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Winner Takes All Chapter 104-106

Chapter 104

The night.

The Lamborghini was like yellow lightning as it sped down the road.

Wang Nan Nan is happy, like a spring breeze, relaxed in body and mind.

The presence of Tiansheng had made her feel at home again.

The nightmare of months had finally woken up.

Even, Wang Nan Nan was thinking.

Did God deliberately use those months of nightmares in exchange for the appearance of Tiansheng, sending Tiansheng to her side.

After all, …… through hardships, one can see the rainbow!

“Tien Tien, I love you.”

Wang Nan Nan said with heartfelt tenderness.

Chen Tiansheng drove without looking away, and responded under his breath, “I love you too.”

“Tonight I am yours.”

“You will always be mine.”

The tender words made Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face blush and drift away.

But she did not notice that the corners of Chen Tiansheng’s mouth were turning up, while his starry eyes were cold.

As far as he was concerned, as an elite member of the Chen family who held the world’s wealth, he was a strong contender to become the next family head.

There was never a shortage of beautiful women around him.

Wang Nan Nan was beautiful, but in Chen Tiansheng’s eyes, she was mediocre.

Those prettier than her, he had played with until he vomited.

If he didn’t want to deal with Chen Dong, he wouldn’t even look at Wang Nan Nan.

These thoughts were not known to Wang Nan Nan.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan is just like sinking into love, full of longing and fantasy, wrapped in happiness and sweetness.

In the Tianmen Mountain villa area, the lights were brilliant.

As the city’s number one district, even the night scenery is deservedly top of the list.

The lights are gorgeous, charming and colourful.

It was like a fairyland on earth.

It made Wang Nan Nan, who was riding in a Lamborghini, look mesmerised, this was her first night living in this rich neighbourhood!

“If that brute Chen Dong knew about it, he would be furious, right?”

“Chen Dong, what are you? With that little money of yours, you’re not even worthy to carry the shoes of a natural born, you remember it was me who dumped you!”

“Chen Dong, when I meet you in the villa area with Tiansheng, will you be ashamed of yourself and want to find a hole in the ground to burrow into?”

The thoughts in Wang Nan Nan’s mind changed rapidly, and she even made up a picture in her head of Chen Dong knowing all this, and she couldn’t help but be even happier.

She was proud and had been surrounded by all kinds of praise since she was a child.

Even when she was married to Chen Dong, she was still a high and mighty queen.

But how could she have ever imagined that the few months after her divorce from Chen Dong would make her fall through hell.

The new lease of life after all these breakdowns, torture and despair made Wang Nan Nan impatient to go to Chen Dong to show how well she was doing!

However, she was in no hurry.

Everyone was in a villa area.

And they were all in the top villa area of Mid-Levels, so it was only a matter of time before they met!

The Lamborghini roared into the villa area and drove into the garage of the Mid-Levels villa.

Wang Nan Nan leapt out of the car, took Chen Tiansheng’s arm and walked towards home.

All along the way, her face was full of happy smiles.

“Tiansheng, let’s go to the roof terrace ……” A bold idea suddenly came to Wang Nan Nan’s mind.


The roof of the building.

No shade.

It’s exciting to think about!

Nowadays, she enjoyed this excitement of being with Born.


Chen Tiansheng did not refuse.

It was already after ten o’clock at night.

It wasn’t really late.

But for Li Lan, who was still slowly recuperating her body, an early rest was the greatest protection for her body.

Fan Lu also went to bed early because she had to take care of Li Lan.

On the villa terrace, Chen Dong was drinking a beer with Kunlun and Elder Long.

The breeze was brisk and the alcohol was in his throat.

The head was slightly drunk and it was most enjoyable.

“Young master, are you really not annoyed?” Kun Lun asked in dismay, holding a bottle of beer in his hand, through his slight intoxication.


Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Are you trying to ask why I can be so calm?”

“Kunlun ……,” Long Lao spoke up as a reminder as he had a shallow taste of beer and knew that Kunlun should not ask.

Chen Dong, however, raised his hand to stop Elder Long.

Such a thing, he did not mind and was aware that Kunlun would ask.

Seeing this, Kunlun then nodded his head and responded to Chen Dong’s enquiry.

Chen Dong laughed, “Stupid people are treated like instrumental people, yet they think that Heaven’s destiny is in place, how can I not be calm when I am a mere spectator?”

Elder Long frowned.

Kunlun was puzzled, “Then you are angry ……”

Chen Dong tilted his head to take a sip of beer and smiled spontaneously, “I hate that I am blind to meet an undesirable person, and I am angry at Chen Tiansheng’s mischievous heart.”

Kunlun and Long Lao looked at each other.

Was it really …… so?


Just as Elder Long withdrew his gaze, a cold aura steeply exploded in his eyes, and his brows instantly wrinkled into a Sichuan frown.

This scene was clearly captured by Chen Dong and Kun Lun.

Both of them were puzzled at the same time.

Since Chen Dong had his back turned, when he turned his head, Kun Lun, who was facing the direction Elder Long was looking, had already seen the opposite situation.

“Slot! Gan Lin Niang!”


Accompanied by a furious curse from Kun Lun, the bottle in his hand fiercely clipped the table, and because of the force, the beer bottle exploded with a loud bang.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also turned around and saw the terrace of the villa opposite.

A chill instantly appeared on his face.

His eyes were tossed with anger.

According to reason, the privacy of the villa was excellent and it was almost impossible to peep into the villa.

However, the terrace of the villa opposite was not very private.

Although the light was dim, two large living people could still be seen.

And, it was not difficult to see the faces.

Under the dim light, Wang Nan Nan and Chen Tiansheng were hugging each other.

They were in love.

But with the movement of Kunlun dropping the bottle, the two looked towards this way at the same time.

In an instant.

Wang Nan Nan and Chen Tiansheng locked eyes with each other.

With a “boom”, an explosion sounded in Wang Nan Nan’s head and her delicate body trembled.

When she had returned just now, she had expected to meet with Chen Dong.

But she did not expect it to be so soon!

Moreover, it was right next door!

Two villas next to each other!

After the shock, Wang Nan Nan’s heart suddenly sped up.

Smug, excited …… complex emotions rose up.

As if she was a proud peaC*ck, she intimately took Chen Tiansheng’s arm and walked to the edge of the terrace, slightly tilting her head and smiling proudly, “Chen Dong, you are actually here, what a surprise to me, let me introduce to you, this is my boyfriend, Tiansheng.”

Chen Tiansheng did not say anything, he just pushed his gla*ses, smiled blandly and nodded his head in greeting.

On Chen Dong’s side, the three did not reveal Chen Tiansheng’s identity either.

Elder Long looked sullen.

Kun Lun was even more furious, his eyes almost eating people.

Chen Dong was the only one who was cloudy and calm, with no waves in his eyes.

“You didn’t expect it, did you? I would be here? Let me tell you, Born is a thousand times better than you, ten thousand times better, you are not even worthy to carry his shoes.” Wang Nan Nan was full of arrogance and her words were sarcastic.

She was all about showing off.

She just wanted to make Chen Dong ashamed of himself.

She just wanted Chen Dong to know that she, Wang Nan Nan, had a better life than him!


“Oh.” Chen Dong faintly responded.

Wang Nan Nan was confused.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

He wasn’t supposed to be this calm!

Was it not exciting enough?

In the next second, Wang Nan Nan suddenly shouted, “Tiansheng!”


Chen Tiansheng subconsciously turned his head.

In a flash, Wang Nan Nan stood on tiptoe and her red lips landed on Chen Tiansheng’s lips, hot as fire.

Chen Tiansheng rubbed his nose and laughed oddly, “Screwing broken shoes, it’s quite energetic.”

One word came out.

Chen Tiansheng and Wang Nan Nan’s bodies trembled and froze at the same time.


Chapter 105

Followed closely by.

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes under his gla*ses surfaced with rare anger.

Wang Nan Nan even left Chen Tiansheng’s red lips, her anger tumbling.

The night breeze was slightly cool, but it could not cool the raging anger of the two.

Only, by the time Wang Nan Nan looked angrily across to the villa.

Chen Dong and Long Lao Kunlun had already left.

Wang Nan Nan’s red lips were red, and a wave of anger rose up as if the river had broken.

It shouldn’t be like this!

Why was this happening?

She had envisioned countless images in her mind of Chen Dong being infuriated, but she had never imagined that Chen Dong would be so calm as to just say such a sentence!

The disdain and contempt in that tone of voice, on the contrary, made the person who was annoyed and angry, become her!

“You go down first.”

Chen Tiansheng’s voice was somewhat cold as his gaze looked towards the villa terrace opposite.

Wang Nan Nan was stunned for a moment, but didn’t retort, nodding her head, she went downstairs in a docile manner.

With Chen Tiansheng’s words just now, it was like a thorn stuck in her heart.

She no longer wanted to be irritated with Chen Tiansheng, she simply didn’t have the heart to do so.

After Wang Nan Nan left, Chen Tiansheng slowly pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose.

Under the dim light, anger finally surfaced on his ancient wellless face, as if it was a cold winter month, with an endless coldness emanating from all over.

“I wanted to trample on your dignity and make you angry with this, but I didn’t expect you to be so calm, it’s not unfair at all for Tian Yang to be planted in your hands.”

With that, Chen Tiansheng laughed coldly, rubbed his temples and turned around to walk downstairs.

As he walked, he murmured, “The tool man is useless too, ah.”

Inside the villa.

Because of Wang Nan Nan’s incident, Chen Dong’s drunkenness had also disappeared.

However, at this moment, he was still calm enough to make Elder Long and Kun Lun smack their lips.

Kun Lun could not hold back any longer and said in a deep voice, “Young master, I can help you, I also helped Chen Tiansheng optimise his fighting skills.”

Killing people is just a headache.

Why insult another man’s wife?

Kunlun knew that Chen Tiansheng was vengeful and would inevitably come for Chen Dong, but he did not expect to humiliate Chen Dong in this way.

“Kunlun, do not be disrespectful!”

Long Lao let out a clear cry and said to Chen Dong with a frown and a sullen face, “Young master, do not become enraged, you must be calm.”

“I know.”

Chen Dong revealed a small smile, “Although I don’t know why he used such a vicious way, he must be trying to provoke me before he can achieve his goal.”

Elder Long frowned and lowered his head in contemplation.

Chen Dong’s reaction had surprised him, and Chen Dong’s words had also reminded him.

Chen Tiansheng was meticulous and extremely deep, so if he was merely using the fact that Wang Nan Nan was Chen Dong’s ex-wife to humiliate Chen Dong, it was obviously too pedestrian.

One step, three calculations, this was the Chen Tiansheng that Long Lao knew in his heart.

Suddenly, Elder Long’s body trembled and a sharp aura exploded in his eyes.

“Chen Tiansheng, what a ruthless calculation!”


Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked towards Elder Long at the same time.

Elder Long’s chest rose and fell as he took several deep breaths, clearly suppressing the anger in his heart.

Only when he had calmed down a little did he slowly say, “The Chen family holds all the power and wealth in the world, and the members of the family are branching out and have complicated factions, so in order for the Chen family to continue, the Chen family’s old ancestors set up the family tree and family rules a long time ago.”

Chen Dong’s expression was frozen, this move of Chen Tiansheng was afraid that it was related to the family rules that Elder Long was talking about!

Elder Long’s voice was low as he squeezed the words out from between his teeth.

“One of the family rules is to prevent the members of the family from fighting and causing internal strife in the Chen family, affecting the prosperity of the Chen family.”

“What family rule?” Chen Dong asked.

“No Chen family member may harm a family member of the same clan, otherwise they will be expelled from the Chen family, the family tree will be removed, and even if they are one of the heirs, they will lose their status as an heir.”

This punishment could not be considered heavy.

“Elder Long, how come I didn’t know?” Kun Lun was filled with shock.

Elder Long gave him a cross look, “You and I are both family slaves, do we not have the authority to understand such family rules? If I hadn’t followed the family head back then and had that merit of being a follower of the dragon, I wouldn’t be qualified to know about it!”

The family rules were related to the qualifications of family members and even the selection of the successor.

It was true that ordinary family slaves were not qualified to know them.

However, Elder Long’s words caused Chen Dong’s brows to furrow as he puzzled over it.

If this family rule existed, then Chen Tiansheng’s purpose of using Wang Nan Nan to try to provoke him would have been served.

But he was puzzled by the fact that he had done the same thing!

“Elder Long, what about the time I broke one of Chen Tianyang’s legs.” Chen Dong asked, “If I follow this family rule, I will be directly disqualified as an heir, no, I should be directly expelled from the family tree.”

Elder Long gave an odd smile, “Think carefully really the same?”

Chen Dong’s expression froze.

Suddenly, he snapped out of it.

Last time at the Taishan Hotel, the reason why he had made a move with Chen Tianyang was entirely because of Gu Qingying.

Chen Tianyang had counted on Gu Qingying before he had made his move, and had lost the fight, and it was also Kunlun who had finally broken Chen Tianyang’s leg!

Although the former and Chen Tianyang’s reckoning may seem the same, they are completely different in nature!

Wang Nan Nan was indeed his ex-wife, but with their divorce, they were essentially two unrelated people.

Chen Tiansheng used his “ex-wife” to trample on his dignity, provoke him, and then take action, hurting Chen Tiansheng, that would be a violation of the family rules!

Seeing Chen Dong’s reaction, Elder Long smiled: “The matter of Chen Tianyang was investigated by the family, and it was Chen Tianyang who first acted out, and it was Kunlun who did it.

After a pause, the smile on Elder Long’s face disappeared: “It was fortunate that you were calm just now, otherwise even if Kunlun had made the move, the young master would not have been able to escape this family rule and the old master would not have been able to take sides.”

“When those at home bite the bullet about the family rule, the young master will definitely be expelled from the family tree, breaking the thoughts of the old master.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

The reasoning was like this.

But he was just a “wild child” in the eyes of the Chen family, not even in the family tree.

It was just a way to break the desire of his father, whom he had never met, so that even if his father wanted to help him to the top, he would have to give up.

In the Chen family, apart from his father, I guess no one else would think highly of him as a “wild child”, right?

“This Chen Tiansheng is so ruthless in his calculations, he doesn’t need a knife to kill.”

Kun Lun sighed repeatedly.

Elder Long also said in a deep voice, “Although he is malicious, Chen Tiansheng’s city is indeed so unfathomable.”

Chen Dong suddenly smiled, “This family rule, what if I were to use it?”

Long Lao looked choked, then said grimly, “Young Master …… is afraid that it cannot be done.”


Chen Dong had expected this, but he still could not help but curse.

Kunlun was righteously indignant, “Then isn’t it true that Young Master can only be counted on by Chen Tiansheng, but cannot return the favor with his own?”

He did not wait for Elder Long to speak.

Chen Dong then squeezed out a bitter smile and patted Kun Lun’s shoulder.

“It is already the limit for me to be qualified to compete for the successor as my name is not right, so even if I am indignant, I have to swallow this anger.”


Chapter 106

The strong helplessness in his tone made Elder Long and Kunlun stifle their wrists.

The word birth is like an iceberg on the surface of the sea.

You think it is small and insignificant.

But you don’t know that hidden beneath the surface of the sea, unnoticed, is a behemoth.

“Besides, it’s true that you can kill without a sword.”

Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

This caused Elder Long and Kunlun to be startled.

However, Chen Dong did not explain and went straight back to his room.

“Elder Long, does Young Master mean that he has a plan?” Kun Lun asked.

With a smile on his lips, Elder Long nodded and laughed softly, “The more my old slave looks at it, the more he thinks how similar the young master is to the old master back then.”

The night went on without a word.

When the sun rose again, the villa where Chen Tiansheng was staying was filled with a lot of people.

In the villa where Chen Tiansheng was, it was cold and heartless.


Chen Tiansheng threw his robe onto the still sleeping Wang Nan Nan: “Get lost.”

The events of last night had left both of them out of mind, and even if Wang Nan Nan had the intention to share a bed, she was refused by Chen Tiansheng.

The two were sleeping in separate rooms.

The sleeping Wang Nan Nan woke up with a start and looked at Chen Tiansheng blankly, “Tiansheng …… you, what’s wrong with you?”

“I told you to get lost.”

Chen Tiansheng looked cold, and his tone was like the cold wind blowing from the depths of the ninth heaven.

Wang Nan Nan was confused.

She didn’t know what was going on!

But Chen Tiansheng’s change made her feel as if she was a different person!

Yesterday, he was still in love with me, but today he is suddenly like this?

A disappointed Wang Nan Nan suddenly became frightened.

Without bothering to get dressed, she rolled and crawled from the bed to Chen Tiansheng’s feet and hugged his legs: “Tiansheng, why have you suddenly become like this? What have I done wrong? You tell me, I’ll change, I’ll definitely change.”

Having experienced hell, she flew up to heaven.

Wang Nan Nan died rather than go back to hell.

The encounter with Chen Tiansheng had changed everything for her, and in just two days, it was what she considered the happiest time of her life.

If she lost Chen Tiansheng, she could not imagine what her life would be like!

She couldn’t give up, and she didn’t dare give up!

Even if she had to put down her dignity and give up everything, she would have to stay with Chen Tiansheng.

“You haven’t done anything wrong, but I’m asking you to get lost.” Chen Tiansheng kicked Wang Nan Nan away.

It was cold, as if he had kicked away a dead dog.

That was exactly the truth, since Wang Nan Nan was useless, then why did he still stay around?

He was never short of beautiful women around him, and as long as he was willing, there were countless women who wanted to warm his feet every night.

“Don’t, Born, don’t abandon me, I …… was wrong, I was really wrong ……”

Wang Nan Nan cried in fear, even if she didn’t know why, she subconsciously felt that she had done wrong and flung herself next to Chen Tiansheng to beg for forgiveness.


Chen Tiansheng kicked Wang Nan Nan away: “You are just a tool person, I never lack women around me, better looking than you like a carp in the river, you think I will keep you?”

Having seen a swan, one will never stay with a chicken.

This was exactly what Chen Tiansheng was thinking at this moment.

It was true that Wang Nan Nan was beautiful, but Chen Tiansheng had seen more beautiful women than Wang Nan Nan since he was a child, and there were plenty of them.

“Impossible, Tiansheng, you weren’t even like this yesterday, why have you suddenly become like this?”

Wang Nan Nan was going crazy, crying pearly tears, but she still couldn’t stop the thought of hugging Chen Tiansheng’s thigh, she was simply humble to the extreme: “Yesterday you still said you would love me forever, you even bought so many things for my house and spent so much, I don’t believe you don’t love me anymore, you must still love me right?”


Chen Tiansheng snorted, leaned down, lowered his head and stared at Wang Nan Nan indifferently, “I spent a few million to play with you just for fun, a mere few million is nothing to me, money is nothing but numbers in my eyes.”

With that, he kicked Wang Nan Nan in the shoulder, “If this is love, then I have spent tens of millions for other women, and she had to kill herself in front of me?”

Wang Nan Nan froze.

She crumpled to the ground, tears streaming down her face.

A few million, just for fun?

Was that all?

Seeing Chen Tiansheng turn to leave, a thought suddenly popped into Wang Nan Nan’s head, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

Yes, death!

By dying, we can definitely redeem Tiansheng!

Thinking of this, Wang Nan Nan turned around like a madman and lunged to the bedside, picking up the beautiful ceramic cup and shattering it with a snap, clutching a piece of porcelain and pressing it against her throat.

“Born, if you abandon me, I’ll really die in front of you!”

Because of the excitement, Wang Nan Nan’s hand was cut and bled by the porcelain piece, and blood was also seeping from the top of her throat.

Chen Tiansheng turned around and saw this scene and frowned slightly, revealing a look of disgust.

“You can die if you want, but don’t dirty the place, I’m staying in this villa for a long time, the floor is covered with Persian carpet, 300,000 a metre, it’s troublesome to clean it if it gets dirty.”


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning, Chen Tiansheng’s words completely crushed her into the abyss of despair.

I …… can’t compare to a piece of carpet?

Just how desperate was this person to say such words?

“Besides, your life, in my case, is worth nothing, not to mention your suicide, even if I kill you, I can still be safe and sound.” Chen Tiansheng’s words were permeated with endless coldness.

“Huh ……”

Wang Nan Nan completely collapsed, dropping the porcelain piece and getting up to angrily stare at Chen Tiansheng, crying and howling, “Tiansheng! It was me, Wang Nan Nan, who was blind, it was me who misjudged the person, I had thought I had met true love, you ……”


Chen Tiansheng cursed in disgust, he hated such broken thoughts from women.

Solely, he directly left the room.

Wang Nan Nan cried and howled in despair, cursing and venting angrily.

At this moment, she had the feeling that her dreams were shattered and the sky had collapsed.

This was even worse than killing her!

On the other side.

In the villa dining room.

Early in the morning, Chen Dong’s few people were all sitting happily at the dining table, eating breakfast.

Although the villa was private, it was impossible to close off all sounds.

Hearing Wang Nan Nan’s heart-rending cries coming from the villa next door.

Chen Dong and the others stopped at the same time.

“Dong’er, why does it sound like Wang Nan Nan’s voice to me?” Li Lan frowned in confusion.

Chen Dong, however, did not answer.

The Wang family, after all, had paid the price for their unsightly eating.

This was also considered evil, right?

He just did not expect that Chen Tiansheng would be so quick and decisive.

This gave him a new understanding of Chen Tiansheng.

Not only was he extremely deep and calculating at every step, he also acted ruthlessly and decisively.

Such a person, even he, had scruples in his heart.

“Young master, have you felt the might of your opponent?” Elder Long asked with a wry smile.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Very strong!”

Without waiting for Elder Long to speak, a blazing battle intent suddenly gushed out from Chen Dong’s eyes.

“As strong as it is, the winner is the king and the loser is the knave, without a contest, it is hard to say who is the king and who is the knave!”