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Winner Takes All Chapter 84-86

Chapter 84

Lone Wolf and Pony returned to Chen Dong’s office and roughly explained how to handle the situation.

After listening to this, Chen Dong only responded indifferently and then let Lone Wolf and Xiao Ma go out.

While Lone Wolf was talking about things just now, WeChat beeped one after another.

Only after Lone Wolf and Xiao Ma went out did Chen Dong pick up his phone and open WeChat.

When he looked at it, his pupils instantly tightened and his face changed drastically.

Anger, booming up.

The single WeChat message sent by Lin Xue’er was like a burning red sharp knife, stabbing him fiercely in the heart.

Thunderbolt exploded with fury!

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong slapped his palm on the desk.

The loud ear-shattering sound caused the staff outside the office to look shocked.

What had happened?

In the hearts of all the employees, Chen Dong had always been a calm and collected image, as calm as water.

From the time he was the Vice President to the time he took charge of Dingtai today, he had never lost his cool like this before!

Even when he had acquired Din Tai and was pitted by Zhao Dabao to the extent that he could almost foresee Din Tai’s bankruptcy and collapse, Chen Dong had never been so furious!

Inside the office.

Chen Dong sat quietly in his chair, his hands clenched into fists, clicking.

He clenched his teeth, and a raging anger rolled in his eyes.

At this moment, he looked like a bloodthirsty beast that wanted to devour people.

“Lin Xue’er, you are …… plucking my scales of rebellion!”

A dragon has rebellious scales, touching it will kill it!

Gu Qingying came to his side at his most troubled time, returning to his country without repercussions.

Although he had the help of Elder Dragon and the journey was smooth, Gu Qingying was by his side, giving him warmth and encouragement time and again.

In his heart, Gu Qingying was on an equal footing with his mother!

But now …… Lin Xue’er actually wanted to break them both up.

The phone rang.

It was Gu Qingying calling.

Chen Dong looked at the caller ID and his heart beat wildly, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

He had never been this flustered before, and even when he picked up the phone, his right hand couldn’t help but tremble badly.

A gentle swipe.

The call was answered.

He spoke first, “Little Shadow, I’ll come over to you right away.”

“No need, Chen Dong.”

On the phone, Gu Qingying’s cold, breathless voice caused Chen Dong’s heart to instantly fall to the abyss.

Immediately after, Gu Qingying’s voice rang out again.

“Chen Dong …… let’s meet in the evening, don’t come over now, we both need to calm down for a while.”


The phone hung up straight away.

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch.

Dumbfounded for a moment, he directly dialed Lin Xue’er’s number.

As soon as it was connected.

Chen Dong let out a hoarse growl, “Lin Xue’er, you’re playing with fire!”

“Finally, you know to look for me?”

Lin Xue’er’s voice had a slightly smug sound to it, “Chen Dong, you forced me to do this! You knew full well that I liked you, you deliberately hung on to me, I gave myself to you that night, and you still treated me so coldly, and turned your head to show your love for Gu Qingying, what on earth do you take me for?”

“Green tea!”

Chen Dong, who was in a rage, did not hesitate in the slightest.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

At the other end of the phone, there was silence.

A few seconds later.


Lin Xue’er suddenly screamed.

Immediately after, cries rang out, “Chen Dong, I forbid you to insult me like this! I, I truly like you, you, why do you insult me like that?”

The heart-breaking cries sounded as if she was really a victim.

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed fiercely and he laughed disdainfully.

While boasting of his traditional reserve, he hung on to Wang Hao as a receiver.

While at the same time, he was making eyes at the bank manager and seducing him.

Wasn’t this green enough?

Chen Dong said in a cold voice, “You will pay the price, I hope you won’t regret it!”

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong directly dialed the number on the bank’s side.

Since Lin Xue’er wanted to pluck his scales of rebellion.

Then, he could not be blamed for being ruthless and cold-blooded!

At the same time.

In a cafe outside Yingli Construction Materials.

Lin Xue’er threw her phone onto the sofa and slumped on the table, bawling.

Her sobs drew astonished looks from all around, but no one came forward.


Why are you doing this to me?

What have I done wrong?

Lin Xue’er was so aggrieved that her delicate body kept trembling and tears were pouring down like rain.

Is it wrong for me to pursue what I want?

There are plenty of people like me, why should I be subjected to such a thing?

I have already given you my body, why don’t you cherish it at all?

A series of questions filled with resentment and anger were slowly uttered amidst Lin Xue’er’s cries.

This caused the people around to listen with sympathy and shake their heads in sorrow.

“Sigh …… A nice girl, how did she get tortured by her feelings like this?”

“In this world, scum men deserve to die!”

“So pitiful for this little girl ……”

Listening to the sympathetic voices in the cafe, Lin Xue’er cried more and more heartbreakingly.

Ten minutes later.

Her mobile phone suddenly rang.

Forcing herself to hold back her sobs, Lin Xue’er picked up her phone and looked at the caller ID with teary eyes.

It was the manager of the bank where she worked.

She took a deep breath and wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Lin Xue’er forced herself to pick up the phone, “Hello, manager.”

“Lin Xue’er, you’ve been fired from the bank.”

The bank manager’s words struck Lin Xue’er like a thunderbolt, and without waiting for her to speak, the manager said icily once again, “I have already had your personal belongings thrown away, and will compensate for them at the price, which will be transferred into your account later.”


The phone hung up.

Lin Xue’er was dumbfounded, and the tears she had just wiped away were once again flowing down the corners of her eyes.

“How can you …… be so heartless, to drive me to extinction?”

Anger, resentment, resentment, all kinds of emotions intertwined, making Lin Xueer rise up in anger.

She dropped a hundred dollars to pay the bill and walked quickly towards the outside of the cafe.

She was going to find Chen Dong!

Given her relationship with the bank manager, she couldn’t think of anyone other than Chen Dong who had such power to dismiss her so coldly!

A Bauhinia bank card was enough for the bank manager to ignore all rules!

Just as she was walking out of the cafe.

A Buick business car pulled up in front of her.

The car door opened.

Lone Wolf poked his head out of the car, and the scars on his face scared Lin Xue’er into clenching her fists and taking two steps back.

Lone Wolf said calmly, “Miss Lin, our boss wants to see you.”

Lin Xue’er’s expression eased a little and she tilted her head slightly, arrogantly saying, “Sure, I’m looking for him too.”

After getting into the car, the Buick business drove away.

Din Tai Company.

Hang up the bank manager’s phone.

Chen Dong’s face was still covered with frost: “Lin Xue’er, you think you’ve got me, but you don’t know that you’ve lost from the very beginning!”

The phone rang.

It was Lone Wolf calling.

“Mr. Chen, we’ve received someone.”

As Lone Wolf’s voice rang out, a shrill cry from Lin Xue’er rang out steeply on the other side.

“Chen Dong …… I want to see you, I want to see you now!”

Chen Dong did not pay attention to it, but said to Lone Wolf, “Take her to the hotel first, and tell her that I will meet her in the evening after work!”

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong smiled coldly, “Lin Xue’er, you have lost completely this time, do you really think that because of your existence, you can break up Xiao Ying and I?”


Chapter 85

Late afternoon.

Chen Dong received a call from Gu Qingying, asking to meet at Genting Sky.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong then dialed a few numbers one after another before getting up and heading to the appointment.

It was just that the place that Gu Qingying chose to meet made his heart seize.

Genting Sky, the place where they had truly established their relationship.

Choosing there, he had already guessed a few of Gu Qingying’s intentions.

When Chen Dong arrived at the Genting Sky, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

Inside the car park, Gu Qingying’s Porsche 911 was parked quietly, obviously the person had arrived early.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong stepped into the lift.

When the lift doors opened, the lilting and soothing music greeted him.

The dim lighting decorated the entire restaurant beautifully.

“Mr. Chen?”

The waiter at the door stepped forward.

Chen Dong nodded his head.

“Please follow me, Miss Gu has booked our Genting Sky for tonight.”

Following the waiter into Genting Sky, Chen Dong caught a glimpse of Gu Qingying who had landed by the window.

Under the light, Gu Qingying, who was wearing a long floral dress, was holding her chin in her hand and looking out of the window at the night scene of the city.

Her back looked a little forlorn.

“Miss Gu, Mr. Chen has arrived.”

The waiter reminded him softly.

Chen Dong clearly saw that Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled for a moment.

Then, Gu Qingying turned back and smiled sweetly, “Here? Have a seat.”

Chen Dong’s heart pumped hard, although Gu Qingying was smiling at him, he could clearly feel that such a smile was greatly different from before.

After settling down, Gu Qingying took the menu from the waiter’s hand, placed it on the table and pushed it in front of Chen Dong.

“What do you want to eat, it’s on me.”

“Xiao Ying ……” Chen Dong spoke.

Gu Qing Ying raised her eyebrows, “Then I’ll order it myself.”

After saying that, she took back the menu and looked down at the dishes, not giving Chen Dong the slightest chance to speak.

Chen Dong was helpless in his heart, after being messed up by Lin Xue’er, he was already very unpleasant in Gu Qingying’s heart, right?

Soon, Gu Qingying ordered her dishes and after returning the menu to the waiter, she continued to rest her jade hand on her chin as she gazed out of the window at the night scene.

Inside the Genting Sky.

The music echoed.

But it became another odd kind of silence.

Neither Chen Dong nor Gu Qingying spoke.

Such silence lasted for almost ten minutes, until it was broken when the waiter served the food.

“Eat up, eat up, there will be your favourite tomato and egg noodles later.” Gu Qingying said with a low smile.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes danced for a moment as he looked at Gu Qingying with complicated eyes.

But he pretended to laugh lightheartedly, “A place as fancy as Genting Sky can still have tomato and egg noodles?”

Gu Qingying smiled proudly, “Isn’t it enough to have money?”

“That’s true.” Chen Dong nodded his head.

Then the two of them lowered their heads and ate, and the atmosphere once again returned to silence.

Gu Qingying did not ask many questions and ate quietly.

It was as if it was just an ordinary meal, the only thing was that she did not have the slightest intercourse with Chen Dong.

The more he did so, the more Chen Dong felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, his sweat trembling.

He knew that Gu Qingying was clearly suppressing himself.

It was just like when Gu Qingying clearly liked him, yet she happily acted as a bridesmaid and wished him and Wang Nan Nan into the hall of fame.

The same was true now, except that back then, it was adoration, but this time, it was anger.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong said, “Xiaoying, can I explain?”

Clang ……

The chopsticks in Gu Qingying’s hand fell onto the dinner plate.

She slowly raised her head, her eyes as bright as jewels had already flushed red at some point: “What else to explain?”

“I don’t want you to misunderstand.” Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

Gu Qingying shook her head, slightly tilted her head to look at the ceiling, took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I didn’t misunderstand ah, what could I misunderstand about you?”

“Lin Xue’er ……,” Chen Dong did not intend to drag on.

Such a matter, dragging on would only make things worse.

“It’s alright ah, I’m really alright.”

Gu Qingying raised her hand to wipe the corner of her eyes, smiling and pointing at the dishes, “Eat ah, I can order a lot of dishes, you have to try them all.”

Her look was like a sharp knife, stabbing fiercely at Chen Dong’s heart.

It made Chen Dong’s heart ache terribly.

Looking at the time, he felt that it was almost time.

Chen Dong dialed Lone Wolf’s number, “Bring someone in.”

After hanging up the phone, he looked at Gu Qingying seriously, “Xiaoying, I have never done anything wrong to you, I will explain clearly.”

Tears sprang to Gu Qingying’s eyes, “Don’t explain, okay? After we finish this meal, we’ll go our separate ways and I’ll leave, okay?”

During the day, when Lin Xue’er met her, she had already made everything clear and revealing.

Was there any need to explain such things?

Was there any possibility of explanation?

In Gu Qingying’s heart, Chen Dong’s explanation was just like a cover-up, which would only make her feel even worse.

At that very moment.

At the entrance of Genting Sky, two figures appeared.

As soon as Chen Dong saw Lone Wolf and Lin Xue’er, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

When Lin Xue’er saw Chen Dong, her pretty face instantly changed and she suddenly rushed towards Chen Dong.

With Chen Dong unprepared, Lin Xue’er directly jumped into Chen Dong’s arms and hugged him.

“Are you finally willing to see me? I’ve finally seen you!”


This scene caused a roar in Gu Qingying’s head.

Her beautiful eyes were round, her stunning face was flooded with depression, and her shellfish teeth clenched her red lips for a moment.

Then, she smiled bitterly and looked at Chen Dong with teary eyes.

“Chen Dong, is this the explanation you gave me?”

Lin Xue’er’s sudden attack caused Chen Dong to be confused as well.

Hearing Gu Qingying’s voice, he jolted awake.

“You let go!”

But no matter how much he pushed and shoved, the Lin Xue’er in his arms seemed to stick to him, instead making Lin Xue’er hug even tighter!

“No, I don’t want to let go …… Chen Dong, I’ve given you all my people, don’t be so heartless ……”

Chen Dong’s face was gloomy and his anger was raging.

And Gu Qingying finally couldn’t help but shed tears, the scene in front of her broke her down and she couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You guys, to do this to me?”

A cry that was close to a roar echoed through the dining room.

Chen Dong became anxious: “Lin Xue’er, that night, nothing at all happened between you and me!”

“Impossible, you’re clearly lying!” Lin Xue’er buried her head in Chen Dong’s arms, “The note you left for me that morning ……”

Not waiting for Lin Xue’er to finish.

Chen Dong said in a stern voice, “Kunlun, call in the hotel’s cleaning aunt!”

At this moment, Gu Qingying and Lin Xue’er all froze.

Lin Xue’er raised her head in dismay and looked at Chen Dong, “The cleaning aunt?”

Taking advantage of this distraction, Chen Dong vigorously pushed Lin Xue’er away.

He said in a deep voice: “The cleaning aunt undressed you, and after I sent you to the hotel, I left straight away, not only does the cleaning aunt testify to this, there is also the hotel surveillance!”

As he spoke, Chen Dong stared closely at Gu Qingying.

This was his explanation to Gu Qingying.

He could disregard Lin Xue’er’s feelings, but he had to consider Gu Qingying!

Because, Gu Qingying was everything to him now!


Chapter 86

As Chen Dong’s words fell.

The teary-eyed Gu Qingying and the dismayed Lin Xue’er looked at the same time at the cleaning aunt beside Lone Wolf.

The cleaning aunt looked at Lin Xue’er and nodded, “Girl, that night, this gentleman just sent you to the hotel and then gave me two hundred yuan to take care of you.”

Gu Qing Ying was in a trance and hesitated for a while.

Lin Xue’er, on the other hand, had her beautiful eyes rounded and her face full of disbelief.

It couldn’t be!

It’s absolutely impossible!

I was already like that that night, and he just sent me to the hotel?

Lin Xue’er came from a humble background, but luckily she was born with a good skin, and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

It had got her nowhere since she was born into society!

“Where’s the note? And what’s with the note?”

Lin Xue’er’s eyes flashed sharply, as if she had grabbed the last straw, her hands clutching Chen Dong’s arms, “If you didn’t do anything, why did you leave a note like that?”

Chen Dong shook off Lin Xue’er and smiled, “What do you think?”

Lin Xue’er froze as her thoughts raced.

Thinking of all the things that had happened with Chen Dong after that night.

Her delicate body suddenly trembled and she stared at Chen Dong in shock and anger, “You’re using me? Using me to take revenge on the Wang family?”

When these words came out, even Gu Qing Ying’s willow brows were slightly knitted as she looked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong looked calmly and indifferently at Lin Xue’er, “Sort of, you came up here yourself, why wouldn’t I use it?”

The icy voice made Lin Xue’er completely confused.

The dream of a luxurious family she had wished to think was completely shattered in an instant.

What was left of her sanity made Lin Xue’er’s face suddenly turn gloomy as she snapped, “Why? Why do you want to use me? What the hell did I do to you? If you don’t want to sleep with me, don’t use me either!”

Chen Dong waved his hand and said to Lone Wolf, “Take them down.”

Lone Wolf nodded his head and directly carried the collapsed Lin Xue’er outside.

The relaxing and soothing music still lingered.

The atmosphere, however, had become even more odd.

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying, his eyes full of tenderness, “If you still don’t believe me, I can take you to the hotel to transfer the surveillance.”

Gu Qingying and Chen Dong stared at each other, her eyes red with tears and a little confused.

She suddenly smiled, an extraordinarily odd smile.

In a soft voice, she murmured, “Chen Dong, it seems that I suddenly can’t understand you anymore.”

“Use?” Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders.

Gu Qingying nodded and raised her hand to wipe the tears on her face, “You weren’t like this, I think, before?”

“Xiaoying, perhaps your life is sunny, but since I was young, I have crawled out from the darkness step by step.”

Chen Dong smiled to himself, “People who come out from the darkness, in fact, my heart is really not sunny, what I can do is to give my sunshine to those who are most important to me, as for the others, I don’t care.”

One word, full of sincerity.

But it made Gu Qingying look at Chen Dong with an even more bewildered look.

She hadn’t experienced Chen Dong’s life.

Ever since she was a child, she had lived in a privileged environment, protected by her father and loved by her mother, just as Chen Dong had said, every day was sunshine.

As for the darkness, she didn’t understand.

Really didn’t understand!

Chen Dong continued to smile, his eyes a little forlorn: “The Wang family almost killed my mother again and again, and when I was in a rage, I deliberately left my hand when Lin Xue’er pounced on me, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.”

“After the divorce, the Wang family and I were cut off, and I could have left the former matter alone, but I also had to keep a hand that would allow me to strike back in retaliation in the heat of the moment.”

“So, you ruthlessly used Lin Xue’er?” Gu Qingying’s red lips mumbled.


Chen Dong replied dryly, “I climbed out of the darkness step by step, I can hold back, and I don’t know what it means to be young and frivolous, I only know that …… the winner is the king!”

“Chen Dong ……”

Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered, and at this moment, her mind seemed like rotten cotton wool, cluttered with chaos.

Her mind was even more like an open pot of paste, chaotic.

She didn’t know how to continue with Chen Dong, what had happened today was too shocking to her three views.

Even if some of the things her father taught her on a regular basis were the same as Chen Dong.

But she hadn’t experienced it, so she was a bit overwhelmed.

Scratching her hair, Gu Qingying said, “I’ll go home first, I need some time to digest it properly and think about us at the same time.”

Chen Dong smiled and did not stay.

What he said was indeed over the top.

But he had to let Gu Qingying understand the causes and consequences.

This kind of thing, he did not want to leave a thorn in Gu Qingying’s heart forever because of his own slightest concealment.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong called for the waiter to pay the bill.

As he walked out of Genting Sky, Chen Dong glanced back at the gorgeous and dreamy words “Genting Sky” and smiled faintly, but there was endless bitterness in his eyes.

When Chen Dong returned to his home at Tianmen Mountain Villa, Lone Wolf’s call came just in time.

According to his intention, Lone Wolf had sent Lin Xue’er out of the city directly after he had taken her out of Genting Sky, and had strictly ordered her not to return to this place for the rest of her life.

After responding indifferently, Chen Dong hung up the phone.

He did not feel that it was too much to do so.

If an adult caused trouble, he should bear the corresponding price.

Besides, he had given Lin Xue’er five million before, and with that amount of money, Lin Xue’er would be able to live a prosperous life even if she never came back and she went to any place.

By doing so, he was also giving the Wang family a break, so that they wouldn’t have to hara*s him every now and then!

He was truly disgusted with the Wang family.


Time pa*ses slowly.

The latter half of the month, everything went on as usual.

The shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, steadily progressed and a second property was about to be pre-sold.

Kunlun and Fan Lu also returned home healed, only after what happened last time, the way the two looked at each other always made Chen Dong feel a little something.

The Wang family’s side, too, did not appear again.

Zhou Zunlong, who had offended him, had also not followed up during this period of time.

The only thing that made Chen Dong a little apprehensive was Gu Qingying’s reaction to him.

Ever since the farewell at Genting Sky, Gu Qingying had become strange towards him, always avoiding him intentionally or unintentionally.

The few times they met, it was as if the relaxed atmosphere of the past had disappeared, and chatting had become a matter of two words.

In response, Chen Dong was helpless.

The incident at Genting Sky had rapidly cooled his relationship with Gu Qingying.

On the contrary, he could not find a way to ease the situation for a while.

He could only take one step and see what happened.

At noon that day, Chen Dong, who was working at the company, suddenly received a call from Kunlun.

“Young Master, Elder Long has returned!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Dong was overjoyed.

It had been almost a month since Elder Long had left, and neither he nor Kunlun could get in touch with him.

He was truly worried about Elder Long and what exactly had happened.