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Winner Takes All Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

How did he know about it?

Wang Nan Nan looked at Chen Dong’s WeChat incredulously, and only one thought remained in her mind.

Suddenly, her gaze flickered and she had some understanding.

Yike Group was the number one real estate company in China, and until the news of its arrival in the city came out, there wasn’t even the slightest hint of a buzz.

But, this was only for the onlookers.

Chen Dong was the vice president of Dingtai Real Estate!

It was true that Dingtai was insignificant compared to Yike, but after all, it was still one of the city’s top snakes, so it was simply not too normal to receive the inside information before the news came out.

At this point, a sighing and chagrined Wang De suddenly said, “Nan Nan, you should have advised Dad more last night.”

Wang Nan Nan looked at Wang De in astonishment.

Without waiting for her to say anything, the furious Zhang Xiuzhi pointed her finger at Wang Nan Nan’s nose and scolded.

“D*mn girl, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault! If you had only advised us one more time last night, we would have bought that house as early as possible, and your brother would have had enough money for the bride price for his wedding, you are simply hurting your brother!”

The words stung, causing Wang Nan Nan to instantly redden her eyes.

“Mom and Dad, I advised ah, but you didn’t listen ……”


Zhang Xiuzhi waved her right hand, interrupting Wang Nan Nan’s explanation, “You are our daughter, how could we not listen to one more word of advice from you? You must be holding a grudge against me for forcing you to go on a blind date, and now you’ve lost your chance to get rich, and Xiao Hao’s marriage is out of the question!”

With that, she slumped on the sofa, crying and wailing.

As soon as he heard that he couldn’t get married, Wang Hao also made a scene.

“Sister, I’m your own brother, how can you bear to do this? If I can’t get married to Xue’er, then I might as well be dead alive!”

The cries of the chickens and dogs drove Wang Nan Nan completely crazy.

Her hands scratched her hair in disarray, her eyes red with tears.

“What have I done wrong?”

With a wail, Wang Nan Nan turned and rushed into her room, slamming the door with a bang.

Flinging herself onto the bed, she covered herself with the blanket and bawled her eyes out.

“Why? Why should I be made to take on everything? What did I do wrong? I warned you all, why are you all blaming me now instead?”

The sobs echoed through the quilt.

Suddenly, the broken Wang Nan Nan lifted the blanket and sat up, murmuring with pearly tears, “Chen Dong, you are willing to remind me, you must still have me in your heart, right?”

With that, she picked up her mobile phone and called Chen Dong over.

Duh ……

The phone rang once and was hung up on the other side.

Wang Nan Nan continued to call undeterred.

Each time, the call was immediately hung up just as soon as it was connected.

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body kept trembling and sobbing, but she still did not give up.

In her mind, since Chen Dong could give him a reminder by WeChat, he must still have her in his heart.

She needed Chen Dong, and she needed Chen Dong to help her brother.

She opened Chen Dong’s WeChat and sent a quick message: If you can remind me, you must still have me in your heart, right? Chen Dong, help me, help my brother …… Xiao Hao can’t get married, he and my mother are going to die, you are the vice president of Dingtai must have a way to get a special house immediately right?

The almost pleading tone was something she had never seen in the three years she and Chen Dong had been married.


There was no waiting, almost a second reply.

Chen Dong’s reply was also very simple: “What’s it to me?”

The prestigious clubhouse.

Old Li, wearing a bathrobe and with a bruised face, seemed like a mad dog, smashing around the room, roaring and shouting at the top of his lungs.

“D*mn it, why the hell did it turn out like this?”


The chair smashed into the television set, shattering the screen and sending up black smoke.

The girl in the muslin on the side had already freaked out and was huddled in the corner, covering her head.

When she heard the loud noise of the smashed television set, she screamed in terror.

With a grimace on his face, Old Li picked up a bottle and smashed it over, “Get the hell out of here!”

Then he sat down on the sofa, as if he was hysterical, shaking his head, unwilling to accept the reality.

The shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, the sky-high contract that Din Tai had signed for over the budget of thirty million dollars, was destined to go bankrupt with a blood loss.

This was also the reason why he could still mock and ridicule Chen Dong with abandon after he was beaten into a pig’s head by Chen Dong’s men last night.

In his eyes, Chen Dong was just a clown, a gra*shopper in the autumn, who would not be able to bounce around for a few days.

However, as a former president of Dingtai, how could he not be aware of the gold content and sensationalism of the news that “Yike Group has moved into the west of the city”?

It is true that he is not capable, but he is not stupid!

The Yike Group is the number one property company in China, not to mention whether it will really invest in the city afterwards, just this fart in the news is enough to drive the real estate in the west of the city skyrocketing.

Over the years, wherever Yike Group’s properties have entered, the properties in that area have never failed to skyrocket!

With this heavy bomb in place, not to mention his initial inflated contract of over $30 million, or even over $100 million, the plate in the shantytown west of the city is so big that once the prices rise, it will be enough for Chen Dong to turn the tide!

And those words he mocked at Chen Dong last night were like a slap in the face at this moment.

“Luck? Yes, it’s your luck that the wind has picked up and pigs can fly even when standing on the wind, and it just so happens that the Yike Group has moved in, allowing you, a pig, to rise with the wind.”

Li Dabao murmured reluctantly, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, sister, I don’t want to work in this current company anymore, I still like working in a real estate company, doesn’t brother-in-law still have a real estate company? Why don’t you talk to brother-in-law and transfer me there?”

“Good sister, you’re the best to your brother, you must help me.”

Hanging up the phone, Li Dabao laughed fiercely, “Chen Dong, you pig can take off when you touch this wind, I have my brother-in-law as a big mountain at my back, see if I don’t play you to death this time!”


Chen Dong did not watch the local news, after finishing the shantytown renovation project matters, he hoofed it home to make soup for his mother.

In his heart, his mother was everything.

Business and money are just tools he uses to keep his mother happy.

When he got home from the hospital, as soon as he pushed the door, he saw Old Man Long sitting on the sofa with his lapels closed.

“Elder Long, it’s a bit much for you to enter my home without a greeting, isn’t it?” Chen Dong gave a teasing smile.

“Young master, old slave is in a hurry to give you a good news report.”

The look Long Lao gave Chen Dong was full of appreciation, the bland as water man could not suppress the smile on his face at this moment, “Old slave has searched the property prices of all the real estate companies in the city, within half an hour of the news release, all the companies collectively raised the property prices in the west of the city by almost thirty percent!”

“Only thirty percent?” Chen Dong shook his head somewhat unsatisfactorily, “It seems that your Yike’s influence is still not enough!”

The west side of the city was an old city, dilapidated and dirty, so the house price had always been an alternative in the city, and the 30% upward adjustment seemed to be a big margin, but it was only just enough to cover the normal house price in the city.

It was a bit short of what he had expected.

“Hey, young master, it’s only been a while, hasn’t it? In the last few days, the property prices in the west of the city will definitely continue to climb.” Elder Long smiled sarcastically, then said with a straight face, “However, this is secondary, the main thing is that this first battle of yours is a great victory, which makes the master very satisfied!”


Chen Dong sneered and raised his eyebrows, “He was satisfied so easily?”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, suppressing the depressed anger in his heart as he carried the thermos into the kitchen, “A man who is so easily satisfied, no wonder he left without us, mother and son, back then.”

Long Lao wanted to say something, but in the end, he could only let out a long sigh.

Chapter 18

With the news of Yike’s arrival, it bombarded the city.

Several families rejoiced and several were saddened.

In just two days, the property prices in the shantytown west of the city shot up by 50% straight away.

This was similar to what Chen Dong had expected.

The property prices in the shantytowns in the western part of the city were already an alternative in the city because of the location and environment.

The news that Yike had moved in was undoubtedly a shot in the arm, directly raising the house prices in the shantytowns in the west of the city to the average property price.

As the property prices in the shantytowns in the west of the city went up against the market, the staff of Dingtai, who were originally on tenterhooks, also swept away their previous gloom and were pa*sionate and enthusiastic, and the office was restored to its usual relaxed atmosphere.

Chen Dong was happy to see such a scene. The victory in this first battle at least showed all the employees his ability, and the future of Din Tai would only get better and better.

Some of the staff were curious as to why Chen Dong was convinced that the sky-high contract would turn the tide, to which Chen Dong only kept his mouth shut and did not say anything.

On the third day, with the whole of Din Tai working almost all night long, the renovation project of the shantytown in the west of the city finally entered the right track.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Chen Dong took his staff to the “Bibo Wharf” restaurant and officially opened the celebration banquet.

At the banquet, Chen Dong drank a lot of wine, exchanged gla*ses with the staff and did not refuse their toasts.

During his three years at Din Tai, he had been recognised by all the staff, both for his ability and his affinity.

It was also clear to the staff that the biggest contributor to Din Tai’s upward momentum in profitability was this professional backstabbing vice president.

This is why when Dingtai changed hands, everyone would rather gamble their fortunes for once than leave with Old Li.

The employees of the company knew all about Old Li’s waste and the things he had done, and only a fool would be willing to follow.

The renovation of the shantytown in the west of the city, on the other hand, had brought Chen Dong’s credibility to an unprecedented level in the hearts of all the employees.

After all, from beginning to end, Chen Dong took it all in stride and did not show too much panic about the sky-high contract for the shantytown in the west of the city.

After three rounds of wine, the food pa*sed five tastes.

Faced with the enthusiastic staff, Chen Dong was so drunk that he boldly slapped down 100,000 yuan for the company staff to continue playing on their own, and then drunkenly left the “Bebo Marina” restaurant.

Blowing in the river breeze at the pier, Chen Dong felt less drunk.

Looking at the shimmering river, he exhaled heavily.

But the smile on his face disappeared, turning into an endless melancholy, and his eyes were red.

In just half a month, he had experienced his mother dying of a serious illness, divorced his wife, and even rolled up the last 200,000 he had given to his mother to save her life because Wang Nan Nan was a Fu Di demon, just to pay the down payment for her brother’s wedding house.

Simply ridiculous!

His wife, whom he loved with all his heart, ended up putting his mother’s life in jeopardy just to put a down payment on a wedding house for his brother.

This made him feel like the sky was falling, so he chose to get a divorce.

An ordinary person would have been devastated by this series of blows.

But he was lucky that his negative father, whom he had never met, appeared and not only saved his mother, but also made him rich, as if a big hand had easily changed the course of his declining and embarra*sed life.

Even though he knew that his father’s sudden appearance of support was not purely guilt-ridden, he did not care.

Because after so much experience, Chen Dong was clear.

Money was a B*****d, but without it, one was nothing.

Now well, Din Tai’s first battle was a great victory, giving that father a perfect answer, and his mother was recovering with a new lease of life, which made the pent up anger in his chest finally raise out.

As he walked, remembering the past half month, Chen Dong’s drunken gaze suddenly turned stern and he grinned: “Wang Nan Nan, if one day you know that I, who was despised by your family, had the ability to solve all your family’s dilemmas with a wave of my hand after divorcing you, will you regret the day you rolled away $200,000 without regard for my mother’s life? ”

When he looked up, Chen Dong was frozen.

Wasn’t this the building that I used to rent with Wang Nan Nan?

How could we have walked here?

Smiling to himself, Chen Dong reacted.

The Bebo Pier was not far from here, and even in the past he and Wang Nan Nan would go for a walk over to the Bebo Pier after dinner to blow the river breeze.

In his drunken state, it made him instinctively walk towards this former home.

“It’s never going back.” Chen Dong shook his head and was about to turn around and leave.

“Mr Chen!”

A surprised voice called out to Chen Dong, “You really live here?”

Chen Dong frowned, a cold look flooding his face.

This younger sister-in-law, was the lesson really not too profound?

He turned around and saw that Lin Xue’er was standing under the street lamp not far away and was looking at him in surprise.

Lin Xue’er was wearing a white dress, revealing a large area of snow-white skin, but her delicate body was curled up as the night wind blew a little cold.

“What do you mean?” Chen Dong asked in a cold voice.

Lin Xue’er quickly greeted her, and her body, which was originally a little curled up from the cold, stretched out, as if she was trying to show Chen Dong her best side.

“Stand still!”

Chen Dong chided in a cold voice.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xue’er was startled.

“Put away the little animal you’re raising.” Chen Dong turned sideways and stopped looking at Lin Xue’er.

Lin Xue’er subconsciously looked at her feet and said in confusion, “I, I didn’t bring any small animals with me.”

Chen Dong rubbed his temples, which were a little swollen and sore from the drunkenness, and said indifferently, “Rabbits.”

Lin Xue’er’s delicate body trembled and her pretty face steeply blushed scarlet as she snapped at Chen Dong, “Mr. Chen, you are so bad.”

Her eyebrows were flirtatious and her waist twisted.

Chen Dong was a little impatient and turned around to leave.

Lin Xue’er suddenly took a step forward and tugged his wrist, saying in a charming tone, “People …… just want to show you.”

“I’m not interested in you.” Chen Dong tried to shake off Lin Xue’er’s hand.

But Lin Xue’er suddenly grabbed his hand with both hands, her eyes flooded with tears, and she almost begged in a pitiful manner, “Please don’t go, I, I just came to find you tonight.”

Chen Dong suddenly gave a cold laugh, “That trash Wang Hao is really stupid, he told you my address in a confused manner, is it because he finds it hard to get by and wants to give more green on his head?”

The address of his and Wang Nan Nan’s rented room was known to very few people, including the Wang family members.

With Wang Hao’s waste, it was easy for Lin Xue’er to set it out in a few words.

But while Lin Xue’er might be a reserved and traditional saintly girl in the eyes of the Wang family, he knew full well that Lin Xue’er was actually the standard green tea.

He was not hungry, let alone stupid.

Lin Xue’er looked choked, not expecting Chen Dong to be so blunt, not giving her the slightest bit of mercy.

But when she thought of Chen Dong’s family fortune, even though Chen Dong was renting this slightly old house, the card with a billion dollar deposit would definitely not be wrong.

She looked for Wang Hao, just to let him take over.

But Chen Dong was obviously a million times better than Wang Hao!

Because of the intercourse that night when she put down her dignity to make amends to Chen Dong, she came to Chen Dong tonight with all her courage, intending to take one last shot.

Even though she already knew that Chen Dong was Wang Hao’s ex-brother-in-law.

With red lips and teary eyes, Lin Xue’er made the most of her pity and said with a sobbing voice, “I, I might be engaged to Wang Hao soon, so I want to see you tonight, especially.”

Chen Dong shook off Lin Xue’er’s hand as soon as he turned around and left.

“Okay, got it, I’ll barely wrap a red packet for you.”