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Winner Takes All Chapter 61-63

Chapter 61

Chen Dong’s determination and fearlessness caused Wang Nan Nan to panic completely.

It gave her a feeling of powerlessness as if her fist had hit cotton.

Countless murmurs fell on her, and the flashing lights almost engulfed her.

By the time she came back to her senses, she found that Chen Dong had long since disappeared.

The sales centre of Long Ting Garden, meanwhile, had opened its doors.

A crowd of home buyers swarmed into the sales centre, and the place was in full swing.

She, on the other hand, stood frozen in place.

As if a dispensable clown.


Leaving Longting Garden by taxi, Chen Dong headed straight to Genting Sky.

The way the Wang family ate made him sick.

Wang Nan Nan’s appearance today had even made him incomparably annoyed.

His heart for Wang Nan Nan had been completely cold back when Wang Nan Nan had taken away his mother’s last life-saving money.

If not for Elder Long’s appearance, his mother would have already been lying in a cold coffin.

This had left him without the slightest bit of attachment to Wang Nan Nan and the Wang family!

The only thing he could do was to act as if nothing had happened in those three years.

But if he wanted to retain a trace of affection for Wang Nan Nan and the Wang family, it was impossible!

Rubbing his face, he suppressed his anger.

Chen Dong looked out of the window and twisted his fingers, suddenly understanding why some people always liked to smoke a cigarette whenever they were in such situations.

In a trance, Gu Qingying’s appearance suddenly came to his mind.

With a slight smile, perhaps this was the last ray of sunshine he had in his love life now.

She could at least know when he was tired, that he had worked hard and had to rest.

Instead of being like Wang Nan Nan, who treated him like a cow and asked for everything.

“She shouldn’t like the smell of smoke.”

Chen Dong shook his head and looked ahead.

Genting Sky, here it was.

Situated in the city’s tallest building, Genting Sky seemed to be standing on top of a mountain, overlooking all life, showing off the value of prestigious consumption and turning away countless people.

Of course, for a diner to experience the feeling of being in the clouds, a spending of over 100,000 is actually not much.

At least that was what Chen Dong thought.

As he took the lift and reached the cloud-topped sky on the top floor.

The melodious piano music came in, pleasing to the ears.

The luxurious and elegant decoration made the environment impeccable.

The huge floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides provide an unparalleled view of the sky outside the windows.

And, layers of clouds are floating outside the windows.

Following the waiter to the perfect spot for cloud watching that had been reserved long ago, Gu Qingying had already settled down to wait.

Only Gu Qingying’s appearance was full of worry and she was a bit fidgety.

“Little Shadow, what are you worried about?” Chen Dong smiled.

Gu Qingying jolted, looked up and saw Chen Dong and said with surprise, “Thank goodness, you are finally here, I was really afraid of what she would do to you.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “My relationship with her was broken a long time ago, what else could she do to me?”

“I was afraid that her making a scene would affect your image and that of the company.” Gu Qingying did not hide her worry.

Chen Dong raised his hand and told the waiter to bring the menu, allowing Gu Qingying to order.

At the same time, he smiled and took his seat, “Don’t worry, I’ve already taken care of it, she wants to disgrace herself, how can I stop her?”

Gu Qingying was puzzled for a while.

But she didn’t press on either.

She was just heartbroken for Chen Dong, as for the rest, she didn’t want to ask more.

She knew exactly what Wang Nan Nan and the Wang family had done, and they did not deserve any pity at all.

Adults who did things had to bear all the costs that came with it.

Soon, the order was taken.

“Surprise today?”

Chen Dong changed the subject, he did not want Gu Qingying to worry too much on this.

Besides, Gu Qingying did not mind his previous, it would have been unfair to Gu Qingying on the matter of Wang Nan Nan.

“You still have the nerve to say that.”

Gu Qingying scolded, “Why didn’t you tell me when you became the boss of Dingtai? Do you know that during the time when you were in trouble, I was worried abroad and couldn’t sleep, so I rushed back home in a hurry to help you.

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong’s hand, placed on the back of Gu Qingying’s hand, “Thank you for coming to my side when I was at my most desperate.”

A panicked look surfaced on Gu Qingying’s stunningly beautiful face.

Feeling the warmth on the back of her hand, she subconsciously tried to withdraw her hand, but found that Chen Dong’s hand was extraordinarily hard and she could not break free.

“What’s the big fool doing, it’s in a restaurant, lots of people are watching.”

“I’m holding my girlfriend’s hand, what’s wrong with that?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “It’s you who threw yourself at her, you can’t run away from now on.”

A word that caused Gu Qingying’s pretty face to burn and turn red.

Gu Qingying hurriedly changed the subject, “Right, you still haven’t told me how exactly did you become the boss of Dingtai?”

This was the thing she was most curious about right now!

According to her understanding of Chen Dong’s family background, Chen Dong was already desperate after the last 200,000 was taken away by Wang Nan Nan.

But when she returned home, not only was Chen Dong’s mother’s condition already recovering, Chen Dong had even transformed into the boss of Dingtai.

In her mind, it was like a magic trick, as if Chen Dong had gone from being desperate to flying up into the clouds in an instant.

Such a drastic change had never occurred to her.

That was why she had hurried back to China, wanting to use her abilities to help Chen Dong complete all this change.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and became somewhat gloomy.

The hand that was holding Gu Qingying was also withdrawn.

Gu Qingying’s willow brows knitted, “Did I, did I say something wrong?”


Chen Dong squeezed out a smile and explained, “Actually, it was someone who helped me, gave me a lot of money, helped me save my mother, and helped me acquire Din Tai when the building was about to collapse after Din Tai signed a sky-high contract.”

After a pause, Chen Dong sighed, “It’s just that I don’t want to tell you about this matter yet, because even I haven’t adjusted from the change of identity yet, so I will tell you slowly later.”

Chen Dong was not willing to mention the father he had never met.

A man who had abandoned his family for more than 20 years could be called a father and husband?

But he was still grateful to that father for saving his mother at a critical moment.

He did not know what had happened to the Chen family and was wondering whether it was a deal or not with his father who had sent Elder Long to support him.

Right now his heart was still torn, so he did not want to mention it to Gu Qingying.

After hearing Chen Dong’s words, Gu Qingying became even more curious.

But after taking a glance at Chen Dong’s expression, she nodded her head and did not pursue the matter.

She respected Chen Dong’s privacy.

She also knew that after being with Chen Dong, she would slowly learn about it all.

“By the way, didn’t you say that you had a surprise for me as well?”

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying expectantly.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and her eyes were a little flustered for a moment.

After experiencing the heavy surprise Chen Dong had given her, she was suddenly a little unsure whether revealing her identity to Chen Dong would be considered a surprise to Chen Dong or not.

So …… to say …… or not to say?


Chapter 62

In the end, Gu Qingying still chose not to say anything.

The surprise Chen Dong had given her today was too much, too big, making her doubt whether the surprise she had prepared was a surprise to Chen Dong or not.

Since she wasn’t sure, she put it aside for the time being, she didn’t want to make the atmosphere weird.

There was always time to talk about it in the future.

This was what Gu Qingying thought, but she did not know that Chen Dong had prepared a surprise for her.

After finishing their meal, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying left Genting Sky.

It was only after getting into the Porsche 911 that Gu Qingying came back to her senses: “There’s still a surprise?”

The whole day today had been perfect for her, if Wang Nan Nan was left aside.

She didn’t expect Chen Dong to do anything else for her either, because she knew that Chen Dong had been busy working around the clock for the pre-sale of Long Ting Garden for a while now, and he was already exhausted to the limit.

Yet, she did not expect that Chen Dong actually had a surprise for her.


Chen Dong gave a mysterious smile.

Gu Qingying shook her head, “Today has given me enough surprises, I like it a lot, but you have been too tired for a while, now that the pre-sale has opened, I think you should take a good rest.”

Chen Dong’s heart was warmed.

Shaking his head, he smiled gently, “It’s fine, that place can rest just as well.”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and she instantly blushed scarlet, somewhat alarmed.

This workaholic …… shouldn’t ……

A thought fiercely surfaced in her mind, making Gu Qingying feel as if her body was on fire.

She lowered her head down, her shell teeth biting her red lips tightly.

This …… is too fast, really too fast!

How long has it been since the relationship was established?

How could this workaholic think in that direction?

“Xiaoying, are you uncomfortable?”

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying’s strange appearance and said worriedly.

“No, no ……”

Gu Qingying’s cheeks were scarlet and she hesitated for a moment before saying in a voice as low as a mosquito, “Are we …… developing too fast?”


Chen Dong was stunned, he somewhat failed to understand what Gu Qingying meant by this.

“Not fast?” Gu Qingying clenched her hands together, her palms sweating nervously, “We’ve, only, only been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few days.”

“It’s not like it’s going to stop me from surprising you.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “Let’s go, to the Tianmen Mountain Villa area.”


Gu Qingying snapped, looking at Chen Dong incredulously, “It’s to Tianmen Mountain Villa Area? Not to ……”

Suddenly, she raised her hand and covered her mouth, not saying any more.

Chen Dong frowned and looked at Gu Qingying suspiciously, “Why are you taking such a surprised tone?”

Gu Qingying’s eyes fluttered and she hurriedly lowered her head, as if she was a child who had made a mistake, and whispered softly.

“No, it’s nothing ……”

The words had just fallen.

A gentle voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“Say …… where do you think you’re going?”

The gentle voice, with a hint of heat, blew in her ears, causing Gu Qingying to blush to the base of her neck.

She hurriedly dodged and looked out the window and said, “You, you’re a big bad egg.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and sat back in his chair, “Come on, let’s show you our home.”

The Porsche 911 started up.

It was only after driving onto the road that Gu Qingying gradually eased up from the embarra*sment she had just felt.

She asked Chen Dong in surprise, “You bought a villa in Tianmen Mountain?”

“Hm nah.”

Chen Dong blandly responded, “There are more and more people in the family, and my mother needs a good environment to recuperate after being discharged from the hospital, so she can’t continue to be condemned to a rented room.”

Gu Qingying was calm on the surface, but her heart was in huge waves.

She knew the price of the villa at Tianmen Mountain.

That was the ceiling of the city’s property prices!

But where on earth did Chen Dong get so much money?

He had bought Dingtai, developed a shantytown in the west of the city, and even bought a villa!

However, Gu Qingying quickly suppressed the doubts in her head.

What Chen Dong had said was that there was a valuable person to help.

But Chen Dong was not willing to say, and she could not possibly ask more questions in these areas, as one more question would inevitably involve that noble person.

After a pause, Gu Qingying said doubtfully, “Big fool, now that you are so rich, why don’t you have a car for yourself?”

Chen Dong’s expression choked.

The change in his status and situation was only within this month or so, before that, he had no idea at all.

When he did, he was too busy again.

The only time he had picked up Gu Qingying from the airport, he had the idea of buying a car, and Gu Qingying had beaten him to it.

Smiling playfully, Chen Dong winked, “Because you bought a car, can’t I still have a soft meal?”

“Stop it, you’re just pulling it.” Gu Qingying scolded.

She knew that Chen Dong’s character was not destined to eat her soft rice.

The Porsche 911 soon arrived at Tianmen Mountain and made its way up the Pan Mountain Road.

This was also the second time Chen Dong had visited the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Last time, in order to find Zhou Yanqiu for help, he simply had no time to care about the surrounding scenery.

Now that the dust had settled, sitting in the car and looking out of the window, it was something else.

“The scenery here is so beautiful.” Gu Qingying also couldn’t help but sigh.

Chen Dong nodded, “Yeah, no wonder Tianmen Mountain Villa Area can become the property ceiling of the city.”

“Hee hee …… Zhou Yanqiu is a shopping mall magnate, he has been reigning in the mall for so many years, the property he opens will not be bad.”

Gu Qingying suddenly smiled wryly, “Right Chen Dong, the last time the material merchants boycotted, how did you convince Zhou Yanqiu to help you?”

“He is my former boss and thinks highly of me, when I went to him, he agreed in one breath.” Chen Dong said.

Gu Qingying’s eyes flashed, was that really the case?

It is not possible to make a shopping mall mogul go against the industry chain related companies, just to be valued, but it cannot be done.

The pros and cons of this are very involved!

But Gu Qingying didn’t ask, and changed the subject: “Where is the house you bought?”

“Halfway up the hill.” Chen Dong said.

Gu Qingying’s eyes flashed in surprise, that was the top of the line Tianmen Mountain villa!

It was conservatively estimated to be 100 million +!

When the Porsche 911 drove into the villa garage unhindered, Gu Qingying finally chose to accept reality.

After getting out of the car, she looked at the imposing villa building and the wide garden and was a little dazed.

Chen Dong swept a glance at the villa gardens and nodded in satisfaction.

The top horticultural designers had specially designed each villa garden, taking every corner into consideration, complementing the entire villa.

Even to his eyes, he could not pick out the slightest flaw, as if the entire villa was just as it should be!

Just by looking at the garden, Chen Dong had a feeling of getting more than his money’s worth.

“Let’s go, let’s go home.”

Chen Dong smiled and pulled up Gu Qingying’s hand.

Feeling the warmth in her hand, Gu Qingying slowly followed Chen Dong.

Everything in front of her still put her in a bit of a trance.

It was not that she had never seen it before.

Not to mention such a villa, even a manor or a medieval castle would not be enough to make her react this way.

Rather, this villa was bought by Chen Dong!

Taking a deep breath, Gu Qingying finally asked the doubt in her heart, “Chen Dong, just how much money do you have?”


Chapter 63

Asking Chen Dong directly how much money he had was considered asking for Chen Dong’s privacy.

With Gu Qingying’s upbringing, she could not do such a rude thing.

But today, Chen Dong had given her a series of surprises, as if a heavy hammer was hitting her head, so she could not help it.

Whether it was the acquisition of Dingtai, or the development of the shantytown in the west of the city, or the purchase of the villa in front of her.

Which of these three things is not calculated in billions?

Even if Chen Dong had the help of an important person, but the important person would not be able to directly hit Chen Dong with money, right?

This is not helping, this is clearly the old man giving his son money!

Obviously, Gu Qingying thought that this kind of thing was absolutely out of line.

Chen Dong stopped and looked at the surprised Gu Qingying with a gentle smile, “It’s not much, I guess, after operating several times in a row, the money in the card is not much anymore.”

Saying that, he took out the Bauhinia bank card from his pocket, carefully calculated it and said, “There’s about 500 million left.”

“A Bauhinia bank card?!”

The moment she saw the bank card, Gu Qingying’s face changed drastically, and her jade hand covered her mouth in surprise, almost screaming out.

She no longer cared about Chen Dong’s helpless tone when he said that he still had five hundred million left, because the Bauhinia bank card in front of her gave her a bigger shock than all the surprises today put together!

The threshold of one billion cash deposits and the various onerous and stringent vetting conditions made the Bauhinia Bank Card a symbol of wealth.

The reason she knew it so well was because his father had one too.

But how did Chen Dong …… get it?

“You know it?” Chen Dong was also surprised.

One should know that even Lin Xue’er, who was a bank teller, did not know it at first.

Gu Qingying nodded and asked with a strong suppressed tone, “Is this what that noble person of yours gave you?”

Other than the noble person Chen Dong had spoken of, she really did not know how to link the Bauhinia bank card to Chen Dong.

“Well, there was a billion in the card at first, and I withdrew some of it for Dingtai’s City West project this while to turnover.” Chen Dong nodded and put away the bank card, thinking about it, it was normal for Gu Qingying to know the Bauhinia bank card.

After all, Gu Qingying herself was a rich second generation, and although the Bauhinia bank card was rare, the bank manager knew it, it made sense that Gu Qingying would also know it.

“One billion ……”

Gu Qingying’s heart was beating wildly, and she suddenly had a feeling that she didn’t know what to say.

A billion dollar Bauhinia bank card, given to Chen Dong for nothing?

This noble man was too expensive, right?

Even with Gu Qingying’s background, she could not hide her shock at this moment and exclaimed, “Big fool, do you want to ask that nobleman if you are his long-lost real son? This is too generous, isn’t it?”

A joking remark, but it was invariably true.

This caused Chen Dong’s expression to freeze, his eyes dimmed a few times, and a hint of depression flooded him.

However, he knew that it was only Gu Qingying’s joke, so he quickly suppressed his emotions, and Gu Qingying did not notice the change in him.

“Let’s go, go and see the house.”

Chen Dong pulled Gu Qingying and walked into the villa.

He had long since arranged for Kunlun to hire a designer to do the soft furnishing design for the inside of the villa.

With a sufficient budget, he believed that everything inside the villa would not let him down.

This villa was his and his mother’s future new home.

It was also the place where he and his mother had landed after so many years of drifting around the city.

The hardships his mother had suffered to raise him were beyond Chen Dong’s imagination.

Now that he had the means, it was time for the fledgling to feed back.

In order to give his mother a good environment to recuperate, Chen Dong was willing to spend any amount of money.

The soft design of the villa, at Chen Dong’s request, did not pursue too much luxury and atmosphere, but more warmth and comfort.

In Chen Dong’s mind, this place is a home, and a home should have a warm and comfortable feeling, rather than the extravagant pomp and circumstance of showing off wealth to the outside world.

When Chen Dong walked into the villa and saw the decoration style, he revealed a satisfied smile.

The warm tones matched, the comfortable and convenient furniture, everything was in one piece, still unable to pick the slightest flaw.

It gave people a feeling of relaxation both physically and mentally as soon as they walked in.

“Chen Dong, this decoration style is great.” Gu Qingying exclaimed, “It feels like home.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “Then …… welcome the mistress home.”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face flushed and she snapped, “Nasty, don’t be blindly poor, show me around.”

Chen Dong also came to the villa for the first time, so he was also full of curiosity about everything in the villa.

So he strolled around the villa with Gu Qingying.

What made Chen Dong a little puzzled was that after he entered the villa, he did not see Kunlun.

According to reason, Kunlun knew he was coming over today, and the furniture and soft furnishings had only just been finished today, so Kunlun should have been in the villa.

The whole villa has four floors, with a lounge, audio-visual entertainment room and so on.

On the top floor, there is a spacious terrace.

The designer has planted flowers and plants all around the terrace, with flowers of all colours competing for attention, and the air is filled with the scent of flowers.

In the middle of the terrace, there are swings and loungers.

Gu Qingying sat on the swing and swayed gently, her gaze deep: “Chen Dong, your transformation has surprised me so much.”

After a day of running around, Chen Dong lay down on the lounger and looked at the setting sun in the sky, smiling spontaneously, “Yes, from hell to heaven, I didn’t even expect it.”

A word of conversation was followed by silence.

The silence on the terrace was not deliberately broken by either Chen Dong or Gu Qingying.

It was as if at this time, both of them were quiet, comfortably enjoying this moment of solitary tranquillity.

At the edge of the sky, the setting sun slowly slid down.

The sunset was like fire, staining the clouds halfway up the sky.

It is as beautiful as a painting.

When the sunset reached a certain position, the fire-like light enveloped the villa.

It was as if the whole villa was cloaked in a gorgeous golden coat, shining brightly.

“Wow …… so beautiful.”

Gu Qingying looked at the afterglow of the sunset and could not help but let her eyes shine as she exclaimed in awe.

Chen Dong smiled and also gazed at the sunset afterglow similarly, such a beautiful view was only possessed by a few villas on this mid-level mountain side of Tianmen Mountain, which was the reason why these villas could be sold for a sky-high price of over hundred million.

“Chen Dong, get up and look, it’s a beautiful sunset.”

Seeing Chen Dong’s lazy appearance, Gu Qingying was like a young girl, leaping to Chen Dong’s side and trying to tug him up.

But unexpectedly, Chen Dong suddenly pushed hard.

Gu Qingying immediately lost her face and let out a scream as she fell into Chen Dong’s arms.

In a flash, the two of them were facing each other.

The sunset was perfect.

A beautiful scene.

Everything seemed to be just right.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up as he said with a smile, “Didn’t you say you wanted to rest?”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled for a moment, the previous feeling of fire burning her entire body reappeared, making her feel all over hot.

But facing Chen Dong’s gaze, she did not move her gaze away.

The two stared at each other and slowly moved closer ……