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Winner Takes All Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

In the corner of the site, piles of sand and cement are piled up.

The ground is covered with dust.

At this moment, a dozen people wearing helmets and holding steel pipe shovels gathered around, the steel pipe shovels in their hands, smashing down without mercy.

In the crowd, Kunlun and Fan Lu were clustered together.

Kunlun used his sturdy body to shield Fan Lu to death as the steel pipes and shovels fell on his back with a loud thud.

Fan Lu was already terrified, crying at the top of her lungs, but still clutching her mobile phone in her hand.

She knew that the phone was the last straw for her and Kunlun!

The two of them were in an incomparable mess, their clothes were torn and tattered, Fan Lu’s face was still bruised and red, and blood remained at the corner of her mouth.

As for Kunlun, his face was already covered in blood, the wound on his head was still gurgling with blood, and as for his body, there was no telling what kind of injuries it had become.

“Oooh …… Brother Kunlun …… I, I have caused you ……”

Faced with Fan Lu’s self-blame, Kunlun opened his mouth and a large mouthful of blood froth flowed out.

With a steely gaze, he smiled nervously, “I, I’m in, no, I’m not afraid ……”

“D*mn it, stop, stop it for me!”

A sharp voice rang out abruptly.

Immediately after, a figure rushed into the crowd, pulling and pushing people away.

This man was in his twenties or eighties, about five foot seven, with a lean body, slit eyes and a hawk’s nose, giving him a shadowy and ruthless look.

After pushing the crowd apart, he panted and crouched down in front of Kunlun and Fan Lu.

With a slap, he smacked the top of Kunlun’s blood-covered head.

“Why the F**k do you think you’re giving this cousin a head start? It’s only right to pay back what you owe, to take people off the hook if you can’t pay them back!”

Snapped ……

The more he spoke, the angrier the hawk-nosed man became, slapping Kunlun hard on the head with one slap after another.

“What the F**k are you pretending to be? Still want to save the beauty by being a hero? I’ll kill you today, believe it or not, I’ll still be a good sport. Remember, don’t give me any F**king nonsense later! It’s this cousin who owes me money!”

Slap ……

“Don’t hit, please don’t hit ……”

Fan Lu raised his hand and tried to shield Kunlun’s head, crying and begging for mercy.

“Slot nima, dead cousin, causing such a big trouble for Laozi, Laozi even beat you together!”

The hawk-nosed man’s face was fierce, and he was about to backhand Fan Lu in the face.


Suddenly, a big hand grabbed the hawk-nosed man’s wrist.

The hawk-nosed man was startled and stared at Kunlun in panic: “You, what do you want?”

Kun Lun stared hard at the hawk-nosed man, not hiding the murderous intent in his eyes, his blood-stained lips curled upwards as he smiled coldly.

“It’s okay to hit me, hit a woman, you’ll really die ……”

“Slot Nima, who do you think you are?”

“You don’t backstab me, this moment …… all of you are lying down.”

This is not Kunlun bragging, once galloping mercenary battlefield soldier king, want to put down a dozen armed people, simply do not too easy.

But, it was the hawk nose that just walked up to him with a smile on his face.

Then, while all his attention was on the beaten Fan Lu, he brazenly smashed a steel pipe on the back of his head.

That’s what made him and Fan Lu such a mess now.

“Let your mother’s Sh*t go!”

The hawk-nosed man was scandalised and cursed fiercely, still shaking off Kunlun’s hand and getting up and backing away.

Spitting fiercely on the ground, he threatened, “Count yourselves lucky, F**king actually leaned on that guy Chen Dong, remember, when he comes later, don’t give a D*mn to talk too much, it’s this cousin who owes me money, so I’ll do it, otherwise P*ss me off, I’ll ask my superiors to do something, Chen Dong is no good either!”

“Young …… master ……”

Kunlun looked choked.

At that very moment.

A cold, stern voice suddenly came from afar.

“No one, in front of my people, can call himself Old Master!”

The familiar voice caused Kun Lun and Fan Lu’s eyes to light up.

The hawk-nosed man and a dozen of his thugs also turned around in shock at the same time and followed the voice to look.

Chen Dong, dressed in a suit, slowly walked from afar.

His face was as cold as frost and his gaze was stern.

He swept right past the crowd and his gaze fell on Kun Lun and Fan Lu who were lying in a mess on the sand.

A hostile aura gradually rose up.

“Chen, Chief Chen ……”

The hawk-nosed man rubbed his hands together with a flattering smile and greeted Chen Dong: “I’m the deputy head of this construction site, my name is Zhou Hao, I’m Zhou Zunlong’s cousin ……”


Chen Dong sneered disdainfully and directly swept past Zhou Hao, ignoring the dozen or so thugs, and walked up to Kunlun and Fan Lu.

After crouching down, he did not ask what was going on.

Instead, with a helpless face, he looked at Kun Lun, whose face was covered in blood and bruises, and complained, “Tell me, you’re at least the king of mercenaries, being beaten up like this by a dozen miscellaneous birds, isn’t it a shame?”

Kunlun smiled bitterly, “Smoking.”

Chen Dong smiled and turned his head to ask the people present, “Light my brother’s cigarette.”

“Okay, okay …… I’ll do it, Mr. Chen I’ll do it.”

Zhou Hao did not dare to be slack, and with a smile on his face, he hurriedly came over.

It was true that he was the cousin of the owner of Zun Long Real Estate, but in front of Chen Dong, who was also the owner of the real estate company, he did not dare to pinch himself after all.

At least, before tearing his face off, he still had to lick it.

After lighting a cigarette, Zhou Hao gave Kunlun and Fan Lu a fierce glare, as if in warning, before retreating to one side.

Kunlun took a puff of his own cigarette and rolled over to lie down on the sand, spitting out a mouthful of blood from his mouth with difficulty.

And Fan Lu hurriedly got up and shielded Kun Lun’s side.

Her injuries were not really serious, just a few slaps and a few accidental bumps.

Most of the injuries were taken by Kunlun, who was shielding her.

“Brother Kunlun …… is sorry, I’m sorry ……”

Fan Lu’s sobbing voice was incomparably hoarse, followed by a teary-eyed look at Chen Dong: “Mr. Chen, yes, I’m sorry …… I ……”

Chen Dong shook his head and stopped Fan Lu from continuing.

Then, he patted Kunlun’s chest, “Can you still get up?”

“Yes, I can.”

Kunlun wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled morosely, “I’m someone who has crawled out of the pile of the dead countless times!”

With the help of Chen Dong and Fan Lu, Kunlun stood up.

Stubborn as Kunlun was, he eventually shook off his hand, breaking free of Chen Dong and Fan Lu and forcing himself to stand.

Chen Dong smiled and looked at Zhou Hao: “You beat up my man, how does that count?”

This was not going to stop?

Zhou Hao looked choked, followed by squeezing out a smile and said, “Mr. Chen, listen to my explanation, it’s this B*tch who owes me money, it’s only right to pay back what you owe, I’m Zhou Zunlong’s cousin, you have to look at the Buddha’s face even if you don’t look at the monk’s face ……”

Without waiting to finish, Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt.

“Don’t mention money to me, what I am mentioning now is, you beat up my man, how should I count?”

The voice was cold and stern, not to be refuted.

This scene caused Kun Lun and Fan Lu to stare blankly.

Zhou Hao’s face changed drastically, and he knew that it would be impossible to make things right, so he directly rebuked angrily, “Chen Dong, what the hell are you playing with me? Do you really think that a pheasant has become a phoenix just because it has flown up the branch? If you’re wearing a suit and tie, you should go to the office, what are you doing here with me? What can you do to me with a dozen people here?”

“I wear a suit and tie, but have you ever heard of a suit thug?”

Chen Dong smiled coldly, tilted his head untamedly, raised his hand to pull the tie around his neck loose, and said coldly, “You are given two choices, either you become the same as my people, or all of you become the same as my people!”


Chapter 78

The icy voice made Zhou Hao and the others’ throats tighten.

One man dared to shout at a dozen people?

What kind of joke is this ……!

“Suit thugs, right? Good, since you don’t intend to make it good, then don’t blame me for being unkind to you!”

Zhou Hao’s face was fierce, gritting his teeth and fiercely waving his hand, “Give me a fight, I will bear all the consequences!”

In an instant, a dozen of people holding steel pipes and shovels rushed up.

And Zhou Hao obediently retreated towards the back of the crowd.

Chen Dong smiled coldly, the cold light in his eyes flashed, and he quickly rushed towards the retreating Zhou Hao.

He was not a soft man, in the Wang family for three years, he had tolerated at every turn, and that was based on his love for Wang Nan Nan.

And on the outside, if he was a soft man, could he spend three years becoming the vice president of Dingtai?

A period of devilish training had made Chen Dong’s physical quality far beyond that of ordinary people, and even though the injuries on his body had not healed now, he was not comparable to these people present.

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong dashed in front of Zhou Hao like lightning.

Zhou Hao was so frightened that his face turned pale, and with a roar, he swung his fist at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong easily dodged it, grabbed Zhou Hao’s wrist, bowed smoothly and hugged Zhou Hao at the waist.


With a roar, Chen Dong directly picked up the lean Zhou Hao in his arms.

As if he was a human stick, he spun in place, sweeping back all the people who had lunged at him as Zhou Hao shouted in terror.

“Get down for me!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he held Zhou Hao with both hands and blatantly smashed him to the ground.

The sharp pain caused Zhou Hao’s face to turn white instantly and he let out a pig-like scream.

He was Zhou Zun Long’s cousin, and had become the deputy head of the Haitian Villa thanks to Zhou Zun Long. He usually flaunted his authority and command, but the kung fu in his hands could easily bring him down, not to mention Chen Dong, even if it was Fan Lu.


As he fell over Zhou Hao, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted, seeing the oncoming steel pipe draw, he dodged, a whip leg blatantly smacked the batterer’s waist, snatching the steel pipe into his hand in the process.

“Fan Lu Kunlun, follow me outside!”

With a stern shout, Chen Dong swung the steel pipe, as if he was a god of killing, and charged directly into the circle of a dozen people.

The steel pipe swung, and every now and then, someone screamed miserably, or even fell to the ground covering their blood soaked head.

Chen Dong was not stupid, he was surrounded by this kind of scene, and with the injured Kunlun and Fan Lu, even if he could really take down these dozen people, the price he had to pay was definitely not low.

It was not cost-effective!

Only by breaking out and leaving Kunlun and Fan Lu in safety would he have more room to manoeuvre.

As for staying his hand, he hadn’t even thought about it.

Being surrounded by a dozen people, to show them mercy would be cruel to himself!

“Fight, all of you, F**king fight me! A bunch of trash, what did I usually raise you for?”

Zhou Hao shrank to the side, seeing Chen Dong sweeping through the crowd, he jumped in anger at once.

The words had not yet ended.

Chen Dong in the crowd suddenly stopped, turned around and smashed the steel pipe in his hand directly at Zhou Hao.

“You’re the only one who can do it!”



Zhou Hao was hit squarely by the steel pipe, and his forehead instantly spilled blood as he screamed and fell to the ground.

“Young master, be careful!”

Kun Lun, who was following behind Chen Dong, suddenly shouted.

Chen Dong jerked back and a shovel came down on his head.

With a solemn expression, he clenched his right hand into a fist and smashed it directly at the shovel.


With a loud clang, the shovel flew backwards.

Chen Dong’s right hand, on the other hand, also cracked the fist blade in this blast, dripping out blood.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Fan Lu’s face went white with fear.

She had never seen such a side of Chen Dong before, but more than that, she was scared.

A dozen armed and ruthless men, even if they scattered her peak state before she retired, they wouldn’t dare to face them!

“It’ll be fine, go.”

A muffled voice rang in Fan Lu’s ears.

Without waiting for Fan Lu to regain her senses, she felt her left hand being held by a large hand.

“Brother Kunlun ……”

Fan Lu looked at Kunlun dumbfoundedly and followed him out the door in a daze.

The two of them did not have a fast pace, following closely behind Chen Dong.

There was even no shortage of people trying to bypa*s Chen Dong and attack them directly.

But without exception, all of them were stopped and put down by Chen Dong!

The fierce fight soon drew the workers on the construction site to gather around.

When a group of workers saw the scene of Chen Dong sweeping through a dozen people by himself, their jaws dropped to the ground in shock.

Is this what people do?

Zhou Hao was a completely connected man who kept a group of thugs at the construction site and usually flaunted his authority, completely walking across the street.

This was why no one had gathered around when Kunlun and Fan Lu were beaten up earlier.

In the minds of these workers, they had long since become accustomed to it.

But now, here comes a fierce man!

It was simply wild beyond belief!

Soon, half of the dozen people were knocked down by Chen Dong, and the remaining half were too frightened to continue to go forward.

Chen Dong stood in the middle of the crowd, swept a glance at the few people around him who looked terrified, and disdainfully wiped the blood from the wound on his right knuckle on his suit, then raised his hand and tugged at his tie again.

“Still fighting?”

An icy voice, with a hint of teasing.

It echoed in a few people’s ears, but it was like a big thunderclap.

They were fighters, and it was common for their hands to be black, but what Chen Dong had shown was even blacker than theirs!

“Fight, all of you F**king fight me!”

Not far away, Zhou Hao, who was lying on the ground covering his head, was still screaming.

Chen Dong smiled and slowly walked up to the nearest fighter and extended his right hand.

“Give it to me!”

The beater looked panicked and subconsciously took a step backwards.

Chen Dong pointed at the steel pipe in his hand, “Give it to me!”

The panicked hitman hesitated for a moment and handed the steel pipe in his hand to Chen Dong.


Chen Dong said with a smile and turned towards Zhou Hao.

The beaten man left behind was dumbfounded, looking at his empty hands, he suddenly somewhat failed to understand why he had just given the steel pipe to Chen Dong.

“You beat up my man, I’ll scrap your leg.”

Chen Dong stood in front of Zhou Hao, his voice cold and his expression indifferent.

“No, don’t …… Chen Dong, I’m Zhou Zunlong’s brother! You ……”

Zhou Hao was completely panicked and begged for mercy in fear.



The steel pipe fell and smashed into his left leg.

A clear sound of a fracture made everyone’s heart skip a beat.

And from start to finish, Chen Dong’s expression did not change in the slightest.

In the midst of Zhou Hao’s pig-like screams of misery.

Chen Dong casually threw the steel pipe on the ground and leaned down to look at Zhou Hao: “Now you know what it means to be a suit thug?”

“You …… you D*mn …… my big brother will definitely not let you go, your Din Tai is not even worthy to mention shoes to my big brother Zhou Zun Long!” Zhou Hao was crumbling with pain, sweating profusely, pulling out his voice and threatening.

“Then ask your big brother to set up a table for me, and I’ll go to the appointment myself, just so he can compensate me for this suit as well.”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully and turned to look at Kunlun and Fan Lu, “Let’s go, go home.”

A simple sentence, but it was as if it was a heavy hammer that hit Kunlun and Fan Lu’s heart.