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Winner Takes All Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

The following days.

All of Chen Dong’s energy was focused on the preparation for the pre-sale of the property in the west of the city.

Having built up momentum for a month, he would not allow any negligence in this battle.

As time pa*sed, the posters advertising the pre-sale of the City West property in the city’s streets and alleys gradually increased.

And the topic of the City West property seemed to become a theme on the lips of young and old as they chatted.

It was as if the attention of the whole city had fallen on the west side of the city.

All those who can afford to buy a property are rubbing their fists and jumping at the chance.

Because they all knew that if they bought a property in the west of the city before Yike moved in, the property prices would definitely rise again after Yike moved in.

This is a money picking affair.

For picking up money, anyone would be enthusiastic.

There are even quite a few connected households who hold their own connections and have started to secretly make connections with the intention of making insider purchases.

Chen Dong had expected such a thing to happen.

Having been immersed in real estate for three years, he knew a lot about in-buying, which could not be avoided.

However, he did not intend to in-buy too many houses out, this was his first battle and he wanted to hit the city with a bang.

If most of the houses were bought in advance, how would the west side of the city still explode on the opening day of the pre-sale?

Once the in-buying thing was publicised, with the expectations people have for the city’s west property today, it would inevitably affect Din Tai’s reputation.

Therefore, he asked Xiao Ma to screen out some of the connected households who were so connected that their company could not avoid the in-buying, and refused all other in-buyers.

The news of Din Tai’s “refusal to buy” soon spread through the public.

This in turn created a buzz in the community.

You know, there are a lot of people who want to buy a house in the west of the city, but the connected people are only a part of it, and the more part can only be grabbed by themselves.

Dingtai refuses to buy inside, clearly wanting everyone to have a fair competition for the property.

This …… is a company of conscience!

As soon as the news spread, it made those home buyers without connections excited and even more determined to grab a set in this purchase.

And those real estate developers, in this atmosphere, were all red with envy.

When they sold their homes in the past, which time did they not have to work hard to create momentum and create public opinion?

And this time what about Dingtai?

A contract that was not favoured by everyone in the west of the city, a contract that was inflated by 30 million dollars made Din Tai the joke of everyone in the industry.

And yet, it has intensified and created a fever in the city.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Zhou Yanqiu looked at the news about the property in the west of the city in his mobile phone and smiled as he pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose.

“Is a golden scale not a thing in a pool, once it meets the wind and clouds it turns into a dragon, Chen Dong ah Chen Dong, Dingtai, the mu and three parts of the land where I gave Li Dabao a pension, I’m afraid it’s going to rocket up to nine heavens with this true dragon of yours.”

Even though he had been reigning in the mall for so many years, he had never encountered such a hot pre-sale period.

With the whole city buzzing, no one would even doubt the outcome of this pre-sale.

Apart from exploding!

It would still be explosive!

Sighing, a puzzled and stony look appeared on Zhou Yanqiu’s face: “Just what has happened with this Elder Long’s sudden departure? Was I right or wrong in betting on the treasure last time?”

With Zhou Yanqiu’s energy in the city, he naturally knew exactly what had happened to Chen Dong, and even more so, he knew who was behind the material merchant boycott.

Before Chen Dong came to beg for his help, he had already made his decision.

But he was also clear about Chen Tianyang’s background, which he could not afford to mess with.

If he lost the bet, it would undoubtedly be a heavy blow to him.

Shaking his head, Zhou Yanqiu suppressed the worry in his heart, “This battle on the 15th, I’m even waiting for you a bit.”

And at the Wang family.

With the whole city buzzing about the property development in the west of the city in the past few days.

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi, Wang Hao, all regretted their guts.

Zhang Xiuzhi even had to complain about Wang Nan Nan when she thought about it.

If they had bought a suite in the west of the city, they would have really made a fortune according to the current fever.

Not only would they have been able to make up for Wang Hao’s wedding dowry, they would even have had a surplus.

But all this was just a luxury.

Today, the price of housing in the west of the city is so high that the family can only look up.

Wang Nan Nan was forced to stay in a hotel and did not dare to go home.

She knew that if she went home, she would be blamed and resented by her parents and brother.

Hiding in the hotel, on the contrary, was a quiet place to stay.

It was just that with all the buzz in town, her emotions gradually became overwhelmingly remorseful.

In her heart.

Chen Dong was the vice president of Dingtai.

The west side of the city was developed by Dingtai.

After the 15th, not to mention how Chen Dong would be treated at Dingtai in the future, that bonus alone would definitely not be less.

If she could do it all over again, Wang Nan Nan would never have divorced Chen Dong so dryly and decisively at that time.

And all this, for her, was just something to think about when she regretted it.

As she regretted, her whole person gradually went crazy.

The 15th!

On the 15th, she wanted Chen Dong to lose his reputation, and she wanted the whole city to know what a piece of trash the vice president of Dingtai really was.

If you can’t get it, destroy it.

He was the one who was unkind first, so she couldn’t blame her for being unrighteous.

There was a price to pay for lying to her!

As she saw the 15th approaching.

The entire Din Tai Company went into a frantic mode of operation.

Chen Dong, with all his staff, worked through the night, striving for perfection.

No one complained, and everyone worked as if they had been beaten by chicken blood.

It was a turnaround for Din Tai.

It was the moment when everyone had been working hard for over a month and was about to reap the fruits of their efforts.

That night, Chen Dong sent everyone home from work early to rest.

It was the 15th tomorrow. After so much preparation, the night before was a good time to get in the best shape to face the pre-sale tomorrow.

The continuous all-nighters had left Chen Dong exhausted as well.

He dragged his tired body to the hospital to visit his mother, and then returned home.

While lying in bed, Chen Dong was somewhat unable to sleep.

Perhaps it was a common problem for people who continuously overdosed their bodies.

When one stops, one will lose sleep instead.

Chen Dong picked up his mobile phone and called Gu Qingying.

Just after a ring, the call was answered.

“Mr. Chen, you finally remembered that you have a girlfriend?”

Chen Dong smiled, “I wouldn’t forget about you, haven’t you been busy with work these days? The pre-sale is tomorrow.”

“Big fool, I’m just kidding with you, I know you’re busy these days, I don’t dare to contact you, you sound so tired, take a rest, I’ll make soup and bring it to you later.” Gu Qingying said.

Chen Dong paused for a moment.

In his heart, he suddenly felt happy to be cared for like this.

These past few days, he was indeed very tired.

But in three years, there were times when he was more tired than these few days.

But he had never received such simple and happy care.

He didn’t care if he was tired or not, it didn’t matter how hard he suffered for himself and for the people around him.

Because this was how he had been suffering since he was a child.

But with these words from Gu Qingying, he suddenly felt all the tiredness, all of it, was much easier.

In a trance, Chen Dong’s eyes got a little wet.

“Hey, big fool, why aren’t you talking? Couldn’t have fallen asleep, could you?” On the phone, Gu Qingying’s voice rang out.

Chen Dong wiped the corner of his eyes and smiled, “I haven’t slept, I got some dust in my eyes, I’m rubbing them, don’t come over, remember our appointment tomorrow, you go to bed early.”

“Okay I guess, good night.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Dong wiped the wetness from the corners of his eyes, closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

There were no words all night.

When the first rays of sunlight sprinkled the earth.

Chen Dong woke up from his sleep, having rested all night, allowing him to regain his energetic state.

Looking out of the window at the slowly rising sun.

Chen Dong revealed a confident smile, “The 15th, it’s here.”


Chapter 58

Longting Garden.

It is a pre-sale property in the west of the city today.

Early in the morning, the luxurious and atmospheric sales centre was already crowded and surrounded by people.

In fact, many people have been lining up in front of the sales centre since yesterday evening in order to buy a property and “pick up some money”.

Who would have thought that a place like the west side of the city, which has always been abandoned by the city’s people as a dirty and untidy place, could be the highlight of the day?

Even though the number of people in the queue had already exceeded the number of households in the development, the long queue could not resist the enthusiasm of those who wanted to buy a home.

The queue was getting longer and longer.

The site in front of the sales centre was packed with people and cars had already been arranged to park a kilometre away.

In order to maintain the order of the site and not to risk a gathering, the city’s functional departments had even sent people to the site.

The city’s major media had already moved into the exclusive area, with their long guns and short cannons already set up and ready to go.

Such a scene was unprecedented!

Even the top ten real estate companies in the city had never had such a sensational effect.

“Brother Dabao, we’re going to have a busy day today.”

In the sales centre, a young salesman looked at the sea of people outside and said to Li Dabao with some trepidation, “Do you think, when so many people rush in later, will they trample me to death?”

“Look at you, I brought you here to help with sales and gave you the opportunity to collect money for nothing, and you are still afraid of being trampled to death?”

Li Dabao gave the young man a blank look and looked at the sea of people outside, his heart was full of mixed feelings.

The main reason why he was here was that the number of sales at Din Tai was not enough to cope with today’s scene, so Chen Dong had asked Zhou Yanqiu to borrow troops and horses in advance.

Thinking back to a month or so ago, the Din Tai was still in his hands then.

Now, in just over a month, his and Chen Dong’s status had changed drastically.

Not only that, Chen Dong had even brought Dingtai to where it was today, despite the fact that he had pitted it against him.

Thinking back to the past, Li Dabao’s old face turned red and he laughed to himself.

The young man at the side did not notice Li Dabao’s difference and rolled up his sleeves with a smile, “What Brother Dabao said is true, we don’t need to rub our noses in these houses today, just sign the contract, the more you sign the more commission you get.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Xiao Ma, who was in charge of this sale, hurriedly ran outside with his people.

“Hurry up, the boss is here!”

Li Dabao returned to his senses and raised his eyebrows, leading the young men to follow the salesmen as they quickly ran outside.

The wide road outside the sales centre was already flooded with people by now.

But with the functionaries maintaining order, a lane that could fit a car through was still separated on the wide road.

Here we go!

Media people with a keen sense of smell have aimed their long guns in the direction of the pa*sageway.

And the queue of homebuyers all focused on the past.

And then.

A yellow and green taxi came slowly.

Everyone’s eyebrows were raised at this scene.

How could another taxi break in?


The taxi pulled up in front of Pony, who had already lined up for them.

Xiao Ma quickly stepped forward and opened the rear door.

“Brother Dong, it’s all ready, and all the leaders have arrived.”

The suit-clad Chen Dong got out of the car and glowed as he took a glance at the sea of people.

Such a scene made him very satisfied.

It wasn’t that he liked such a huge sound, but the current scene was worthy of the more than a month of day and night work he and his staff had been doing.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong took the lead and walked towards the sales centre.

Xiao Ma and a group of other sales followed closely, lining up in two columns, like two long, dark dragons.

This scene made the media and homebuyers present look confused.

When Chen Dong led the salesmen into the sales centre.

A shout of surprise suddenly rang out from the media squad.

“Crap! That, that seems to be the current owner of Din Tai!”

A thunderous word.

Everyone’s faces changed drastically, revealing expressions of disbelief.

“Din Tai’s boss? Coming in a taxi? Did I just get misty-eyed?”

“This boss is too low-profile, he can’t even afford to buy a car after developing the hen that lays golden eggs in the west of the city?”

“It’s over, it’s over, I forgot to film it just now, if this was filmed, it would definitely be another big news story.”


The chatter rose and fell, like a tidal wave.

With Chen Dong’s arrival, the presale emcee soon took to the stage and began to host.

This also announced the official start of the pre-sale.

There was no excessive dragging, let alone the usual singing and dancing that goes on during a property pre-sale.

This was because Chen Dong knew what the home buyers, who had queued up all night, needed most.

With the momentum of the pre-sale, any pre-sales launch was just a gesture to add to the situation and would not be of any use at all.

After the Master of Ceremonies warmed up the venue with a speech, the ribbon cutting ceremony was soon announced.

Chen Dong had already finished meeting and exchanging pleasantries with the major leaders in the sales centre.

As the MC announced the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the crowd walked onto the stage.

In an instant, countless long guns were pointed at the people on the podium, and the flashing lights were switched on in unison.

The homebuyers gathered at the sales centre were also watching with anxious eyes.

The dignified and elegant concierge quickly presented the scissors to Chen Dong and each of the ribbon-cutting guests.

Just as the Master of Ceremonies was about to announce the ribbon-cutting.

However, Chen Dong suddenly stepped forward and said to the MC, “Excuse me, please wait a little.”

The master of ceremonies looked choked.

Everyone in the audience also looked at each other, somewhat unsure of what to do.

On the ceremony platform, the guests who had been invited to cut the ribbon also frowned.

Xiao Ma, who had been standing behind Chen Dong, instantly changed his face and hurriedly walked behind Chen Dong.

“Brother Dong, what’s going on? This is a ribbon-cutting ceremony, there are still so many leaders of functional departments waiting on stage!”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and said in a low voice to Xiao Ma, “My girlfriend hasn’t come yet.”


Xiao Ma was struck by lightning and was dumbfounded on the spot.

Was Dong crazy?

If his girlfriend hadn’t come, he had left the leader and thousands of others out to dry?

In this very short time, the media’s long guns were flashing their flashing lights wildly, even more intensively than earlier.

The owner of Din Tai, in spite of the thousands of people at the ribbon cutting ceremony, suddenly called a halt.

Chen Dong ignored the flashing lights from the media and smiled noncommittally at Xiao Ma.

He then walked to the microphone in front of the auditorium and bowed in apology, explaining.

“Sorry guests, I am deeply sorry to trouble you to wait a little, because there is someone else who is very important to me who is not here, and I would like to share this moment with her and witness it with her today.”

The sincere explanation made everyone in the room look slightly slower.

At the same time, everyone was puzzled as to what kind of important person could make the owner of Din Tai act so rudely at this time?

Subsequently, Chen Dong walked to the side, took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Gu Qingying.

“Have you arrived yet?”

“It’s here.”

Chen Dong smiled gently and turned around to sweep his gaze over the sea of people.

When he saw the gorgeous silhouette in the crowd that was walking quickly, the smile on his face was gentle to the extreme as he slowly raised the microphone.

“Everyone, the person I’m waiting for, has arrived.”

In an instant, the whole room was silent.

All eyes simultaneously looked in the direction Chen Dong was looking.

Within the media square, all the long guns and short cannons, bursting with eye-catching flashing lights, were aimed in unison.