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Winner Takes All Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

Chen Dong calmly glanced at his phone’s caller ID.

After tapping hang up, he pulled Wang Nan Nan’s phone number into the blacklist again.

He was about to blacklist WeChat as well.

Sure enough, Wang Nan Nan’s WeChat message came through.

“Chen Dong, let me see you one last time, or I will die!”

A strong resentment, an undisguised threat.

This in turn made Chen Dong even more disgusted.

At the beginning, he had been so attentive to Wang Nan Nan that he could not even describe himself as a “dog licker”.

But what happened in the end?

He had almost licked her so much that he could not even save his own mother’s life.

“Chen Dong, do you want to force me to die?”

“Do you all want to force me to die?”

“Chen Dong, you should at least remember some of your old feelings, even if what I did was wrong, that was still the woman you used to be.”

“I was wrong, I can apologize to you, just see me one last time, right?”

WeChat kept sending messages from Wang Nan Nan.

Even through the screen and text, one could feel Wang Nan Nan’s changing emotions.

“Admit your mistake? Hehe ……”

Chen Dong snorted a laugh before returning a message.

“I’ll do a magic trick for you.”

“What??” Wang Nan Nan was puzzled.

Chen Dong unhurriedly sent a “3”.

Then there was another “2”.

When he finally sent a “1”, he sent another “I’ve disappeared.”

After sending the message, he directly pulled Wang Nan Nan into the blacklist.

On the other side.

Wang’s house.

咚咚咚 ……

Wang Nan Nan looked at the last message sent by Chen Dong and was in a trance.

Outside the door, was Zhang Xiuzhi’s urgent and brutal knock on the door.

“Wang Nan Nan, open the door for me, or else I’ll let your father bang on the door!” Zhang Xiuzhi shouted harshly.

But Wang Nan Nan ignored it.

She looked at Chen Dong’s WeChat and typed the words in the input field, but could not send them out.

She knew that Chen Dong had put her on the blacklist.

Her eyes gradually reddened and filled with tears, glistening and throbbing.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body gradually trembled, but her eyes were fixed dead on Chen Dong’s last message on the screen.

“I’ve disappeared.”

Suddenly, Wang Nan Nan burst into tears with a loud “wow”.

“I …… have lost you.”

The sound of crying echoed through the room.

Zhang Xiuzhi, who was outside the door, stopped knocking and scolded in a loud voice, “Wang Nan Nan, you dead girl, crying for your life?”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and her pretty face was covered in tears. Hearing the rebuke, she forced her shell teeth to bite her lips tightly to make her cry as quiet as possible.

Because she was biting too hard, her lips were bitten and oozing blood.

The pressure she had been under these days had completely broken her.

Her parents scolded her, her family and friends laughed at her, and she had to bear the huge pressure of buying a house for Wang Hao at the same time.

She only had Wang Hao as a brother, and her brother’s wedding event had to be helped out.

She carried it all by herself.

Memories of the time she spent with Chen Dong were like a sharp red-hot knife stabbing her heart.

It was only after she knew that Gu Qingying had left that she mustered up the courage to contact Chen Dong.

She expected to meet Chen Dong one last time to win him back, because she remembered that once Chen Dong loved her so much.

If she could get Chen Dong back, then her current situation would be solved.

From now on, she also vowed to live a good life with Chen Dong.

But Chen Dong’s response cut off all her thoughts.

“Why? Why …… Chen Dong ……”

Crying and howling, Wang Nan Nan murmured, her mouth emitting a fishy taste, and she didn’t care if it was blood or tears: “I love you so much, and you love me so much, didn’t I just take the 200,000 for your mother’s treatment?”

“I did wrong, but you also lied to me, you obviously still have so much money, and I don’t care that you lied to me, why do you have to be so desperate?”


“Wang Nan Nan, you die out of me, hurry up!”

Zhang Xiuzhi pulled her voice and roared angrily, while slamming the door again hard.

“All right, all right, can’t you hear Nan Nan crying?” Wang De advised.

“Crying? This dead girl still has the face to cry?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes glared and her eyebrows rose, “Chen Dong is such a good boy, she lost him, how can she still have the face to cry?”

She turned and pointed at the television, “Look, Chen Dong is now not only the boss of Dingtai, he even has a 60% share in Zun Long Real Estate, this son-in-law of mine is simply too good to be lost by this dead girl Wang Nan Nan who doesn’t know any better!”

On the television, the news of Zun Long Real Estate transferring its shareholding to Chen Dong was being replayed.

Listening to every word on the news, Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart was dripping blood and her intestines were turning blue with regret.

If there hadn’t been that incident back then.

Now all of Chen Dong’s money would have been their family’s.

She had suffered for most of her life, and with Chen Dong around, she would have lived a life of a rich wife.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, Zhang Xiuzhi pounded her chest, sat down on the ground and rolled around, crying and wailing.

Wang De said in a deep voice, “But you can’t blame it all on Nan Nan, wasn’t it all about getting Xiao Hao married?”

“D*mn coward, are you going to help me or not?”

Zhang Xiuzhi said fiercely, “Do you know how rich Chen Dong is now? Zun Long Real Estate is the second largest real estate company in our city, and this neighborhood was developed by Zun Long Real Estate in the past!”

“You ……”

Wang De was furious, but knew that he couldn’t argue with Zhang Xiuzhi, so he threw his hands away and sat back on the sofa with his head hanging in defeat.


The door opened.

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were tearful, and she came out, cloaked in a mess.

Wang De raised his eyes and took a look, his face changed slightly, a little distressed.

Zhang Xiuzhi on the floor stood up, disregarding Wang Nan Nan’s appearance, raised her finger and poked Wang Nan Nan on her temple, saying in a stern voice.

“She gave up to come out? You’re a dead girl who’s been nesting inside and finally wants to come out?”

“Look, look how successful my good son-in-law is now? He still has sixty percent of the shares of Zun Long Real Estate now!”


Wang Nan Nan raised her hand and opened Zhang Xiuzhi’s hand.

“That’s enough!”

She roared shrilly as if she had gone mad.

The sudden scene scared Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De at the same time.

Wang Nan Nan pearled and cried out, “Blame me, blame me, blame me all, enough is enough, right? Why did it become like this, don’t you understand anything at all?”

“Aigoo …… you’re still turning over a new leaf, you’re even lecturing your mother?”

Zhang Xiuzhi came back to her senses and rolled up her sleeves with scowling features.

Wang Nan Nan, however, suddenly slapped herself on the face: “Hit it! Don’t you just like to do it? Do me a favour and beat me to death!”

Zhang Xiuzhi was shocked by Wang Nan Nan’s spiritedness, but she still snapped her neck, “Fine, you’ve grown up, your wings are hardened, this family can’t accommodate you anymore, if you have the guts, go away!”

Wang Nan Nan wiped a handful of tears from her eyes and said in a trembling voice, “Dad, Mom …… I’m your daughter, I’m also your biological child, why are you doing this to me? Why?”

“Everything is me, everything is blamed on me, what exactly have you guys done for me as? What have I done wrong for this family?”

“You guys blame me, fine, I’ll go away, can’t I go away?”

After saying that, she ran outside in tears.

Zhang Xiuzhi screamed and Wang De hurriedly got up and tried to chase after her.


The door of the house was heavily shut.

A dumbfounded Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were left behind.


Chapter 100

Half the time.

Wang De was the first to come back to his senses and gave Zhang Xiuzhi a shove, “Look at you, Nan Nan is really scolded by you.”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face changed and she said with an air of denial, “What’s it to me? I… how did I know she would be like this?”

“You’re a mother, can’t you even handle this?” Wang De shouted in anger.

“Why are you yelling at me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows, “I was joking with Nan Nan, how do I know she can’t afford to joke?”

Wang De snorted, “Did Nan laugh?”

“You ……” Zhang Xiuzhi’s face turned red and she was speechless.

At that very moment.

The door of the house was pushed open.

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi looked towards the door with a simultaneous joy.

When they saw that it was Wang Hao, the couple’s expressions dimmed at the same time.

Zhang Xiuzhi sighed and sat back on the sofa.

“Mom and Dad, what’s wrong?”

Wang Hao was already downcast, but once he entered the door and saw his parents’ appearance, he still opened his mouth and asked.

“Your mother, forced your sister away.” Wang De glared at Zhang Xiuzhi without good grace.

Zhang Xiuzhi instantly exploded and yelled at the top of her lungs, “What do you mean I forced her out? It’s obvious that she left on her own.”

Wang De was about to open his mouth to argue.

But Wang Hao raised his hand and rubbed his face, “Stop arguing, let me calm down.”

Seeing Wang Hao’s downcast and depressed, Zhang Xiuzhi hurriedly went to Wang Hao’s side with concern, “Xiao Hao, how did you and Xue’er talk?”

As soon as she heard the word “Xue’er”.

Wang Hao’s body trembled violently.

His eyes swished red.

Then with an owl, he hugged Zhang Xiuzhi: “Mom …… Xue’er is gone, she, she left the city.”


Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were struck by lightning.

“What’s going on? For good reason, how come that child Xue’er has left?” Wang De hurried up to ask.

Wang Hao didn’t answer, his head on Zhang Xiuzhi’s shoulder, bawling.

Zhang Xiuzhi was also anxious, patting Wang Hao’s back while saying, “Tell me, son!”

“I don’t know, I don’t know either.”

Wang Hao cried and said, “I’ve searched, but I can’t find her, the house that Xue’er rented before has been surrendered, she also quit her job at the bank, I can’t reach her by phone all the time, and she’s not on the game anymore.”

For a while now, Wang Hao had lost his soul, as if he was hysterical.

Lin Xue’er’s sudden disappearance made him feel like the sky had collapsed.

He really wanted to marry Lin Xue’er. Given his condition and Lin Xue’er’s condition, if he could marry Lin Xue’er, in the words of people around him, it would be a blessing from his ancestral grave.

But he never expected that Lin Xue’er, who had previously ignored his engagement party, would suddenly disappear into a sea of people.

While crying, Wang Hao took out his mobile phone.

“This is the WeChat that Xue’er sent me in the morning, and after that, she even deleted my WeChat.”

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De hurriedly grabbed the phone.

The content of the WeChat was very short and direct.

“Wang Hao, break up, you’re a good person, don’t look for me, I’ll never come back.”

After reading the content, Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes glared, “Bad, bad, bad, Xue’er must be angry that our family has not been able to come up with the bride price, that’s why she left in a fit of anger.”

After saying that, she punched Wang De in anger, “You coward, why don’t you use your phone to call Xue’er and ask Xiao Hao to stay.”

Wang De hurriedly pulled out the phone.

Wang Hao’s tear-filled eyes glowed with a glimmer.

It was as if a last glimmer of hope had suddenly arisen in a desperate person.

But in just a few seconds.

Wang De put down the phone in despair: “Can’t get through, the number is empty.”


Zhang Xiuzhi didn’t believe it and took out her own phone to dial Lin Xue’er’s number.

Soon, she also put down her phone, her face sad, “The number is empty, Xue’er has even cancelled her phone number, she is completely cutting off our family’s connection.”

“Mom ……” Wang Hao’s last hope completely crumbled, crying and howling as he threw himself into Zhang Xiuzhi’s arms.

Zhang Xiuzhi followed suit and cried, “Little Hao, it’s mum who’s sorry for you, it’s mum who’s sorry …… for making you lose such a good child like Xue’er ……”

In the blink of an eye, the cries echoed.

Looking at the mother and daughter crying sadly, Wang De also sat down dismally on the sofa, feeling his head swell.


Night was falling.

Rain suddenly fell.

Thunder roared.

The sudden downpour caught many people on the street off guard, clutching their heads and running wildly.

Only one silhouette, without any regard for the pouring rain, let the rain wet her whole body and slowly moved forward lost in thought.

After leaving her home, Wang Nan Nan had no idea where she was going.

She wandered around the city as if she were a “lonely ghost”, sitting down to rest when she was tired, and then continuing to walk aimlessly when she had rested enough.

Her mobile phone was switched off.

Her heart was completely cold.

The reaction of her parents made her feel worse than dead.



That place, what kind of home was it?

The tears had dried up and her eyes were swollen.

The heavy rain had drenched her whole body, and her wet hair was resting on her shoulders in a pitiful manner.

Wang Nan Nan walked aimlessly, looking all a bit dazed.

Unconsciously, she reached the street corner and had to cross the road.

The traffic lights on the pavement were still red, but as if she did not see them, she stepped onto the pavement and slowly walked towards the opposite side.

As she reached the middle of the road, a sudden sharp honk sounded.

Crunching ……

The sound of the brakes was unmistakably harsh.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and she instantly snapped back to her senses.

Turning her head to look, her pretty face changed drastically and her pupils dilated.

The glare stung her eyes, but she still saw that a car was speeding towards her.


Death approached, causing her to let out a scream of terror.

Her body swayed and she fell with a plop into a pool of water.

To die like this?

Perhaps it was just as well.

As she saw the glare getting closer, there was only one thought left in Wang Nan Nan’s mind.


As the front of the car closed in on her, less than half a metre away.

Finally, the car stopped.

Looking at the stopped car, Wang Nan Nan suddenly lost her mind.

A nameless rage thumped up immediately afterwards.

Sitting in the pool of water, she slapped the car on the head and cried out, “Hit it, you’re killing me! Why did you have to brake? Why did you have to stop?”

“Ooooooooooo …… Why? Why? Ooooooooooo ……”

After cursing, Wang Nan Nan’s body curled into a ball, her delicate body trembling as she buried her head and cried out in pain.

The door of the yellow Lamborghini opened.

A young man in casual clothes stepped down from the car, held up an umbrella and walked over to Wang Nan Nan, covering her from the heavy rain.

“Your life, is it so worthless?”

Hearing these words, Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and she raised her head and was ready to open her mouth.

But the man’s words made her freeze.

“It’s raining so hard outside, can I take you home?”

Through the curtain of rain and the strong light, Wang Nan Nan vaguely saw under the umbrella was an ordinary face wearing gla*ses, with bright eyes, and was smiling.

She froze.

“Going home? I don’t have a home anymore.” Wang Nan Nan smiled bitterly.

The man knelt down and extended his left hand, “My name is Tiansheng.”

Wang Nan Nan was stunned, perhaps because at the most desperate moment of collapse, someone covered her from the rain, making her cold heart suddenly warm for a moment.

Her hand, then, fell into Tiansheng’s and she was helped to stand up.

“Get in.”

Tiansheng led Wang Nan Nan to the pa*senger side.

Only then did Wang Nan Nan see that the car was a Lamborghini, and her eyes twinkled for a moment.

Seeing that Tiansheng had opened the door for her, she said thank you and got into the car.

Only when Born got back into the car did she ask in surprise, “Is this a …… Lamborghini?”

“Well, it’s just the family car.” Born responded with a smile as he drove on, “Where’s your house? Take you home.”

“I don’t have a home.”

Wang Nan Nan lifted the wet hair on her forehead behind her ear, her gaze deep and indecisive, finally turning into determination as she took a deep breath and said softly in a fake pitying voice, “Let’s go to the hotel.”

Tiansheng smiled faintly, “Good.”