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Winner Takes All Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

Inside the rental room.

Long Lao, who was dressed in a red Tang suit, sat on the sofa and looked at Chen Dong in a grave manner.

“Young master, your acquisition of Din Tai this time is too reckless, the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city that Din Tai has just signed is enough to make Din Tai go bankrupt and collapse.”

After receiving Chen Dong’s acquisition call, Long Lao immediately contacted and quickly completed the acquisition with his identity background and a price 30% above Dingtai’s market price.

But after he investigated the situation of Din Tai afterwards, his head was suddenly turned upside down.

If Dingtai, which was previously upwardly profitable, had completed the acquisition, the deal would not have been a loss, the big deal would have been to spend $130 million for the young master to practice.

The young master wanted to take his mother back to the family, less practice like this.

In the future, the business will only get bigger and bigger, so big that it will silence the gossips within the family.

But a contract turned the business into something unbearable.

It was only a matter of time before Din Tai went bankrupt and collapsed.

It’s not that he can’t afford to lose money, the young master has a billion dollars in his Zingiber bank card alone, so this small amount is nothing.

The point was that the young master had lost his first battle, and this would be difficult if those in the family knew about it and branded the young master as faint and incompetent, and the young master would then want to return to the family with his mother.

“Elder Long is right, what I did was indeed a bit reckless.” Chen Dong did not deny that the shantytown renovation project had indeed not occurred to him.

Elder Long said in a serious tone, “The master sent the old slave to a*sist the young master because he wanted the young master to grow and make glorious achievements so that in the future he could entrust the family to you in a dignified manner and take you and your mother back to the family in a righteous manner, but this matter of acquiring Din Tai’s bankruptcy, if those people in the family catch a hold of it… …”

Knock, knock!

Chen Dong tapped on the tabletop and laughed, “Who said I would lose money?”

Elder Long froze.

“Didn’t he want me to make a mark? That’s why I acquired Din Tai.”

Chen Dong was full of a confident smile, but there was a bit of resentment in his eyes, “What’s wrong with abandoning me and my mother for twenty years and losing him some money?”

Long Lao was a little anxious, “It’s not about money!”

“The contract for the shantytown renovation project for an inflated $30 million, I really didn’t expect it, but I’m not a wining and dining loser in your eyes either, otherwise I could have climbed to the vice president position in three years?”

Chen Dong’s sharp gaze and overflowing confidence made Long Lao’s eyebrows tighten as he continued, “You tell him to rest a*sured that in these twenty years, I have walked step by step to this day with the reputation of being a feral B*****d, the achievements he wants, I will make them, the excellence he wants, I will show him!”

“Not only will I do it, I’ll do it to the point where his jaw will drop! He took me and my mother back to the family fair and square and surrounded my mother with glory, that’s bullSh*t! That’s what my mother deserves! I will take it to my mother with my own hands!”

The words rang out like thunder.

Even though Elder Long was as aloof as water, he could not help but blush, hearing the strong resentment in Chen Dong’s mouth.

He opened his mouth and was about to persuade, but Chen Dong’s next words made him freeze on the spot.

“Dingtai will not collapse in my hands, it will only become more glorious, and not only will the transformation of the shantytown west of the city not lose money, but I will also make it profitable!”

Chen Dong smiled and raised three fingers, “Give me three days, as long as you do one thing for me, Elder Long, I am confident that I will turn this chess game over!”

If it was the old Chen Dong, let alone acquiring Din Tai, even if he had the money to do so, there was nothing he could do in the face of such a situation, he could only admit to it.

But now, it was different!

This was also the reason why he was only surprised for a moment when he found out about the sky-high contract that Old Li had signed.

He had full a*surance of flipping the deal!

“Young master, can you really earn it?”

Elder Long was excited, he was here to a*sist Young Master, if Young Master lost his first battle, he wouldn’t be able to explain to Master, but Chen Dong’s confidence and dryness gave him a glimmer of hope: “Young Master, you say, Old Slave will do his best!”

Ten minutes later, Long Lao happily left the rental house.

After getting into his Rolls Royce Phantom, he couldn’t wait to dial a phone number.

“Master, it seems that we have been underestimating young master, over the years, he has grown more than we imagined.”

As soon as the call was answered, Elder Long said excitedly, “This acquisition, if we follow Young Master’s plan, it will be a great victory!”

After pausing for a few seconds, Elder Long sighed and said helplessly, “But …… the young master still has a grudge against you for what happened back then. ……”

Inside the rental room, Chen Dong did not know that Elder Long was calling his father to report everything.

He rubbed his face and calmed down, Chen Dong got up and went into the kitchen to make soup, his mother was recovering in hospital and the necessary nutrition had to be kept up.

The takeaway was convenient, but he didn’t feel at ease. Even if he was busy, he would rather make soup for his mother himself.

After graduating, he worked hard to earn money, with the idea of living up to Wang Nan Nan and the idea of a fledgling feeding his mother.

He could not afford to support Wang Nan Nan’s family, and after the divorce, all his thoughts from now on would only be on his career and filial piety to his mother.

After skillfully putting the ingredients into the ca*serole and turning it to a low simmer, Chen Dong returned to the living room to rest.

At this time, his mobile phone WeChat rang to add a friend.

After seeing the other party, Chen Dong smiled helplessly, this former sister-in-law, was the lesson not deep enough?

After clicking agree, Lin Xue’er on the opposite side quickly sent a message.

“Mr. Chen, are you free tonight? Xue’er would like to invite you to dinner.”

It seemed that the lesson learned last time was indeed not deep enough!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, Wang Nan Nan tried desperately to get me to help her brother marry Lin Xue’er, but Lin Xue’er ran to me, how should their family react when they found out?

He sent back a quick message, “Sorry, no time, my mother is in hospital and I have to take care of my mother, besides, you’re kind of hara*sing.”

Lin Xue’er replied in almost seconds, “Hara*sment? I’ve been hara*sed, Mr. Chen is bad.”

Chen Dong smiled disdainfully and was about to put the phone aside and ignore it.

Suddenly, a message came from a friend on the screen that he hadn’t contacted for a long time.

Chen Dong was a little lost in thought as he looked at the screen.

The other party sent a message, “Chen Dong, I heard that you and Nan Nan got divorced?”

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

The divorce between him and Wang Nan Nan was bound to be known by the people around him, and with the Wang family’s style, it was even more unlikely that they would hide the fact that he, a phoenix man, had been dumped.

However, what he didn’t expect was that she was the first one to ask about it.

After a simple reply of “hmm”, Chen Dong switched his phone off and returned to the kitchen to make soup for his mother.

On the other hand, Lin Xue’er was curled up on the bed, her hair spread out, revealing her snow-white shoulders, her eyebrows furrowed as she looked at her phone.

“Why aren’t you answering back? I’ve been so explicit, doesn’t he even understand?”

Lin Xue’er shook her head, amused by the thought of herself.

Didn’t understand?

If she really didn’t understand, how could she have been so single-minded last time?

With a firm gaze, she hesitated for a moment before sending another message over to Chen Dong: “Mr. Chen, is Auntie sick? Which hospital is she in? I want to go and visit auntie.”

She knew exactly what she wanted, and that was why she was willing to marry Wang Hao.

But, when there was a better target, she didn’t mind at all to continue the chase.

Even if once in front of that man, her dignity was lost and she was ravaged.

The adult heart only talks about pros and cons, not about right and wrong.

And now, putting aside all her pride and graciously welcoming Chen Dong, in her heart, the pros outweigh the cons.

After waiting for a long time and not waiting for Chen Dong’s reply, Lin Xue’er’s willow brow furrowed even deeper, a little distracted.

At this very moment, Wang Hao sent a message.

“Xue’er, what are you doing? Let’s hack together, that my parents said that we can get the bride price together in a week, and then we can get engaged and get ready to get married.”


Lin Xue’er impatiently cursed lowly, then quickly replied, “Okay, got it, I’m going to take a shower first.”

Chapter 10

Early the next morning, Chen Dong took his breakfast to the hospital to be with his mother.

His mother’s illness was improving day by day and it would not be long before she was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home.

Because of Long Lao’s relationship, his mother was being taken care of in the hospital, which made Chen Dong feel at ease.

Next, it was time to prepare for the renovation of the shantytown in the west of the city.

This was the first time he had really stepped up to the plate and handled the project.

In the past, although he had been in charge of Dingtai’s business, in the end, there was still Old Li, that punk, taking credit for it.

This time, he was not only going to flip the shantytown renovation project and make Dingtai’s reputation soar.

More importantly, he wanted to show that man what he could do!

Twenty years of abandonment and disappointment had now suddenly appeared intent on breaking the mirror and reuniting.

The money given by Long Lao had indeed relieved his pressing need.

But Chen Dong knew clearly that money was important, but there were some things that simply could not be made up for by money.

That father, whom he had never met, was still making a deal with himself after all.

If he succeeded, then he would be able to take his mother back to that man’s family, take over everything and surround her with glory.

If he failed, then he and his mother, remained as they always had been, and the father might as well have never existed.

The only difference, perhaps, was the Zinnia bank card in his pocket.

He had been with his mother for more than twenty years, and she had given everything for him. Even if he did not think of himself, he had to snatch the glory that should have belonged to his mother.

Chen Dong slowly walked out of the hospital, his steps very slow, his mind was thinking about the matter of the shantytown renovation project.


On the road outside the hospital, traffic was congested.

In the Audi A4, Wang Hao looked at the motionless traffic and slapped his hand on the steering wheel in anger.

“D*mn, what are these B*****ds doing? Driving a junk car with more than 100,000 yuan, where did they get the face to add to the traffic jam?”

Lin Xue’er on the pa*senger side frowned slightly: “Wang Hao, are you suffering from road rage? What’s wrong with people driving a hundred thousand dollar car?”

“I’m just afraid that you’ll be late for work, right?”

Wang Hao smiled fawningly and changed the topic, “Right, Xue’er, when I asked you to hack last night you said you went to take a shower, why didn’t you come online afterwards? You don’t know, I was in the game ……”

“Can you be more mature?” Lin Xue’er’s beautiful eyes crossed as she chided, “I was too tired last night, I took a shower and went to sleep.”

In fact, she had been so distracted last night because Chen Dong hadn’t replied to her message that she didn’t have the heart to care about Wang Hao at all.

Of course, it was impossible for her to say such things to Wang Hao.

Wang Hao frowned, somewhat unhappy: “What’s wrong with that bank of yours? You’re just a teller, and it still makes you so tired, you just worked an overnight shift a week ago, right?”

Lin Xue’er’s expression changed and her eyes flickered as she lowered her head, not daring to look at Wang Hao, afraid that Wang Hao would find out the end.

However, this scene, in Wang Hao’s opinion, was that Lin Xue’er was really tired to the point of exhaustion.

Wang Hao said heartily, “It’s alright Xue’er, in a week’s time my family will have put together enough bride price so that we can both get engaged and get married later, if you’re too tired, don’t go to work.”

“If you don’t go to work, will you support me?” Lin Xue’er gave Wang Hao a cross look.

Wang Hao’s tone choked, followed by a sarcastic smile and said, “If you want to support me, you are my wife!”

“What will you do to support me?” Lin Xue’er asked.

Wang Hao waved his hand, “My sister, of course. Don’t worry, my sister divorced my loser brother-in-law, and my mother is looking for a rich man for her, so she won’t have to worry about spending money in the future.”

Lin Xue’er’s willow brow furrowed tighter, she suddenly felt a bit disgusted with Wang Hao.

When Wang Hao said this, he didn’t blush at all, how did he manage to take it so for granted?

How could he take it for granted?

She even felt a sense of guilt that she was sorry for Wang Nan Nan.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Xueer asked oddly, “What did your sister do wrong?”

“Isn’t it the right thing to do? She’s my sister, and I married you for the sake of our family’s heirloom, so she should help me.” Wang Hao looked like he was taking things for granted.

This made Lin Xue’er even more annoyed, and if it wasn’t for the sake of taking over, she would have hated to slap Wang Hao.

Because of her marriage with Wang Hao, not only did she make Wang Nan Nan divorce, but also made that brother-in-law of Wang Hao the unlucky one.

She suddenly felt some sympathy for the man called Chen Dong, it was really too wrong.

Thinking of Chen Dong, Lin Xue’er’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of sorrow.

With a sidelong glance towards Wang Hao, Lin Xue’er ghostly asked, “Wang Hao, your ex-brother-in-law is called Chen Dong, does he really have no money?”

“Cut …… He’s just a phoenix man, he has no money whatsoever.” Wang Hao rolled his eyes, “Why are you asking about this again?”

Lin Xueer shook her head, she really wanted that man like crazy.

Names like Chen Dong were rotting in the streets, why did she listen to the wind and rain?

She explained, “It’s just that a week ago a customer named Chen Dong also came to the bank and took a bank card that even I didn’t recognize to withdraw money, so I was impressed, and you said your ex-brother-in-law was also named Chen Dong, so I asked.”

“Hahahahaha …… Xue’er, what are you thinking, how is that possible?”

Wang Hao laughed back and forth, disdainfully said, “Chen Dong that loser is a proper phoenix man, a little bit of success, in Dingtai real estate as a vice president, but the little money he earned, all to his dead old mother took to the hospital to hang his life, he has money, my Wang Hao’s name written backwards!”

Sick mother?

Lin Xue’er’s delicate body trembled, fiercely thinking of the text message that Chen Dong replied to her last night.

Was this …… also a coincidence?

Wang Hao continued to sneer, “But that Chen Dong you met, Xue’er, is really quite impressive, the bank card he took is surprisingly not even recognized by you, he must be very rich, right? My loser ex-brother-in-law is also named Chen Dong, how come his fate is so different?”

Suddenly, Wang Hao glanced at the entrance of Lijin Hospital out of the corner of his eyes, and a familiar figure imprinted itself into his eyes.

He laughed disdainfully and said to Lin Xue’er, “By the way Xue’er, you haven’t met my wasteful ex-brother-in-law, have you? Coincidentally, I’d like to introduce you to him, you just happen to see if he looks like a rich man?”

After saying that, he jerked the steering wheel.

The Audi pa*sed out of the traffic and drove into the gate of Lijin Hospital.

Lin Xue’er was thrown into shock and screamed, “Wang Hao, are you crazy? Driving like that on the main road, don’t you want to die?”


The Audi crossed in front of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, who was thinking about the shantytown renovation project, stopped abruptly, his brow furrowed with some coldness.


If he hadn’t stopped quickly, the car would have swept across and swept him straight away!

“Wang Hao?”

Chen Dong looked angrily ahead, just in time to see Wang Hao stepping down from the car, and then said in a cold voice, “Are you trying to kill someone?”

“Hahahaha …… Chen Dong, just kidding, scared you, right? Sorry sorry sorry haha.” Wang Hao said with an indifferent smile.


Chen Dong’s expression was completely cold, playing with human lives was a joke?

Wang Hao didn’t care about Chen Dong’s feelings and raised his finger to point at the Lijin Hospital, “You’re …… visiting your mum again, huh?”

“Hmm.” Chen Dong coldly responded.

“Her situation should be very unpromising now, right?”

Wang Hao shrugged with a strange smile, “In fact, Chen Dong, you are at least my ex-brother-in-law, I have to advise you twice about this, your mother is dying, you are taking money to the hospital, it is purely to hang her life and toss her, you might as well let her go in pain, so that you don’t end up emptying yourself of money.”


Chen Dong’s hands made fists so violently that his knuckles burst.

Meanwhile, Lin Xue’er in the Audi had long been frozen.

Her beautiful eyes stared round, the ice-cold face in her sight was like a heavy hammer that ruthlessly blasted at her eyeballs, exactly the same as the face she remembered.

Her jade hand clutched her red lips and she almost screamed out.

It really …… was that man!