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Winner Takes All Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

Eight o’clock in the evening.

Chen Dong rushed to the “Jade Spring Villa” outside the city.

This was Zhou Yanqiu’s property and the venue for this engagement, and it was also a famous private club in the city.

It had to be said that Zhou Yanqiu could really call the shots in the city!

However, to be on the safe side, Chen Dong had brought along Lone Wolf.

Zhou Zun Long was Zhou Yanqiu’s rival, and the fact that the two had fought for so many years without a win was proof enough of Zhou Zun Long’s strength.

At the dinner table, if Zhou Zunlong wanted to get into trouble, Zhou Yanqiu really might not be able to stop him!

The taxi stopped at the entrance of the Jade Spring Villa.

Chen Dong and Lone Wolf got out of the car and walked towards the inside of the Villa.

“Mr. Chen, is there really still a possibility of reconciling your relationship with Zhou Zun Long?”

Lone Wolf knew the purpose of the trip, and as a follower, he should not have asked more questions, and had restrained himself along the way, but when he reached the entrance, he finally could not restrain himself.

The bottom line was that Zhou Zunlong was a notoriously desperate man in the city, and he was worried that tonight’s meal would be detrimental to Chen Dong.


Chen Dong said dryly, “Whether it’s the revenge from last time or the future development of Din Tai, Zhou Zun Long and I are complete opposites, but since it’s Zhou Yanqiu’s invitation, face must still be given.”

The lone wolf’s gaze flickered as he said worriedly, “Then the safety ……”

“In case something goes wrong, capture the thief first!” Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

“Two, this is a private club, you can’t enter without an invitation or reservation.” The security guard at the door stopped Chen Dong and Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf’s expression was solemn: “What? Is Zhou Yanqiu not here?”

The security guard changed his expression and hurriedly bowed, “Sorry two, I didn’t know you were guests invited by Mr Zhou, please follow me.”

With that, the security guard turned around and said over the intercom, “A car.”

Soon, a substitute car drove out from inside the lodge.

After inviting Chen Dong and Lone Wolf into the car, the security guard immediately ran to the front of the car and led the way.

As a security guard at the lodge, he was not qualified to ride in the same car with Mr Zhou’s guests.

Along the way, Chen Dong also looked at the scenery of the lodge with interest.

He had only heard of the Jade Spring Villa before, but this was the first time he had come in.

The mountainous surroundings, together with the lights and the smoke from the stream, made the entire villa beautiful and fairy-like at night.

An antique style building stands and is scattered throughout the entire area of the lodge.

Even with a car for walking, it took ten minutes to reach a single antique building.

“Sir, it’s here.”

The security guard ran wildly for ten minutes without changing his face and turning around respectfully to bend over.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong led Lone Wolf out of the car.

At the door, there stood two tall beauties dressed in red cheongsams.

Seeing the two of them approaching, the two cheongsam beauties simultaneously obliged themselves to salute, and after rising, the two of them simultaneously took a step forward and pushed open the door, making a gesture of invitation.

From the beginning to the end, not a word was said.

But the mannerisms, however, revealed an extremely high level of literacy.

This was the life of a rich man?

Chen Dong glanced at the two cheongsam beauties, such beauty, when placed outside, should have already attracted those young rich kids to fall under their skirts.

But at the Jade Spring Villa, they were merely welcoming guests!

The luxurious and cla*sical interior decoration, the melodious sound of the zither, the fake mountain and the fake water, the gurgling of the water with the sound of the zither, add a new dimension to the mood.

Next to the rockery and water, there is a round table with a capacity of twenty people.

Not far away, a screen was also erected.

“Sir, please wait a moment, Mr. Zhou will be here soon.” The cheongsam beauty leading the way let out a melodious voice like a yellow warbler.

Chen Dong nodded, and when the flag-robed beauty went out, he made a point of surveying the screen opposite.

Lone Wolf frowned and looked over in confusion as well.

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

“There’s money!”

Chen Dong said with a straight face, “Real F**king money!”

Lone Wolf was dumbfounded.

Chen Dong raised his finger and pointed at the screen, blushing, “The material of Huanghuali, and at least a few hundred years old, is an antique in itself, and the painting on it, if I’m not mistaken, should be the painting saint Wu Daotzu’s ‘Scroll of the Eighty-seven Divine Immortals’, which is an important treasure worth a lot of money!”

Speaking excitedly, Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment, “It’s actually gotten here, as a screen!”

Lone Wolf’s pupils dilated, his face full of shock: “Isn’t this a bit too defeatist?”

Chen Dong did not deny it and took a deep breath, suppressing his shock as he gazed at the Eighty-seven Divine Immortals Scroll on the screen.

He still had some attainments in antiques, after all, he was in the real estate business and could not be ambiguous in his dealings with people.

The Eighty-seven Immortal Scrolls on the screen was not an imitation or a forgery at all, but a genuine painting of the Saint!

But he really didn’t expect that the Jade Spring Villa would be so extravagant as to use a painting by the Saint as a backdrop!

Meanwhile, outside the house.

Zhou Yanqiu, who had hurriedly arrived, had just reached the door when he heard Chen Dong’s words inside the house.

Surprised for a moment, he gestured for the two welcoming ladies to be silent, before walking into the house with a smile.

Pop, pop, pop!

A round of applause rang out.

Chen Dong and Lone Wolf turned back to look.

They saw Zhou Yanqiu walking in with a smile on her face, her hands still clapping.

“Good, Chen Dong, you kid have a knack for recognising this pair of Eighty-seven Divine Immortal Scrolls.”

Zhou Yanqiu unabashedly appreciated, “I’ve had this painting here for several years and countless visitors have come and gone, except for the current master of Chinese painting, Zhao Qinglong, who has recognised it, you are the second!”

Chen Dong smiled modestly, “Mr Zhou is joking, I only know a little.”

Zhou Yanqiu was full of smiles, but his gaze fell on the screen painting, after a slight pause.

He smiled and said to Chen Dong and Lone Wolf, “Take your seats first, Zhou Zun Long should be here soon.”

After taking his seat, Chen Dong and Zhou Yanqiu chatted idly.

After only five minutes, Zhou Zun Long’s loud laughter rang out from outside the door.

“Mr. Zhou, you have put in a lot of blood this time, you have actually opened up the Heavenly Pavilion of the Jade Spring Villa.”

The name of this room was “Heavenly Pavilion”.

When Chen Dong entered the house just now, he took a special glance at the plaque on the door frame, but he was a bit confused, after all, it was the first time he came to the Jade Spring Villa, so he did not understand the meaning of “Heavenly Pavilion”.

Zhou Yanqiu pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose, got up and said with a smile, “Since it’s Mr. Zhou, of course my Heavenly Pavilion has to be opened!”

Zhou Zun Long walked in with his two subordinates.

Hearing Zhou Yanqiu’s words, he said with a fake smile, “You’re complimenting me, aren’t you? I have been to your Jade Spring Villa so many times, how many times have you opened the Heavenly Pavilion? I know the rules of your Heavenly Pavilion, it will not be opened easily unless a true dragon has descended!”

With that, he turned his head and gave Chen Dong a thumbs up, “Not only do you have guts, you seem to be a real dragon, otherwise Mr Zhou would never have opened the Heavenly Pavilion for you!”

He acted and spoke as if the last incident had never happened at all.

“Mr. Zhou is joking.” Chen Dong smiled blandly.

Zhou Zun Long’s words and actions at this moment were clearly the doings of a smiling tiger.

However, he also understood the rules of this Heavenly Pavilion from Zhou Zun Long’s words!

It was just that, just as Chen Dong and Zhou Zun Long were talking.

Zhou Yanqiu, however, pushed his gla*ses, without a trace, glanced deeply at the screen and smiled faintly ……


Chapter 90

At the wine table, things went exceptionally well.

The atmosphere was warm as gla*ses were pushed and exchanged.

This was something that both Chen Dong and Lone Wolf had not expected.

Zhou Zunlong was notorious for his fierceness, so it was obvious that he could not easily let go of the grudge he had formed that night.

On the contrary, at the wine table, he was all smiles and toasted Chen Dong frequently.

The meal lasted for more than an hour.

Until Chen Dong led Lone Wolf out of the Jade Spring Villa, he was somewhat unmoved.

“Brother Dong …… what the hell is going on tonight, I’m a bit confused.”

Lone Wolf was so drunk that he was already speaking with a big tongue, and most of Chen Dong’s wine was actually blocked out by him.

Chen Dong rubbed his face to clear his head of his drunkenness for a few moments.

His gaze was deep and thoughtful, “I can’t see it either, with Zhou Zun Long’s reputation for being completely vindictive, there’s no way he’ll stop there because Zhou Yanqiu is a peacemaker, and my identity.”

“That’s strange ……” muttered Lone Wolf, stumbling and falling drunkenly into Chen Dong’s arms.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and looked back at the security guards of Jade Spring Villa, “Brother, can you give us a ride, you can’t stop a taxi here.”

The purchase of a car could not wait.

When Chen Dong and Lone Wolf had just left in the Jade Spring Villa’s car.

A black Maybach, slowly drove out from Jade Spring Villa.

In the car, Zhou Zun Long no longer had a smile on his face and stared shadily out of the window.

And beside him, sat Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao had come with Zhou Zunlong tonight.

Zhou Zunlong had called him along, but of course it was not to listen to Zhou Yanqiu’s lecture on peace.

In this city, only Zhou Zunlong had asked others to make peace, and no one had ever asked him to do so!

But when he arrived at the lodge, Zhou Zun Long took a phone call and temporarily told him to stay in the car, instead Zhou Zun Long himself went into the Heavenly Pavilion.

“Brother, what the hell is going on?” Zhou Hao still had a cast on his leg, and after sitting for so long, his leg had already hurt, but he still couldn’t help asking, “Did you really make peace with that B*****d Chen Dong?”


Zhou Zunlong opened the window and spat a mouthful of alcoholic spit outside, saying coldly, “If I really wanted to make peace with him, why would I bring you along tonight? I brought you here because I want to avenge you!”

Zhou Hao’s gaze was fixed, “Then why did you suddenly change your mind just now?”

Zhou Zun Long looked a little helpless, his voice low, “Inside the Heavenly Pavilion, there is someone else!”


Zhou Hao’s expression changed greatly.

In this city, even Zhou Yanqiu did not dare to fight hard against his cousin, he really could not think of anyone else within the Heavenly Pavilion who could make his cousin suddenly change his mind.

“Don’t ask too many questions!”

Zhou Zun Long gave Zhou Hao a fierce glare, scaring him into blushing and not daring to pursue the question.

With that, Zhou Zun Long looked out of the window in a deep voice.

In fact, he did not know who else was actually inside the Heavenly Pavilion.

The phone call just now was made to him by Zhou Yanqiu, and the phone call also gave strict orders not to take revenge this time.

He said that he was making peace, but in fact, he wanted to find an excuse to let Chen Dong go to the Heavenly Pavilion and let that person have a look.

In normal times, Zhou Zunlong would have ignored Zhou Yanqiu’s words and let them go as if they were a fart.

However, Zhou Yanqiu’s words made him change his mind.

“If you want to die, do it in front of him, when he gets angry, even the King of Heaven in this city can’t guarantee that you can walk out of the Heavenly Pavilion gates!”

A word that made Zhou Zun Long hesitate before he finally gave up on the idea of retaliation.

And he was also clear that the reason why Zhou Yanqiu opened the Heavenly Pavilion this time was neither because of him, nor because of Chen Dong, nor because of any ridiculous talk like making peace.

The reason for opening the Heavenly Pavilion was because of the one in the Heavenly Pavilion!


Suddenly, Zhou Zun Long sneered and looked at Zhou Hao with raised eyebrows, “Rat, is Chen Dong walking ahead of us?”

“Yeah, that B*****d is also a strange one, he’s even the boss of Din Tai, but he doesn’t have a car, just now at the gate, I even saw him asking someone from Jade Spring Villa to give him a lift.” Zhou Hao was a bit unsure.

Zhou Zun Long wiped his bald head and laughed fiercely, “This Maybach of mine, it’s been a long time since I had a car accident!”

After saying that, he kicked the back of the driver’s seat, “Drive faster and get into a car accident!”

“Got it, Brother Long.”

Zhou Hao’s eyes lit up and he looked at Zhou Zun Long excitedly, “Brother, are you, are you planning to take revenge for me?”

Zhou Zun Long slapped the top of his head and said in a deep voice, “What revenge? It was just a simple and sudden car accident.”

“A car accident is fiercer than a tiger, who knows when it will happen?” Zhou Hao’s eyes twinkled as he happily agreed.

The black Maybach let out an engine roar that sounded like a roaring beast, and its speed skyrocketed.


Jade Spring Villa, inside the Heavenly Pavilion.

Zhou Yanqiu leaned back in his chair, still holding the hot sober tea in his hand.

Just now, he had also drunk quite a lot of wine in order to round things up.

However, with his drinking capacity, he was only slightly drunk.

After drinking the sobering tea, his condition had also recovered considerably.

Removing his gold-rimmed gla*ses, he raised his hand and rubbed the corners of his eyes and the bridge of his nose.

Only then did Zhou Yanqiu smile and ask, “How do you feel?”

In the large Heavenly Pavilion, the sound of the zither had already stopped by now, and the only thing that was left was the gurgling of water in the false water of the false mountain.

It was clearly Zhou Yanqiu alone, yet he was asking.


A voice that was calm, even giving an incomparably cold sound, suddenly came from behind the screen.

Immediately after, a young man wearing casual clothes and about one meter seven tall slowly walked out from behind the screen.

The young man was probably in his thirties, average looking, wearing a pair of black-rimmed gla*ses, giving a sense of a sober and introverted …… honest man.

It’s the kind of person who can’t be found immediately when thrown into a pile of people.

Only a pair of eyes, under the black-framed eyes, bright, incomparably sharp gaze.

The young man walked slowly to the round table, settled down, looked at the table full of dishes, and, not minding his own business, served a bowl of rice and ate it.

“I’ll have them re-make it for you, it’s too degrading for you to eat this.” Zhou Yanqiu looked at the youth in surprise.

“Doesn’t matter.”

The young man’s movements were slow as he ate, and with every move, he exuded a very comfortable feeling, not making people feel slow or anything wrong, obviously trained from childhood.

Zhou Yanqiu also stopped dwelling on it, but smiled and said.

“You were really composed just now, when Chen Dong noticed the screen, I thought he had found you out.”

“If you found out, you found out.”

The young man had a bland look on his face.

From before Chen Dong and the others had entered the Heavenly Pavilion, he had already settled behind the screen, and through the gap, he could see everything on the dining table.

It was only because of the position the screen was in that it allowed those on the outside, to see the screen, but not the darkness behind it.

But even when Chen Dong noticed the screen just now, and even when he was able to meet Chen Dong’s gaze through the gap.

His emotions did not ripple in the slightest, it was as if he never saw any ripples in him, there was a consistent calmness.

“You’re calm enough, it’s lucky that I reacted quickly just now and pulled on the Eighty-seven Immortal Scrolls, otherwise if I let him keep staring, I guess he would have found you.”

Zhou Yanqiu put his gold-rimmed gla*ses back on and gazed at the youth.

With his experience, he had never seen such a calm person before.

“A man who has achieved greatness should not change his face when the Tai Shan Mountain collapses in front of him!”

The young man calmly put down his bowl and chopsticks, then his eyes stared at Zhou Yanqiu like a hawk: “Are you saying this to me to claim credit?”