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Winner Takes All Chapter 64-66

Chapter 64

Under the shroud of the setting sun.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying slowly approached, the afterglow enveloping them both.

It made the scene seem like a painting.

It was at this moment.

An extremely untimely voice rang out.

“Do I …… want to take a back seat?”

The beautiful picture was instantly broken by this voice.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, as if a frightened deer, leapt up in fright, red-faced, head bowed and walked quickly back to the swing, sitting down, breath still rushed, not daring to look in the direction from which the voice came.

This …… is so embarra*sing ah.

Chen Dong frowned and looked back at Kunlun at the stairway with some displeasure.

Just now, after wandering around the villa for so long, there was no sign of this guy.

How come this time it appeared instead?


Kunlun scratched his head awkwardly and said weakly, “Then you guys continue, I’ll take a back seat.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

“Come back!”

Chen Dong called out to Kun Lun, the emotional atmosphere that had easily built up was crashed through by his words.

What was the point of avoiding it at this moment?

Even if he was willing to continue, Gu Qingying refused to do so.

Chen Dong asked Kun Lun in a somewhat depressed manner, “Where did you go just now?”

Kunlun’s face was a little red and he felt a little guilty, he hadn’t expected to ruin the young master’s good deed.

He would have had to wait for half an hour.

However, since he had been called by Chen Dong, he replied, “There is still a ma*sage chair missing, I went out to purchase it just now.”

He remembered Chen Dong’s instructions not to address him as Young Master when there were bystanders present, and spoke in the same tone as if he were getting along with friends.

“Press, ma*sage, chair!”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and his teeth were on the verge of clenching, just because of a ma*sage chair, a good thing had been poked out?

He suddenly sneered, “I just saw that there are still a few bricks in the garden, you’re so free, go and move them?”

“No.” Kunlun shook his head suspiciously, the front and back of the villa’s garden had been carefully arranged by the soft furnishing designer, how could there be a few bricks there?

Chen Dong rolled his eyes, “If I say there is, there is!”

Kunlun: “……”

When Kunlun left.

The atmosphere on the terrace became a little odd, and the air was filled with awkwardness.

The sun had set just right, the view was beautiful, everything was just right, just waiting for the water to fall into place.

But unexpectedly, Kunlun suddenly arrived.

Chen Dong helplessly rubbed his temples, his brain really hurt a bit.

His eyes cast a sidelong glance at Gu Qingying, who apparently also exploded with embarra*sment.

At this moment, Gu Qingying was sitting on the swing, her head lowered in shyness, looking at the distant sunset and gently swaying the swing while wiggling her feet.

“Cough ……” Chen Dong coughed lightly twice to break the dead silence, “How about …… continuing?”

Gu Qingying was struck by lightning and her delicate body trembled.

She fiercely turned her head and glared angrily at Chen Dong, “You bad egg!”

After saying that, she got up and ran downstairs.

Chen Dong laughed helplessly, Kunlun, you Iron Bean, ah!

Because of the awkwardness just now, after Gu Qing Ying ran downstairs, she was too embarra*sed to stay much longer and drove away in her Porsche 911.

This made Chen Dong feel disappointed.

Kunlun said with some embarra*sment, “Young master, I really didn’t mean to do it.”

“At least you should have had dinner before you left.” Chen Dong said helplessly, but he didn’t blame Kun Lun, he could only blame him and Gu Qingying for not having gone that far in their destiny yet.

Rubbing his face, Chen Dong said, “Kunlun, why don’t we go to the underground boxing ring again today?”

“Young master, Chen Tianyang has already returned to the clan, he has a broken leg from me, he won’t be able to recover without a month or two.” Kun Lun said.

He was clear that Chen Dong’s desperate devil training before was actually stimulated by Chen Tianyang, so he was furious to make up for the gap between him and Chen Tianyang.

Chen Dong’s expression changed and he smiled untamedly, “I train because I want to become better, not just to compete with Chen Tianyang, he is not worthy of my desperation.”

The words were resounding and carried an untamed and outlandish aura.

It made Kunlun’s pupils tighten as he looked at him, hesitating for a second before nodding, “Alright then.”



Wang Nan Nan was lost in thought as she walked in the direction of home.

Her eyes were all swollen from crying long ago, and her tears had dried up.

At this moment, she was completely devastated.

How could she have expected that the fuss that she had expected to bring Chen Dong to ruin and disgrace would instead make her a target because of Chen Dong’s words?

“Where exactly did I go wrong? I took his mother’s $200,000 to help my brother, what’s wrong with that? He deliberately set me up, I’m the victim, why are you all accusing me like this?”

All the way home on foot, such grievances lingered in Wang Nan Nan’s heart.

It was dark.

She also finally reached the front door of her house.

Leaning helplessly against the door, she did not even have the strength to take out the key to open the door, but gently banged her head against it.

Soon, the door opened.

“Sister ……”

Wang Hao looked at the wretched and fallen Wang Nan Nan with a somewhat strange expression.

Even, Wang Nan Nan clearly caught a flicker of anger in Wang Hao’s eyes.

She asked breathlessly, “What’s wrong?”

While asking, she dragged herself wearily into the house.


“Wang Nan Nan, you’ve simply disgraced our family!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s shrill whistle sounded like a heavy hammer, blatantly smashing into Wang Nan Nan’s eardrums.

Wang Nan Nan was frozen on the spot.

Suddenly, she saw the news broadcast on the television set, and the picture was her making a scene at the pre-sale opening of Long Ting Garden!

And at that moment, because of Chen Dong’s words, all the people on the screen were scrambling to accuse her.

Under the media’s fanfare, a few big, eye-catching words, surfaced on the screen.

“Not even caring for her mother-in-law’s life for the sake of her younger brother, all-evil helper devil!”

Simple and crude, yet eye-catching enough.

This news alone was enough to nail the Wang family to the pillar of shame, to become a target and an abyss of scorn for everyone in the city!

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, her mind buzzed blank, and if not for Wang Hao’s support, she almost fell to the ground.

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De’s faces were blue at this moment.

Wang De covered his face with both hands and kept lamenting, “Family misfortune …… family misfortune ah ……”

The face-loving Zhang Xiuzhi was even more straightforwardly exploding at this point.

Her chest rose and fell, panting heavily as she stared angrily at Wang Nan Nan, “Look at what you’ve done, you’ve disgraced our family ah, Wang Nan Nan …… how, how did I give birth to such a beastly thing as you?”

“Mom ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s head was dizzy, collapsed to the limit, she let out an extremely weak and feeble voice: “I …… went to make a scene because I wanted to get money for Xiao Hao ah …… this is what you said ah ……”

“Sister, getting money is not the way to get it.”

Wang Hao said aggrievedly, “Do you know that I just played a game with my friends and they all know about this and are all laughing at me.”

“I ……” Wang Nan Nan wanted to say something else.

But when the words came to her lips, Zhang Xiuzhi’s action suddenly made her dizzy and dizzy, like a lightning strike.

The first thing I saw was Zhang Xiuzhi taking out her mobile phone in a huff and then quickly dialing a number.

Immediately afterwards, it was as if she had changed her face, and her face was full of smiles.

In a gentle voice, she said, “Good son-in-law, it’s my daughter Nan Nan who has wronged you, you must forgive her.”


Chapter 65

Even Wang De and Wang Hao were shocked by Zhang Xiuzhi’s action.

Wang De subconsciously gave Zhang Xiuzhi a tug: “What are you mad about? Aren’t you ashamed enough?”

Zhang Xiuzhi brutally shook Wang De off and gave him a fierce glare.

She turned her face into a smile again and said in a gentle tone, “My good son-in-law, it was all our family’s fault in the past, please be generous and reconcile with Nan, don’t abandon my daughter.”

He was so submissive, no longer the brutal and spirited man he used to be.


Wang Nan Nan murmured, her mother’s words seemed like a red-hot sharp knife, viciously stabbing her heart.

It made her, who was already broken, feel instantly spinning in the sky.

What had her mother taken her for?

What had she said during the divorce? Why did she have to say that again now?


The phone hung up.

The smile that Zhang Xiuzhi had piled on her face disappeared, replaced by an indescribable gloom.

She twisted her head and fiercely pinched Wang De on the arm: “D*mn useless, why did you stop me just now? I was on the phone with my son-in-law, what’s it to you?”

“Have some face.” Wang De grimaced in pain, but said anyway.

“Want to save face?”

Zhang Xiuzhi smiled coldly, “Fine, if you want to be ashamed, why don’t you do your son’s wedding?”

“You ……” Wang De was dumbfounded by the words.

Zhang Xiuzhi pointed to the TV and said, “Look, how rich is Chen Dong now? He has become the boss of Dingtai, Dingtai is now renovating the west of the city, after all the renovation is completed, how rich will he be?”

As she said this, Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyes were full of light.

“Chen Dong likes Nan Nan so much, now Nan Nan goes to give him an apology, he will definitely be able to remarry, then our Wang family will be rich!”

Wang De looked at Zhang Xiuzhi in a dumbfounded manner, “But this is such a big deal, our Wang family has lost face in front of the whole city, and you are still thinking of such a good thing?”

“Isn’t it all Nan’s fault?!”

Zhang Xiuzhi gritted her teeth and shouted angrily at Wang Nan Nan, “Wang Nan Nan, you’ve done such a stupid thing today, you’ve simply disgraced our family, Chen Dong is so good, what on earth made you think that you would divorce him in the first place?”

“I, as a mother, want you to apologize to Chen Dong and remarry him immediately!”

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were red and swollen, and she had long since turned into a tearful person.

Her mother had always loved to save face, and this incident had completely disgraced the Wang family.

But what she didn’t expect was that her mother didn’t care about the loss of face at all, what she cared about was actually asking her to apologise to Chen Dong and to fight for a remarriage?

“Mom, what do you take me for? I’m not a tool, I have a temper too, I dumped Chen Dong in the first place, why should I apologize to him and remarry now?” Wang Nan Nan hissed.

“How dare you talk back to me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face turned red with anger as she snarled angrily, “Wang Nan Nan, are you trying to P*ss me off as a mother?”

As she said this, she also made a face as if she couldn’t breathe well.

She did love to save face, but she loved money even more.

Chen Dong was her former son-in-law and was now so rich, as long as Wang Nan Nan and Chen Dong remarried, in the future Chen Dong’s money would not be hers?

As long as there was money, the face that she had once lost, could she not get it back?

Zhang Xiuzhi’s breathless appearance scared Wang De.

Wang De hurriedly got up and helped Zhang Xiuzhi smooth her chest: “Take it easy, be careful of your heart.”

“What do you care about me so much? My daughter doesn’t even listen to me as a mother anymore, I’d rather die!” Zhang Xiuzhi slapped Wang De’s hand away.

Wang De frowned in pain and was also getting angry, saying angrily, “Are you blind? Chen Dong confessed his love to Gu Qingying at the Longting Garden pre-sale, there’s no room for manoeuvre!”


Zhang Xiuzhi scolded with round eyes, “How long have Chen Dong and Nan Nan been divorced? Chen Dong used to be so fond of Nan Nan, and he listened to Nan Nan, as long as Nan Nan Nan is willing to apologize and beg to get back together, Chen Dong will definitely dump that dead girl Gu Qingying!”

Inside the house, chickens were flying.

The arguments were piercing.

This scene made even Wang Hao look unbearable, and he stepped forward, “Mom, haven’t you reacted yet? Chen Dong is rich so soon, as I said before, his divorce from his sister must have been premeditated, what’s the use of going to beg now?”

“Then do you still want to get married or not?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s features were twisted and her eyes were fierce to the limit: “I don’t care if he’s premeditated or not, we have to try anyway, Chen Dong is so rich, we can endure even the biggest grievances, and when your sister and him remarry, won’t his money become our family’s?”

A word made Wang Hao speechless.

The marriage between him and Lin Xue’er was really imminent.

The family couldn’t get any more money, and the only way to break through seemed to be Chen Dong.

Seeing Wang Hao shut up, Zhang Xiuzhi glared at Wang Nan Nan with a hideous ferocity.

She didn’t care in the least about Wang Nan Nan’s broken emotions at this moment, and instead, she blamed.

“You dead girl, you don’t know your blessings when you’re in the midst of them, Chen Dong is my good son-in-law, he has good looks and abilities, you were simply climbing high above him when you married him, but you just don’t know how to cherish it!”


Wang Nan Nan fell to the ground, tearing her heart out and howling.

But Zhang Xiuzhi still didn’t stop, but sternly rebuked, “Wang Nan Nan I tell you, if you don’t want me to die, then you will go and beg Chen Dong to get back together and let my good son-in-law come back, otherwise I won’t recognize you as my daughter even if I die!”

Wang De and Wang Hao on the side were full of helplessness, but both chose to be silent.


On the other side.

On the way to the underground boxing arena.

Kun Lun looked at Chen Dong curiously, “Young Master, whose call was it, hanging up without saying a word?”

“The old vampire.”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, his eyes held a resentment, “It’s disgusting to say a word.”

Kunlun’s eyes flickered for a moment as realization dawned on him.

He, was aware of Chen Dong’s past.

Looking ahead, Kun Lun said, “Young master, here we are.”

Chen Dong nodded, and as he was getting out of the car, he took out his phone again and pulled Zhang Xiuzhi’s phone number into the blacklist.

The Wang family’s eating is getting more and more disgusting!

Entering the underground boxing arena.

The familiar darkness enveloped.

The blood-curdling shouts echoed in his ears, deafening.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, the first time he came to this place, it called him nothing but shock.

The second time he came back, he was in a much calmer state of mind, and all he had was to enhance his combat experience.

He and Kunlun slowly walked in the direction of the iron cage, where a bloody fight was taking place.

Chen Dong didn’t feel anything, as if he was used to it, he took out his white mask and put it on his face, quietly watching the fight with Kunlun.

To him, fighting in person was the quickest way to gain combat experience, and watching a fight was also a way to gain combat experience.

Just then.

A black shadow approached Chen Dong and Kun Lun quickly in the darkness.

In the darkness, the black shadow was fast and silent.

He raised his right hand and grabbed Chen Dong directly.

It was a close call.

Kun Lun’s eyebrows knitted and he turned around in an abrupt manner.


A hand grabbed the wrist of the black shadow: “Want to die?”

Chen Dong was shocked for a moment, and when he turned around and saw the black shadow, he instantly got a chill at his back.

He hadn’t even noticed anyone approaching behind him!


Chapter 66

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

In the darkness, the figure was grabbed by Kunlun’s wrist, instead of panicking, he was a little surprised.

Chen Dong frowned, this place was too dark, except around the iron cage, the rest of the place was out of reach.

“Who are you?”

Kunlun let go of his right hand, since he had already found out, he did not care if the person in front of him would make a move.

For he was certain that he would put the man down the moment he struck.

The figure took a step forward and met the light in the direction of the iron cage, revealing the centipede-like scar at the corner of his eye.

“Lone Wolf?!”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, then reacted, “Didn’t you just try to make a move on me?”

Last time in the iron cage, he had shown mercy to Lone Wolf, and with Lone Wolf’s reaction at that time, he did not think that Lone Wolf would hold a grudge and take advantage of the opportunity to strike just now.

“I… I just wanted to say hello to you.”

Lone Wolf was a little embarra*sed, “It would be a bad influence if I suddenly shouted at you when the underground boxing match entered the centre.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly.

“You can also shout your greetings when you get closer, reaching out from the darkness in a place like this, it would be hard for Kunlun not to misunderstand you.”

“I didn’t think about it enough.”

Lone Wolf gave a sarcastic laugh.

Meeting again, Chen Dong noticed a big difference between Lone Wolf’s demeanour and that of the time when he was in the iron cage.

When he was inside the iron cage, Lone Wolf gave him the impression of being like a bloodthirsty beast, while now it was relatively much gentler.

It was even, somewhat introverted.


An ear-splitting shout erupted from the dark underground boxing arena.

Chen Dong was startled for a moment and turned to look at the iron cage, where the fight had already reached a white-hot stage.

Bloodshed and cruelty were on full display at this moment.

The aesthetics of fist-to-fist violence was most likely to give rise to the wild factor of human instincts.

“It’s about to come down to a winner.” Lone Wolf said calmly, “The hippo will be decided in about a minute with his strength and size overpowering him.”

Having been immersed in the underground boxing world for many years, Lone Wolf was very professional when it came to fighting.

Chen Dong did not retort.

In this kind of underground boxing world, it was possible to play for human lives at any time, and it was simply impossible to follow the division by weight cla*s as in a proper fighting match.

However, Kun Lun suddenly asked Chen Dong, “Young Master, what do you think?”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, and suddenly reacted.

Kun Lun was testing him.

The Lone Wolf on the side also frowned, but did not make a sound.

Just now, he had come close and was stopped by Kunlun’s discovery of a backhand, and from this contest alone, he was clear that Kunlun was above him.

In the darkness, the screaming and shouting was like a tidal wave.

Inside the cage, blood was already flying, incomparably bloody.

The man Lone Wolf called Hippo had completely dominated the battle, even breaking his opponent’s left arm with a heavy punch.

But to Chen Dong’s astonishment, even with a broken arm, the small man was still moving and dodging, and would occasionally counter with his right fist.

Obviously, the situation and the injury did not cause him to lose his composure.

This attracted Chen Dong’s attention.

Time pa*sed by second by second.

The white-hot battle ignited the entire arena.

Chen Dong’s gaze was focused on the battle, on the small man to be exact.

On the side, Kunlun smiled and smirked.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, murmured, “Could it still be reversed?”

Just as the words left his mouth, Chen Dong suddenly spoke, “The little man’s pace is so bizarre.”

Lone Wolf looked startled and hurriedly observed the small man’s pace.

Kunlun, on the other hand, continued to ask after him, “How is it weird?”

“The steps look chaotic, yet they give me a sense of discipline, the kind of antelope that dodges the vital points every time.”

Chen Dong stared closely at the small man and spoke in a tone of voice that even he did not believe, “His steps gave me the feeling of a fierce beast waiting for an opportunity to move, he was waiting, waiting for the best opportunity to strike a fatal blow!”

Kunlun’s pupils tightened and the smile on his face was replaced by surprise.

When he was once a mercenary, the killing he had experienced in the battlefield was even more brutal than that inside the cage, and at the same time had created a terrifying combat power in him, far from what Lone Wolf could compare.

Something that even a professional like Lone Wolf hadn’t noticed.

The young master, who had only fought once in actual combat, had …… found out!

With such a terrifying combat instinct, even Kunlun’s heart twitched.

The words had just fallen.


Inside the iron cage, the small man who had been pinned down suddenly burst out with a roar.

“Here it comes!”

Almost at the same time, Chen Dong’s eyes burst into a brilliant flash.

Inside the iron cage, the small man fiercely bowed, charged forward, braced his right hand on the ground, drove his lower body to stand up quickly, and with a wind-breaking sound, his right foot smashed into the hippo’s temple like a battle axe.


With a muffled sound, the pagoda-like hippo’s body stiffened and collapsed straight into the cage.

The originally boisterous venue was abruptly silent.

Everyone was stunned.

No one had expected that the predetermined outcome of the fight would be rewritten in this instant!

It was only after the referee made his announcement that the deadly silent venue burst into screams and shouts once again.

“Really …… really turned defeat into victory?” Lone Wolf was dumbfounded and looked inside the steel cage in disbelief.

“Phew ……” Chen Dong let out a long breath, all his energy just now focused on the small man had made him all but uncontrollably tense up along with the battle.

“Young master, your progress has amazed me so much.”

Kun Lun patted Chen Dong’s shoulder appreciatively, his eyes filled with laughter.

One of the so-called elite education for the younger generation of the Chen Family was physical fitness and fighting skills.

Ever since he had affiliated with the Chen Family, he knew all the physical fitness and fighting skill levels of the Chen Family’s younger generation like the back of his hand.

But, none of them had grown as quickly as Chen Dong!

“Your Lordship is indeed as sharp-eyed as a torch.”

While appreciating, Kun Lun secretly sighed in his heart.

“Come less, you have thrown out the examination questions before I will look closely, this is much easier than the Lone Wolf looking directly at it.”

Chen Dong returned, so as not to make Lone Wolf feel too embarra*sed.

Kun Lun nodded and said slowly, “Young Master, please remember that fighting techniques are killing techniques, before you can tell the difference between victory and defeat, you can be attacked by the enemy a hundred times, as long as you are not down and seize the opportunity, victory or defeat is just one move away, and killing only takes one move.”

Chen Dong nodded in silence.

The shock in the eyes of the Lone Wolf at the side intensified as he pondered.

Kunlun smiled, “However, that little man is still a bit stupid, paying such a high price for a fatal blow, his opponent was killed by his kick, he broke an arm and won’t be able to fight for the next month or two.”

“Fighting is all about killing techniques, balancing the ratio of cost and gain as much as possible before the winner is decided, using the smallest cost to get a killing move!”

Chen Dong pondered and smashed his lips for a moment.

“I’ll go and make an appointment for the young master to get on the field.” Kun Lun nodded and left.

At that moment, Lone Wolf finally came back from his shock.

His gaze took a deep glance at Kun Lun who had left, before finally landing on Chen Dong.

Doubtful, pondering …… for just a few seconds, Lone Wolf’s eyes changed and changed.

Eventually, he steeped in determination.

In a deep voice, he said, “Please let me follow you!”