in greeting.

When the middle-aged man left, the hall room once again returned to calm.

Chen Dong looked at the silhouette behind the bamboo railing with a complicated expression.

The figure, from beginning to end, stood there, motionless.

Yet, with the most domineering words, he ignored the family rules and drove away Old Lady Chen.

A scene like that, Chen Dong had the luxury of wishing for.

And extravagantly for more than twenty years!

A long time later.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Not coming out?”

“I’ll go first.”

Chen Daolin suddenly said, striding towards the outside of the hall.

The sudden scene caused Chen Dong to be confused.

Elder Long and Kunlun were also filled with dismay.

Having come, they were not even seeing each other?

“I wish the first time I saw you was the moment you entered the Chen family!”

Chen Daolin’s voice came from afar, accompanied by a few violent and sharp coughs at the end.

“Master, your health ……”

Elder Long’s expression changed slightly and he spoke out to ask.

“No harm!”

Chen Daolin’s voice was getting farther and farther away.

Elder Long’s gaze deepened as he turned to look at Chen Dong.

With this look, he froze.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were slightly red and shining with a glowing lustre.

He did not chase after him out of the hall, but peered at Chen Daoling.

Instead, he stopped where he was and, with a trembling voice, murmured a curse, “Son of a b*tch!”