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Winner Takes All Chapter 114-116

Chapter 114

A hideous sneer, a casual tone.

It made Chen Tiansheng’s eyebrows knit together and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

Even with his city spirit, he could not figure out why Chen Dong was acting so strangely at this moment.

The more he couldn’t figure it out, the more it made his heart beat faster and his mind wary.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf, too, looked at Chen Dong in confusion.


Other than weird, the two were completely unable to think of any adjectives to describe Chen Dong at this moment.

Knowing that he had violated the house rules, he still threw the first punch.

Then he fought hard to get injured, retreated to the second line, casually instructed the two of them to surround Chen Tiansheng, and even managed to show a cold smile.

What was the purpose of doing so ……?


Chen Dong’s voice trailed off.

Boom click!

Outside the villa, a bolt of lightning tore through the night sky.

Kunlun’s expression snapped, “Lone Wolf, do it!”

As he spoke, his lofty iron tower-like body, with a titanic mountain crushing aura, pressed directly across towards Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Tiansheng’s face changed greatly, and he did not dare to fight Kunlun at all, so he directly drew back and flew back.

In the Chen family, although Kun Lun was a slave, he was the chief instructor of all the elites, instructing them in fighting techniques!

He was no match for Kun Lun!

In a flash of lightning.

Lone Wolf appeared behind Chen Tiansheng with unerring precision.

Without any fancy, he directly blasted Chen Tiansheng with a punch.

“Heh! Rubbish!”

Chen Tiansheng laughed disdainfully and turned around, his white arm was as boneless as it was, directly wrapping around Lone Wolf’s arm and going straight up to Lone Wolf’s throat.


There was a muffled sound.

The Lone Wolf’s other hand stopped Chen Tiansheng’s claw.

At the same time, a bloodthirsty, strange smile appeared at the corner of the Lone Wolf’s mouth.

It was as if the wolf king of the gra*sland had locked onto his dying prey!

Chen Tiansheng’s face changed greatly, and his heart jerked violently.

Without waiting for him to draw back, a strong wind suddenly pressed in from the diagonal.

Bang Teen!

Kun Lun’s fist smashed into Chen Tiansheng’s waist, and the terrifying force sent Chen Tiansheng flying straight out.

Having won the blow, Kunlun and Lone Wolf did not pause, and once again pounced on Chen Tiansheng like an arrow from a string.

Outside the villa.

The rain was pouring down.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

Inside the villa, there was a brutal beating.

Fists and kicks were exchanged, and the roar was ear-splitting.

Only Chen Dong, sitting indifferently on the sofa, with a wry sneer on his lips, admired the fight, but his gaze was profoundly powerful.

Chen Tiansheng was indeed very cunning, knowing that he was no match for Kunlun, so all his killing moves were directed at the Lone Wolf, making the most of his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses.

This was used by Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who were experienced in combat.

No, I should say killing experience.

At least, in Chen Dong’s eyes, Lone Wolf was repeatedly using himself as bait to lure Chen Tiansheng into attacking himself, creating the perfect conditions for Kunlun to strike.

Chen Dong did not know if Chen Tiansheng knew about this.

Perhaps those in authority were confused and those on the sidelines were clear.

But even if Chen Tiansheng reacted, so what?

Did Chen Tiansheng have any other choice?

Faced with Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s siege, he didn’t even have a chance to escape except by using this tactic of avoiding the strong and fighting the weak!

From Chen Dong’s point of view, at this moment, Chen Tiansheng was just like a trapped beast fighting.

It was only a matter of time before he fell to his knees!

And when Chen Tiansheng fell to his knees, that was the time for him to really strike.

Under the cover of pouring rain and thunder and lightning.

Making the battle between the three not too loud.

But that tension between life and death, instead of diminishing, became more intense.

Chen Tiansheng soon fell to the ground as Kunlun and Lone Wolf joined forces.

Time and time again, he was struck hard by Kunlun.

In just two minutes’ time, Chen Tiansheng already had blood on the corners of his mouth, his chest was stained red in large swathes, and his aura had wilted by a large margin.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf were becoming more and more skilful, like two beasts of prey, their claws and teeth exposed, and they showed no mercy to Chen Tiansheng again and again.

Both Kunlun and Lone Wolf were ready to die for Chen Dong.

If they were ready to die, how could they care about anything else?

Bang Teen!

Kunlun’s whip kick sent Chen Tiansheng flying.

Chen Tiansheng smashed into the table and hit the ground, but did not immediately get up as he had done just now.


A large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out, staining the ground red.

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng’s face was covered in blood, his clothes were in rags, and even his gla*ses were shattered to the extent that only the twisted frames remained.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf did not pursue the fight again, but looked at each other and looked at Chen Dong at the same time.

With the experience they both had, if they kept fighting …… people would be D*mned!


Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his voice calmly but with an endless coldness.

It was as if a cold wind was blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf revealed a determined look at the same time, Chen Dong’s meaning was already very clear!

Before the two of them could move, the Chen Tiansheng on the ground suddenly hissed and roared, “I, I am the heir of the Chen family, you, you two dogs, who dares to kill me?”

“If you dare to kill me, you will have to be prepared to bury your whole family with you!”

“Don’t expect this wild B*****d to save you all, even he, will have to be buried with me!”

As he said that, Chen Tiansheng struggled to stand up, but his gaze looked askance at Chen Dong on the sofa in shock and suspicion.

He was truly panicked.

It was completely unexpected that things would develop to this kind of situation that was completely detrimental to him.

Luring Chen Dong into breaking the family rules was indeed his aim.

But the consequence of doing so was to make Chen Dong lose his heir status, not to cost him his life.

Whether it was Chen Dong’s strangeness or the ruthlessness and decisiveness of Kunlun Lone Wolf’s strike, he could no longer remain calm.

Even the deepest of cities would be exposed to the public when faced with death!

Even in spite of his face and dignity, he had to bring up the might of the Chen family and beg for a way out!



Chen Dong snorted, “Continue!”


Chen Tiansheng was struck by lightning, his heart beating wildly.

Almost simultaneously.

Kunlun pressed one hand on Lone Wolf and said in a cold voice, “I’m alone, I’ll do it!”

The Lone Wolf revealed a bloodthirsty cold smile, “Speaking as if I am not alone, if I were really afraid of death, I would have spent my life in that dark place instead of following Mr. Chen to the light.”

Chen Tiansheng was dumbfounded and stood frozen in place.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s conversation had instantly plunged him into the abyss of despair.

How could these two …… people even be willing to give Chen Dong their lives?

There was a sudden darkness in front of his eyes.

Chen Tiansheng was violently startled and his vision flew into focus, only to see a bushel of large hands splitting his head and falling.

In an instant, being strangled by the neck, a strong feeling of suffocation came rushing in.

Chen Tiansheng instinctively wanted to resist, but the series of heavy injuries he had just suffered had long since left him at the end of his rope.

crunch …… crunch ……

The oozing sound of bones and flesh squeezing.

Kunlun’s expression was indifferent, and his right hand slowly powered up, lifting Chen Tiansheng stiffly into the air.

“I follow the lord and young master, it is not a loss to exchange my life for yours!”

Chen Tiansheng struggled desperately, his hands smashing fiercely against Kunlun’s wrists.

However, Kun Lun’s hands were like iron pincers, instead of relaxing, they were getting harder and harder, as if they wanted to snap his neck hard.

The intense suffocation made Chen Tiansheng open his mouth wide and try desperately to breathe, but he could still clearly feel the air in his lungs being squeezed out of his body rapidly.

Consciousness was gradually dizzying.

Death was getting closer and closer.

“Put him down!”

Suddenly, Chen Dong let out a clear cry.

Kunlun’s eyebrows knitted and he was puzzled, but he let go of Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Tiansheng landed on the ground with a loud puff of air, and his vivid purple face gradually improved.


At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck outside the house.


By the lightning, a cold light flashed out from inside the house.

Chen Tiansheng’s face changed drastically and he looked at Chen Dong with round eyes.

At this moment, Chen Dong had already stood up.

One step at a time, he was walking towards Chen Tiansheng like a leisurely man, but in his hand he was shaking a cold dagger.

The cold light from the blade of the dagger caused Chen Tiansheng’s breath to stop and his heart to beat wildly.

In the dead silence of the living room, Chen Dong’s cold voice slowly echoed.

“In my life, I, Chen Dong, have three things to protect.”

“The parents who gave birth and raised me!”

“The woman who loves me in her arms!”

“The brother who lives and dies with me!”

When Chen Dong stood in front of Chen Tiansheng, strong killing intent rushed out like a raging river.

Chen Tiansheng was completely panicked, in the darkness, Chen Dong looked like a cold-blooded killing god in his eyes, the killing intent, which made his heart tremble and his mind go blank.

With his dagger raised, Chen Dong spoke in a furious voice.

“If you harm my mother, I will fight you to the death!”


Chapter 115

Boom click!

Lightning illuminated the living room.

Chen Dong looked rare and fierce, and with a roar of rage, his hand gripped the frigid dagger as he charged brazenly towards Chen Tiansheng.

The strong killing intent made Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s faces pale.

Kunlun even shouted “Young Master” and tried to stop him, but it was too late.

In an instant, it was as if time had slowed down.

Chen Tiansheng’s face was white, his heart was beating wildly, and his pupils were dilated to the limit.

At this moment, he no longer had the calmness and composure he had before, there was only a strong fear of death.

He had no doubt that Chen Dong would really stab him with a dagger!

Life or death, it was just a matter of moments!


Chen Tiansheng shouted out violently.

It was not clear whether it was fear or a cry of counterattack in the face of death.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong and Chen Tiansheng’s bodies clashed together.


A sound of a dagger entering flesh echoed in the living room.

With that, the two seemed to freeze.

Tick …… tick ……

A drop of blood dripped down from between the two to the ground, quickly staining the floor red.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf were all confused.

The smell of blood that poured into their nostrils made the two gradually come back to their senses.

Kunlun sighed grimly, “It’s over ……”

The words just fell.


A scream sounded.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf were startled at the same time.

That voice, it was Chen Tiansheng’s!

Immediately after, the two saw Chen Tiansheng’s expression abruptly turn frightened, puzzled, and angry ……

In a short moment, all sorts of emotions crawled all over Chen Tiansheng’s fiercely white face.

Eventually, a raging anger surfaced on the fiercely white face.

Even, Chen Tiansheng’s body was trembling violently.

“You, you F**king ……”


Chen Dong sneered, interrupting Chen Tiansheng’s angry voice.

With that.

With a lift of his left hand, he pushed the shocked Chen Tiansheng out with a snap, while he himself stumbled backwards.

There was a poof.

Chen Tiansheng fell to the ground, his face quickly turning white, but the corners of his mouth were flushed with a cold, bone-chilling smile, and his eyes were still as stern as knives.

His right hand, however, was pressed firmly against his abdomen.

In his hand, the dagger, with its cold glow, sank into the flesh.

Blood, gurgling, flowed.


This scene made Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s brains ring out loudly.

The expressions also, in an instant, turned into horror as their pupils dilated to the limit.

How, how could this happen?

Shouldn’t this slash have landed on Chen Tiansheng’s body?

“Young Master!”

“Mr. Chen!”

After the panic, Kunlun and Lone Wolf rushed to Chen Tiansheng’s side at the same time.

“Ah …… madman, you wild B*****d is a F**king madman!”

Chen Tiansheng roared madly, desperately flinging blood from his hands, he had a feeling of having his three views shattered.

To his death, he did not expect that Chen Dong would actually play such a trick for him at the end!

Just now, he had even felt death coming, but the moment he came into contact with Chen Dong, all his fear of death turned into fear in an instant.

In that very instant, Chen Dong shoved the dagger into his hand, then holding his hand, he viciously stabbed the dagger into his own abdomen!

Everything, it was all calculated!

With Chen Tiansheng’s city spirit, he naturally reacted at this point.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong had never intended to take his life!

Rather, he had used this method, which was almost a life for a life, to vent his hatred and anger for causing his mother’s death!

In doing so, even if he broke the family rules, there was room for manoeuvre!

He was almost seriously injured when he was beaten by Kunlun and Lone Wolf at the behest of Chen Dong.

And in the end, he stabbed Chen Dong as well.

How else could he be dealt with by the family rules when he broke the family rules in this way, and then had the family head to take refuge and manoeuvre?

“Even if you don’t dare to exchange lives, what are you playing with me?”

Facing the almost crazed Chen Tiansheng, Chen Dong snorted and laughed, looking at Chen Tiansheng with a look full of disdain and contempt.

Chen Tiansheng looked dumbfounded.

He suddenly found that for the first time, he actually felt a sense of fear towards a person!

Ever since he was a child, as an elite of the Chen family, and even one of the strongest contenders for the succession of the family head.

His glory, his arrogance, had all given him the confidence to look down on everyone.

But now, facing Chen Dong, a wild child of the Chen family who had strayed away.

He …… was afraid!

How terrifying should a person who can do whatever it takes, step by step, even design himself in, and not hesitate to harm himself?

Chen Tiansheng asked himself, he could never do such a thing as Chen Dong!

This wild B*****d, he was a madman!

There was a poof!

Chen Tiansheng fell limp to the ground as Chen Dong despised, again in his ears.

At this moment, his confidence suddenly wavered.

What followed immediately was a wave of intense shame that was like a torrent of river water.

The elite of the Chen family had actually lost to a wild child?

D*mn it!

This wild B*****d, simply deserve to die!

“Ah! I’ll kill you!”

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes suddenly turned red and he lunged towards Chen Dong with killing intent.

“The game is over.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked towards Kun Lun, “Do it!”


Kun Lun took a step forward and threw a blatant punch, directly smashing Chen Tiansheng out of the way.

After landing on the ground, Chen Tiansheng’s chest rose and fell violently, and a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out with a “poof”, his expression dishevelled to the extreme.

“If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you to the end, but if you harm the people I want to protect, I have countless ways to play you to death!”

With Lone Wolf’s support, Chen Dong slowly got up, never showing any trace of pain from the beginning to the end, his pale face was always thick with a cold smile of disdain for Chen Tiansheng.

After saying this, he turned around and left the villa with Kunlun and Lone Wolf.

Outside, the rain was pouring down and the thunder and lightning was fierce.

The Rolls-Royce and BMW drove away from the Tianmen Mountain villa area quickly under the cover of the rain.

Inside the Rolls-Royce.

Chen Dong was drenched in rainwater, his right hand still pressed firmly against the spot where he had been stabbed in the abdomen, his half-shirt already stained red, only lightened a little by the wash of the rain as he walked out of the villa just now.

But as the blood continued to pour out of the wound, it once again became scarlet and stinging.

“Young master, hold on, we’ll be at the hospital soon.”

Kunlun said in a deep voice, his face full of anxiety.

“There’s no rush, it’s not much of a big deal.” Chen Dong smiled spontaneously.

Kun Lun’s brows were knitted together, his heart had already set off huge waves.

Even if Chen Dong had deliberately controlled the angle of the dagger into his flesh so that it would not kill him, the prolonged blood loss was enough to kill him.

What he was truly shocked by was Chen Dong’s calmness and composure.

With the same injury, Kunlun could have been so calm and collected, but he was a man made from a mountain of corpses and blood, a man who had crawled out of the pile of the dead.

What about Chen Dong?

Taking a deep breath, Kun Lun suddenly asked in a deep voice, “Young Master, you actually thought of this scene a long time ago, didn’t you?”

“Or what?”

Chen Dong’s smile was filled with thick bitterness, his eyes deep, “How can I avoid that family rule if I don’t muddy the water? If you harm my mother, you must pay the price, even if it costs me, I will not hesitate to do so.”

“This method is too risky, a change of life. …… If the stabbing had gone slightly wrong just now, the young master would have lost his life on the spot.” Kunlun still had his heart in his mouth.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face became even more bitter and helpless.

He slowly turned his head and looked out the window at the pouring rain.

“Kunlun ah …… this birth, like stereotypes, is a big mountain in one’s heart, and it is as difficult to surmount as it is to climb!”

“My birth, is bound to be at a disadvantage in the Chen family, if I take revenge for my mother, and not this means of changing my life, how else do you think I can do?”

“Young master ……” Kun Lun was moved.

When he thought about it, there was indeed no way out.

His mother had been humiliated and must be avenged.

Once revenge was taken, it violated the family rules.

Only this means of hurting a thousand enemies and damaging eight hundred could do both.

“The process is not important, what matters is the outcome.”

Chen Dong suddenly smiled a little easier, “The winner is the king, isn’t the result what you want?”


Chapter 116

When Chen Dong arrived at the hospital.

Elder Long was already waiting at the hospital.

Seeing Chen Dong’s injuries, even Elder Long’s pupils tightened and his face was full of shock.

Without any unnecessary pleasantries, the pale Chen Dong was directly sent into the resuscitation room.


Elder Long turned around and slammed his fist onto Kunlun’s chest, thundering with fury.

“B*****d! I told you to keep an eye on the young master, and this is how you do it?”

Kunlun let out a muffled grunt and bowed his head in silence.

“Elder Dragon ……” Lone Wolf tried to open his mouth to explain.


Elder Long backhanded and slapped Lone Wolf across the face.

His voice sulked, “No place for you to speak!”

Lone Wolf’s expression choked, but he bowed his head and fell silent.

“Elder Long, it’s me and Lone Wolf’s fault for not protecting Young Master.” Kunlun spoke calmly.

While he also followed the young master, Elder Long was far more than him and was the true beloved of the young master.

Moreover, Elder Long handled things calmly, and his thunderous explosion of anger at this moment was truly overflowing with rage!

What’s more, Chen Dong was really hurt too.

As a follower, sometimes it was not about right or wrong, as long as the person they followed was hurt, the follower was right, it was still wrong!

A long time later.

Only then did the enraged Elder Long exhale a heavy breath and spoke calmly, “Tell me, what is going on?”

Kun Lun spoke in a calm tone and told everything that had happened in the villa, one by one.

Gradually, Elder Long’s face changed, and the more he listened, the more his heart was racing.

Even he had not expected that Chen Dong would actually use such a means of revenge.

Wounding the enemy by a thousand and damaging himself by eight hundred!

How ruthless must one be towards oneself to use this?

More crucially, it was indeed a two-pronged method!

“Hoo ……”

Long Lao’s face could not hide the shocked look on his face before he finally sighed alas, “All these years, it really has been hard on young master.”

If not for his experiences since childhood, Elder Long truly could not have imagined that Chen Dong would be so ruthless towards himself at such an age!

“Elder Long, what’s next?” Kunlun asked in a deep voice.

“The young master has already left a back way for the old master to manoeuvre this matter, the old master will naturally set things right afterwards.”

Long Lao’s eyes were deep as he took out his mobile phone and sent out a message.

After waiting for a few seconds, a message was received.

Once he read the message, Elder Long revealed a cold smile, “Chen Tiansheng’s actions are really fast!”

“What’s wrong?” Kunlun asked.

Lone Wolf also looked at Elder Long curiously.

“Chen Tiansheng has already taken a private jet and returned to the clan.” Elder Long said.

Kun Lun’s face changed greatly, “Is he planning to return to the clan first and be the first to sue?”

“I have to go back to the Chen family immediately, we can’t let him speak alone on this matter.” Elder Long said in a deep voice.

Kunlun hurriedly said, “Elder Long, feel free to go home, here in Young Master’s place, I will take care of it.”

The most urgent task was to rush back to the Chen family before Chen Tiansheng made his move, and stir up this matter, completely.

If he returned late, once the matter of Chen Dong breaking the family rules was qualified, not to mention Elder Long, even Chen Dong’s father would be powerless to turn back the tide!


The sky was getting darker and darker.

The smell of pungent medicinal water permeated the ward.

The monitoring instruments pulsed slowly.

Chen Dong weakly opened his eyes and revealed a relaxed smile when he saw himself in the ward.

“Young master, you’re finally awake!”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf hurriedly gathered around.

After Elder Long had left, the two of them had been waiting outside the resuscitation room.

Chen Dong’s injuries were not serious, but he had eventually lost too much blood on the way to the hospital, and the blood transfusion and resuscitation had been busy until nightfall.

Seeing Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s nervous expressions, Chen Dong smiled brightly, “I’m fine, why are you two so nervous?”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf looked at each other.

Kunlun smiled bitterly, “Can we not be nervous? You pa*sed out not long after you entered the resuscitation room this afternoon, and it took eight bags of blood transfusion to resuscitate you.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, looked around the room and frowned, “Where’s Elder Long?”

“We left the villa on our front foot, and Chen Tiansheng immediately took a connecting flight home.”

Kunlun explained, “Elder Long was worried that Chen Tiansheng would be evil and sit on your crime of breaking the family rules, so he also rushed home immediately at that time.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

This was also something he had expected.

Chen Tiansheng was the first to go home, just to seize the opportunity to sit on the fact that he had broken the family rules.

He had already made his manoeuvre this far, and if Elder Long didn’t react again, then he wouldn’t be Elder Long anymore.

Weakly, he twisted his head to look at the night outside.

Chen Dong murmured, “By this time, the result of the argument should have almost been reached, right?”

Kunlun shook his head, “I’ve been trying to contact Elder Long, but my phone keeps turning off.”


Chen Dong responded and did not say much.

Last time when Elder Long returned to the Chen family, he had broken off contact, so it was not too surprising that he had broken contact this time when he returned to the Chen family.

Looking at the ceiling, Chen Dong secretly counted the time.

His mother was still staying at the Lijin Hospital, and he could not let her know about his injuries, so when he was sent for resuscitation, it was another hospital.

If he could recover from his injuries in time, he would be able to stand in front of his mother before she was discharged from the hospital and pretend to be fine, and the matter would be concealed.

What Chen Dong is most worried about now is the pre-sale of three properties at the same time early next month.

Chen Tiansheng’s return would certainly stir up a storm in the Chen family, and he was worried that this would affect the pre-sale at the beginning of next month!

Now, he could only wait and see if his father, whom he had never met before, could keep today’s matter down in the Chen family.

As for the rest, Chen Dong didn’t think much about it.

Chen Tiansheng had put his mother in hospital, and as a son, he had to take revenge, so it was the best he could do to leave room for manoeuvre.

As the saying goes, he had already done his part, the rest was up to his father and the Chen family’s “fate”!

There was no talk all night.

Early the next morning, Chen Dong did not wake up Kunlun and Lone Wolf who were sleeping.

Instead, he tried to contact Elder Long on his own.

But the result was disappointing, as Elder Long’s mobile phone was still switched off.

“Young master, awake so early?”

Kunlun’s voice rang out, very softly, in order not to wake up Lone Wolf.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “It’s good enough to be asleep.”

Kunlun laughed helplessly and joked, “You know you’re afraid now?”

“Always afraid, but afraid to do it.” Chen Dong said with a raised eyebrow.

At this time, Lone Wolf was also woken up.

He glanced at Chen Dong and Kunlun and stood up, “Mr. Chen, Brother Kunlun, I’ll go get breakfast.”

“No appetite.”

Chen Dong and Kun Lun said in unison.

Lone Wolf nodded and subconsciously took out his cigarette, but after seeing Chen Dong, he shoved it back in.

“It’s alright, smoke it.”

Chen Dong smiled and said, “Give me one.”

Lone Wolf took out the cigarette case again and gave one to Chen Dong and Kunlun.

Then Kunlun and Lone Wolf skillfully lit up and smoked.

It was Chen Dong who, after lighting it and taking a puff, immediately choked on it with tears in his eyes and coughed violently.

He helplessly extinguished the cigarette and threw it out of the rubbish bin, “I really can’t use cigarettes to drown my sorrows after all.”

At that very moment.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone message sounded.

He casually took it out and glanced at it, and immediately froze.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who were swallowing the clouds, were puzzled at the same time.

Lone Wolf asked, “Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

Chen Dong put down his phone and revealed a relaxed smile, “A small matter, my father transferred one billion dollars to my Bauhinia bank card.”

The relaxed and calm tone of voice was as if he was telling a trivial matter.

But when it fell on Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s ears, it was like thunder exploding.

The next second.

Both of them choked on the smoke at the same time, their eyes tearing up and coughing violently