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Winner Takes All Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

Early the next morning.

Chen Dong received a mobile phone arrival text message.

Looking at the bound Bauhinia bank card, which had once again arrived at one billion, he smiled disdainfully.

This was clearly a misinterpretation of what he had said to Elder Long last night.

A billion could not be compensated, so another billion?

What a simple and brutal deal!

How rich was that father, whom he had never met before?

After washing up, Chen Dong looked at the small two-bedroom house he had rented, and he suddenly remembered what Fan Lu had said to him.

Indeed, with so much money in his pocket and still renting such a shabby little house, why should he condemn himself?

The car could be left alone for the time being, but it was really time to get a bigger house.

He could make do with it, but his mother was about to be discharged from hospital and there was a Fan Lu living in the house, so a two-bedroom house was obviously not enough.

After some hesitation, Chen Dong decided to look at villas.

Compared to commercial properties, villas offer better privacy.

He and Fan Lu were about the same age, and in the future Fan Lu would have to live in the house, so if the house was too small, it was inevitable that something awkward would happen.

After changing into a casual outfit, Chen Dong went out and took a taxi straight to the city’s top villa area.


Tianmen Mountain villa area, a true gathering place for the gentry and nobility.

The price of 100,000 yuan per square meter turns away the vast majority of people.

And this is only the entry price of the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

What really makes people sigh in disbelief are the villas located halfway up Tianmen Mountain, and those are the real sky-high prices.

Living in a mid-level villa, you have a clear view of the city and the air quality is top notch, surrounded by greenery and trees. What is even more attractive is that every time the sun rises and sets, there is a round of sunlight that runs through and envelops the villa like a halo of light, which is beautiful.

Li Dabao arrived at the Tianmen Mountain Villa sales centre early.

This Tianmen Mountain Villa property was the handiwork of his brother-in-law, Zhou Yanqiu.

However, after what happened last night, Li Dabao not only had a bruised nose, but his position in the sales centre had also changed drastically.

Originally, he had relied on his brother-in-law’s nepotism and was still hanging on to the position of sales manager at the sales centre. But after one night, the enraged Zhou Yanqiu did not hesitate to threaten to divorce his sister, forcing him to kneel down and apologise to Chen Dong, and even more so, he was jerked from sales manager, to sales in one go.

“Yo, Brother Li, you’re here so early?” A heavily made-up girl in professional attire, smiling delicately, pasted over, “It’s my birthday tonight, Brother Li must accompany me to have a couple of drinks.”

On the first day Li Dabao entered the sales centre, he had already told everyone that he was the younger brother of the boss, Zhou Yanqiu, and this was his regular operation.

One of the things about having a big tree at one’s back was that it was convenient for one to hunt for food.

This one identity alone was enough to make some girls swoop over like butterflies.

The girl in front of him was one of them.

“Good, good.” Li Dabao’s nose was bruised and his smile was a little ugly.

“However, Brother Li, people have a bit of a problem with their performance this month, so Brother Li …… people will repay you properly.”

The girl smiled flirtatiously and her oniony fingers gently traced Li Dabao’s chest, tantalizing Li Dabao’s heart to beat wildly.

This scene he experienced countless times, how would not understand the girl’s mind?

Only, on second thought, his heart went cold.

God sighed gloomily, “Actually I ……”

“Zhang Youyou, Li Dabao, what are you guys doing gathered together instead of going busy packing up and getting ready to start work?” A middle-aged man chided.

Zhang Youyou immediately frowned and pouted, “Manager Li and I have something to report.”

“From today onwards, you will report to me if you have something to report, Mr Zhou has personally issued a message that Li Dabao has been demoted to sales and I will replace him as sales manager.”

What the middle-aged man said with a cold face instantly left Zhang Youyou dumbfounded.

Wasn’t Li Dabao Mr. Zhou’s younger brother?

Overnight, he had been jerked off to the bottom by General Manager Zhou?

Instinctively glancing at the injury on Li Dabao’s face, Zhang Youyou was a smart person.

Giving a sarcastic smile, she said, “That Brother Li, I’ll go and get busy first haha.”

The switch of address between Manager Li and Brother Li was impeccable in its naturalness.

Li Dabao looked at Zhang Youyou’s figure and said reluctantly, “Youyou, tonight your birthday ……”

“That, Brother Li, I have to work overtime tonight to catch up on my performance.” Zhang Youyou said without looking back, leaving Li Dabao gloomy.

When Zhang Youyou dodged Li Dabao, he hurriedly found the middle-aged man who had just chided him.

“Brother, what’s going on? Li Dabao is the real brother of Mr. Zhou’s wife!”

The middle-aged man rolled his eyes and nudged his mouth, “Here, see the bruises on his face? The president of our sales centre got a call from Mr. Zhou last night, and he’s taken Li Dabao to the cleaners.”

“From what the president said, that big shot doesn’t even dare to mess with General Manager Zhou, who’s even thinking of divorcing his wife.”

There is no impervious wall in the world, let alone in a company where people’s hearts are complicated.

“My goodness!”

Zhang Youyou’s beautiful eyes were rounded as she covered her mouth with her jade hand, “So, in that case, Li Dabao is completely hopeless?”

After receiving a nod of confirmation from the middle-aged man, Zhang Youyou instantly felt incomparable resentment towards Li Dabao in her heart, subconsciously tugging at her clothes and cursing, “MD!”

When Chen Dong arrived at the Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre.

The taxi driver looked at Chen Dong from the rear-view mirror and smiled, “Brother, you’re here to apply for a sales job at Tianmen Mountain, right? You have an eye for it, I’m the best informed when I drive a taxi, the sales of Tianmen Mountain Villas, the salary is at least 50,000 per month!”

“Here to buy a house.” Chen Dong paid and got out of the car.

The taxi driver looked at the steering wheel with a dumbfounded expression and muttered, “D*mn, it’s the first time I’ve met such a pretentious person, buying a villa in a taxi and wearing Ezra? I’m still driving a Rolls Royce here.”

Hearing the driver’s words, Chen Dong laughed and ignored it.

Just as he walked into the Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre.

Zhang Youyou and a few sales had already seen him.

Those who could work as salesmen at Tianmen Mountain Villa were all human beings, and even more so, they were masters at reading people’s words and distinguishing between the three, six and nine grades.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to spread the legend of a minimum monthly salary of 50,000.

“The test is up.” A male salesman said playfully.

This was their usual recreational activity, to discern the strength of the other party to buy a house by looking at people.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

A few people in Zhang Youyou said in disgust at the same time, “Poor C*nt!”

“Who’s on?” The male salesman asked again.

“Waste of time.”

“I’m not going on anyway, why doesn’t someone have the guts to go and try to get Uncle Li Dabao, the newly promoted salesman, to come over?”

“Only a fool would greet him, he rides in a taxi, wears Ezra, doesn’t even have a watch on him, naked and clean, not a rich man at first glance, but a little handsome, but looks like an honest man, not going.”

Several sales have turned around and left.

As a salesman, pinpointing customers was the quickest and most effortless way to close a deal.

In their eyes, Chen Dong was clearly a customer who could not afford to buy a house and waste time, and once they entertained such a customer, they risked missing out on the rich people who had actually come to buy the villa.

Zhang Youyou shook her head and was about to leave when the sales manager came over: “Youyou, weren’t you just saying to Li Dabao that the performance this month was not enough? Here, this performance is here, go!”

Colleagues gloated and laughed.

Zhang Youyou’s willow brows were furrowed as she straightened her professional outfit and walked along, a sultry low curse coming out of her mouth, “MD Li Dabao!”

Chen Dong walked into the sales centre and was greeted by a heavily made-up girl walking over with a face full of resentment.

He didn’t care and said with a smile, “Hello, I’d like to see the villa.”

The resentful and indignant Zhang Youyou was thinking about Li Dabao and didn’t even bother to show a professional smile, saying dryly, “Feel free to look.”

Chen Dong furrowed his brow and had a feeling of congestion in his throat.

After three years in the real estate industry, he knew better than anyone else what the saleswoman in front of him meant by this statement.

Chapter 28

Clearly, the other side was treating him like a spectator to pa*s the time.

And didn’t even bother to pretend.

Chen Dong didn’t show his anger either, sticking his hands in his pockets as he casually looked up.

Seeing that Zhang Youyou wanted to leave, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Please, introduce me.”

Zhang Youyou’s willow brows were furrowed tightly, her mood bad.

Li Dabao’s loss of power had made all her previous efforts go down the drain.

And now, being commanded by the manager to entertain this client in front of her had even made her lose the last shred of patience.

She knew she wasn’t going to buy the house, so why pretend?

Reception, my a*s!

But seeing that the sales manager was looking at herself, Zhang Youyou clenched her teeth and walked up to Chen Dong with a crumpled face.

“Sir, which type of house do you want to see?”

Even if she was reluctant in her heart, but if she offended the sales manager, she would most likely lose her current job.

She wasn’t stupid enough to lose this lucrative job because of a moment of emotion.

“A bigger one.” Chen Dong said.

Zhang Youyou rolled her eyes, her heart was full of contempt, running to Tianmen Mountain to look at villas, and still wanting to look at bigger ones, what situation do you have no forced number?

After taking a deep breath and suppressing his impatience, Zhang Youyou turned around and walked towards a sand table of house types.

Chen Dong followed her as if he was just strolling around, and walked next to the sand table.

Zhang Youyou pointed at the sand table, “Here, three hundred square feet, this is already the smallest villa we have here.”

She did not really want to show Chen Dong, but wanted to make Chen Dong know what to expect.

Even the price of three hundred square feet was enough to scare the poor B*****d in front of her to death, so the sooner she sent him away, the sooner she would save her mind.

Chen Dong looked at the sand table and suddenly felt a little funny.

He looked at Zhang Youyou and laughed, “The smallest? You can’t understand my words?”

When confronted with the question, Zhang Youyou was unconcerned, playing with WeChat and contacting several clients who were coming to see the house today, while casually saying, “A 300 sq ft house costs tens of millions, I’m letting you have a long look.”

“Long insight?”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face intensified, but his eyes gradually went cold: “Where did you get the idea that I don’t have any money and insult me in this way?”

Zhang Youyou put down the phone and looked at Chen Dong disdainfully, “Insult? That’s an insult, right? Look at you from head to toe, how do you look like a rich person?”

With that, she gestured at Chen Dong’s dress, then pointed to the outside of the sales centre and laughed playfully, “A rich man sitting in a rental to see a house?”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and he rubbed his nose helplessly.

A car, another car.

Did being rich mean you had to have a luxury car?

“Finished looking at it, right? Can we go now?”

Zhang Youyou turned around and was about to leave when she suddenly turned back with a smile and said, “Oh yes, if you want to take a few pictures and post them to your friends to pretend, please feel free, we don’t stop taking pictures here.”

Chen Dong instantly became angry: “I want to see the biggest one!”

It was still early in the morning and there were not many people in the sales centre.

Chen Dong’s voice echoed through the sales centre, causing everyone to pay attention.

Zhang Youyou’s pretty face was cold, this person was deliberately looking for a fight?

“Yoyo, what are you doing frozen?” The sales manager said with a frown.

Even if he also felt that Chen Dong was not genuinely here to buy a house, but as salesmen, it was their obligation to serve every customer with care, and if they let Chen Dong make a scene, the whole sales centre would lose face.

“Manager, he’s just here to deliberately pick a fight.” Zhang Youyou stomped her foot in pique, her chest trembling as she said, “I introduced him to a three hundred square foot house and he couldn’t even afford it, so isn’t looking at the biggest still finding fault?”

Chen Dong heard a cold laugh in his heart, this avoidance of the important words was too much, right?

It was at this moment.

Li Dabao, who was bruised and swollen, returned to the sales centre from outside.

Zhang Youyou’s back-and-forth attitude towards him had left him gloomy, so he had just run out for some air.

As soon as he came in, he heard Zhang Youyou’s complaining voice.

Li Dabao froze for a moment, there was still someone who dared to come to the Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre to cause trouble?

The eyes looked towards Chen Dong in front of Zhang Youyou.


Li Dabao’s tiger body shook and his face changed drastically.

Boy, this bogeyman, he cleaned me up just last night, why is he here again today?

“Manager, he came to our Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre to cause trouble, and you still don’t let the security guards kick him out?” Zhang Youyou was in a bad mood, and it was harder than killing her to keep serving this man who could not possibly buy a house.

Hearing these words, Li Dabao instantly looked solemn and rushed up with big steps.

“Zhang Youyou, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Zhang Youyou blew up and pointed at Li Dabao, “Li Dabao, what do you care what I say? You’re not a sales manager anymore, do you really think I’ll still be subservient to you?”

When Li Dabao was the sales manager, she had given a lot, but with Li Dabao being jerked off to the bottom overnight, all her efforts had turned out to be a bamboo basket.

This gave her a sickening feeling of being white&piao.


Li Dabao was so anxious that his face turned red and he raised his hand and slapped Zhang Youyou on the face, “Shut up!”

He was indeed wasteful, but he wasn’t stupid.

What’s more, now his brother-in-law was even thinking of divorcing his sister.

If he didn’t behave properly and Zhou Yanqiu really divorced his sister, he was the one who would really be jerked off to the end.

Zhang Youyou has offended Chen Dong, a person that even his brother-in-law Zhou Yanqiu can’t afford to offend.

He didn’t want to take care of Zhang Youyou’s death, but when it came to Chen Dong, he had to take care of it.

“You beat me up? Who do you think you are, Li Dabao?” Zhang Youyou covered his face and growled shrilly.

The sales manager and the salesmen also gathered around, and someone even immediately pulled Li Dabao.

Without waiting for the ugly-faced sales manager to speak, Li Dabao suddenly shook off the hands of the crowd, “Let go of me, D*mn it!”

Then, in full view of everyone.

Li Dabao walked towards Chen Dong, and when he stood in front of him, his back was already bent and he said with a fawning smile on his face.

“Young Chen, are you here to see the house? Sorry, they don’t know your identity!”

Having been taught a lesson only last night, he did not dare to have his usual arrogance in the face of Chen Dong at this time.

The tone of his words and actions were as humble as dust.

However, when it fell on the ears of Zhang Youyou and the others, it was like a big thunderclap.

Everyone’s eyes were rounded with disbelief.

Although Li Dabao had now become a salesman, he was Zhou Yanqiu’s younger brother after all.

When had he ever groveled so much to an ordinary person?

Chen Dong smiled blandly and said to Li Dabao, “I want to see a villa, the biggest one!”

“No problem, I’ll take you there now.” Li Dabao bowed his back and bent down in front to lead the way.

This scene made everyone look dumbfounded.

Zhang Youyou was even in a trance.

“Mr. Chen, what do you think of this set? This is the top of the line Tianmen Mountain villa, located halfway up the mountain and occupying an area of ……” Li Dabao meticulously introduced it.

“I am familiar with it.”

Chen Dong was well aware of the Tianmen Mountain villa area and said directly, “How much is it?”

“150 million!” Li Dabao said, “However, with your relationship with my brother-in-law, I can help you apply for the lowest price, which will probably result in a 130 million deal.”

“Swipe your card!” Chen Dong pulled out his Bauhinia bank card.